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Minimalist Christmas Gifts

Thinking about ideas for minimalist Christmas gifts, but not sure where to start your search? We’ve compiled a list of fairly simple, yet incredibly practical and useful minimalist Christmas gifts to help make gift-giving a whole lot easier this holiday season!


The first idea on our minimalist Christmas gifts list is a set of innovative bookmarks. A cute idea gift for a bookworm, these Peleg Crocomark and Hippomark animal bookmarks are perfect for kids, young adults, even the young at heart! Your recipient will love returning to their favorite book to see a floating hippo or croc, gracefully swimming on top, marking the page they were last reading. These bookmarks come in two separate packages, so they also make perfect stocking stuffers for two loved ones.

2. Ice Mold

An extremely cool (pardon the pun) minimalist Christmas gift for adults, these Zoku shot glasses will really get the party started. Making 4 ice shot glasses, the Zoku mold is BPA and phthalate-free and easily releases ice shot glasses from the base of the mold. Each ice shot glass features a protective base to keep hands dry and can hold 1 ounce of fluid. Extremely straightforward and easy to make, the package includes a storage tray, 4 shot glass molds, and 4 shooter bases.

3. Wine Glass

As far as minimalist Christmas gifts are concerned, we’re not sure there’s one more minimalist than a cup or glass. The Snowfox stainless steel wine glass set is available in over 10 contemporary color variations and two different sizes. Featuring a modern, stemless design, each glass is double-walled to keep hands warm and wine chilled. Great for parties, these glasses come in sets of 2 glasses, with an optional additional matching wine carafe. Shatterproof and design-forward, these wine glasses also feature a thin rim so wine sipping feels as natural as with a traditional glass.

4. Dispenser

The fourth idea on our minimalist Christmas gifts list is an olive oil and vinegar cruet dispenser set. The Chefvantage glass & stainless steel set features an elegant, drip-free design and holds up to 9 oz in each canister. The set is available in modern stainless steel, red, black and white finish options to suit any kitchen design and interior setting. The Chefvantage cruet premium dispenser set is versatile, made to last, and easy to clean & maintain.

5. Cocktail Shaker

A unique minimalist Christmas gift, a cocktail shaker is a perfect idea for those who enjoy a classic mixed drink. The BrüMate stainless steel cocktail shaker and tumbler set is an elegant option that will really wow the recipient. The shaker features a triple insulated tumbler cup, splash-proof drinking lid, and a classy shaker attachment. The tumbler fits a 20 oz capacity and is created using Bevguard Technology, which guarantees each drink will stay refreshingly cold. A great companion for this elegant shaker is the Oxo angled measuring jigger, so each drink can be poured with precision.

6. Colander

A colander may not have been high on your list of gift options, but that’s about to change! One of the coolest minimalist Christmas gifts on the list is this Ototo Mamma Nessie colander spoon. Ready to pop out of a pot to serve vegetables and pasta, this colander spoon will not scratch and damage any surfaces. BPA free and 11 inches tall, the Mamma Nessie colander spoon will make cooking fun again. If you’re looking for some companions for Mamma Nessie, Ototo has also created Swanky The Swan floating ladle, Baby Nessie tea infuser, and a Papa Nessie pasta spoon.

7. Jar Opener

The gift that will put an end to strenuously opening lids, a jar opener makes popping open tough caps a thing of the past. The Kuhn Rikon Gripper is a strain-free lid opener that grips jar lids making them easy to turn. The tool works in three simple steps: rotate turn knob to grip lid, turn lid using leverage handle, and loosen turn knob to release lid again. The Kuhn Rikon Gripper can open lids from 1 inch to 3.5 inches in diameter and works on both grooved and smooth-sided caps. A very handy minimalist Christmas gift idea, the Gripper is easily cleaned using a dry towel.

8. Mini Brush

One of the more straightforward and widely applicable minimalist Christmas gifts on the list, a brush and dustpan set will provide simple utility. The Full Circle mini brush and dustpan set comes in 2 colors, sizes, and design options. This adorable mini version features an elegant design and can be either hung by the loop or stood upright for convenient storage. The Full Circle mini set is made using bamboo, recycled plastic silicone and rubber, and is perfect for quickly and efficiently cleaning small messes without the need for a vacuum cleaner.

9. Multi Tool

The perfect minimalist Christmas gift idea providing a great deal of utility in one small package, this multi tool set serves a wide range of uses. The Kikkerland Crab multi tool is a cute little set that contains six fold-out tools; scissors, bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, can opener, knife and rope saw. Each stainless steel tool resembles a crab claw, which is easily folded into a sturdy beechwood shell.

10. Wine Canteen

The last item on our minimalist Christmas gifts list is a modern wine canteen for keeping drinks the perfect temperature. The BrüMate Winesulator is a great wine canteen option that comes in 18 beautiful color variations. The Winesulator will keep a full bottle just the right temperature for over 24 hours, so wine can be enjoyed the way it’s meant to be. The bottle is crafted from shatterproof stainless steel, so it can be easily taken on trips and picnics without worrying about damage and breakage. Worried about transferring the wine? The BrüMate wine canteen comes with a bonus matching silicone funnel, making transferring your beverage a mess-free experience.

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