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Fun Novelty Gifts

Fun decorative utilities to creative and handy gadgets and accessories, our extensive selection of unique novelty gifts are bound to intrigue and surprise! Whether they’re a curious person interested in electronics, or someone who enjoys a practical joke, there are plenty of gifting options for your Dad, bestie, or coworker. From wacky and wonderful creations to innovative utilities they didn’t know existed, we are sure you’ll find the perfect novelty gift to satisfy all needs, wants, and desires!

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Decor & Fun

The below section contains one-of-a-kind decor to fun puzzles and games, even including a few funny gifts thrown into the mix!
Unique Gift Ideas VHS Light

1. VHS Light

Are you searching for unique gifts to give a movie lover? Built out of a vintage videotape, this novel Pulp Fiction VHS lamp is both a decorative utility and creative keepsake. Perfect for adding a nostalgic touch to any lounge or cinema room, the retro lamp provides a vibrant ambiance and is available in a range of colors and movies.

Funny Novelty Gift Glowbee Sandpicture

2. Glowbee Sandpicture

A truly unique novelty gift that will find the perfect place in any home or office environment is this striking decor piece. The Glowbee Sandpicture presents a dynamic sand image that produces a new and enticing scene each and every time it is flipped! The kinetic work of art allows sand to trickle around air bubbles and through water to create an otherworldly landscape that also interestingly glows in the dark!

Funny Gifts Jigsaw Puzzle

3. Jigsaw Puzzle

Perfect for your family and friends who enjoy a challenge, this nostalgic jigsaw puzzle is ideal for group and solo play. The irresistible game is adorned with six 80’s style artworks depicting humorous meme-like quotes. Available in five sizes, pieces are cut from quality chipboard, featuring vibrant colors that won’t dull out over time.
Creative Novelty Gift Ideas Device Holder

4. Device Holder

For gamers obsessed with collectibles, this classic Sega character is built to hold their most utilized devices. The amazing Sonic the Hedgehog device holder is perfect for any special occasion, providing your lucky recipient with a decorative utility that keeps them company as they play or watch TV.
Awesome Novelty Gifts LEGO Set


Star Wars fans will love this detailed building set, allowing them to construct a classic Stormtrooper helmet that rests on a decorative stand. The modern LEGO set is a perfect gift for play and display, containing 647 blocks and a unique end design they can admire.

Funny Gift Ideas Giant Stress Ball

6. Giant Stress Ball

A unique take on the traditional stress ball is this awesome novelty giant stress reliever. The oversized stress ball presents over three-quarters of a pound of unwinding power that will get anyone through their biggest frustrations! Made from soft, pliable TPR, the 5-inch diameter ball can take a real beating, with the ability to knead, stretch, squeeze, and even hammer this fun and addictive plaything.

Unique Novelty Gifts Hourglass

7. Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Novelty items with an element of intrigue, such as this Magnetic Sand Hourglass, present an elegant and captivating hourglass filled with iron filings. A fun desktop diversion, viewers will enjoy watching the grains of iron stack up in seemingly impossible formations each time the hourglass is flipped. The beautifully rugged configurations of the iron filings build into an ordered hemisphere with a spiky surface that can be enjoyed over and over again.
Awesome Novelty Gifts Coin Bank

8. Coin Bank

Centered around the Nightmare Before Christmas, self-professed nerds and movie lovers alike will appreciate this novel fantasy coin bank. Featuring a detailed Jack Skellington design, this desktop keepsake is great for scaring would-be thieves away from loose change.
Creative Novelty Gift Ideas Figurine

9. Figurine

In search of a few unique gift ideas that are both decorative and rare? Artfully depicting Willy Wonka standing between a pair of Oompa-Loompas, this detailed statue is guaranteed to amaze any onlooker. The 1:10 scale figure is perfect for a friend or loved one obsessed with movies, novelty items, or unique collectibles.
Funny Gifts Framed Print

10. Framed Print

The perfect gift for a person who loves sports, science, or both, this creative framed print characterizes Albert Einstein showing off his basketball moves. Available in several sizes and framing options, the decorative wall art is an imaginative idea suitable for Christmas, birthdays, and Valentine’s day.
Funny Gift Ideas Fidget Toy

11. Shape Shifting Toy

One of the coolest novelty gift ideas is this manipulatable cube, perfect for those with fidgety fingers and an inquisitive mind. The Sashibo is a multidimensional cube that can be used to create over seventy different shapes, featuring mesmerizing patterns and an instructions app for a helping hand. While the puzzle toy is great on its own, it can also be expanded by combining with additional cubes, creating an even larger array of jaw-dropping formations.


From creative utilities to funky and unique accessories, below, you will find the very best novelty gifts for personal use. Whether it’s cozy comfort at home or nostalgic entertainment on the go, we know your family and friends are going to fall in love with these amazing gifting options just for them!
Funny Novelty Gift Pizza Socks

12. Pizza Socks

Who doesn’t love pizza? These pizza socks are a novel and creative gift that anyone and everyone will adore! Appropriately packaged in a realistic cardboard takeaway box, these bright and crazy socks include four pairs of deliciously vibrant pizza toppings, including a pattern of fluffy pizza dough! Produced in Europe from premium quality textiles, these soft and comfy cotton socks are a fun and unique gifting option for both men and women.

Funny Novelty Gift Phone Cover Gameboy

13. Gameboy Phone Cover

If you’re searching for the best novelty gifts for those kids of the ’90s, you can’t go past this iconic piece of nostalgia. The unique iPhone cover is designed in the style of a classic Gameboy and actually functions as a gaming device with live retro games! Made from high-quality silicone and TPU material, the phone case provides complete protection from drops and includes vintage games such as Tetris and Tank War, perfect for old-school stress-relief entertainment on the go.

Unique Gift Ideas Toasty Plush

14. Toasty Plush

What could be more satisfying on those cold winter nights than the warm embrace of an adorable teddy bear? Rilakkuma presents a lovable soft bear with endearing features and a cute oversized head. This charming plush toy is filled with a removable flaxseed pouch that, once microwave heated and reinserted, provides comforting warmth while emitting a calming lavender scent.
Awesome Novelty Gifts Heated Slippers

15. Heated Slippers

Cute and cozy novelty gifts such as these adorable heated slippers will be enjoyed by loved ones time and time again! The unique Snoopy slippers feature the iconic cartoon dog shaped into heated slip ons that ensure you never have to endure cold feet again. Straightforward to use, the USB heated slippers are plugged into a compatible USB port to warm up, and once unplugged, you are free to roam and enjoy in toasty warmth!
Creative Novelty Gift Ideas AirPods Case

16. AirPods Case

For lovers of all things chic and adorable, this little peach will make the perfect companion to house their much-loved AirPods. The uniquely designed case presents Floyd Peach, a sweet fruit friend with bright rosy cheeks. Perfect for AirPods Gen 1 & 2, this durable silicone case will help store and protect AirPods from any bumps or drops, and includes a handy charging slot to conveniently power up AirPods without the need to remove them.

Funny Gift Ideas Dude Wipes

17. DUDE Wipes

One of those unique novelty gifts for men that is bound to get a chuckle, and good use too, are these special cleansing wipes. Part gag gift, part hygienic utility, the DUDE Wipes are unscented plant-based wet wipes infused with soothing Aloe & Vitamin-E and created to freshen and cleanse “dude” regions. Packaged for use both at home and while on the go, each wipe is 25% bigger than regular wipes and can be safely flushed after use.

Unique Gift Ideas Wallet

18. Wallet

A great gift for securely carrying cards and cash, this modern minimalist wallet is ideal for a man trying to reduce clutter. Featuring a stylish aluminum chassis and a DTEX textured surface, the Dango A-10 Bifold wallet contains nine card slots and a secret compartment for storing bills.

Gadgets & Electronics

Below are new and innovative gadgets and electronics for fun and practical use at home, the office, or while on the move.
Funny Gift Ideas World's Smallest Blower

19. USB Powered Blower

One of the most unique and funny gift ideas on our list is this mini cleaning tool. Part gag gift, part handy utility, the World’s Smallest Blower is the perfect desktop accessory that will be adored by garden junkies and neat-freaks alike! The USB-powered mini working leaf blower is great for cleaning keyboards or small dust and debris that tend to occupy workspace crevices. This much-loved handy little device features an extra-long cable that easily plugs into computer USB ports, charging adapters, or power banks for immediate use.
Funny Gifts Compact Key Holder

20. Compact Key Holder

A perfect gift to replace keyrings, the KeySmart Pro is ideal for a friend or family member with too many keys. In addition to a handy LED flashlight and bottle opener, the clever gadget features Tile Smart Location – Bluetooth tracking technology to ensure keys are never misplaced again! Capable of holding up to ten keys, the compact key holder is great for all special occasions including birthdays, Christmas, and even Valentine’s day.
Awesome Novelty Gifts Cable Bites

21. Cable Bites

Colorful and creative, these miniature superheroes are made to protect cables from breaking and fraying. Constructed from soft and durable silicone, the playful set of eight cable bites include Spider Man, Iron Man, Venom, and more. The cute novelty gift is fantastic as a Christmas stocking stuffer or part of a birthday bundle, adding a ton of fun to the cables of kids and adults alike.

Funny Novelty Gift Book Safe

22. Book Safe

A novel concept for securing your small valuables is this uniquely designed safe. The Book Safe presents a portable lockable box that has been disguised in the style of a book! The safe features a realistic fabric cover and spine designed to represent a classic dictionary, however opening the front cover reveals the safe’s actual cover. The safe includes a secure key lock and is great for hiding valuables such as cash, credit cards, important documents, and jewelry, seamlessly blending into a home bookshelf or mantlepiece.

Creative Novelty Gift Ideas Foldable Keyboard

23. Foldable Keyboard

Whether it’s for performing crucial tasks or jotting down ideas on the road, the iClever foldable keyboard has you, or in this case, your recipient, covered. The handy compact keyboard is the perfect companion for tablets, smartphones, and laptops, connecting via Bluetooth to any operating system. The unique tri-fold structure facilitates compactness and stability, while the included stand is perfect for housing phones and tablets while typing.
Funny Gifts Hand-Held Fan

24. Hand-Held Fan

Keep cool and comfortable throughout the summer with this energy-efficient handheld fan. The rechargeable mini fan provides nine hours of use time, while its compact design allows it to comfortably slot into bags and backpacks. Featuring five speed settings, the fan comes with a convenient charging stand that’s perfect for topping up power, storage, and easy access.

Home & Office

Below you will find our handpicked selection of the best and most useful novelty gifts for the home and office. From unique and functional decor pieces to handy and purposeful gadgets, these fun and novel gifts will pleasantly surprise family and friends.
Unique Gift Ideas Fire Pit

25. Fire Bowl

Whether it’s for ambiance or home decor, this stunning indoor fire bowl is a fantastic novelty gift idea for your partner, close friend, or family member. Providing a unique focal point to any space, the TerraFlame Wave is available in a range of subtle concrete base colors to suit any interior. The beautiful fire pit operates on gel fuel, creating three hours of smoke-free flame with each canister used.
Awesome Novelty Gifts Vase

26. Magnetic Vase

Creating an eye-catching, breathtaking effect, these unique slimline vases magically appear to be standing upright on their own! Tall, thin, and elegant, the vases are fixed with magnetic bases that are secretly hidden underneath the tablecloth. Available as a set of 5, the striking gold-toned vases can hold water and are suitable for creative display of both real and artificial flowers.
Creative Novelty Gift Ideas Candle

27. Candle

A delicious and delightful novelty gift for the home is this sweet-scented candle. Creatively molded in the shape of a tasty peach, this charming candle is handmade from scratch with the option to select an enticing scent of choice. Made from natural soy wax and premium essential oils, this sweetly-scented slow-burn candle will emit a divine scent throughout any living space.
Unique Novelty Gifts Baby Groot Flower Pot

28. Planter

One of the best novelty gifts for plant lovers and Marvel fans alike is this unique planter pot, hand-carved in the shape of a gorgeous Baby Groot! Displaying endearing bulging eyes with detailed tree veins and features, this adorable head contains a small hole underneath to allow for water drainage when used as a flowerpot, or alternatively can be used as a pencil and accessories holder or fun decoration for the home or garden.
Unique Novelty Gifts Diffuser

29. Diffuser

There may be plenty of diffusers out there, but none so adorable as the Pearl Boba Tea Diffuser. This creative diffuser has been crafted in the shape of a delicious bubble tea, featuring a cute face, black pearls, and a delightful straw design release valve! Pearl works as both a humidifier for adding healthy moisture to the air, or an essential oil diffuser with the addition of a few drops. Featuring a 200ml capacity with both timed and safe auto shut-off mode, this novel device also includes a color-changing LED bulb that puts on a soothing, magical light show.
Funny Gifts Bath Mat

30. Bath Mat

Adorned with Bert and Ernie posing as Jules and Vincent Vega, this creative bathroom utility adds a touch of humor while preventing wet floors. Humorous and unique, the Pulp Street bath mat is a great gift for all movie lovers needing a steady and absorbent place to dry off.

Funny Gift Ideas Spare Some Change Saxophonist

31. Spare Change Holder

You’ll be hard-pressed finding a better place to store your spare coins than in this novel spare change holder. Fittingly appropriate, the Spare Some Change holder presents a laser-cut black silhouette of a lone street musician playing an imaginary tune as he collects loose change. The saxophonist metal holder measures 3.93 x 4.72 x 7.48 inches and will find the perfect place to play on office desks, benchtop counters, or bedside drawers.

Funny Gift Ideas Watering Funnel

32. Pot Watering Funnel

Could there be a more creatively practical novelty gift than this unique watering funnel? The Leaflow presents a pot watering funnel in the flowing shape of a leaf! Perfect for keeping indoor potted plants hydrated, the leaf funnel neatly and precisely allows water to flow directly into the plant’s thirsty roots, providing the perfect tool for watering plants without drops and splashes. The cute and innovative leaf design allows the funnel to blend with its surroundings, making it easy to stick in the pot’s soil so it will always be there, ready for use.

Novelty Items Coasters

33. Vinyl Coasters

If you’re searching for unique novelty gifts for a music fan or retro-enthusiast, these vinyl coasters are sure to hit the right note. The delightful gift pack features a set of 12 mini vinyl record discs presented as coasters, each with a different record design. The coasters feature a non-slip rubber backing that ensures drinks stay sturdy, while also protecting surfaces. Packaged in a wonderful design keepsake gift box, these one-of-a-kind coasters provide a fun sense of nostalgia and will make a great housewarming, birthday, or Christmas gift.

Stationery & Crafting

Below you will find a unique selection of imaginative and creative gadgets and accessories perfect for use or display at home or the office.
Unique Gift Ideas Craft Machine

34. Craft Machine

The creative possibilities are endless with the Cricut Joy! The ultimate crafting device, the Cricut presents an innovative gadget capable of creating, cutting, and printing a wide variety of imaginative designs for everyday and special occasions. From birthday cards and banners to sticker labels and wall decals, the creative machine comes with 50 ready-to-make projects online, and also includes free trial membership to Cricut Access, allowing creators use of thousands of images, unique ready-to-make projects, and over 500 fonts.
Funny Novelty Gift Sticky Note Holder

35. Notester Desk Organizer

A fun and functional piece to keep desks neat and tidy, this cute desk organizer is a statement piece that is bound to spark conversation. Perfect for the home or office, the Notester presents an all-in-one desk organizer in the unique shape of a double slice toaster! Available as shiny red and blue toasters, the adorable design includes a double pack of 100 novelty bread sticky notes and even has a built-in pencil sharpener and built-in magnet design for storing paper clips on the surface! This fantastic organizer can also double as a docking station, featuring space to integrate a charging lead, and can even be used to conveniently store business cards and other small desk accessories.
Awesome Novelty Gifts Levetating Pen

36. Levitating Pen

Are you searching for a gift that will amaze a loved one? This creative levitating pen will remain upright, irrespective of knocks, swinging, or spinning. Perfect for adding a touch of awe to their desk or display shelf, the luxury magnetic pen is a gift worthy of any special occasion.
Funny Novelty Gift Coloring Book

37. Adult Coloring Book

If you’re after fun and funny novelty gifts, this unique adult coloring book perfectly combines the two in one delightful package. A Swear Word Coloring Book is a hilarious gift idea for grown-ups who need a bit of calm and humor in their life. The humorously irreverent coloring book presents a collection of detailed patterned designs fused with bold and sometimes unique profanity! Featuring single-sided prints on premium bright white stock, this amusing coloring book will provide hours of anger-venting, stress-free coloring.
Unique Gift Ideas Inkess Printer

38. Inkless Printer

This travel-sized portable printer is a creative and innovative gift worthy of any special occasion, be it Valentine’s day, an anniversary, or a birthday. Playfully shaped like a bird, the inkless printer leverages thermal technology and a white paper roll to print fun black and white pictures, works, stickers, or notes. One of the most unique gift ideas available, this portable Bluetooth printer is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Funny Gifts Pen Holder

39. Pen Holder

Kneeling humbly while proudly presenting the contents he holds, this detailed knight will produce a little chuckle each time your lucky recipient reaches for their pen. More than just a pen holder, this gallant horseman protects, decorates, and turns heads with his unique look. Expertly crafted from resin, the detailed knight pen holder is a perfect gift for Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, and Christmas.

Kitchen & Entertaining

What better place is there for novel gadgets than in the much-loved kitchen?! From fun popsicle molds to crazy oven mitts, these unique and innovative novelty gifts for her and him will get plenty of fun use come cooking or entertaining time!
Unique Gift Ideas Tulip Tea Infuser

40. Tulip Tea Infuser

A beautifully designed tea infuser crafted in the shape of a pretty tulip, this creative gift is perfect for brewing your favorite loose-leaf varieties. Featuring a robust and food-safe construction, the infuser is ideal for steeping a single serving, and presents an eye-catching design that displays as a flower growing from within your mug!
Novelty Items Legless Corkscrew

41. Bottle Opener

Legless Corkscrew is one pirate they will look forward to confronting, especially since he lends a helping hand with beer and wine! The innovative gadget presents a playful bottle opener shaped like a pirate, decorated with a skull and crossbones bandana, eye patch, peg leg, and even a parrot on his shoulder. Made from solid plastic and stainless steel, the finely detailed utility features a bottle opener, corkscrew, keyring loop, easy-open lever, and a foil cutter all rolled into one.
Novelty Items Pop Molds

42. Pop Molds

What could be cooler than chomping down on a frozen zombie treat?! These playful zombie pop molds present a fun and unique set of 4 ice pop molds crafted in the shape of creepy zombies! From their detailed faces down to their feet, these stunning creatures even contain hidden skeletons that are revealed as pops are eaten. Made from BPA-free flexible silicone, these delightful molds hold up to 2.64 ounces and can freeze a variety of goodies from fruit juices, yogurt, and ice cream to pureed fruit, vegetables, and more!
Funny Novelty Gift Oven Mitts

43. Oven Mitts

These quirky oven mitts are one of those unique novelty gifts that will get plenty of fun use! Perfect for chefs, bakers, and family and friends who enjoy their time in the kitchen, these gorgeous polar bear hands will bring a smile to their faces as they carefully maneuver each hot surface. Playful and functional, these polar bear mitts are made from authentic premium quality materials and offer generous sizing to fit a wide range of hand sizes.
Unique Novelty Gifts Shaker Set

44. Seasoning Shaker Set

This gorgeous themed seasoning set is one of the most fitting novelty gifts for the holiday season. The Four Seasons seasoning shaker set features four individual shakers inspired by the four seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each shaker presents season-specific flora to accompany a matching spice, while the set also includes a slimline tabletop platter for neat storage and festive display.
Unique Novelty Gifts Taco Holder

45. Taco Holder

This delightful taco holder will bring some fun to the dining table! Perfect for children, teens, and dinosaur lovers of all ages, the unique holder presents a 6.7-inch tall green Tyrannosaurus Rex featuring razor-sharp teeth and textured body details, with a neat holder opening in his back. Made from 100% BPA-free, food-safe material, the T-Rex holder acts as a convenient taco serving tray that can also accommodate many other foods including sandwiches, waffles, bagels, and donuts.
Awesome Novelty Gifts Decanter Set

46. Decanter

Ideal for baseball enthusiasts and whiskey lovers alike, this baseball bat-shaped decanter is an eye-catching addition to any bar cart, shelf, or desktop. The exquisite carafe holds a 750 ml capacity and comes bundled with a stunning display stand and four elegant drinking glasses.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Wine Condom

47. Wine Stopper

Funny novelty gifts such as this unique wine stopper are bound to get a laugh with wine lovers young and old! The Wine Condoms are a protective wine covering featuring an innovative design in the shape and style of a condom. The condoms feature shrink-fit technology, creating a water-tight and air-tight seal for the ultimate wine protection and preservation. Functional and funny, this hilarious novelty gift offers a rather interesting and effective solution to resealing opened bottles of wine!

Travel & Utility

The below section contains a fantastic handpicked selection of novel utilities for use at home or while on the go.

Funny Gift Ideas Lunchbox

48. Lunch Box

A novel gift for kids big and small, this unique lunch box will, without a doubt, be the coolest one in the yard. Nothing screams more rock and roll than this gorgeous Fender Lunch Box! Officially licensed, the striking all-metal box spares no attention to detail, with all six sides decorated to emulate the black leather and silver grille cloth look of a classic Fender amp. The metal carrier provides a generously spacious interior for snacks, drinks and more, and will amplify a brown lunch bag experience to make them feel like a rock star.

Unique Gift Ideas Beach Towel

49. Beach Towel

A unique gift idea for a loved one with a sense of humor, this vibrant comic-themed beach towel is worthy of any special occasion. Great for the beach, pool, or bath, the superhero butts beach towel is destined to be a summertime hit! The oversized towel is built to withstand any surface and depicts a multitude of superheroes caught with their pants down.
Novelty Items Coffee Mug

50. Color Changing Coffee Mug

A delightful gift for any cat lover, this unique ceramic mug is sure to find a warm place in their hearts and hands! The heat-sensitive mug presents a bold line drawing of an aloof feline, who once heated, reveals his inner sentiment towards the world. Made from high-quality heat-sensitive ceramic, the mug features a wraparound design that changes when filled with hot liquid, allowing this cat to make an impression no matter how the mug is held. These special mugs are also available in other designs for dog and animal lovers alike.
Unique Novelty Gifts Portable Coffee Mug

51. Travel Mug

One of the more exclusive novelty gifts for men they will enjoy using just as much as sporting is this stylish sustainable mug. The Goat Story Mug is a portable mug designed in the unique shape of a traditional medieval horn! Crafted from durable materials, the BPA-free, 100% leak-proof mug features a masculine design that includes two sets of straps for easy transport and is available in natural and rugged finishes, including two vibrant style options to suit all tastes.
Funny Gift Ideas Cup Holder Clip

52. Cup Holder

This amazing novelty gift will both free up table space and avoid those annoying drink spills! This unique and versatile cup holder conveniently fastens to flat surfaces to safely and securely store personal items. Featuring a sturdy grip and spring, the strong clamp can hold anything from coffee cups, water bottles, stationery, small plants, and more!

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