46 Amazing Purple Gifts For Those Obsessed With The Color 🟣

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Purple Gifts

Charismatic jewelry and accessories to elegant decor and creative utilities, we have compiled a selection of unique purple gifts that perfectly express your affinity and adoration for this luxurious hue. A bold and beautiful tone, the color purple is widely known to communicate pride, wealth, and grandeur, and at the same time, signifying peace, compassion, and mystery. Our extensive gift guide contains a variety of pretty, stylish pieces as well as practical everyday homewares that make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for family and friends who live and breathe this magical color.

Table of Contents

Personal & Accessories

From a stunning ring holder to a delightful wearable blanket, the section below contains a wide range of beautiful purple gift ideas to accessorize and for personal use.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Ring Holder

1. Ring Holder

Breathtakingly beautiful, it will be hard not to fall in love with this truly one-of-a-kind ring holder. The decorative utility presents a beautifully unique jewelry organizer that doubles as a striking statement piece. Expertly handcrafted from purple geode resin with hand-painted metallic edging, the captivating centerpiece of this dazzling ring holder are the stunning amethyst crystals forming an organic cluster perfect for storage and display of rings and other jewelry pieces.
Beautiful Purple Things Gift Box

2. Gift Box

A wonderful purple gift basket for a dear sister or mother obsessed with the pretty color is this luxurious lavender self-care gift box. The bath and body collection presents a special selection of lavender goodies for her to relax and enjoy. Featuring lavender-scented bath salts, soaps, a spray mist, a tealight candle, and a soothing organza lavender sachet perfect for drawers, this delightful gift set will arrive in a beautiful gift box adorned with a special purple bow ready for gifting.
Cool Purple Gifts Wearable Blanket

3. Wearable Blanket

Warm comfort meets practicality in this amazing one-piece garment, perfect for lounging at home. A great gift for a person obsessed with the color purple, this winter must-have presents a cozy wearable blanket that still allows you to move around comfortably and use your hands freely. Made of cozy plush fabric that is conveniently machine washable, this fun oversized unisex hoodie blanket will ensure you stay toasty warm while enjoying all your favorite activities.
Graceful Purple Presents Ring

4. Ring

One of the most beautiful and unique purple jewelry pieces to grace our list is this striking amethyst ring. A very special gift for anyone who adores purple or whose birthstone is amethyst, this stunning handmade statement piece features a raw amethyst gemstone, rough and uncut in its natural form. The authentic crystal ring is complemented with a gorgeous textured setting, featuring a pretty petite 14K gold-filled shank and dipped in genuine 24K gold for rich, deeper color.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Sunglasses

5. Sunglasses

When it comes to stylish purple gifts for women that stand out from the crowd, these chic sunglasses are bound to make a trendy statement. Featuring striking purple-toned lenses paired with fashionable shell patterned rims, these cool glasses include robust polycarbonate lenses with good UV and sun glare protection and also come with a protective pouch and hard case.
Beautiful Purple Things Bracelet

6. Bracelet

This fashionable bracelet is the perfect gift for those in love with the color purple. The stylish minimalist accessory presents a wrap leather bracelet featuring a very unique and creative design. Crafted from genuine purple-toned leather, the striking wrap bracelet includes 3 rows of 5mm flat leather finished with a thin antique silver bar slider and magnetic silver clasp.
Cool Purple Gifts Teddy Bear

7. Purple Teddy Bear

A delightful surprise this Valentine’s day or for a special anniversary or birthday is this sweet purple rose bear. The adorable display toy presents a 10-inch tall teddy bear designed entirely out of roses! Beautifully handcrafted from artificial flowers, this charming and romantic teddy bear is neatly packaged in a clear casing with elegant black ribbon and makes for a unique keepsake gift she will cherish forever.
Graceful Purple Presents AirPods Case

8. AirPods Case

Practicality and style rolled into one, this chic AirPods case is one of those great purple-inspired gift ideas they will adore. The trendy storage case presents a protective AirPods case featuring an elegant purple marbled toned pattern paired with striking gold accents. Made from premium quality TPU, the hardshell case is highly durable, able to withstand drops, protect against scratches, and conveniently supports charging while AirPods are within the case.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Crossbody Bag

9. Crossbody Bag

One of the most unique purple gifts for her that will make a fashion-forward statement is this gorgeous little crossbody bag. Perfect for day and night wear, the small and trendy circular-shaped handbag presents a stylish faux crocodile pattern in an alluring deep purple tone, featuring striking gold-toned hardware and a handy front pocket too.
Beautiful Purple Things Watch

10. Watch

This amazing watch will bring so much joy to the recipient who is lucky enough to receive this special gift. The stunning Swiss-made watch presents a truly sophisticated timepiece bound to flatter both wearer and beholder. Radiating purple elegance, the watch features a modern diamond-cut crystal watch face showcasing glittering stones perfectly placed over a bold purple dial. Featuring striking rose gold accents and finished with a premium purple Italian leather band, this fine Swiss watch is both a precious jewelry piece and a reliable timepiece perfect for daily wear.
Cool Purple Gifts Piggy Bank

11. Piggy Bank

One of the sweetest purple gifts for youngsters is this delightful purple piggy bank! Created in the shape of a large adorable pig, the money tin presents a beautiful mauve-toned design with fun large white polka dots. Made from thick-walled ceramic and finished with the finest quality paints and glazing, this cute piggy bank is a wonderful utility and keepsake that will be proudly displayed on a young one’s bookshelf or dresser for years to come.
Graceful Purple Presents Cleanser

12. Cleanser

The perfect gift that provides a deeply satisfying cleanse is this unique cleansing device. Featuring over 1,600 vibrating touchpoints, the innovative gadget uses sonic vibration technology to effectively cleanse pores of unwanted oil, dirt, makeup, and bacteria in one swoop! Designed using medical-grade silicone and featuring 5 adjustable speeds, this amazing waterproof and portable device will leave you with healthy, glowing skin wherever you go.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Puzzle

13. Puzzle

A fun gift for anyone obsessed with this mysterious color is this engaging purple puzzle! Celebrating all things purple, this fun 110-piece puzzle presents a creative design featuring a contemporary collage of purple-tinged images within nature juxtaposed with neon signage. Crafted from high-quality chipboard with a vibrant sublimation print, this delightful puzzle comes beautifully packaged in a metal box, offering hours of entertainment and satisfaction.

Home & Decor

From a luxurious throw blanket to a pretty lampshade, below you will find a range of decorative purple things to enhance your many living spaces.
Beautiful Purple Things Lamp

14. Lamp

One of the most magnificent pieces to grace our list is this one-of-a-kind purple-inspired decorative LED lamp. The creative utility presents an intriguing night light that will add a unique statement within any home or office space. Precision crafted using a combination of oak root wood and epoxy, each handmade piece of art is powered via USB, generating a mesmerizing illumination that will be a conversation starter at every opportunity.
Cool Purple Gifts Throw Blanket

15. Throw Blanket

A wonderful purple gift idea to brighten any interior is this gorgeous woolen throw blanket. Woven in Ireland from 100% soft lambswool, this authentic throw blanket features a beautifully subtle purple and white herringbone pattern, including rolled tassel details for the perfect elegant finish.
Graceful Purple Presents Lamp Shade

16. Lampshade

This beautiful lampshade is a wonderful gift for any housewarming occasion. The decorative shade presents an elegant design featuring a pretty pattern of pressed floral petals in romantic purple-toned hues. Made from all natural-fiber textiles, each unique lampshade is custom-made to order, available in 3 traditional lampshade sizes, including a hanging chandelier option.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Clock

17. Clock

A great gift idea for lovers of minimalism and purple is this stylish clock. Presenting a simple yet striking design, the wall clock features a pretty light purple clock face with white line graduations. With a choice of natural, black, or white bamboo wood framing options, this modern Quartz clock comes with a choice of white or black metal hands and includes a rear hook for easy hanging.
Beautiful Purple Things Tray

18. Tray

One of those pretty purple gifts with purpose is this beautiful floral-inspired tray. The versatile accessory presents a striking glossy design featuring a busy pattern bursting with blooming purple dahlias. Crafted from authentic eco-friendly bamboo, this colorful tray is available in two sizing options and is just as perfect for serving treats as it is a stylish coffee table centerpiece, plant holder, or bathroom organizer.
Cool Purple Gifts Art Prints

19. Art Prints

Anyone who loves flowers and purple will adore this collection of pretty minimalist art prints. The matching artwork set presents artist designed vector artwork featuring three different purple-toned prints containing dandelions. The Giclee print is produced on 230gsm fine art paper using high-quality printing for vibrant and vivid color display and is available in 6 different sizing options, ready for framing as you wish.
Graceful Purple Presents Throw Pillow

20. Throw Pillow

One of the most simple yet striking gift ideas for anyone obsessed with this noble color is this bold throw pillow. The stylish accessory presents a modern, linear design featuring beautiful, varying shades of purple tones. Made from 100% polyester fabric with a faux down pillow insert, this chic pillow features crisp double-sided printing that will stand out in any bedroom or lounge setting.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Pouf

21. Pouf

Making a regal statement in any lounge or office space is this luxurious pouf that everyone attracted to the color purple will adore. The Fatboy Point presents a comfortable little hassock, ideal for brightening up a room and the perfect place to rest tired feet. Featuring a soft and comfy polystyrene filling, the elegant dark purple pouf also includes an easily cleanable cover to ensure a long lifespan.
Beautiful Purple Things Storage Unit

22. Storage Unit

Fusing art and functional design, this unique storage system presents a stylish unit designed to store everyday homewares or office essentials. Innovatively manufactured from durable and robust purple colored ABS, the Componibili storage unit will seamlessly blend into living rooms, bathrooms, or even kitchen spaces, creating an iconic utility that has even made it into permanent art collections in Paris and New York.
Cool Purple Gifts Wall Tapestry

23. Wall Tapestry

This stunning purple-inspired wall tapestry is the perfect gift to liven a bedroom or workspace. The decorative banner presents a magical purple sunset design featuring unique vector artwork overlaying the warm purple sky. Made from 100% lightweight polyester with pretty hand-sewn finishes, the vibrant wall tapestry is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use and is also conveniently machine washable.
Graceful Purple Presents Rug

24. Rug

A purple gift idea that’s a little bit cute and a little bit crazy is this playful rug. The decorative utility presents a fun design featuring an eye-catching pattern of purple pineapples! Made from a soft woven polyester chenille with a durable canvas backing, this vibrant rug will add a whimsical point of interest to any interior space.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Doorstop

25. Doorstop

When it comes to unique purple gifts for the home or office, you can’t go past this modern doorstop. Exploring the organic forms of objects, designers Wang & Söderström have created the double donut doorstop, a unique door stopper designed in the half shape of a smooth, mouth-watering pair of purple donuts. Created digitally, then 3D printed and molded in resin, this sturdy and durable doorstop will stay put while withstanding the constant impact of any door.

Kitchen & Dining

The below section contains an extensive collection of purple things that will add a bold elegance and enhance kitchen spaces and dining experiences.
Beautiful Purple Things Bottle Opener

26. Bottle Opener

A bright and durable utility with an obvious purpose is this amazing one-handed bottle opener! Featuring a unique patented design that swiftly opens bottles with a one-handed grab, the innovative device includes a strong magnet that easily hooks into place under the cap and can also be used to conveniently stow the gadget on a fridge or toolbox.
Cool Purple Gifts Coaster

27. Coasters

What’s not to love about this gorgeous set of coasters?! The handmade decorative utility presents a breathtakingly stunning collection of purple agate geode-inspired coasters that are sure to make a statement on any coffee table. Available as a set of 4, each unique handmade coaster is beautifully crafted from epoxy resin, featuring a striking gold leaf flake center with pretty hand-painted metallic gold edges.
Graceful Purple Presents Spoon Rest

28. Spoon Rest

These gorgeous purple spoon rests are one of the loveliest mom gifts that are bound to make her day. A kitchen staple, the everyday utility presents a striking spoon rest featuring a modern purple galaxy-inspired design that will stand out in any kitchen. Made from 100% melamine that is both durable and easy to clean, these multi-purpose spoon rests are large enough to fit all cooking utensils yet compact enough for attractive display on any table or countertop surface.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Teapot

29. Teapot

Anyone who savors the ritual of tea time will truly appreciate this beautiful teapot. The elegant vintage style teapot presents a classic British royal design, featuring a refined pumpkin shape with a decorative border and striking gold finishes. Professionally manufactured from durable porcelain, this pretty 28 oz teapot contains a removable stainless steel infuser and is perfect for enjoying a delicious hot cup on your own or with a friend.
Beautiful Purple Things Utensil Holder

30. Utensil Holder

Purple lovers and home chefs alike will fall in love with this adorable utensil holder. A practical kitchen utility with a creative design, this handy holder has been playfully shaped to replicate a wise owl. Beautifully crafted from strong and durable ceramic with a pretty purple-toned glaze, this versatile holder is the perfect size to store everyday cooking utensils while still providing ample benchtop space.
Cool Purple Gifts Knife Set

31. Knife Set

One of the most captivating purple gifts that will make a statement in any kitchen is this beautiful knife set. This handy collection presents a premium set of most-used kitchen knives paired with a stunning deep purple marble-toned wooden block. Featuring a set of 5 high-quality stainless steel knives, both knives and storage block are scratch and corrosion-resistant, with the stylish knife block also featuring a handy in-built knife sharpener for consistently sharp knives.
Graceful Purple Presents Pans

32. Cookware

One of the sweetest purple gift ideas for the home is this charming cookware set. The comprehensive collection contains a 16-piece set of saucepans, pots, pans, and kitchen utensils in a pretty lavender purple shade. Featuring a premium ceramic, non-stick coating, and soft-grip bakelite handles, this fantastic cooking set is also super easy to clean and conveniently dishwasher friendly.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Oven Mitts

33. Oven Mitts

A fun purple kitchen item that will get plenty of laughs are these playful oven mitts. The funny set of pot holders contain hilarious quotes, including ‘Chop It Like It’s Hot’ and ‘Just Beat It’ that will add a bit of lighthearted humor to your kitchen accessories. Made from 100% cotton, each pot holder features a pocket for use as an oven mitt and are perfect for holding hot dishes or used as pads to protect surfaces.
Beautiful Purple Things Utensil Set

34. Utensil Set

One of the best gift ideas for anyone obsessed with this alluring hue is this delightful set of kitchen utensils. The fun collection presents a 9-piece set of common kitchen tools and utensils such as a pair of tongs, spatula, mixing spoon, whisk, and more. Made from BPA-free silicone, these handy utensils are safe for use with non-stick pans, are heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and are conveniently dishwasher friendly.
Cool Purple Gifts Kettle

35. Kettle

A purple gift idea for anyone and everyone obsessed with this royal hue is this gorgeous kettle. The unique stovetop kettle presents a 2.4-quart food-grade stainless steel whistling kettle with a striking metallic purple polish. Featuring a delightful whistling sound to alert when water is boiling, this delightful kettle includes an ergonomic handle with a single press open and close button for easy one-handed operation.
Graceful Purple Presents Trivet

36. Trivet

Searching for purple things to brighten your homewares? This unique hot pad presents a gorgeous non-slip purple trivet featuring a pretty blooming flower design. Made from 100% silicone, heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, this multi-purpose utility also doubles as an excellent spoon rest or jar opener pad while adding a burst of color to any kitchen benchtop.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Napkins

37. Napkins

If you’re searching for pretty purple gifts for styling a dining table, these gorgeous purple napkins will add the perfect finishing touch to any tablescape. The Betty canvas napkins present a luxurious set of cotton canvas napkins with double eyelet trim detail. Available in both cocktail and dinner napkin sizing options, these bold napkins are also conveniently machine washable.
Beautiful Purple Things Spoon Holder

38. Spoon Holder

This playful spoon holder is a cute little kitchen gift for those in love with the color purple. The unique spoon holder presents a tiny purple witch that will hold your spoon while releasing steam from a bubbling pot. Made from 100% food-safe silicone, this fun holder is resistant to boiling water and also conveniently dishwasher safe.
Cool Purple Gifts Measuring Cups

39. Measuring Cups

Any purple lover who spends time in the kitchen will adore this bright and happy measuring set. Jazzing up a kitchen necessity, this playful set of measuring cups features 8 different-sized nesting cups ranging from ¼ tsp up to 1 cup. Featuring a beautiful gradient rainbow color scheme, these gorgeous cups stack neatly together, taking up minimal space in cupboards or drawers.

Travel & Utility

From a beautiful yoga mat to an inspirational journal, below you will find practical and stylish purple gift ideas for the home, garden, travel, and personal use.
Graceful Purple Presents Camera

40. Camera

A popular revamped old-school utility that offers hours of entertainment is this fun instant camera. The Fujifilm Mini 9 presents a bright purple instant camera that is compact and easy to use. Featuring three creative color filters, a selfie mirror, and macro-lens for close-ups, this delightful camera provides quality credit-sized prints for instant photo gratification.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Journal

41. Journal

One of the loveliest purple gifts for women of all ages is this inspirational journal. The stunning notebook presents a personal diary showcasing a beautifully illustrated floral cover with a central motivational quote, ‘She Believed She Could So She Did.’ The extra-large journal features a soft, pretty matte cover with 110 lightly lined pages to fill with plans, ideas, notes, and dreams.
Beautiful Purple Things Luggage

42. Luggage

Travel in your own style with this striking purple luggage set. The bold collection presents a comprehensive 3-piece luggage set containing a medium Pullman, large Pullman, and carry-on luggage bag. Featuring a durable, waterproof, and lightweight ABS outer shell with a fully lined interior, the luggage sets contain a 4-wheel rotating system for smooth and easy mobility and plenty of space to store all your holiday essentials.
Cool Purple Gifts Yoga Mat

43. Yoga Mat

Elegant and dramatic, this striking yoga mat will make a bold statement at any fitness session. The gorgeous exercise mat presents a stunning purple agave plant placed over a contrasting black background. Lightweight yet durable, this unique yoga mat also includes a woven polyester carrying strap for versatile portability.
Graceful Purple Presents Shovel

44. Shovel

When it comes to unique purple-inspired gift ideas for a seasoned or budding green thumb, this bold shovel is bound to make any gardening session a more enjoyable experience! Decked in elegant bold and vibrant purple tones, this gorgeous shovel features a standard-sized blade with hollow-grip cone shaft, ultra-lightweight structure, and easy to grip handle.
Awesome Purple Gift Ideas Towels

45. Towels

These elegant towels are the perfect gift for a special occasion or housewarming. The plush collection presents an alluring set of deep purple towels featuring 6 ultra-soft and absorbent terry towels with a beautiful minimalist jacquard pattern border. Oeko-Tex certified, this lovely set includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths that add a touch of luxury and style to any bathroom.
Beautiful Purple Things Tote

46. Tote

This elegant tote is a gorgeous bag that is sure to turn heads! The versatile utility presents an eye-catching pattern featuring a beautiful image of a slice of purple agate. Constructed from highly durable yet lightweight canvas fabric with double stitched seams and stress points, this attractive tote is perfect to store groceries, books, or accessories and is also conveniently machine washable.

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