38 Calming & Contemplative Mindfulness Gifts

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Mindfulness Gifts

Whether they’re new to meditation practice, an experienced yogi, or simply need more stillness and calm in their life, we have compiled an extensive list of only the best mindfulness gifts for anyone and everyone. The peaceful state of being present in the moment and accepting what is now, mindfulness is a powerful technique that has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, and even aid in the treatment of depression and chronic conditions. Our handpicked gift guide for family and friends contains a variety of thoughtful and creative gifting options that promote peace, relaxation, and self-reflection, and will help them through their mindfulness journey.

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Meditiation & Focus

Most are aware of the importance to stop and smell the roses, but do we actually heed this advice? The below section contains gifts that aid meditation, prayer, and help regain clarity and focus. From mindfulness training guides to the ultimate yoga and meditative cushion, even a modern singing bowl, the following practical mindfulness gifts will aid in achieving a sense of peace and calm.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Mindfulness Cards

1. Mindfulnes Cards

A highly innovative mindfulness training gift, this unique set of Mindfulness Cards presents a pack of 52 cards containing simple meditation and mindfulness practices for everyday life. Created by professionals in mindfulness and psychology, these cards are a great gift idea for anyone seeking practical insight into relieving stress, reducing anxiety, and improving their overall mental health. The cards are separated into 5 insightful categories including Creating Balance, Developing Insight, Body Awareness, Beginner’s Mind, and Love & Compassion, each teaching a different lesson using clear and simple meditation exercises and mindfulness techniques that will help regulate emotions and decrease stress and anxiety.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Zen Garden

2. Zen Garden

There are those mindfulness gifts that effortlessly resonate peace and beauty and this mini Zen garden is surely one of them. More than just a stunning decorative desktop piece, this simple self-care gift is ideal for relieving stress and achieving a sense of stillness and calm. Containing a wooden tray with soft white sand, smooth rocks, a tiny rake tool, koi fish, and more, this durable, yet dainty handmade piece is the ideal go-to source within arms reach to re-center a stressed mind and provide a sense of calm and inner peace.
Wellness Gifts Meditation Speakers

3. Meditation Speakers

A perfect meditation gift for reducing anxiety and recentering the mind, these miniature meditation speakers achieve in just three minutes what ordinarily requires thirty minutes of meditation. Dubbed as peace pucks, the N.O.W. Tone Therapy system induces a perfect balance of calm and focus by playing a unique and random sequence of sine wave tones.
Mindfulness Presents Singing Bowl

4. Singing Bowl

Used to promote relaxation, a singing bowl relies on vibration and friction to produce notes whenever circled or knocked. Perfect for mindful giving, this beautiful frosted crystal singing bowl is precision-tuned by experienced craftsmen. Available in notes ranging from A to F, the modern bowl is perfect for prayer, meditation, and home decoration when not in use. If you’re after something more authentic, this traditional Tibetan singing bowl is a great alternative.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Meditation Cushion

5. Meditation Cushion

A beautiful gift for yoga and mindfulness meditation, this delightful Zafu & Zabuton set is expertly handmade and filled with premium eco-friendly buckwheat hulls. While the goal of a meditator is to become mindful of consciousness itself, the objective of this wonderful set of cushions is to help them do so in optimal comfort.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Mala Beads

6. Mala Beads

One of the best mindfulness gifts for anyone who actively meditates is a beautiful set of mala beads. These genuine Tibetan prayer beads have been crafted of natural fragrant green sandalwood that produces a subtle and calming scent, with beads turning a beautiful shade of green over time. The chain contains 108 count prayer mala beads which allow practitioners to focus on the sounds, vibration, and meaning of prayers as they recite mantras during meditation practice. Each set of beads come with a soft cotton bag for storage, neatly presented in a beautiful gift box.
Mindfulness Presents Mindfulness Training Book

7. Mindfulness Training Book

Containing a set of powerful meditation practices, this life-changing international best-selling book has been developed to help readers reap the benefits of meditation in short sessions. The insightful book delivers a straightforward form of mindfulness meditation which takes just a few minutes a day to reap the full benefits. Centered around mindfulness-based cognitive therapy which has been clinically proven as an effective tool against depression, these simple and effective practices can easily be incorporated into the hustle and bustle of daily life to help break to cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness, and exhalation to make each day a more peaceful, present, and enjoyable experience.
Wellness Gifts Sound Machine

8. Sound Machine

Essential to wellness, energy, and happiness, effective sleep provides the platform from which all daily activities are built. Yogasleeps Dohm Uno is the helping hand needed to clear the mind and block out unwanted noise when it’s time for sleep or meditation. The natural sound machine produces audio similar to flowing air rather than a harsh white noise available on a smartphone.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Mantra Medallion

9. Mantra Medallion

A small but powerful token, this pretty mantra medallion is a symbolic reminder of the importance of being in the present moment. The Be Here Now medallion presents a beautifully handmade token with an antique gold polish that comfortably fits within the palm of your hand. The token can be used during meditation, yoga practice, or kept with you throughout the day, acting as the perfect reminder to reflect on the present moment and refocus your attention to the abundance of what is now.

Relaxation & Stress Relief

If you’re searching for practical and engaging mindfulness gift ideas, the following section contains a variety of great gifting options that promote relaxation and stress relief.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Gift Box

10. Gift Box

A wonderful self-care gift to remind a special someone to slow down and treat themselves is this magnificent mindfulness gift box. This stunning handmade gift set presents an all-natural self-care package featuring a luxurious hand-poured soy wax blend candle, an aromatherapy mist yoga spray, fragrant organic loose-leaf tea, lavender lip balm, and a box of wooden matches. The deluxe gift box set is beautifully packaged, arriving as a lovely surprise gift, complete with your own personalized message.
Mindfulness Presents Buddha Board

11. Buddha Board

A creative gift that dually promotes a sense of calm is the Buddha Board. Combining Zen Buddhist principles with mindfulness, the unique artboard encourages the practice of letting go and starting afresh. Using only a bamboo brush and water, brush strokes appear and disappear from the board in preparation for the next work of art, allowing artists to focus on a sense of mindful awareness, or their inner feelings and emotions with each defining stroke.
Wellness Gifts Yoga Mat

12. Yoga Mat

If you’re searching for practical mindfulness gifts for those practicing or interested in the healing art of yoga, this deluxe yoga mat ticks all therapeutic boxes. Providing the optimal blend of stability and cushioning, this amazing mat has been designed to protect joints and optimize balance. The fully reversible TPE-constructed mat is made with durability, hygiene, and portability in mind, effortlessly combining aesthetics and practicality to create the ultimate yoga mat for beginners and experienced yogis alike.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Stress Balls

13. Stress Balls

Whether you’re after a Christmas stocking stuffer or thoughtful birthday gift, this soothing set of balls are destined to alleviate your recipient’s stress and anxiety. Simultaneously stimulating multiple senses, each MindPanda Fidget ball contains a different scent, affirmation, and level of firmness.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Coloring Book

14. Coloring Book

The perfect gift for loved ones that offer both a relaxation and creative outlet is this gorgeous mindfulness coloring book. The adult mandala coloring collection is filled with 80 high-quality extra-thick pages of intricate and intriguing illustrations to color and enjoy. Escaping to a world of fantastical flowers, cute critters, magical mandalas, pretty patterns, and motivational messages, artists live in the here and now as they achieve a sense of calm and stillness coloring these beautiful images. If mandalas and creatures are not quite to taste, this amazing flower painting book for adults presents a series of stunning sketched floral illustrations featuring elegant and modern presented compositions for hours of beautiful mindfulness relaxation.
Mindfulness Presents Breathing Ball

15. Breathing Ball

Incorporating tactile and visual elements with breathing exercise, this expandable breathing ball can be used to promote wellness in both adults and children. The vibrant geometric ball expands up to a foot in diameter, adding a component of movement and helping to visualize breaths.
Wellness Gifts Zen Chime

16. Zen Chime

Soothing and spiritually uplifting, this beautiful Zen chime presents one of those mindfulness gifts that resonates a subtle sense of calm. The original musically tuned solo chime features a single silver polished aluminum rod, that with a gentle tap of the mallet, emits a powerful and enduring tone of singular beauty. Ideal for refocusing, transitioning activities, and radiating an overall sense of calm, the handheld Zen chime is expertly crafted featuring an ash wood frame with a natural cherry finish, and also includes a keyhole slot on the back for upright installation on a door or wall.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Fidget Ball

17. Fidget Ball

This innovative self-care utility shifts one’s concentration from the stress of life to solution-based thinking. Ideal for Christmas gift giving, the calming rainbow puzzle works well for emotion regulation, especially when one finds themselves a little off balance.

Self Improvement

From insightful books to a thought-provoking reflection journal, the following self-improvement gifts focus on finding peace and joy within oneself and gratitude for all life has to offer.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Journal

18. Journal

The TODAY journal presents a very special diary created to document your unique journey over the next 3 years. The journal can be started at any time, featuring carefully curated questions and journaling prompts designed to prompt reflection on your life and values. This beautiful fabric hardcover journal can be personalized with luxurious black foil stamping and is a wonderful opportunity to track your journey over the years and reflect on how your answers and thoughts have changed.
Mindfulness Presents The Book of Joy

19. The Book of Joy

An award-winning book collaboratively written by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, The Book of Joy focuses on finding joy and gratitude in life despite the inevitability of suffering. Providing perspectives from multiple religious points of view, the book presents great insight into the obstacles of joy, including the 8 pillars of joy which provide the foundation for lasting happiness. Throughout the book are stories, wisdom, and science, as the two offer us the reflection of real lives filled with pain and turmoil in the midst of which they have been able to discover a level of peace, courage, and joy to which we can all aspire within our own lives.
Wellness Gifts Mindfulness Dice

20. Mindfulness Dice

A playful and creative gift reminding us to find moments of peace, awareness, and joy in the present moment are these fun Mindfulness Dice. The interactive set contains 6 dice that make it easy to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. The set features 36 soothing practices and thousands of possible combinations, making it easy to discover simple meditations, mantras, and exercises for clarity and calm, all with the simple roll of the dice.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Mindfulness In Plain English Book

21. Mindfulness In Plain English Book

One of the most sought-after mindfulness gifts, Mindfulness In Plain English is the best-selling and most influential book in the field of mindfulness. First published in 1994 by renowned meditation master Bhante Gunaratana, the book explores step by step the myths, realities, and benefits of meditation practice and mindfulness. Showcasing the author’s trademark clarity and wit, this book is written in approachable, clear language for anyone and everyone, and also contains chapters on loving-kindness, generosity, and concentration.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Meditation Sleep Monitor

22. Meditation Monitor

One of the best mindfulness gifts for men and women, the innovative Muse 2 brain sensing headband leverages neurofeedback and audio to improve meditation. Muse translates brainwaves and acts as a personal meditation assistant, ensuring the meditator doesn’t lose focus and give in to a wandering mind. Connecting directly to smartphones, the device focuses on mind, body, heart, and breath, and also includes guided meditations from distinguished instructors.

Decor & Utilities

If you’re after a beautiful mindful gift that evokes a sense of serenity and calm, the following section contains a variety of practical and decorative pieces to create idyllic and peaceful living spaces.
Mindfulness Presents Incense Burner

23. Incense Burner

A subtly stylishly self-care utility to aid in achieving a sense of calm is this beautiful increase burner. Handcrafted in India, the petite cast iron footed holder presents a decorative dish to burn your favorite scents or soothing candle. Designed for a variety of incense styles or to hold a taper candle, the holder also doubles as a pretty jewelry dish, spare change tray, or key holder and is available in stunning black, brass, and nickel finishes. A unique alternative, this handmade Himalayan Cedar incense rope kit will impart a soothing scent and a sense of calm within any home, office, or meditation space.
Wellness Gifts Salt Lamp

24. Salt Lamp

The perfect gift for creating a calming ambiance, a natural Himalayan salt lamp promotes wellness by releasing negative ions to purify the surrounding air. Finding its way from the Khewra Salt Mine, this beautiful rose pink lamp is a great focal point for reflection and focusing on living in the present.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Artwork

25. Artwork

When it comes to contemporary mindfulness gifts to brighten and inspire each day, this beautiful art print is a fitting choice. Perfect for the home or office, the artwork presents a stunning minimalist design, focused on the Buddist quote ‘Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most’. This encouraging artwork gently reminds us that since the sun also rises and the river also flows, we too should continue to live in the present moment because it’s our thoughts and actions today and right now that truly matter most. Printed on museum-grade, heavy-weight matte eco-friendly paper, the modern art print will arrive securely, ready for framing. An alternative equally fitting quote of similar sentiment is The Power Of Now minimalist artwork, with the perfect quote from Eckhart Tolle.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Fountain

26. Fountain

Part decorative present, part meditation gift, this soothing Buddha water fountain is the perfect addition to any backyard sanctuary. Water gently trickles from one lotus flower to the other, eventually finding its way to the catchment below. Earthy gray and bronze color tones create a natural feel, while the sound of cascading water facilitates contemplative thought. Smaller in scale and best suited to an indoor setting is this peaceful meditating Buddha water fountain, offering an alternative tranquil decorative piece.
Mindfulness Presents Candle Holder

27. Candle Holder

A serene addition to the home or meditation room is this beautiful and unique candle holder. The intricate piece has been crafted with a Zen garden concept in mind, featuring a central Buddha head sculpture beside a pair of pretty lotus tea light holders on either side. Handcrafted from high-quality resin, this artistic ornament set will create a subtle, calming ambiance, while adding a graceful decorative presence to any room.
Wellness Gifts Smudge Bundle

28. Smudge Bundle

Traditionally burned during prayer and purification rituals, these beautiful scented Smudge Bundles can be lit on fire or simply placed within the home as an inspired decor piece. Known for extinguishing stagnant and negative energy, the artisan-designed hand-assembled bundles have been crafted using ethically sourced elements and also make a beautiful house warming and perfect stocking stuffers.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Door Sign

29. Door Sign

If you’re searching for practical and lighthearted mindfulness gifts for family and friends, this unique door sign is bound to get plenty of smiles. The Meditation In Progress doorknob hanger presents creative signage that will subtly alert others when practitioners need peaceful time out for meditation practice. Handmade from natural plywood with a beautiful contrasting matte black vinyl decal, these stylish signs can be customized to suit any Do Not Disturb reason, with this particular signage creating the quiet sanctuary needed to recite daily affirmations, or perform yoga or meditation.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Scented Candle

30. Scented Candle

This beautifully scented candle will invoke much-needed serenity and calm within any home or office space. Made from a soothing combination of 100% lavender and peppermint essential oils, the ‘Peace’ candle features natural soy wax and a cotton wick, decorated with dried apothecary herbs and housed in a charming glass branded jar. Each candle also contains a unique handpicked and cleansed piece of rainbow fluorite crystal at the bottom, believed to connect with your Third Eye Chakra to improve spiritual intuitiveness and cleanse the aura. Alternatively, this Keep Calm And Meditate candle is an equally wonderful, lighthearted gifting option that is a refreshing treat for the senses.
Mindfulness Presents Gong

31. Gong

Adults and kids alike will appreciate this cute mini replica of a traditional brass gong. Perfect for regaining focus and breaking through the noise, this novelty gong presents a desktop-sized instrument adorned with intricate Zen artwork. The feng shui wind bell comes with an included attached rammer and will create a peaceful and soothing sound within any home, office, or classroom environment.

Holistic Health

When considering health and wellness from a holistic perspective, the following section contains a hand-picked selection of unique mindfulness gift ideas perfect for daily use.
Wellness Gifts Acupressure Mat

32. Acupressure Mat

Promoting a sense of calmness and joy is this amazing modern-day therapeutic aid inspired by ancient Indian healing tradition. Featuring thousands of tiny stimulation spikes, the Swedish-designed acupressure mat and pillow are a highly effective tool that stimulates blood circulation to help ease stress and tension, inducing a deep state of relaxation. Made from non-toxic plastic nails, including a convenient hand washable removable cover, this amazing healing aid provides a safe and powerful method for rejuvenating and revitalizing the body.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Essential Oil Diffuser

33. Essential Oil Diffuser

A wonderful birthday or housewarming gift idea, this elegant diffuser offers a breath of fresh air with a peaceful aesthetic. Presenting a smooth, natural wooden finish, the Zen Orb diffuser is the perfect hub for subtly dispersing essential oils or water to create a soothing, purifying ambiance. Featuring a large 600ml capacity with a generous 12-18 hour run time and 2 mist settings, this sleek, stylish, and easy-to-use therapeutic device will provide a sense of calm ambiance within any environment.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Light Therapy Device

34. Light Therapy Device

A thoughtful and mindful gift for loved ones to promote better sleep quality and improve mood is this unique light therapy device. Producing up to 10,000 lux of light free from damaging UV, radiation, and light pollution, this powerful lamp is perfect for anyone who spends a long time indoors or is in front of screens all day and is also known to aid in easing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Presenting a sleek and stylish minimal design, this lamp features a built-in timer and versatile portability for placement anywhere inside.
Mindfulness Presents Breather

35. The Breather

Although not directly a mindfulness gift, this innovative lung trainer will make mindful exercise and breathwork deeper and less strenuous. The Breather presents a unique and innovative device designed to train expiratory and inspiratory muscles, improving lung strength and oxygen saturation for fuller, wholesome breaths.
Wellness Gifts Essential Oils

36. Essential Oils

One of the best mindfulness and wellness gifts that uses the power of plants for holistic healing is this set of pure essential oils. The beautifully boxed Lagunamoon aromatherapy set contains twenty natural plant extracts known to promote increased concentration, happiness, and serenity that are suitable for diffusion, cleaning, inhalation, massage, or for use with an oil burner. Featuring jasmine, sandalwood, frankincense, orange, vetiver, tea tree oil, and more, these fragrant oils are the perfect gift idea to enhance both mental and physical health.
Best Mindfulness Gifts Palm Stone

37. Palm Stone

A small gift idea to promote wellness and healing of the mind is a therapeutic palm stone. This particular stone is a beautifully polished Ocean Jasper, otherwise known as polychrome jasper, known for bringing joy, elevating spirits, relieving stress, worry, and other negative feelings. Fitting neatly and comfortably into the palm of one’s hand, simply holding a palm stone can create a powerful shift in emotions and align your spirit with the energy you wish to attract.
Calming Mindfulness Gift Ideas Weighted Blanket

38. Weighted Blanket

Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep to aid stress and anxiety. This premium weighted blanket is a therapeutic aid that will improve sleep quality and provide a deep sense of security and calm. Internally, the blanket contains tiny glass beads that provide Deep Touch Pressure, a scientific technique proven to release serotonin and produce a calming effect. Made from 100% cotton with a plush-like fur on the reverse, this snuggly blanket will provide the warm, safe, and comforting embrace we all desire.

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