35 Flying & Fluttering Hummingbird Gifts 🐦

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Hummingbird Gifts

Unique accessories that draw close these delightful creatures to charming personal pieces, our thoughtful selection of hummingbird gifts will satisfy your appreciation and yearning for these lively little birds. The tiniest of creatures, the bright and energetic hummingbird will always bring joy and happiness to anyone in its presence. So whether it’s the bee hummingbird, the violetear, or the ruby throated hummingbird that catches you, a friend, or loved ones interest, our creative gift guide contains gifting options fit for any special occasion or simply just because.

Table of Contents

Garden & Outdoors

From a magnificent bird feeder to a charming garden stake, the following hummingbird gift ideas will brighten outdoor spaces and encourage these beautiful little creatures into your life.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Feeder

1. Bird Feeder

A beautiful decorative piece for your garden, this magnificent hummingbird feeder will attract these delightful creatures while adding a harmonious accent to any garden space. The stunning stained glass bird feeder is adorned with an array of colors, perfect for attracting these energetic and entertaining birds. Expertly handcrafted from blown glass, the feeder contains a pretty floral design base with perch for hummingbirds to rest and feed, a handy ant moat, a strong hemp rope for hanging, and also comes with a brush to keep the feeder clean.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents Wind Chimes

2. Wind Chimes

Perfect for a veranda or outdoor patio area is this unique wind chime that will add a soothing, illuminated presence to any outdoor space. The decorative utility presents an innovative set of color-changing wind chimes that create a soft melody in the breeze. Solar-powered, the eco-friendly chimes can produce up to 10 hours of illumination with a single day charge, creating a harmonious dance of brilliant red, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, and red colors at night.
Cool Hummingbird Suncatcher

3. Suncatcher

This light-capturing beauty is one of the most striking suncatchers that will capture the hearts of hummingbird lovers everywhere. Beautifully handcrafted from crystal clear hand-blown glass, the decorative ornament presents an elegant hummingbird adorned with a 24K gold beak and available in a variety of brilliant color pairings to suit.
Gifts For Hummingbird Lovers House

4. House

This delightful hummingbird house will fill your garden with love and life. Beautifully handmade from cherry and walnut wood, the birdhouse presents a unique decorative utility designed to house a tiny hummingbird and two of her eggs. Featuring a signature wood-burned basket weave pattern and earthy tones, this hummingbird house is specifically designed with natural hues to attract these charming birds for nesting year after year.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Garden Stake

5. Garden Stake

One of the most beautiful and unique hummingbird gifts to grace our list is this charming hummingbird garden stake. Beautifully crafted from glass, brass wire, black patina, and copper foil, the handmade stake presents a striking stained glass design of a dainty hummingbird. Featuring intricate detailing on the stem stake, the vibrant and vivid hues of this special little bird will make it hard to take your eyes off such stunning garden decor.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents Swing

6. Swing

The original hummingbird swing, this lovely decorative ornament will provide hummingbirds a peaceful place to rest while they keep watch over their feeder. Featuring a premium powder-coated steel frame construction and stained birch dowel ensures durability against the elements for a long-lasting, pretty perch that will provide many years of enjoyment as you quietly observe this delightful creature in its natural environment.
Cool Hummingbird Gift Box

7. Gift Box

What’s not to love about a gift that encourages hummingbirds to come to you?! Fun and easy to use, this practical gift presents a variety of all-natural seeds to plant and produce a bountiful array of flowers for hummingbirds to feed from. Featuring a collection of zinnias, verbena, Mexican sunflowers, and more, this charming garden kit also comes with 6 peat pots, peat pellets, and wooden plant tags to keep track of seedlings.

Personal & Accessories

From dainty jewelry pieces to eye-catching accessories, below you will find a variety of personal gifts for hummingbird lovers to wear and display their adoration for these tiny energetic creatures with pride.
Gifts For Hummingbird Lovers Pendant

8. Pendant

One of the most alluring ways to display adoration and affinity for these special creatures is with a unique piece of hummingbird jewelry. This pretty necklace presents a dainty yet striking accessory featuring a beautifully crafted hummingbird silhouette. Custom made from premium solid sterling silver, the graceful 1-inch pendant is adorned on a sweet cable chain necklace with adjustable length.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Ring

9. Ring

This unique ring is a wonderful birthday gift any hummingbird lover will adore! The striking accessory presents a creative design featuring a dainty hummingbird gently feeding on a blossoming zinnia flower. Beautifully handcrafted in gold-toned sterling silver, this stunning detailed ring features an eye-catching central garnet red stone that will not go unnoticed.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents Stud Earrings

10. Stud Earrings

One of the loveliest hummingbird gifts for family and friends is this dainty pair of earrings. These minimalist-inspired earrings present a delicate and dainty design featuring an iconic hummingbird silhouette in a classic hovering position. Beautifully handmade from genuine sterling silver, these delightful stud earrings are small and lightweight, making them perfect for everyday wear.
Cool Hummingbird Journal

11. Journal

Any hummingbird enthusiast will be head over heels to receive this magnificent artisan-crafted journal! Expertly designed, the premium leather journal presents a stunning, deeply embossed design depicting two hummingbirds fluttering amongst a field of flowers. Featuring quality cowhide tanned in a vibrant teal and with striking pewter accents, this hardcover notebook is filled with heavy bond acid-free pages, perfect for recording thoughts, dreams, inspiration, notes, or even personal sketches.
Gifts For Hummingbird Lovers T-Shirt

12. T-Shirt

Featuring unique watercolor artwork bound to stand out, every hummingbird fan will adore this striking unisex tee. Placed in front of a colorful backdrop, the creative design presents a beautiful illustration depicting a vibrant hummingbird suckling from an enticing amethyst crystal. Made from soft and comfy material, this classic style T-shirt features a generous, boxy fit and is available in various hues to suit.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Ring Dish

13. Trinket Dish

This vibrant trinket dish is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift to surprise a hummingbird lover. Radiating a vivid turquoise, the jewelry dish presents a unique accessory perfect for storing jewelry, bobby pins, and other small accessories. Featuring a beautiful hand-stamped hummingbird design, the beautiful trinket dish is expertly handmade from polymer clay, displaying elegant gold-toned edging, speckled blue accents, and also includes unique hand-stamped personalization.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents Temp Tattoo

14. Temporary Tattoo

A unique hummingbird gift idea for those looking for an alternative gifting option is this cute temporary tattoo. Featuring a simple yet striking minimalist design, the temporary transfer tattoo features a dainty continuous outline of an elegant hummingbird. Available in a set of 3, the fun, eco-friendly, and safe tattoo can be proudly displayed for 2-5 days.
Cool Hummingbird Gifts Card

15. Card

Bright and lively, this gorgeous 3D card is the perfect gesture to surprise a loved one this Mother’s Day, on a special birthday, or even “just because.” The lovely hummingbird card presents a pretty pastel-toned cover featuring the word love adjoined to a beautiful hummingbird. Upon opening, the card reveals a magnificent vivid and energetic hummingbird with intricate cutout details. Measuring 5 x 7 inches in size, this sweet, unique pop-up card also includes a little hidden notecard to include a personal message.
Gifts For Hummingbird Lovers Ornament

16. Memorial Ornament

This endearing hummingbird ornament is a lasting keepsake to honor a loved one who has passed. A wonderful alternative to flowers, the beautiful memorial ornament presents a unique wind chime with a bell that will be a pleasant reminder of those dear to you. Adjoining the rustic style hummingbird is a Mongolian dome bell, with the melodic charm attached to a handmade natural wooden chain and loop for easy hanging, seamlessly blending into any indoor or outdoor space.

Home & Decor

Beautiful fine art illustration to striking handmade decor, the below section contains unique hummingbird gifts to brighten and adorn your many living spaces.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Wall Art

17. Wall Art

This unique decorative artwork presents a wonderful piece any hummingbird or nature lover will adore. The stunning wooden wall art features a beautifully detailed hummingbird illustration precisely capturing the creature’s delicate wings as the bird gracefully feeds from a flower. Entirely handmade, each wall art is designed on an individual sanded wood slice, creating a unique rustic decorative piece that will add a warm touch of nature to any room.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents Lamp

18. Lantern Lamp

The perfect gift for a special occasion is this striking wooden lamp. The handmade utility presents a beautifully crafted wood lantern featuring a distinctive laser cutout silhouette of a hummingbird. Available in stained, natural blond, and dyed wooden finishes and a variety of sizing options, this beautiful lantern comes with a battery votive candle that gently flickers to create a warm ambiance.
Cool Hummingbird Figurine

19. Crystal Figurine

A stunning hummingbird gift that will awe all in its presence is this authentic Swarovski collector’s figurine. The magnificent decorative piece presents a beautiful nature-inspired gift that pays homage to the delightful hummingbird. Featuring an astonishing 1,130 brilliant colorful facets, this luxury limited-edition figurine is crafted purely from crystal, creating an elegant sparkling collector’s item that will be passed down through generations.
Gifts For Hummingbird Lovers Clock

20. Clock

Any bird lover will be amazed at the rich detail in this gorgeous hummingbird wall clock. Making a timely statement in any bedroom or office space, this decorative utility presents a beautifully painted warm backdrop with an eye-catching hummingbird in vivid hues. Featuring a high-impact plexiglass crystal face, this fantastic clock is available in natural, black, or white framing options, including a backside hook for easy hanging.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Sculpture

21. Sculpture

This stunning hummingbird-inspired sculpture is a great gift for anyone obsessed with this tiny, highly energetic creature. Graciously collecting nectar from a blossoming flower are two dainty hummingbirds perfectly poised above the plant. This breathtakingly beautiful sculpture is crafted by skilled Balinese artisans, with each individual art piece painstakingly engraved by hand to create a one-of-a-kind decorative figurine that is bound to cause a double glance.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents Art Print

22. Art Print

One of the most charming birthday gifts any nature or bird lover will adore is this beautiful fine art print. Featuring the finest of detail, this stunning illustration presents a pretty ruby throated hummingbird hovering over a stark white backdrop. Originally drawn in graphite, this lifelike artwork is printed on high-quality archival paper, hand signed by the artist, and available in a variety of sizing options, arriving ready for framing as you wish.
Cool Hummingbird Mug

23. Mug

Fluttering amongst a vivid sea of color is this pretty hummingbird. The beautiful watercolor illustration presents a lively hummingbird with its wings spread wide as it hovers over a floral garden. Featuring a high-quality wraparound print on a premium ceramic construction, this vibrant mug includes a large handle for easy gripping and is also conveniently dishwasher and microwave safe.
Gifts For Hummingbird Lovers Coasters

24. Coasters

A lovely Christmas stocking gift for a hummingbird fan is this charming set of coasters. The 4-piece collection presents a delicate fine art illustration featuring a pretty hummingbird in soft pastel tones. Measuring 4 x 4 inches, each coaster features a lightweight masonite print face with a striking gloss finish, including a protective cork backing to avoid scratching tabletops and surfaces.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Floor Pillow

25. Floor Pillow

This pretty hummingbird-inspired floor pillow will add a stylish and comfortable accent to any interior space. Featuring a soft pastel-toned design, the floor pillow presents a pattern of beautifully illustrated hummingbirds lively flapping their wings. Available in both round and square sizing options, these fun floor pillows are made from 100% soft and durable polyester with overstuffed cushioning for a firm yet plush shape.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents 3D Papercraft

26. 3D Papercraft

One of the most unique hummingbird gifts perfect for creatives and hummingbird fans alike is this enjoyable 3D papercraft. The fun set includes 3 pre-cut and pre-folded strong papercraft models that form 3 unique hummingbirds in mid-flight and hovering position. Only glue or double-sided tape is required for assembly of these brightly colored creatures, which will add love and joy to any interior space.
Cool Hummingbird Throw Pillow

27. Throw Pillow

Bird lovers and art enthusiasts alike will fall in love with this gorgeous artistic throw pillow. Featuring a vibrantly bold and vivid design, this eye-catching pillow depicts a lone hummingbird actively feeding on the nectar of a cactus bloom in a colorful southwestern environment. Made from soft and durable 100% spun polyester with a concealed zip opening, this dynamic throw pillow will add a fun and bright accent to any space.

Travel & Utility

Eye-catching everyday utilities, the below section contains hummingbird gift ideas to display your affinity with these tiny delightful birds while out and about or from the comfort of home.
Gifts For Hummingbird Lovers Phone Case

28. Phone Case

Artistically beautiful, this stunning hummingbird phone case is bound to turn heads! The lively design presents a vivid hand-drawn vector illustration featuring a pattern of colorful hummingbirds feeding from various flowers. The flexible and durable phone case is made from shock-absorbent TPU with an anti-fingerprint finish, displaying vibrant color reproduction on a beautiful frosted shell surface.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Tote

29. Tote

This charming tote is a thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift for family and friends who appreciate the beauty of all nature has to offer. The versatile tote bag presents an endearing pastel-toned illustration featuring a graceful hummingbird peacefully savoring the magic of nature surrounding him. Made from 100% durable polyester with super strong and wide shoulder straps, this tote bag is available in 3 sizing options, making it the perfect utility for groceries, school books, or relaxed days outdoors.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents Beach Towel

30. Beach Towel

Fusing creative design with a summer staple, this eye-catching beach towel is the perfect gift for loved ones who appreciate everything unique. The one-of-a-kind artwork presents a stunning watercolor illustration featuring a dainty little hummingbird busily feeding from an octopus’ flowering foxglove tentacle! Made from super soft and absorbent material, this novel oversized beach towel is bound to make a striking statement down by the poolside or at the beach.
Cool Hummingbird Travel Mug

31. Travel Mug

This stunning travel mug will be a pleasant surprise under the Christmas tree this year! The gorgeous travel mug presents vivid aqua-toned artwork displaying a bold and vibrant hummingbird placed over a floral mandala-like backdrop. Featuring a lightweight stainless steel construction and double-wall vacuum insulation, this unique portable mug is perfect for both hot and cold drinks, and also includes a vacuum sealed lid to minimize spills during transport.
Gifts For Hummingbird Lovers Pouch

32. Pouch

One of the most unique hummingbird gifts to grace our list is this beautiful zippered pouch. The versatile pouch presents a vibrant pastel-toned watercolor design featuring a lovely pattern of lively hummingbirds. Made from 100% durable polyester canvas, the themed pouch is available in 3 sizing options, perfect for storing or transporting makeup, stationery, or small accessories and electronics.
Amazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas Wine Chiller

33. Wine Chiller

Dripping with colorful beauty is this stunning hand-illustrated hummingbird wine chiller. Featuring a bright artistic rainbow design, the unique bottle cooler presents a modern, creative utility perfect as a housewarming or dinner party gift. The pretty chiller features a high quality stainless steel construction, ensuring wine and other drinks maintain a chilled temperature while stylishly on display.
Beautiful Hummingbird Presents Mouse Pad

34. Mouse Pad

Bird lovers of all kinds will be proud to own this art-inspired mouse pad. The creative design presents a series of colorful brush strokes with a central masterpiece showcasing a magnificent hovering hummingbird. Produced on thick 4mm neoprene with a sturdy non-slip backing, this vivid print is bound to make an impactful statement on any desk.
Cool Hummingbird Laptop Sleeve

35. Laptop Sleeve

One of the prettiest gifts for hummingbird lovers is this gorgeous laptop sleeve. Featuring unique vector watercolor artwork, the tropical design highlights a pair of beautiful hummingbirds gracefully drinking nectar from the surrounding blooming florals. Made from durable polyester with striking black edging and hardware, this eye-catching zippered laptop sleeve includes foam padding to protect from scratches and minor impacts.

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