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11 Music Lovers Gift Ideas Under $100

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Music Lovers Gift Ideas

Searching for the ultimate music lovers gift ideas? It doesn’t get any better than these unique music inspired gifts! From iconic decor to music aficionado must-haves, we’ve compiled this list of the best gifts that will be music to anyone’s ears!

1. Neon Sign

Starting off our list of music lovers gift ideas is a classic neon sign. A neon sign is a great way to add a unique atmosphere to any bedroom, bar, garage or man cave. This Rolling Stones novelty LED neon sign features the now iconic lips and tongue logo and is sure to be an instant hit with rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts. The sign comes in 13 colors, 2 sizes and a hanging chain for easy installation.

2. Wall Art

If a neon sign is just a little too much, perhaps canvas wall art is the style of gift you’re after. This beautiful artwork features crisp, high-quality artwork with a creatively illustrated guitar design. Subtle, moody hues depict the image of an island and reflection creating the shape of a guitar. This stunning print measures 20 x 40 inches and is the perfect gift for decorating living areas, bedrooms, dining rooms, or even office or lounging spaces.

3. Headphones

The third item on our music lovers gift ideas list will always be well received – wireless headphones. The Cowin E7 Pro active noise canceling headphones offer exceptional value for the price tag. These headphones feature ANC technology, powerful sound, accurate bass response, and a built-in microphone. The bold design and solid build quality is supported by soft ear cushions for comfortable, long term listening. The Cowin E7 Pro’s offer an outstanding 30 hours of battery life per charge, meaning listeners can go days without requiring a recharge.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

If headphones are a private way to take your music with you, wireless speakers are the ideal way to share your music wherever you go. Bluetooth speakers are a great way to improve the standard out-of-box sound you receive from your phone or tablet. This LoFree Poison vintage Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for those who love to share their music and appreciate retro style. The speaker is available in 4 classic colors, and maintains a strong connection of up to 33 feet, while providing up to 6 hours of battery life per charge.

5. USB Microphone

The 5th item on our music lovers gift ideas list is a USB microphone. The Blue Snowball iCE condenser microphone has a unique vintage feel and is a great gift for those still using a computer’s built-in microphone. Perfect for FaceTime, Skype, conference calls, or recording, the crystal-clear audio will ensure your message is heard, free of feedback or distortion. The Blue Snowball iCE features an easy to set up tripod stand which provides reliable stability. The microphone requires NO setup drivers, is compatible with both Mac and PC, and features an easy plug and play USB. The Blue Snowball iCE is designed to work well with any music, calling, or streaming software, meaning its suitable for almost any use!

6. Desktop jukebox

Following the music lovers gift ideas retro trend, is this mini vintage jukebox. The novelty Victrola desktop jukebox has a nostalgic design, featuring color-changing LED light tubing and stands 15 inches tall. The system comes with an FM radio, CD player, Bluetooth capability and an SD card reader. The wireless Bluetooth signal can be easily streamed from up to 33 feet away, while the powerful 10W speakers allow for loud listening. The Victrola Jukebox also features a 3.55 Aux-In jack for conveniently connecting devices directly using a cable.

7. Bookends

A novel decor item on our music lovers gift ideas list is this unique pair of bookends. These vintage style guitar book holders are the perfect gift for any music-loving bookworm, or simply as a decor piece to display a few favorite reads. If perhaps a vintage style isn’t quite right, these authentic Fender Stratocaster guitar body bookends offer a more contemporary look and feel

8. Soundwave Block

If you’re after a truly unique, creative gift idea this personalized acrylic artwork block is the gift you’ve been searching for! The Artblox soundwave art print takes your favorite song or personal composition and prints it onto this stunning price of art! Sound wave uses the conversion of sound into striking visible artwork. In addition to offering soundwave personalization, there is also the option for creating custom messages, which can include the song title and artist, or a personal message. Available in a variety of colors, this statement piece will stand out displayed just about anywhere!

9. Mini Ornament

The ninth item on our music lovers gift ideas list is a mini ornament decorative piece. This miniature traditional guitar comes with its own stand and case, which perfectly fits the guitar and adds character to the entire display. The intricately designed guitar features 4 beautiful wood finishes and a 6 string design. Standing at 6.3 inches in height means this decor piece won’t go unnoticed, even in its tiny form! These exquisitely crafted mini ornaments can also be found in the form of electric guitars, violins, and even a banjo, making them the perfect gift for any music lover!

10. Midi Keyboard

A midi keyboard is a great way for music lovers to practice their music and record audio on a computer. The professional Akai MPK Mini MKII is a 25 key portable USB powered midi keyboard that comes in 3 striking color combinations. The ultra-compact and lightweight midi keyboard features velocity-sensitive keys, 8 performance ready MPC style drum pads, and 8 backlit Q link knobs. Specifically engineered for rapid production potential, all housed in an ultra-portable footprint!

11. Vinyl Clock

The final gift in our music lovers gift ideas list is a unique wall art clock with a silent quartz mechanism. This vintage style Beatles themed vinyl clock features the original ‘Meet The Beatles’ album cover design and conveniently includes AA batteries, allowing for easy out of the box setup. If The Beatles or even music bands are not what you’re after, these unique vinyl clocks also feature cities, animals and other miscellaneous designs to suit all tastes!

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