41 Catching Pokemon Gifts

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Pokemon Gifts

Unique collectibles, artistic decor, and exciting everyday utilities, our creative Pokemon gifts contain fun and interesting surprises for fans of all ages! Adorably feisty little creatures with a plethora of magical powers and intricate worlds to discover, the popular franchise features numerous video games, card games, and even includes a television series and movies inspired by these fascinating little pocket monsters. Whether you know an old-school fan, or someone obsessed with the more recent Pokemon Go, our handy gift guide will help you secure a great present for family and friends who can’t get enough of all things Pokemon!

Table of Contents

Novelty & Decor

Illuminated signage to artistic decor, this section contains eye-catching and unique Pokemon gift ideas for personal use and decorative display.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Neon Sign

1. Neon Sign

Highly symbolic within the Pokemon community, the Pokeball presents a small circular device originally made from Apricorns and used for catching and storing Pokemon. Perfect for mounting or stand display in bedrooms and gaming rooms, players will adore this striking neon sign intricately designed to replicate the iconic device. Made from a combination of acrylic, wood, vinyl, and LED lighting, engraved sections will brightly illuminate to produce the illusion of a floating Pokeball when the lights are out.
Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Plush Toy

2. Plush Toy

Every Pokemon player who adores this feisty little creature will be squealing with delight over this cute stuffed toy! The bright plush toy presents an adorably cuddly Charmander presented with a sweet and endearing disposition. Measuring 8 inches tall, the officially licensed toy is made from super-soft polyester that is just as perfect for snuggling as it is vibrant display.
Gifts For Pokemon Fans Terrarium

3. Terrarium

Many different Pokemon exist within the Kanto region, but none with such a voracious appetite as the loveable Snorlax! This unique decorative piece is a must-have for any fan, featuring an exquisitely built illuminated Pokeball terrarium displaying the Pokemon encapsulated within. Featuring an always lazy Snorlax snoozing amid an intricately detailed setting of moss-covered rocks, this charming decor comes with a magnetic wooden base for display and includes adjustable lighting features toggled via remote control.
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Art Poster

4. Art Poster

A decorative gift any Pokemon fan will adore are these creative art prints. The original illustrations feature a colorful series of Pokeballs and their respective lands, including the classic Pokeball, Master Ball, Cherish Ball, and Dive Ball. Available individually or as a set, each print measures 11 x 17 inches and is produced on 100lb matte text with artwork extending to the edge, perfect for display as both a wall poster or framed picture display.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Construction Set

5. Construction Set

The perfect gift for kids and adults alike, this fun construction set presents a buildable scene for engaging role play and decorative display. The interactive playset includes 137 pieces to recreate a spectacular forest scene, the stage for an epic battle between Eevee and Rowlet. Featuring spinning and pressure-activated details that add a dynamic element to the battle action, this creative set is available in various other Pokemon pairs, ready for contest.
Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Nameplate

6. Nameplate

A personalized gift every Pokemon trainer will want to show off is this creative custom nameplate! Created to mimic the iconic branding, each nameplate features a 3D printed design displaying your name or nickname of choice, and makes a cute and fun decorative piece for desks, shelves, and bedside tables.
Gifts For Pokemon Fans Action Toy

7. Action Toy

Officially licensed Pokemon gifts such as this strong battle figure present a fun interactive toy and bold decorative element. Blue’s Blastoise stands 4.5 inches tall and ready for battle, featuring authentic details and a dynamic feature mechanism that propels its signature weapon for more engaging, interactive play.
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Sticker

8. Sticker

Silently stalking its prey in the dark of the night is Umbreon, who will defiantly guard the surface it is placed on. Printed on premium quality paper with rich, beautiful colors, the 3-inch die-cut waterproof sticker features a shiny glossy finish that will stand out on any laptop, water bottle, journal, or skateboard.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Necklace

9. Necklace

What better way to solidify any relationship than with a sweet and playful Poke friendship necklace. Custom-made to order, each Pokemon charm is made of acrylic plastic with both parts attached to a ball chain, including the alternative option of a keychain or cell phone attachment. This particular pairing features Pikachu matched with Eevee, and is also available in a wide variety of other Pokemon character combinations.
Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Nano Blocks

10. Nano Blocks

A fun challenge for Pokemon fans, this Nano Blocks activity set presents a buildable model of the tough yet adorable Squirtle. The original micro-sized building block set features amazingly small and precise bricks to create exquisite 3D works of art. Prompting the use of problem solving and fine motor skills, these creative and educational decorative models are available in various Pokemon characters to select from.
Gifts For Pokemon Fans Advent Calandar

11. Advent Calendar

Not sure which Pokemon character is their favorite? This fun advent calendar is a great early Christmas gift, offering a surprise a day as they countdown to the big event! The Funko POP! Pokemon calendar features 24 mini vinyl pocket pops, each hiding behind a snowflake door eagerly waiting to join their collection.
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Building Set

12. Building Set

Pokemon master and trainer alike will be excited to receive this cool buildable figure of the overwhelmingly powerful Tyranitar. Standing 5.75-inches tall, the Mega Construx set has been accurately modeled to replicate the strong battling giant, including Rock-and-Dark type attack details for an authentic building experience.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Wall Decal

13. Wall Decal

Adding a playful, decorative element to every player’s room are these wonderful Pokemon wall decals! The fun collection presents a selection of 24 vibrantly printed stickers, including favorite Pokemon characters and icons from the popular franchise. Featuring peel and stick technology with easy installation, these wall decals are removable and reusable without damaging any surface placed.


Every fan loves their collectibles, which is why the section below contains a handpicked selection of the very best Pokemon gifts for enduring admiration and prominent display.
Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Poké Ball

14. Poké Ball

This amazing Poke Ball replica is the perfect Pokemon gift to surprise a hard-core fan of the popular gaming series. The highly accurate replica has been expertly constructed, featuring an engineered metal shell, premium painted finish, and prominent, bright glowing multicolor button. Presented in a stunning lift-to-display illuminated presentation case, this officially licensed replica is a beautiful addition to any collection and worthy of prominent display.
Gifts For Pokemon Fans POP! Figurine

15. POP! Figurine

This iconic figurine is the perfect collectible for a Pokemon lover enchanted by the powerful mystique of MewTwo. The POP! Vinyl presents the genetically engineered Pokemon creature, featuring a cold, intense stare and a stance that is always ready for battle! Measuring 5 inches tall, the officially licensed vinyl figure comfortably snaps into place within the classic collectible box, ready for eye-catching display.
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Card Box

16. Card Box

A very special graduation or birthday gift every Pokemon card collector will be head over heels for is this incredible Shining Legends Collector’s Box! The premium box set includes never-before-seen foil cards featuring Shining Pikachu, Lugia, and Celebi. The collector’s edition also contains a magnificent sculptured figure of the legendary Ho-Oh Pokemon, a full-art rainbow promo card, and a fantastic game playmat. An equally captivating gift for fans, the Pokemon Sword & Shield Elite Trainer box set includes plenty of gameplay goodies, and can also be paired with additional booster packs for the ultimate surprise.

Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Display

17. Display

Geeks and faithful Pokemon fans only will appreciate this super kawaii decorative display. The intricately handmade piece features the well-known Professor Oak’s Laboratory, the home of safe study and research for the mystical Pokemon creatures. Painstakingly crafted to mimic a 3D retro gaming style and encapsulated within a solid acrylic cube, this stunning decorative collectible will be admired and cherished on desktops and bedside tables for years to come.

Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Coin

18. Coin

Collector’s Pokemon gifts for adults and kids alike such as this rare souvenir offer a stunning keepsake fans will cherish forever. The gold-plated coin features a full-color Mewtwo with Pokemon branding on the front, including an embossed plaque of the main characters on the reverse. This unique collectible is encapsulated within a clear protective case for safekeeping or display.
Gifts For Pokemon Fans Figurines

19. Figurines

This officially licensed collector’s battle pack of Pokemon figures is the perfect starter pack for every new fan to enjoy! Featuring Pikachu, Rowlet, Eevee, Popplio, Litten, Cosmog, Wobbuffet, and Metang Pokemon characters, the fun 2-inch and 3-inch vinyl figurines can be collected, swapped, and battled amongst friends.
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Card Album

20. Card Album

Featuring a bold and blazing cover, this delightful Pokemon album is the perfect place to safely store and display all their favorite Pokemon trading cards. Displaying the fierce and loyal Charizard Pokemon, the archival quality album contains 20 premium side-loading sheets to hold and protect up to 360 cards, and includes a strong elastic strap for secure closure.

Fun & Games

From engaging screen action to fun board gameplay, the section below contains entertaining Pokemon gift ideas for fans of all ages.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Nintendo Switch Game

21. Nintendo Switch Game

Engaging Pokemon gifts such as this fun Nintendo Switch Pokemon Snap game provide hours of photo-snapping fun and creative exploration! Full of detailed scenery and hidden treasures, the interactive game takes players on an adventure through various islands and landscapes to research and learn the many habitats which Pokemon inhabit! A modern take on the original Pokedex, users can take in-game photos to build their very own Pokemon Photodex, also comparing and sharing with family, friends, and other users around the world.

Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Battle Academy

22. Battle Academy

The perfect introduction to the magical world of Pokemon, Battle Academy presents a fun and engaging Pokemon trading card game perfect for two players. Featuring three complete 60 card decks, each with a GX card, a solid game board, damage counters, a large coin, and step-by-step guided manuals, this entertaining set contains everything needed to do board battle!

Gifts For Pokemon Fans Belt

23. Belt

This amazing Clip ‘N’ Go Belt set is for a Pokemon lover who does battle where and when they please! Featuring a bold and bright adjustable clip belt, the pack comes with 3 Poke Balls that magically attach to the wraparound belt. Also included in the set are a couple of fun Pikachu and Cubone figurines safely encapsulated within, with additional characters and balls sold separately for kids who gotta catch ’em all!
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Monopoly

24. Monopoly

A Pokemon game fans of all ages can enjoy, this Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition partners with Pikachu and friends as they travel through all eight gyms and battle with other Pokemon! Featuring a detailed custom-designed game board, including six metal-themed characters and sculpted poke marts and centers, trainers will buy, sell, and trade their way to collect the most powerful Pokemon team!
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Movie

25. Movie

Hoopa and the Clash of the Ages is a fun and entertaining Pokemon movie the whole family can enjoy. The action-packed movie finds Ash, Pikachu, and friends introduced to the mythical Pokemon Hoopa who yields a great power that, if unleashed, can result in destruction and calamity everywhere! The high-quality Blu-Ray film features 76 minutes of enthralling adventure and is perfect gifted together with the equally action-packed and hilarious Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie that older fans will appreciate.
Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Switch Carry Case

26. Switch Carry Case

Great Pokemon gifts for Nintendo Switch users such as this striking carry case ensure game gear travels safely and, most importantly, in style. The rigid EVA case displays an alert and ready-for-attack Eevee, with unique 3D sculpted details that really make the design pop! Accommodating the Switch console, up to six games, and various gaming accessories, this cool travel case also includes a comfortable grip handle for easy transport.

Travel & Utility

Vibrant accessories to everyday utilities while at home or on the move, the below section contains a handy selection of gifts to proudly show off their Pokemon loyalty.
Gifts For Pokemon Fans Keychain

27. Keychain

This cute little keychain is a fun accessory every Pokemon fan will adore! The miniature keychain features a shrunk version of Pokemon trading cards, giving trainers the chance to take their most prized cards with them wherever they go. From Charmander to Bulbasaur, Pikachu to Squirtle, a wide variety of trading card options are available as keychain or magnet options to suit fans of all ages. A charming alternative is this striking laser-engraved illuminated Pokemon keychain, encapsulating a character of choice, that will make an eye-catching statement on backpacks, wallets, and more.
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Tumbler

28. Tumbler

Unique graffiti-style Pokeball artwork adorns the front of this bold tumbler that is perfect for fans who enjoy taking their beverages with them on the go. The officially licensed stainless steel tumbler features a shatterproof lid and premium copper clad double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks at optimal temperature for hours.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Purse Wallet

29. Purse Wallet

A bright and colorful Pokemon universe adorns the front of this gorgeous wallet! Measuring 8 x 4 inches, the zippered wallet features a stylish navy faux leather construction, with a vibrant all-over design including all their favorite first-generation characters.
Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Headphones

30. Headphones

The coolest accessory fans will adore sporting are these Pikachu-inspired wireless headphones! The unique Bluetooth headphones display a cute and vibrant style, featuring an adjustable design with padded ear cushions, a built-in microphone to chat with family and friends, and a collapsible feature for the convenience of portability.
Gifts For Pokemon Fans Sunglasses

31. Sunglasses

Every Pokemon lover needs a pair of these cool Bulbasaur sunglasses! Featuring everyone’s favorite blue Pokemon, the fun novelty shades transform any fan into battle-ready action! Fusing function and style, these playful sunglasses provide 100% 400 UV protection and are a comfortable fit for both adults and kids.
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Backpack

32. Backpack

One of the most eye-catching Pokemon gifts for fans to proudly flaunt their obsession is this cool Charmander backpack! Presenting a very excited and fiery Pokemon, the playful embroidered applique is affixed to a vibrant orange faux leather exterior with bold contrasting red details. Featuring adjustable shoulder straps and including a top carry handle, this delightful accessory is perfect for social outings, day trips, and fun everyday wear.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Eraser Set

33. Eraser Set

These fun Pokemon erasers are a must-have accessory every kid needs at their daily disposal! Small and colorful, this bountiful collection includes 15 cute and colorful erasers featuring a selection of the many various Poke Ball designs. Crafted from premium, non-toxic materials, these delightful little erasers will not tear or smudge paper and add cheer to any school or homework routine.
Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Beanie

34. Beanie

What else would you want to wear while transporting to the vast and varied Pokemon universe?! This vibrant Charizard beanie means business, featuring a striking embroidered design with an intense stare ready for battle. Made from a soft and comfy acrylic blend, this playful accessory is perfect for cosplay and everyday wear during cooler months.

Home & Living

Regardless of who their favorite Pokemon is, this section contains cute and innovative gifts for the home and living which are bound to be received with delight!
Gifts For Pokemon Fans Planter

35. Planter

This creative little planter has been designed in the shape of Bulbasaur, sweet and friendly, but always eager to battle! Featuring distinctive characteristics of this popular Pokemon, the 3D planter pot is made from concrete available in a variety of finishes, and is perfect for decorative display of succulents or storage of stationery and accessories.
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Grilled Cheese Maker

36. Grilled Cheese Maker

This unique Pokemon grilled cheese maker is a great gift idea that will add a touch of playfulness to any meal of the day! The creative utility features a sandwich press that will stamp an iconic Pikachu and Pokeball silhouette on both sides of any sandwich. Featuring a compact design and non-stick coating for easy cleaning, this fun maker is also perfect for creating square waffles, French toast, brownies, or even omelets.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Night Light

37. Night Light

Interactive Pokemon gifts such as this charming night light will add a comforting illumination to any fan’s bedroom or living space. The spherical lamp presents a high-grade K9 crystal ball encapsulating a 3D Pokemon figure suspended within. Featuring an electronic base that brilliantly illuminates the character in 7 color flash modes, this magical light also includes a mirrored surface underneath the ball to further enhance the decorative utility.
Cool Pokemon Gift Ideas Onesie

38. Onesie

This eye-catching Umbreon Kigurumi is a cozy and playful outfit for fun cosplay or casual lounging at home. The adorable Pokemon costume presents an adult-sized Umbreon jumpsuit with mischievous 3D ears and tail accents. Made from extra-soft and comfortable fleece, this cute onesie also includes a playful hood for extra warmth and character play.
Gifts For Pokemon Fans Bath Bomb

39. Bath Bomb

The perfect gift for loved ones who enjoy a fun and relaxing bath are these cute Pokemon bath bombs! Created to mimic a classic Pokeball, each bath bomb features a split red-white design and is branded with the iconic locking bar and release button. Made from premium organic ingredients designed to leave skin soft and silky, the fruity scented bomb will produce plenty of fizz and foam, dissolving to also reveal a surprise Pokemon toy hidden inside!
Mystery Pokemon Gifts Coin Box

40. Coin Box

The only coin box every Pokemon-loving kid will ever want, this adorable Pikachu-inspired piggy bank offers hours of fun and will ensure loose change never goes astray! Featuring a bold red box with a bright yellow coin slot, each time a coin activates the sensor, a cute and vocal Pikachu emerges from within to steal the bounty.
Amazing Pokemon Themed Gifts Bath Toys

41. Bath Toys

Every young Pokemon fanatic will enjoy these adorable bath toys for extra bathtime fun and games! The delightful set of Pokemon toys include a collection of six plastic toys featuring a mini Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and others, that release a playful squeak when squeezed.

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