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Little Christmas Gifts

Only those items small in size have made the cut in our list of little Christmas gifts. Minute in physical size, but by no means small gifts, we have compiled a list of innovative, practical, and cute little Christmas gifts, so you can be sure to find a gift to suit everyone.


1. Spoon & Fork

This little Christmas gift offers practicality and durability rolled into one. For those who love travel, camping, or are simply always on the move, the Humangear Gobites Uno spork is the ideal gift for meals on the go! This novel utensil is a half-spoon, half-fork, featuring an ergonomic U-shape design that is comfortable and easy to hold, and manufactured from extremely durable nylon for everyday hardwearing use. Unlike standard sporks, the Gobites has been crafted with the ability to scrape the very bottom of containers, with a spoon deep enough for soup. Top-rack dishwasher friendly, this spork is both BPA, phthalate-free, and FDA food-safe approved, and available in 8 contemporary color choices.

2. Infuser

Searching for little Christmas gifts that are both cute and functional? You can’t go past this adorable tea infuser. The Fred UNDER THE TEA infuser features a charming little turtle-shaped tea infuser. Easy to use, simply fill his shell with your favorite loose leaf tea and pop him on your cup for tea brewed to perfection. Manufactured from food-grade silicone, the Fred UNDER THE TEA infuser is both BPA and phthalate-free. Heat resistant, microwave safe, and dishwasher friendly, this novel infuser is the perfect gift for tea drinkers!

3. Luggage Scale

Little Christmas gifts that will get plenty of use for those who travel, this portable baggage scale is the perfect gift. The Etekcity Digital hanging luggage scale is the ideal travel companion for avoiding overweight fees on planes. Featuring a durable nylon wrap around hanging system for easy handling, the system is incredibly easy to use – simply hook and lift luggage for an instant weight check. The high-accuracy sensor can detect weights up to 110 pounds / 50 kilograms, with a user-friendly button interface to measure environmental temperature, and convert units and tare weight with a press of a button. Lightweight and small in size for easy on the go storage, the Etekcity Digital luggage scale is a practical and highly durable gift that will stand the test of time and travel.

4. Scraper

Some little Christmas gifts are incredibly practical, yet so small that they sometimes get overlooked! The perfect tool for any passionate cook, the GIR scraper provides a very useful utensil for everyday kitchen use. The 8-inch solid platinum silicone blade conforms to the curvature and shape of bowls, with the ability to collect every drop without scratching cookware! The versatile kitchen tool can also be used as a dough cutter, spatula, and is even useful as a bowl cleaner. Heat-resistant up to 550 degrees, the GIR scraper is BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free, dishwasher friendly and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Adults & Kids

5. USB Lamp

This portable USB lamp is the perfect Christmas gift for home, travel, or office use. Designed with a unique flexible gooseneck, the i2 Gear USB reading lamp offers outstanding performance and is particularly useful paired with laptop devices. Featuring 14 bright LEDs and three adjustable brightness settings, the USB lamp is compatible with both PC and Mac. Lightweight and offering convenient portability, the i2 Gear lamp is ideal for those working at night on the go, or perhaps in a shared room, or dormitory environment.

6. Phone Holder

This multipurpose phone holder is an ideal little Christmas gift for almost anyone! The Loncaster car phone mount has been specifically designed with an anti-slip silicone pad base, elastic silicone support, and fixed data cable slots for superior grip of your phone. Unlike standard phone holders, the Loncaster is reusable, since washing the base will improve its stickiness over time. This offers the flexibility to also use the device throughout your home, making it ideal for viewing recipes in the kitchen or watching shows at your coffee table or desk.

7. Egg Cup

This item on our list of little Christmas gifts is definitely one of the cuter ones for anyone who enjoys eating their eggs the traditional way, with a bit of humor on the side. Introducing Arthur, a knight who transforms breakfast into an egg in shining armor! The egg holder is made from premium quality plastic that is both durable and easy to clean, backed with a Peleg Design customer guarantee. Arthur combines both fun and function into one, making an egg-cellent little Christmas gift!

8. Fridge Magnets

For anyone with a sense of humor, you can’t go past this unique set of fridge magnets! Featuring a set 6 strong magnets, these hilarious magnets from Kikkerlands present a series of dog butts including a Dalmatian, Poodle, Retriever, Pug, Scottie, and fire hydrant. If you’re after a different species, Kikkerland has also produced other collections of animal backsides, including cats, whales, farm and safari animals all for your amusement.

9. Mouse

When it comes to little Christmas gifts for those interested in tech, you can’t go past a good quality mouse. This programmable PC gaming mouse from Pictek offers high precision, ensuring smooth and high-speed movement to enjoy games and browsing more freely. With up to 7 programmable buttons and almost infinite backlit color variations to choose from, the Pictek gaming mouse has been created with an ergonomic design in mind, featuring a comfortable claw grip that is ideal for prolonged periods in front of the computer. Combining high quality with durability, this gaming mouse offers exceptional value for money and makes a great Christmas gift.

10. Charging Dock

The list of little Christmas gifts for gaming enthusiasts continues with a control charging dock. If your intended recipient enjoys regularly playing Playstation, then the convenience of a dual control charging dock will make for a perfect gift. Featuring intelligent protection means the controller does not charge beyond 70%, thereby expanding the lifespan of the battery! The two-hour fast charging feature means a controller will always be ready for use, while the LED light indicator signals when controllers are fully charged. In addition, this charger offers protection for overcurrent, over-heating, over-voltage and short-circuiting.

11. Mouse Pad

A little Christmas gift for a cat lover that combines functionality and novelty in one is this cute ergonomic cushioned mousepad. Featuring a cat’s paw, this mousepad has been designed using environmentally friendly gel-filled silicone cushions that conform to wrists for comfort and support. Incorporating a non-stick rubber base for superior grip and to prevent scuffs and scratches, this creative cat paw design mousepad doubles as cute desk decor for home or office use.


12. Clock

Every child adores Mickey Mouse, so what better surprise Christmas morning than a beautiful clock. This updated Meidi Clock features an adorable stylish design of a Mickey Mouse silhouette for your child’s room. Manufactured from durable plastic, making it stable and easy to hang, the clock includes modern 3D figures, accurate metal pointer hands, and non-ticking sweep movement for quiet function. Both a functional and stunning decor piece, the Meidi Clock Mickey Mouse hanging clock is available in 7 contemporary shades and makes a great gift and addition to any home.

13. Building Set

Unleash your child’s creativity with this truly unique building set! The STEM building PasTEX Connectorz set are strong non-toxic plastic connectors specifically designed for building with dry, uncooked spaghetti! Why spaghetti? It is the perfect building tool, being inexpensive and simple to break, great for helping children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With an unlimited number of amazing spaghetti creations, your child can create anything from simple shapes and figures to soaring towers, spanning bridges, and monumental marvels! Engage your child with the PasTEX Connectorz through creating, experimenting, and learning with this one of a kind, timeless gift.

14. Pop-Out Build

The last item on our list of little Christmas gifts is a tiny innovative collage pop-out and build set. A fun, unique gift idea that children will adore, the Petit Collage Pop-Out building sets feature artistically illustrated cities to “pop-out” and create. Featuring Paris, New York, London, San Francisco, and an imaginary creative city, all sets include 4 durable sheets with notches to simply punch out for easy assembly. Crafted from recycled materials and non-toxic vegetable inks, these sets meet all safety standards and are tough enough for daily play. A novel gift offering hours of fun, the Petit Collage Pop-Out sets encourage creativity and are ideal for imaginative play.

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