56 Cute Penguin Gifts For Fans of All Ages 🐧

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Penguin Gifts

Adorable accessories, fun gadgets, and charming decor, these cute penguin gifts will make any animal lover squeal with delight! Elegant, intelligent, and incredibly loyal to their mate, these playfully comical flightless birds are adored for their endearing appearance and easily recognizable signature tuxedo attire. If you know someone impressed by the grand emperor penguin, can’t get enough of fairy penguins, or is obsessed with Happy Feet, our extensive gift guide contains a variety of special gifts for a penguin lover we are sure they will cherish.

Table of Contents

Personal & Accessories

The unique personal accessories below include fun and stylish penguin gift ideas to surprise loved ones, or may even contain a special treat for yourself!
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Pendant

1. Pendant

If you’re in search of romantic penguin gifts for her, this fantastic Gentoo penguin pendant is a perfect fit. The beautiful minimalist piece is modern and elegant, crafted to match any attire and made for everyday wear. Available in yellow, white, or rose gold finishes, the unique pendant offers a personalization option, allowing the incorporation of a single letter into the design.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Journal

2. Journal

A thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift for family and friends in sync with this delightful creature is this beautiful journal. The hardcover notebook presents a minimalist design, creatively constructing a penguin illustration from words that describe the adorable animal. Featuring 128 pages of ruled, graph, or blank paper stock, this modern and stylish penguin journal is the perfect gift for recording notes, aspirations, or even doodling.

Cute Penguin Gifts Socks

3. Socks

The perfect gift for penguin lovers to keep their feet warm and cozy is these charming animated socks! Displaying a playful pattern of adorable penguins over a grey background, these premium socks feature a very comfy cotton blend perfect for all-day wear and are available in size options for the whole family to match.

Great Penguin Gift Ideas T-Shirt

4. T-Shirt

Creative gifts for penguin lovers such as this stylish T-Shirt are a friendly reminder of the importance of self-love. The contemporary design presents a minimalist vector illustration of a penguin gently embracing the words’ love yourself’. Constructed from 100% fine jersey cotton, this soft and comfy everyday V-neck tee is available in a wide range of sizing options in both grey and white fabrics.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Hoodie

5. Hoodie

A dark and gritty design adorns this bold hoodie that is not for the faint-hearted! The artistic design presents a proud penguin silhouette filled with distressed sailor-inspired tattoo artwork over a stark black background. Made from premium super soft and durable materials, this creative hoodie is available in various sizing options and is a unique gift idea for him to wear during the cooler months.
Cute Penguin Gifts Scarf

6. Scarf

This charming penguin gift box contains a lovely lightweight scarf, perfect for accessorizing during those cooler summer days. The stylish accessory is made from 100% soft and lightweight polyester, featuring an elegant all-over pattern of emperor penguins over pretty grey, blue, and cream fabric colors.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Earrings

7. Earrings

Cute penguin gifts for girls such as these pretty earrings are a subtle and unique accessory to display adoration for these beautiful flightless birds. Expertly handcrafted, the playful penguin earrings present a minimalist silhouette design available in a variety of premium metal options, with the pair of birds elegantly presented in a beautiful box ready for gifting someone special.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Ring

8. Ring

Luxury penguin gifts such as this elegant, eye-catching ring will delight fans and dazzle onlookers. The premium sterling silver jewelry piece presents an exquisitely crafted ring comprising a collection of beautiful black and white stones to form a grand Penguin King. Featuring astonishing 3D details including a perfectly shaped beak and honorary crown, this is one accessory every penguin chick is bound to adore.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Sneakers

9. Sneakers

A unique addition to any wardrobe are these funky penguin lace-up sneakers! Custom-made to order, these low-top canvas shoes present a fun animated pattern of adorable penguins amongst the winter snowflakes. Featuring a lightweight construction and very soft textile lining for maximum comfort, these casual sneakers also include classic metal eyelets and are available in sizing options for men, women, and children.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Slippers

10. Slippers

Adorned with shiny eyes, a bright yellow beak, and a pair of flippers, these adorable penguin slippers are cute enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The ladies penguin chick moccasins feature non-skid soles and a soft and cozy design that will provide additional warmth during cold winter months. Perfect for lounging at home, the slippers are a creative idea for a housewarming, birthday, or the upcoming holiday season.

Home & Living

Creative utilities and practical decor, the below section contains lively penguin themed gifts for playful use and display within the home.
Cute Penguin Gifts Clock

11. Clock

Pleasantly greeting you with a warm smile is this friendly little companion! The vibrant clock presents a fun illustration of a happy penguin over a bright blue backdrop that will add a loving warmth to any interior. Featuring a vivid printed polypropylene face with a plexiglass lens, the wall clock includes a wooden bamboo frame in black, white, or natural finishes, including a built-in rear hook for easy hanging.

Great Penguin Gift Ideas Candle

12. Candle

One of the most unique and creative gifts, this beautiful novelty candle presents an affectionate penguin parent nuzzling their dear offspring. Featuring an exclusive design, the expertly hand-painted candle is packaged in a gorgeous presentation box and is a wonderful Christmas and birthday gift for loved ones who adore this loyal creature.

Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Serving Tray

13. Serving Tray

Crazy penguin gifts for adults such as this patterned serving tray present a handy utility offering multiple versatility and fun display. The playful tray features a bold, monochrome design with a tightly packed party of curious penguins. Made from eco-friendly bamboo with a high-quality glossy print, this creative accessory is perfect as a coffee table platter, bathroom organizer, or even plant holder.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Pencil Holder

14. Pencil Holder

Crafted in the likeness of the iconic Emperor penguin, this novelty pencil holder includes a phone stand on its back. The container is perfect for storing pens, makeup, or craft equipment while allowing your lucky recipient to enjoy this super cute animal every day. Standing eight inches tall, the excellent resin pencil holder is built to withstand fumbles, knocks, and scratches.
Cute Penguin Gifts Weighted Blanket

15. Weighted Blanket

Keeping your favorite penguin lover warm and secure is this wonderful weighted blanket. Featuring a cute and stylish penguin pattern, the therapeutic cotton-glass bead blanket is constructed from soft, breathable material with an innovative 7-layer system for evenly distributing beads to perfectly contour to any body shape. Widely accepted for its calming benefits for those struggling with insomnia or anxiety, this lovely blanket is both an excellent therapeutic aid and decorative accent for the bedroom.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Cotton Bud Holder

16. Cotton Bud Holder

A playful idea for penguin-obsessed friends and family, this creative little container provides a perfect balance of utility and bathroom decor. The adorable penguin-shaped cotton bud holder can be used to store cotton buds and other small items that require protection from dust and splashes.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Bath Mat

17. Bath Mat

Proudly showing off their latest sweater, these penguins know how to dress up in style! Featuring a vivid full-color fade-resistant illustration, the patterned bath mat features an absorbent microfibre construction with comfy foam cushioning and a non-slip base.

Best Penguin Themed Gifts Planter

18. Planter

One of the cutest gifts for penguin lovers, this vibrant ceramic planter is built to house small indoor plants. Ideal for succulents, cacti, and aloe vera, the adorable flower pot is designed to look like a sweet cartoon character. The planter is a delightful addition to any indoor decor, providing your loved one with a thoughtful present this upcoming birthday or Christmas.

Cute Penguin Gifts Coasters

19. Coasters

Adorably cute, these baby penguin coasters will add a loving warmth to any coffee table or desk. The 4-piece coaster set presents a soft hand-drawn illustration of this sweet little creature with a unique smudged charcoal finish. Featuring a lightweight masonite face and glossy finish, the creative coasters effectively shield tabletops from liquids and include a cork backing to also protect surfaces from scratches.

Kitchen & Dining

From funky bar accessories to creative utilities, the below section contains unique penguin gift ideas perfect for the kitchen, dining, and entertaining.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Coffee Mug

20. Coffee Mug

Lovers of classic design and creature fans alike will adore this artsy penguin mug from Taylor & Ng. Featuring a distinctive, whimsical design, the authentic mug displays an animated blue and white illustration of busy penguins, featuring the original iconic 1979 design. Crafted from premium ceramic, each cup is printed with an emblem on the bottom signifying the year purchased and makes for a delightful collectible and lovely drinking mug.

Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Cocktail Shaker

21. Cocktail Shaker

Best friend penguin gifts such as this stylish cocktail shaker are a barware essential they will adore! Displaying quality craftsmanship, this exclusive penguin cocktail shaker presents a premium stainless steel construction expertly designed to mimic a sleek and dapper bird. Featuring a built-in strainer and cap with an elegant chrome shine finish, this well-dressed creature will add a playful addition to any home bar.

Best Penguin Themed Gifts Kitchen Timer

22. Kitchen Timer

Wide-eyed and alert, this little penguin knows his place in the kitchen! Creatively designed in the shape of the iconic bird, this cute kitchen timer aids cooking prep while doubling as playful countertop decor. Featuring a steel mechanism and plastic exterior, this little bird can be wound up in 60 minutes at a time and is perfect for monitoring precise timing when boiling or baking.
Cute Penguin Gifts Ceramic Knife

23. Ceramic Knife

A fun little utility for picnics or use at home is this cute penguin pocket knife. The innovative accessory has been creatively designed in the classic shape of a penguin, with wide eyes and a colorful beak and feet. Featuring a premium ceramic blade and durable ABS body, this unique pocket knife is a handy little tool for slicing fruits, vegetables, and sharing snacks.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Bottle Opener

24. Bottle Opener

One of the coolest penguin gifts for him worth showing off is this slick multi-purpose bottle opener. The unique utility presents a sleek and stylish penguin design opener that holds everything needed to open bottles. Featuring a double-hinged waiter’s corkscrew, bottle opener, traditional non-stick worm corkscrew, and serrated foil cutter, all rolled into a smooth, ergonomic design that will effortlessly open a bottle of wine or beer.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Ice Molds

25. Ice Molds

For those who love unique gifts, this penguin ice cube tray presents a fun utility to enjoy with family and friends. The novelty ice mold has been creatively designed in the shape of adorable 3D penguins that will cool and liven up any drink! Made from high-quality food-grade silicone that is flexible and easy to release, this unique mold is also handy for creating DIY chocolate, jelly, mouse, and other fun snacks.

26. Salt & Pepper Shaker

A lovable couple that will add a touch of whimsy to any table setting, this creative salt & pepper shaker presents a pair of proud king penguins. Crafted from quality ceramic with beautiful hand-painted details and a magnetic feature that draws them near, this decorative set also arrives gift boxed and ready for gifting.

Cute Penguin Gifts Fridge Odor Remover

27. Fridge Odor Remover

If you’re searching for unique penguin things to buy a loved one who seems to have it all, then this odor remover is for you! Chill Bill presents an innovative gadget that discretely removes fridge odors while looking suave in the process. Made from durable plastic and silicone, simply fill this penguin with baking soda and place him in the refrigerator to effectively remove unwanted smells.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Egg Holder

28. Egg Holder

A creative utility for penguin and egg lovers alike is this playful egg holder! This delightful colony of penguins will securely hold up to eight eggs, whether in the Arctic depths of your fridge or the boiling hot springs of your pot. Featuring a comfortable carry handle that always stays cool, this innovative all-in-one gadget is perfect for boiling, serving, and storing eggs.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Apron

29. Apron

An adorable Christmas and birthday gift for loved ones who enjoy their time in the kitchen, art studio, or outdoors is this novel penguin apron! Lending a helping hand to stay neat and tidy, this cute apron features an adorable wide-eyed animated penguin illustration blending into an infinite black backdrop. Made from 100% polyester, the apron includes a durable neckband, extra-long wrap-around ties, and is conveniently machine washable.

Travel & Utility

From a playful water bottle to a fun pouch, this section contains cute and practical penguin themed gifts for everyday use at home or while on the move.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Pouch

30. Pouch

This cute pouch is the perfect penguin gift for storage and transport of personal items. Featuring three little companions huddled together on an imaginary jet-setting adventure, the vivid print is displayed on durable canvas-like material with a black interior lining. Available in three sizing options, the versatile utility is perfect for storing stationery, cosmetics, wrapped snacks, or small electronics.
Cute Penguin Gifts Backpack

31. Backpack

If you find yourself stuck for penguin lover gift ideas, this busy backpack presents both a fun accessory and functional item both kids and those young at heart will adore. Featuring a waddle of happy penguins with a few rugged up for the cold, the vibrant artwork covers the entire durable poly fabric backpack. Featuring an interior laptop pocket, adjustable shoulder straps, and padded nylon back, this casual backpack is a comfortable and playful accessory for school or day trips.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Water Bottle

32. Water Bottle

What better way to flaunt an adoration of these flightless birds than with this fantastic penguin water bottle! The durable yet lightweight and compact thermos travel mug has been creatively designed to mimic an adorable 3D penguin that is available in four fun colors. Featuring quality stainless steel construction with double-wall vacuum insulation, this clever little bird will keep drinks at optimal temperatures to enjoy for hours on end.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Laptop Sleeve

33. Laptop Sleeve

You will be hard-pressed to unearth more fitting gifts for penguin lovers than this laptop sleeve adorned with their favorite flightless bird. Perfect for transporting laptops, tablets, and accessories, this decorative utility prevents travel damage to their most valued tech possessions. The lovely laptop sleeve is lined with a padded interior, comes in three different sizes, and depicts a Picasso-style penguin drawn using a single line.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Drawstring Bag

34. Drawstring Bag

Adding a personal touch to an everyday utility is this very surprised little bird! The drawstring bag features an animated illustration of a rather astonished penguin vibrantly printed on a polyester woven fabric. Featuring high-quality grommets and a wide and comfy drawcord, this fun bag is a spacious and sturdy backpack alternative that is great for transporting gym clothes, school gear, or day trip essentials.
Cute Penguin Gifts Tote

35. Tote

Displaying a beautiful animated illustration, this charming tote presents an adorable design for penguin and cat lovers alike. Polar opposites in species who share a common interest in tasty fish, this high quality, fade-resistant print of the lovable duo is produced on premium canvas-like material, including double-stitched seams and a strong, wide carrying strap.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Airpods Case

36. AirPods Case

Unique penguin gifts such as this cute AirPods case present a decorative utility that will playfully protect precious tech. Made of soft and smooth yet highly durable premium silica gel, the creative accessory features an adorable cartoon penguin design. Shockproof and scratch-resistant, this handy portable case also includes a metal keychain to easily attach to handbags and backpacks.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Phone Case

37. Phone Case

Gazing into the night sky, this friendly penguin rests upon his igloo home, making wishes on the many stars above. This cute iPhone case presents a slimline protective phone case featuring a vivid print and exceptional durability. Impact-resistant with an open button form for direct access to phone features, this playful case also conveniently supports Qi wireless charging.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Beach Towel

38. Beach Towel

Adorned with your loved one’s favorite animal, this wonderful beach towel helps owners find their center while lounging at the beach! The super-sized towel features an active yogi penguin illustrated on a soft polyester-microfiber surface. Extremely absorbent and quick to dry, the oversized beach towel can cover a large surface area, spreading across hot sand and pebbles to provide a comfortable place in the sun.
Cute Penguin Gifts Yoga Mat

39. Yoga Mat

Striking emperor penguin gifts such as this creative yoga mat present an everyday exercise utility with bold uniqueness. The eye-catching artwork presents a vibrant color-block, abstract penguin illustration that is bound to stand out in any room or studio. Lightweight yet highly durable, the ¼-inch thick latex-free mat also includes a woven polyester carrying strap for comfortable transport.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Can Cooler

40. Can Cooler

The choir of Antarctica presents an amusing cartoon-inspired can cooler that will get a chuckle with each use. Vibrantly designed, the insulated can cooler features a creative illustration depicting a waddle of vocal penguins represented as keyboard keys! Featuring 360-degree wrap-around artwork on a lightweight, stainless steel construction, this playful cooler includes double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks at optimal temperature for hours of enjoyment.

Kids & Novelty

The below section contains a variety of novelty penguin gift ideas for children and big kids at heart, including a must-have plush toy cuddly option that is perfect for snuggling up to.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Kids Night Light

41. Kids Night Light

Kids will fall in love with this comforting companion who will illuminate spaces, radiating a warming presence. Creatively shaped as a plump little penguin, the rechargeable night light features multiple colors and modes, brightness control, and pre-set shut-off times. Also including a smart touch sensor and simple remote control operation, this is one fun, innovative device perfect for bedrooms and play spaces.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Plush

42. Plush Toy

A wonderful surprise for kids of all ages, this adorable giant stuffed penguin toy screams cuteness overload! Made from high-quality plush, the lovable penguin teddy features endearing features and fun 3D details. Measuring 19.5 inches, this charming companion is unbelievably soft and very realistic, just as perfect for cozy cuddles as he is for decorative display.
Cute Penguin Gifts 3D Puzzle

43. 3D Puzzle

Unique and adorable penguin gifts such as this amazing 3D puzzle offer hours of challenging engagement with a decorative masterpiece to proudly display upon completion. The puzzle contains 43 unique translucent, crystalline interlocking pieces that connect to form two sweet penguins, including orange stickers for beak and neck details once fully assembled.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Kids Game

44. Kids Game

Penguin Race is a classic game that never gets old, offering hours of endless entertainment for kiddies. The fun and updated game features an automatic ramp, slide racetrack, and three mini penguins to race all day long. Battery-powered, children will enjoy watching the little creatures climb up and race down the ramp for a playful slide!
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Jigsaw Puzzle

45. Jigsaw Puzzle

Fit for a penguin lover of any age, this fun and relaxing jigsaw puzzle features their favorite animal chatting away with friends. The lively puzzle is printed on high-quality chipboard and is available in five different sizes, with the most notable being 1000 pieces.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts POP! Figurine

46. POP! Figurine

Wheezy, the rubber toy penguin, is a Toy Story character your penguin-obsessed friend is sure to love. Sporting a smart red bow tie with a microphone firmly gripped in hand, this playful figure has been expertly designed to resemble the iconic character. The Funko figure is ideal for avid collectors and those who would benefit from a cute piece of bedroom decor.
Cute Penguin Gifts Hockey Puck

47. Hockey Puck

This officially licensed hockey puck is a great gift idea for Pittsburgh Penguins fans, arriving in a stylish and secure display case to keep it safe. The NHL game puck is perfect for fans of all ages, providing a fantastic keepsake for those who love hockey and their iconic mascot.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Rechargeable Science Kit

48. Rechargeable Science Kit

Cute and small penguin gifts for young children such as this rechargeable science kit are a fun and educational learning tool they will love. Featuring an adorable penguin and his igloo home, the set features a functional solar cell to capture the sun’s rays and convert them into renewable energy. Power captured is stored and transferred to the animated penguin toy, giving him the unique ability to waddle and walk on his own!
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Popper Toy

49. Popper Toy

This unique handheld gadget is a fun and interactive toy for a little penguin fan! The penguin popper toy features a playful character that, with a simple squeeze, will propel soft foam balls up to twenty feet away. Load the foam balls into the penguin’s wide-open mouth and squeeze hard for hours of fun propulsion games.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Collectible

50. Collectible

For those obsessed with everything penguin, this playful collectible action figure depicts the notorious Batman villain. The figurine is both decorative and functional, featuring The Penguin riding a giant coin-operated rubber duck. Not only does the amusement park style cart move back and forth, but the base also produces a vintage melody.

Art & Decor

From a snuggly throw pillow to decorative wall art, the below artistic penguin themed gifts will creatively enhance a variety of living spaces.
Cute Penguin Gifts Throw Pillow

51. Throw Pillow

Adorable penguin presents such as this cuddly penguin pillow are perfect for snuggling up to this cold winter season. Playfully cute, the baby pink throw pillow presents a sweet baby bird tied to large red balloons about to drift away. Featuring a high-quality double-sided print on 100% polyester twill fabric, this chic pillow comes filled with a fluffy cozy faux down insert and is available in four sizing options, adding a warm, bright touch to any living space.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Sculpture

52. Sculpture

Featuring a sweet and endearing disposition, it is hard not to fall in love with this adorable little penguin figurine. Individually hand carved from wood and hand-painted to perfection, these beautiful creatures display astonishing attention to detail and will create a warming presence in any bedroom or living space.
Amazing Gifts For Penguin Lovers Wall Art

53. Wall Art

Delightful artwork that will pull on those heartstrings, this endearing illustration presents a beautiful watercolor print featuring protective and loving Emperor penguin parents and their chick. Printed with deluxe pigment ink for sharp, vibrant reproduction, this charming artwork is available in a variety of sizing and framing options, and is a cute penguin gift that is just as perfect in a nursery setting as it is in an office or living room.
Best Penguin Themed Gifts Wall Tapestry

54. Wall Tapestry

A nice decoration for adding a touch of warmth to any nursery, child’s room, or themed party is this adorable wall tapestry. Featuring a precious baby penguin up close and personal, the eye-catching artwork is printed on 100% polyester with precise hand-sewn finishes. Lightweight and easy to hang using thumbtacks, clothespins, or nails, the decorative tapestry is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is conveniently machine washable.
Cute Penguin Gifts Card

55. Card

The perfect accompaniment to any Valentine’s Day gift is this romantic 3D penguin card! Featuring a precise laser-cut design of a happy penguin with his fish dinner, the gorgeous card opens to reveal a sweet couple embracing over a heart-shaped glacier that unites the pair. Displaying beautiful color tones and attention to detail, this wonderful piece also includes a surprise little hidden note card for writing a personal message to your loved one.
Great Penguin Gift Ideas Christmas Ornament

56. Christmas Ornament

An elegant penguin ornament for the holiday season, this delightful accessory presents a sweet penguin dressed in winter warmth while embracing a Christmas tree. Featuring a premium ceramic and dolomite construction, this cute 3 ½ inch tall decorative piece will playfully adorn any Christmas tree, dresser, or door handle, injecting some festive penguin cheer throughout the home.

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