42 Wise Owl Gifts Worth Hooting About

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Owl Gifts

Striking jewelry and adorable accessories to wise and wonderful artwork and decor, our selection of unique owl gifts contain something special for every bird lover. A majestic creature of the night, it is easy to see the attraction towards this wise and curious animal. So whether it’s the common barn owl or the elegant burrowing owl, you will find a variety of beautiful and creative owl-inspired pieces worth giving a hoot about!

Table of Contents

Personal & Accessories

Below you will find a variety of unique owl gift ideas from beautiful owl jewelry to personalized pieces that are perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or a special gift this Valentine’s day.
Cute Owl Gifts Womens Necklace

1. Women’s Necklace

This beautiful dainty necklace is one of the most elegant owl gifts for her to add to her collection. The unique accessory presents a charming owl, gracefully poised on a thin branch. Expertly handcrafted from Tibetan silver, the pendant features detailed markings, including striking black stone eyes and a beautifully shaped aventurine crystal body.
Gifts For Owl Lovers Mens Necklace

2. Men’s Necklace

If you’re after an elegant birthday, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day gift, this great grey owl pendant is a perfect fit. The handmade sterling silver pendant is ideal for everyday wear, featuring realistic details and a well-designed silhouette. A welcome addition to his jewelry collection, the men’s necklace can be obtained as a stand-alone pendant or partnered with a chain.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Earrings

3. Earrings

A beautiful gift for a dear teacher or friend is this charming pair of owl earrings. The vintage style accessory presents a unique set of Tibetan charm owl earrings that gracefully dangle from long kidney style or shorter French hook ear wires. Expertly handcrafted from nickel and lead-free silver, these lovely owl earrings radiate an elegant rustic style and are bound to be proudly worn by their recipient.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Notebook

4. Notebook

When it comes to breathtakingly beautiful owl gifts, this stunning journal is certainly one magnificent gift worth giving a hoot about. The owl-themed journal presents a stunningly detailed vintage-style journal perfect as an everyday notebook, planner, or dream diary. Exquisitely handcrafted, the embossed faux leather journal features a large, elegant bird on the cover in a classic antique bronze style, internally filled with 100 sheets of lined paper.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts T-Shirt

5. T-Shirt

Exuding on-trend style in minimalist fashion is this unique T-shirt perfect for an owl loving friend. The artistic design presents a Pablo Picasso sketch representing a simple yet eye-catching owl line drawing. Featuring a stylish slim fit for both males and females, this comfy tee is perfect for everyday wear and is also available on a variety of other garment styles to suit.
Cute Owl Gifts Charm

6. Charm

A little owl that is bound to delight wherever he roams, this official Pandora charm presents a beautiful companion to add to an existing bracelet. Featuring expert craftsmanship, the sterling silver jewelry piece presents an adorable owl with bright wide cobalt blue crystal eyes and sparkling cubic zirconia plumicorns, creating a stunning accessory perfect for everyday wear.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Keyring

7. Personalized Keyring

This charming owl keyring is a sweet and practical gift for loved ones obsessed with this wise creature of the night. The unique keyring presents an elegant wide-eyed owl perfectly poised on a tree branch. Featuring a pretty floral design and sparkling embellishments, the keychain also includes a wax-stamped initial charm to personalize this lovely gift.
Gifts For Owl Lovers Jewelry Box

8. Jewelry Box

One of the most authentic personalized owl gifts, this charming jewelry box makes for a thoughtful gesture, and beautiful keepsake loved ones will adore. The majestic owl jewelry box presents striking muted toned cover artwork featuring a colorful owl with piercing amber eyes. The handmade wooden jewelry box is sanded and stained with a beautiful honey oak, high gloss finish, and includes a pull-out drawer, mirror, and the option to personalize the piece with a heartfelt message inside.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Pullover

9. Pullover

Are you searching for cool creative owl gifts? Ideal for everyday wear, this cozy abstract owl pullover is an article your loved one can wear with pride. The sweatshirt is made from cotton fleece and adorned with their favorite creature characterized by bright yellow eyes and nose.
Cute Owl Gifts Ring

10. Ring

This magnificent ring is one piece of owl jewelry that will be worn with pride. Crafted from two-tone sterling silver, the intricate design features a series of sparkling stones and contrasting tones to create a highly unique and eye-catching ring. Expertly sculptured with vivid features, the owl ring features a striking round-cut central yellow stone with additional shimmering round stones that further enhance this beautiful glistening accessory.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Card

11. Card

The perfect accompaniment to a wonderful owl gift, or perhaps even combined with a gift card, is this stunning, one-of-a-kind 3D pop-up card. The cover presents a curious golden-eyed great horned owl design, with the bird wide-eyed in anticipation for an owl lover to reveal the surprise within. Upon opening, recipients will be pleasantly surprised to reveal a magnificent cocoa and beige creature with a piercing yellow stare, proudly seated atop a large branch and overlooking the beauty of the great wilderness. Measuring 5 x 7 inches, the uniquely crafted 3D card also includes a small hidden notecard to include a personal message.

Art & Decor

From quirky one-of-a-kind pieces to adorable homely decor, the following section contains beautiful decorative gifts for owl lovers who appreciate art and styling.
Gifts For Owl Lovers White Sculpture

12. Sculpture

Decorated in a potted black pattern, this shapely snowy owl figurine is a great gift for styling a home or office. Sculpted from natural resin, this elegant creature is smooth to touch, scratch-resistant, and vibrantly shiny. Partnered with a glow-in-the-dark bookmark, the cute crafted set is a lovely surprise for Christmas or a birthday.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Bookends

13. Bookends

For that special someone with an extensive book collection, this adorable pair are playfully crafted in the image of your recipient’s favorite nocturnal bird. Featuring an oil-rubbed antique bronze finish, the wide-eyed owl bookends are destined to keep reading material upright and ready for their next engagement.
Cute Owl Gifts Clock

14. Clock

One of the more quirky and cute owl gifts to grace our list is this charming clock! The unique wall clock presents bold black and white sketch artwork featuring a wide-eyed, diligent professor owl! Constructed with premium, shatter-resistant materials and featuring attractive wood, black, or white framing, this fun wall clock is the perfect addition to any room or study, keeping a watchful eye over time.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Glass Sculpture

15. Mouth-Blown Sculpture

A beautiful masterpiece for art enthusiasts and owl lovers alike is this magnificent sculpture. The creative work of art presents a long-eared, bold, sharp-sighted glass owl with a transparent body adorned with artistic brown flecks. The Birds collection was first designed in 1972 by Professor Oiva Toikka, with each piece expertly and individually mouth-blown and signed with the artist’s name. This iconic owl sculpture makes for a cherished collector’s item that will only gain value over time.
Gifts For Owl Lovers Wall Mural

16. Wall Mural

If you’re after a sizable gift for your owl loving friend, this floor-to-ceiling wall mural has you covered. Perfect for any special occasion, the illustration contains a magnificent white snowy owl perched upon tree branches on a winter’s evening. The mural itself is ideal for both permanent and temporary adhesion, leaving behind no residue once peeled off.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Outdoor Statues

17. Outdoor Statues

These friendly owls are the perfect pair to keep a watchful eye over your garden, patio, or outdoor setting during the day and night. The adorable collection presents a set of two matching birds with affectionate ogling eyes that any owl or animal lover will fall in love with. Handcrafted from quality resin with beautiful hand-painted details, the set includes a 14.5-inch plump owl and a 24.5-inch tall owl.

Kitchen & Dining

From a one-of-a-kind coffee mug to a playful and creative holder, the below section contains unique owl gift ideas that can be enjoyed while dining or appreciated within the kitchen.

Cute Owl Gifts Coffee Mug

18. Coffee Mug

This creative and unique owl coffee mug is destined to cause a hoot with lovers of this marvelous creature. The charming coffee mug presents a handmade cup featuring a bold, nocturnal owl-themed design. Depicting a dark and misty full-moon night, the cup features a detailed 3D brown owl, attentively perched on a branch handle. Each mug is expertly crafted from high-quality blue witch owl ceramic and patiently hand-painted over a 2-week process, featuring dishwasher and microwave safe premium materials that will never deteriorate or fade.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Kitchen Towel

19. Kitchen Towel

In search of owl gifts that are attractive and functional? Decorated with a serious-looking eagle-owl gazing into the distance, this large kitchen towel is made from a blend of quality linen and organic cotton. The varied surface texture adds a unique look and feel while the material composition accelerates the towel in drying.
Gifts For Owl Lovers Shaker Set

20. Salt & Pepper Set

Because some meals require a little extra flavor, this helpful shaker holder ensures the salt and pepper are in good hands. Carefully crafted, the cute owl holder features intricate hand-painted details and giant friendly eyes your recipient will love.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Jug

21. Jug

A fun gift idea for the owl lover in your life, this tall jug holds up to 32oz and is perfect for everyday use. The lovely pitcher is decorated with playful cartoon-like markings, depicting blue eyes, feathers, and a black spout representing its beak. Part of a larger collection, the tall owl jug can be partnered with or interchanged with a baby jug and a storage jar.
Cute Owl Gifts Glass Charms

22. Wine Glass Charm

Used to differentiate one wine glass from another, this set of vibrant wine charms are a playful and super cute owl gift idea for ladies who love wine. Perfect for Christmas and Mother’s Day, the collection includes five handmade identifier tags that securely attach to the stem of any glass. Each charm features a unique color variant adding a tiny decorative element while ensuring everyone can tell them apart.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Apron

23. Apron

One of the most striking owl gifts to appear in any kitchen is this magnificent pair of owls. The eye-catching apron depicts a stunningly detailed painting featuring a pair of beautiful male and female snowy owls by lyricist and painter Edward Lear. Made from 100% polyester, the kitchen and art apron features a durable neck with extra long wrap around ties and will undoubtedly make a bold impact when on display.

24. Coasters

Useful for propping up tea, juice, and beer, this set of coasters protects tables from scratches and spills. The set comes with four coasters, each featuring a soft cork backing and a smooth printed finish. Adorned with their favorite animal, this little burrowing owl is gazing into the distance and preparing for a hunt.

Kids & Fun

From a bold and vibrant jigsaw to a creative white noise machine, the following fun gifts for owl lovers are perfect for kids and those young at heart who are obsessed with this wise and majestic bird.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Plush

25. Plush

Potterheads and owl fans alike will be swooning over this very cute owl gift. The officially licensed Harry Potter Hedwig collector plush presents a lifelike soft plush toy of the iconic character from the series that is just as perfect for display as it is a cuddle. Measuring 14 inches tall, the elegant bird is crafted with exquisite detail, featuring large round eyes, a distinctive break and talons, and lush plumage.
Cute Owl Gifts Jigsaw Puzzle

26. Jigsaw Puzzle

For kids, adults, and family fun, this unique gift is constructed from eco-friendly materials resistant to wear and water. The colorful and vibrant jigsaw puzzle resembles the style of a beautiful stained glass window, laser cut for a perfect fit. Made up of two hundred pieces, the unique puzzle is joined with uncommon connection types, including a few other animal shapes such as a rabbit and a koala.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Storybook

27. Storybook

A wonderful gift for an owl lover with a newborn or young child is this endearing storybook, Owl Babies. A bedtime favorite, the well-known story tells the tale of three baby owls who wake up one night to find their mother missing! As they patiently await her arrival home, they are overwhelmed with happiness when she returns and rejoice in their love for her. This delightful children’s gift set includes a durable board book and an adorable stuffed owl toy for them to enjoy.
Gifts For Owl Lovers LEGO

28. LEGO

If you’re after creative owl themed gifts that are challenging, fun, and decorative, the inspirational Hedwig LEGO set is the gift you’re after. Allowing kids to carefully craft the perennial Harry Potter character, Hedwig is depicted in flight delivering an important message. Once completed, the snowy owl measures over a foot wide and can flap his wings with the turn of a crank.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts White Noise Machine

29. White Noise Machine

An innovative little device, this portable white noise machine and Bluetooth speaker has been disguised as a cute barn owl! The creative design presents Ollie the owl, a sweet little companion designed to gently calm and pacify the baby. Featuring 6 built-in soothing white-noise tracks, with the option for wireless playlists, this handy device is conveniently rechargeable and includes an integrated clip that easily attaches to a stroller, car seat, or crib, and also doubles as a stand within the nursery.
Cute Owl Gifts Figurine

30. POP! Figurine

One of the cutest small owl gifts for kids of all ages, this Hedwig figurine is both a fun toy and loveable bedroom decor. Standing a modest four inches tall, the chibi-style collectible is perfect for little owl enthusiasts and those who love the Harry Potter franchise.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas 3D Lamp

31. 3D Lamp

Lighting up a bedroom in style, this vivid 3D illusion lamp features his or her favorite animal resting on a tree branch. Featuring an adjustable seven-color display, the lamp is USB operated and made from a strong and durable acrylic glass panel. The amount of light produced won’t interrupt sleep, while the cable-free design allows it to be placed in any position they desire.
Gifts For Owl Lovers 3D Model

32. 3D Model

The perfect gift for a young owl fan who enjoys a challenge, constructing this three-dimensional puzzle is a rewarding endeavor with an artfully decorative end product. Containing 142 plywood pieces, the blue owl model requires a great deal of patience and an 8-hour commitment to complete.

Travel & Utility

From an adorable tote to a unique door stopper, below you will find a fantastic selection of handy owl gift ideas perfect for use at home or while on the move.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Tote

33. Tote

Adorable owl gifts for her don’t get much cuter than this charming tote bag! The versatile tote presents the most lovable baby owl, sitting plump and wide-eyed in anticipation. Handmade from durable canvas polyester, the sturdy multi-purpose bag is just as perfect as a grocery or shopping bag as it is for books or leisurely days at the beach or park.
Cute Owl Gifts Neck Pillow

34. Neck Pillow

Harry Potter and owl fans alike will be vying for the warm embrace of Hedwig the Owl. This unique portable neck pillow is creatively designed to resemble the iconic character from the popular series. Made from premium 45D memory foam, the pillow will precisely conform to the neck and features a 100% durable and removable polyester cover for easy cleaning. A charming collector’s accessory, this officially licensed Hedwig owl pillow is the perfect companion for comfortable rest during travel.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Door Stopper

35. Door Stopper

One of the most purposeful cute owl gifts is this charming doorstop, beautifully fusing form and function. The decorative door stopper presents a fun and playful design featuring a plump and adorable wide-eyed owl. Featuring a durable hand-sewn cotton-polyester outer, the inside contains secured sand to keep this weighted utility in place. Weighing 2.2 pounds, this friendly companion is strong enough to keep doors open yet flexible enough to be moved easily, and also doubles as a comforting piece of room decor.
Gifts For Owl Lovers Planter

36. Planter

For an owl lover with a passion for florals and decor, these beautiful ceramic planters are perfect for aloe vera, asparagus ferns, and succulents. Available in a variety of adorable designs, each mini planter is its own unique character, from the grumpy to the wide-eyed, and even a cute little baby owl with a ribbon in her hair.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Water Bottle

37. Water Bottle

You will be hard-pressed to find more creative and convenient owl themed gifts than this elegant water bottle. Decorated with a wonderful negative space image, the stainless steel bottle is perfect for maintaining the temperature of beverages when away from home. The exterior is finished in a smooth matte coating, while the lid type can be found in sports, straw, and a handle-based twist top.
Cute Owl Gifts Camera

38. Conference Camera

The best gadget for a professional owl devotee, this smart conference camera is ideal for operating digital meetings no matter the platform. Equipped with an extensive list of wise features, the Meeting Owl Pro is capable of capturing 360-degree video, casting 360-degree audio, and best of all, it resembles their favorite bird.
Delightful Owl Gift Ideas Throw Pillow

39. Throw Pillow

If you’re searching for unique owl gifts with a splash of color, you can’t go past this creative throw pillow. The geometric abstract-inspired design presents a series of owls in various shapes and bright colors under a full moon. Handmade from 100% durable polyester twill fabric, the pillow is filled with a fluffy faux down insert for comfortable all-day lounging with your favorite bird friend.
Gifts For Owl Lovers Pouch

40. Pouch

Never will you have witnessed a stare as intense as that of this magnificent great horned owl! This versatile pouch presents a bold and vibrant design focussed on the owl’s eyes, featuring a vivid print of an original hand-painted acrylic illustration. Made from durable 100% polyester canvas with a sturdy metal zipper, these lined pouches are available in a variety of sizing options that are perfect for carrying small accessories, stationery, makeup, or even small electronics.
Awesome Owl Themed Gifts Travel Mug

41. Travel Mug

Ideal for sipping a hot drink while commuting to work or out for a walk, this travel mug is a gift your owl-obsessed loved one will love to show off. Bold and vibrant, an abstract owl design wraps entirely around the travel mug, with sixteen different species appearing in the illustration. The mug itself is constructed from insulated stainless steel, with a solid polycarbonate lid and a 15oz capacity.
Gifts For Owl Lovers Floor Pillow

42. Floor Pillow

Arguably the most comfortable gift for owl lovers, this cushy pillow is perfect for movie nights, quiet reading, and even while eating a meal. The delightful floor pillow is adorned with various breeds of their favorite animal, including a burrowing owl, elf owl, and even a northern hawk-owl. Overstuffed yet plush and cozy, the floor pillow is available in both round and square shapes and two large sizes.

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