44 Amazing Long Distance Relationship Gifts

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Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Are you stuck with ideas for the perfect long distance relationship gifts for your significant other? Our collection of gift ideas offers a variety of options to show your affection from afar. From romantic keepsakes to practical pieces, even those that cater to specific interests, you’ll be sure to find the ideal gift for your special loved one here.

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What better gift to receive than one which insights romance and is a token of your love and commitment. Check out our most charming his and hers long distance relationship gifts below.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Book

1. A Book About You

One of the best and most endearing long distance relationship gifts is this unique personalized book for your loved one. Sweet, fun, and lighthearted, I Wrote A Book About You is a hardcover fill-in-the-blank book that is designed to be filled out by you and given to someone special in your life. Filled with simple, yet meaningful prompts and delightful illustrations, the book can be completed in under an hour and is the perfect way to offer a very personal touch to any gift-giving occasion.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Pixel Lovebox

2. Pixel Lovebox

What better way to celebrate a special occasion and move your relationship closer than with a romantic lovebox. Once your partner receives their special gift you can tell them just how much you miss them in a very unique and memorable way. No matter where you are in the world, each time you send them love, the little heart will spin, letting them know there is a heartfelt message from you waiting inside. The heart will continue spinning until the lid is opened and the message inside has been read. To return the affection, your partner needs only to manually spin the heart and you will receive a shower of hearts on your Lovebox App.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Hanging Bar Calendar

3. Personalized Calendar

An amazing long distance relationship gift idea that helps keep fun times together in sight at all times is a beautiful custom photo calendar. While framed photos provide a great memory, a unique calendar with important dates is a romantic reminder of just how much you care. The design is reversible and contains the same photo on the front and back, displaying six months on each side. In addition to this lovely print design, the calendar comes with a removable magnetic hanging bar, which can also be used to hang art and photos once the year has passed.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Personalized Spoon

4. Personalized Spoon

A small and unique gift that will act as a daily reminder of your love is this personalized silver spoon. Perfect for eating cereal, ice-cream, stirring drinks, or scooping honey, each stamped spoon is made to order using vintage silver plated flatware for a traditional touch. Stamped by hand using an antique kick press, select a special message for her that will be delivered beautifully gift wrapped and ready to enjoy.


There are certain gifts you know will be well received and the following are just that! From cool wireless headphones to those that entice their taste buds, these amazing and highly useful long distance relationship gifts are sure to be very popular with your significant other.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Phone Stand

5. Phone Stand

Relieve your partner of the burden of holding their phone while you talk for hours on end with this elegant and sturdy phone stand. Made from beautiful natural Turkish marble, the stand can be used to hold any phone, tablet, and even books while you’re not on a voice or video call. The stand is available in six striking color variations and looks amazing in any modern or classic setting.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Wireless Headphones

6. Wireless Headphones

Whether for wearing while chatting on the phone, video calling over Skype, or for keeping them company while apart, one of the smartest long distance relationship gifts is a pair of headphones. The Sennheiser PXC 55-II Wireless headphones will silence the world around them, allowing them to focus on what they want to hear. The freedom of wireless, a comfortable fit, and long-lasting battery life make this a perfect travel partner, while the Sennheiser Smart Control App allows for a tailored listening experience. In addition to the headphones, the box comes equipped with a USB charging cable, audio cable, flight adapter, and a convenient travel case.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Pakt Coffee Kit

7. Portable Coffee Kit

If your partner is a coffee lover, the next gift idea will allow them to pour a cup of barista-quality coffee wherever they go. The Pakt Coffee Kit includes all the components required to make an amazing coffee, conveniently nesting for compact carry. The innovative kit includes a popup pour-over cone, reusable filter, secure mug, and bean container, all packed inside a durable case. Built to withstand the rigors of travel, the Pakt Coffee Kit ensures each piece is secure and silent while on the road (or in the air).
Long Distance Relationship Gifts World Coffee Box

8. Fresh Coffee

While the comfort of a hot cup of coffee won’t make the distance any shorter, it will however keep them warm and awake on those late-night calls. The Atlas Coffee Club subscription delivers a single-origin coffee to your partner’s door each month.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser

9. Fragrance Diffuser

One of the most unique long distance relationship gifts for him and her, this fragrance diffuser requires no reeds and produces amazing custom scents. The Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser fills each room with a perfectly balanced scent, allowing you to mix and match up to four beautiful fragrances. Easily controlled via the Moodo App, they can use a preset mixing combination, create their own using sliders, and even control the fragrance intensity. A cool feature of this diffuser is its fragrance shuffle mode which alternates each fragrance combination periodically.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Weighted Blanket

10. Weighted Blanket

Send a giant hug their way with this therapeutic and comforting weighted blanket. Second only to your loving embrace, the Layla Blanket relieves anxiety and improves the sleep quality of those it covers. Sleeping under a weighted blanket is ideal for both men and women who endlessly toss and turn during the night. How does it work you ask? Rejuvenating sleep is promoted by Deep Touch pressure, scientifically proven to release serotonin. The blanket itself features hexagon quilting, which houses tiny glass beads. One side of the weighted blanket is made from 100% cotton while the other a cozy plush like fur, that feels amazing to snuggle into.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Vinebox Wine

11. Wine Sampler Set

Looking to gift a lovely bottle of wine, but not sure which they will like most? The next gift idea contains the perfect combination of whites, reds, and a rose, uniquely bottled and elegantly packaged. Included in the box are nine standard drinks, accompanied by a wine tasting booklet explaining the complexities of each wine. With such a unique selection of wines, the Vinebox Light & Flirty box stands out from the crowd and is sure to be thoroughly enjoyed.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Giant Soup Mug

12. Soup Mug

What better way to keep warm on a cold winter night than snuggling up with a hot mug of soup, connecting with your sweetheart over a voice or video call. The giant ceramic soup mug does exactly what the name suggests, it holds a large volume of steaming hot soup. The vibrant Belvi mug features a giant-sized handle, is made from quality ceramic, and holds approximately 20oz of liquid.


Does your partner have a penchant for all things delectable? Whether they’re a fan of the kitchen or simply love a great gadget, the following unique and practical long distance relationship gifts are sure to entice!
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Sodastream

13. Sparkling Water Maker

Creating tasty, refreshing sparkling beverages from the comfort of home is easier than ever with the next cool gift idea. The Sodastream One Touch is a sparkling water maker that turns ordinary tap water into a fizzy delight in just seconds. Following a simple three-step process, your partner can make sparkling water, classic sodas, or fruit drinks while saving money and the environment in the process. The One Touch starter pack comes boxed with the electric sparkling water marker, carbonating cylinder, and a 34 oz bottle.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Smart Garden

14. Smart Garden

A highly innovative long distance relationship gift for your health-conscious partner, the following present provides the ability to grow and harvest their own miniature plantation with minimal knowledge and effort. Automatic watering, pro-grow lighting, and helpful Companion app make the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 a perfect source of nutrients they can easily and conveniently access at any time. The set and forget garden system operates in a similar manner to coffee pods, where capsules are plant varieties rather than flavor variations. With faster-growing cycles and reduced exposure to nasty herbicides and pesticides, the Smart Garden system delivers fresh and delicious herbs and vegetables from inside the home.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts De'Longhi Coffee Machine

15. Coffee Machine

If your partner is rushing out every morning for a barista-made coffee, the next gift idea will be an amazing surprise. The elegantly designed De’Longhi Nespresso machine perfectly extracts flavor from capsules, producing great tasting coffee every time. Available as a stand-alone unit, or bundled with an Aeroccino milk frother, the De’Longhi combines a rich and creamy coffee with perfectly frothed milk. While The Nespresso machine makes a great cup of coffee, it is also easy to maintain, featuring a magnetically attached drip tray, removable capsule container, and detachable water tank.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts Mini Magnetic Kitchen Timer

16. Kitchen Timer

Is your partner constantly forgetting to check if their meal is done? Nobody enjoys burnt food so the next idea on our long distance relationship gifts list sounds the alarm when it’s time to check the progress of what they hope will be dinner. The b:on kitchen timer features a large LCD screen, and alarm light, while the rear magnet ensures it’s secure and convenient placement on any fridge or flat metallic surface. When the timer goes off, a loud sound is produced, preventing them from ever overcooking and incinerating any dish.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts Knife Sharpener

17. Knife Sharpener

Necessary for attending to blunt blades, the rhino knife sharpener ensures chopping vegetables for dinner is a seamless task. This cool little kitchen accessory will keep them company as they prepare a meal, serving as a cute companion in addition to its utility purpose. While it may not provide a means of communication and together time, the rhino knife sharpener will serve as an iconic reminder just how much your loved one cares.

Women's Utility

If you’re searching for the most charming long distance relationship gift ideas for your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife, the following cute and practical gifts are a perfect choice. From a luxurious sleep mask or hairdryer to fun and adorable companions, you can be sure these amazing useful gifts will be most appreciated!
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Sleep Mask

18. Sleep Set

What better gift to receive than one which promotes a great night’s sleep?! This lush and silky soft satin sleep mask is a unique gift for her that will soon become part of her nighttime routine. Available in a beautiful soft blush tone and featuring a subtle ‘wake up brave’ message printed on the front, this cozy sleep mask can also be paired and gifted with a matching pillowcase for the ultimate blissful slumber!
Long Distance Relationship Gifts pocket Organizer

19. Pocket Organizer

Does she thrive from being highly organized? If she prefers pen and paper over electronic calendars and notes, then this stylish pocket organizer is the perfect gift for her. The Classic Stitch Soft Pocket Organizer presents a luxury full grain leather organizer with beautiful cross-stitch detailing, blind embossed logo, and a classic turned edge construction. Also featuring wallet, card, and slip pockets and a classic strap closure, she will appreciate the luxury of simplicity and being able to store her information in style.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Cotton Bud Holder

20. Cotton Bud Holder

Definitely one of the more unique long distance relationship gifts, this next item will be welcomed by anyone who appreciates art in its many forms. Combining elegance, simplicity, and practicality, the Lotus Cotton Bud Holder is a one of a kind cotton bud holder. Designed in the shape of a beautiful blossoming lotus, the container will neatly contain and artistically display her cotton buds.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Compact Hair Dryer

21. Compact Hair Dryer

A highly practical, useful, and often not thought of gift that may be in need of an update is her hair dryer. The T3 Featherweight Compact Hair Dryer is a highly compact and ultra-lightweight folding hair dryer that is perfect for travel. Featuring the Tourmaline SoftAire system, this hair dryer can rapidly dry large sections of hair without causing frizz and enhancing shine. Available in a stylish white finish with striking rose gold detailing, this hair dryer packs small, but with a powerful punch for effortless high-speed drying.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Resin Chopping Board

22. Serving Board

One of the most artistic long distance relationship gifts for your girlfriend, this serving board is ideal for chopping vegetables and presenting finger foods to guests. Made from durable acacia hardwood and decorated with a striking vibrant resin, this beautiful board is both water-resistant and antibacterial. The uniquely designed board is available in three different sizes and includes a laser engravement so she can view your personal message every time it’s used.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Plush

23. Toasty Plush

A gift idea that will keep her even warmer than being inside your loving embrace, the Milo Corgi Toasty is a super soft plush with a hidden superpower. Relaxing, cute, and cuddly, this adorable Corgi is filled with a removable flaxseed pouch that’s heated in a microwave. When reinserted, the heat pack provides comforting warmth and an amazing lavender scent, soothing both body and mind.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Boba Tea Airpod Case

24. Airpods Case

One of the cutest gift ideas on the list, this little Airpods case will keep them safe and secure whenever they are packed away. Offering ample protection from bumps and drops, the adorable Pearl Boba Tea case will put a smile on her face every time she listens to audio. Featuring a sweet little bubble tea character, the case itself is made from durable silicone and also conveniently features a charging port on the underside so her Airpods don’t need to be removed when packed.

Men's Utility

The following long distance relationship gifts for your boyfriend or husband combine modern aesthetics with practically. From stylish watches to convenient cases, these elegant accessories will make a very welcome gesture.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Watch

25. Watch

The next gift idea is a charming fashion accessory which also happens to tell the time. Powered by Swiss movement, the Namanitic men’s watch features a minimalist face embedded in an elegant stainless steel casing. With an easy to interchange leather wristband and a thirty-meter water resistance capacity, he will be able to wear this stylish piece anywhere in all conditions.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Weekender Bag

26. Weekender Bag

One of the smartest long distance relationship gifts, this weekender bag is as practical as it is elegant. Offering ample space for him to pack essentials, the Bugatchi leather bag is perfect for pragmatic men with a taste for quality. The large duffel bag features a removable shoulder strap, sturdy top handles, external zip pocket, a side compartment, and multiple slip pockets.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech Case

27. Laptop Case

This gorgeous dachshund cookie cutter is a wonderful creative gift for bakers and artisans alike! Featuring the silhouette of a beautiful long haired dachshund, the handmade cutter is made from durable plastic that allows for easy release of dough and other materials such as biscuit dough, fondant, or craft clay.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Packing Cubes

28. Packing Cube

One of the more essential long distance relationship gifts for a man who frequently travels and of course, comes to visit, is a smart packing case. The Alpaka Gear packing cube features a Japanese odor-absorbing mesh that can be easily cleaned and reused for his next trip. While it’s primarily intended for clothing, the anti-odor cube can also be used to transport toiletries, preventing contents from spreading scents and staining his clothes if they leak.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Wallet

29. Bifold Wallet

If elegant and useful is your aim, an ever-reliable bifold wallet is a great option. This charming wallet features a slimline design, easily slotting into his pocket for safe carry. Handcrafted from organic cow leather from Sweden that will beautifully age over time, this dapper wallet is available in three classic tones and can also be personalized with a customized monogram.


While romantic and practical gift ideas are top of mind when searching for long distance relationship gifts, the following presents are of a slightly different nature! Steering away from the norm, we have put together a handful of ideas that will appeal to those a little nerdy, geeky, and ever so slightly quirky.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Joker Batman Watercolor Print

30. Art Print

Is your partner a little on the quirky side? This beautiful art print featuring The Joker and Batman is perfect for those who love the villain just as much as the hero. The unique watercolor painting depicts Arthur Fleck played by Joaquin Phoenix holding hands with a young Bruce Wayne. A great gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, and maybe even romantic holidays, this awesome wall art will liven up their room and spark conversion with each new visitor.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Console Decal

31. Console Skins

While it’s not one of the more romantic long distance relationship gifts, a custom gaming console skin is a unique idea that’s perfect for Christmas and birthdays. Made from eco-friendly vinyl, this incredible vaporwave decal is available for both PS4 consoles and controllers. Not a PS4 owner? A wide variety of custom skins are available for Xbox and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles, running from beautiful soft designs to attention-grabbing artistic ones.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Gaming Mouse

32. Gaming Mouse

A nerdy gift that’s straight to the point, the Logitech G502 is one of the most popular gaming mouses available on the market. With personalized weight balancing, customizable scrolling speed, and a snappy click response, this mouse perfectly fits the palm of any hand lucky enough to take control.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Batmobile Lego Set

33. LEGO Batmobile

One of the best long distance relationship gifts for self-professed geeks who also love LEGO is the 1989 DC Batman Batmobile. Much more than a children’s toy, this amazing building kit is made up of over three-thousand pieces and measures almost two feet long once construction is complete. Along with the model, the set contains three cool action LEGO mini-figures – Vicki Vale, The Joker, and of course Batman himself.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts LOTR Coasters

34. Coasters

If Lord of The Rings is an all-time favorite of theirs, you can be sure they will love this cool set of coasters. An awesome birthday and Christmas surprise, the middle-earth themed set contains nine hexagonal coasters, each with its own unique design. Laser engraved on high-quality birch plywood, these coasters will protect benchtops and tables from stains, moisture, and heat.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Large Venom Groot Bobblehead

35. Large Bobblehead Figure

The ultimate gift idea for big kids who are obsessed with marvel, this POP! Vinyl towers above the rest. While most figures stand four inches tall, this Venomized Groot is a soaring ten inches from head to toe! The sculpting and detail on this Bobblehead figure are second to none, characterizing Venom the sentient alien Symbiote, consuming Groot the extraterrestrial tree monster.

Women's Interests

If you know her well, then selecting long distance relationship gifts that cater to her interests is the way to go. Whether she loves beautiful jewelry or unique artwork, it will be easy selecting the perfect gift you can be sure she’ll appreciate.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Beauty Box

36. Beauty Box

Every woman loves surprises, and with the next gift idea, you can gift her a new surprise each and every month. This beautiful gift box offers four subscription lengths ranging from one month, all the way up to one year. The beautifully packaged box includes five different products delivered straight to her door each month, and contains beauty items from well-known brands ranging from perfumes and shampoos to skincare.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Necklace

37. Necklace

If you’re searching for long distance relationship gifts that are sure to make a lasting impression, you can’t go past this stunning necklace. The Eternal necklace perfectly combines beauty with simplicity, featuring a striking rose-gold vermeil pendant attached to a long cable chain. The unique twisted rope design paired with a soft chain makes this a perfect piece she will gracefully sport all year long.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Silhouette Letterpress Art

38. Custom Silhouette Artwork

Innovative, elegant, and vibrant, the next gift idea preserves memories in a fun and unique way. Minted have created this awesome silhouette letterpress wall art which can be customized with a side profile of your choosing. Gift your girlfriend an image of you gazing into each other’s eyes, or a design of their favorite pet or animal. The beautiful wall art is available in three sizes and can be ordered fitted with a variety of frames. In addition to custom framing, you can choose from up to twenty different silhouette colors – from a vibrant pink to a muted gray.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Bracelet

39. Bracelet

If you’re after an eye-catching piece of jewelry to impress, then the following gift is for you. The silver Humble Beauty Bracelet presents a classic and versatile design featuring beautiful sparkling emerald and round stones. Crafted with a bolo clasp, the bracelet can be adjusted to fit and also worn stacked with other accessories. With a sparkling, high-polish finish, this striking bracelet will create a touch of elegance to any style or outfit of hers.

Men's Interests

Does he enjoy being active? Or perhaps appreciates a tipple or two? Whether it’s training or craft beer that he’s into, selecting those long distance relationship gifts that cater to his tastes and needs are sure to be well received!
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Sneakers

40. Running Shoes

If he loves to keep fit and active outdoors, the next gift idea will serve him well this upcoming birthday or Christmas. Made from renewable materials, the Allbirds Tree Dasher sneakers provide unrivaled comfort and a shoe that conforms to his every step. The supportive footwear is designed to breathe while remaining stable, strong, and durable through high athletic performance. Available in six appealing color options, the Allbirds Tree Dashers can be conveniently machine washed making maintenance and cleaning a breeze.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Beer Basket

41. Craft Beers Set

One of the most welcome long distance relationship gifts for guys who love beer, the Ultimate Beer Lover bundle allows him to taste brews he never knew existed. The amazing variety pack includes a dozen craft beers, hand-picked from three different breweries. In addition to the delicious beverages, the pack comes with a bottle opener, gourmet popcorn, 16oz pint glass, and a large metal tub for icing his drinks.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts Backpack

42. Backpack

This cool all-purpose backpack is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for a man who’s constantly on the go. University students, young professionals, and even adventure seekers will love the Navigator Backpack from Nomatic. Comfortable to wear, spacious, and built to last, the backpack contains one specifically unique feature. The handy roll-top design allows the backpack to expand from twenty liters to thirty-two liters, providing a significant spatial expansion whenever it’s required.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts Crested Whiskey Glasses

43. Whiskey Glasses

A great personalized gift option for a liquor connoisseur, this unique set of whiskey glasses are great for both Christmas and birthdays. The DiMera glasses feature a silver regal crest containing a letter that can be customized or removed, depending on your preference. He will enjoy each sip of his freshly poured scotch or cognac even more knowing it rests in a gift he received from you. A cool companion to the majestic four glass set are these suave whiskey stones, perfect for keeping his drinks cold.
Long Distance Relationship Gifts Beard Maintenance Set

44. Beard Maintenance Set

The final idea on our long distance relationship gifts compilation is essential for maintaining his handsome and masculine beard. The Murdock London beard pack contains all the essentials for keeping a beard clean, tidy, and silky smooth. Shape is preserved via the Keats Wood Brush, while Beard Oil prevents it from becoming dry. The Shampoo and Moisturizer clean and condition, softening his beard and the skin underneath, resulting in a beard you can look forward to snuggling up with.

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