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Great Christmas Gifts

Naturally, you only want great Christmas gifts for those you care about. Far from those generic gifts, we have specifically put together this list of 9 great Christmas gifts for those you love the most. When only the best will do, we have made sure to include only the best for your nearest and dearest!

1. Tablet

We start our great Christmas gifts for loved ones list with a popular piece of technology by electronics giant, Samsung. The Galaxy Tab S6 is the perfect gift for your loved one who needs power at their fingertips in an extremely compact device. Key features of the tablet include a fast-charging battery with 15-hour life, magnetically attachable S Pen with button controls, and quality AGK tuned quad speakers for immersive sound. The S6 tablet also has the ability to transform into a laptop, by simply attaching a keyboard, adding versatility to the device. For tech nerds, more detailed S6 specs include; a super AMOLED display, 256Gb RAM, wireless Bluetooth, Android operating system, and a 2.84GHz processor. If you’re after companions for the S6, the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is perfect for exercise tracking, while the Galaxy Buds are a great compact wireless earbud option. Looking to spend less? The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the perfect alternative that offers serious bang for buck.

2. Drone

What better way to capture every angle than with a powerful drone, capable of going where no person can! Videography professionals and enthusiasts alike will love the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter which is capable of capturing epic videos. This drone has seemingly endless video capturing capabilities such as panoramic modes, enhanced HDR photos, HyperLight, adjustable aperture, and more! The Mavic 2 Pro features a consumer drone leading flight time of 31 minutes, 72kph speeds, obstacle sensors, and 8km 1080p live video. The drone only weighs 2 pounds and comes packaged with 1 lithium polymer battery which is required for operation. Great companions for the Mavic 2 Pro include a SanDisk Micro SD for saving your footage, and the Lowepro DroneGuard backpack with specialized storage compartments. If you’re after a drone with fewer bells and whistles, then the Holy Stone HS700D is another high-quality alternative.

3. Pizza Oven

The great Christmas gifts keep coming as we move into the kitchen with this pizza oven that will surely transform the average homemade pie! The ROCCBOX gas and firewood portable pizza oven will provide your loved one an easy and convenient way to cook delicious pizza at home, or even weekend camping trips! The oven is made from high-grade stainless steel, utilizes a stone floor, and contains an insulated silicone skin for safer cooking. The ROCCBOX features retractable legs and detachable dual-burners for transporting with ease, as well as a rolling flame that can reach temperatures of 930 degrees. What’s in the box? The ROCCBOX oven includes a gas burner, hopper tool, pizza peel, thermometer, recipe book and instructions for use. A handy complementary gift to go alongside this oven is the ROCCBOX oven cover so the oven can sit in the backyard or garage, free from dust and debris. If you’re after a more affordable alternative, the Napoli pizza oven is another quality gas and fire outdoor oven option.

4. Popcorn Maker

Microwave and pan popcorn might be delicious, but it doesn’t quite compare to the smooth, buttery taste of a traditional popcorn machine! The Olde Midway vintage-style popcorn maker is one of the great Christmas gifts for a movie buff who appreciates a salty snack! Featuring an 8 oz kettle capable of popping up to 3 gallons at a time, the Olde Midway is easy to operate with simple switches controlling the pot heater, stirrer, and spot light warmer. This classic popcorn machine is constructed using durable heavy-duty stainless steel and features an extremely quiet motor and attractive glossy paint finish. If this particular design is a little grandesque, the Paramount popcorn machine is a great alternative that will also pop delicious popcorn.

5. Dash Cam

A trend that is on the rise, installing a dash cam in your vehicle can have numerous benefits. Dash cams prevent insurance fraud, capture bad driving, record road trips and most importantly provide evidence in car accidents. The Apeman FHD front and rear camera set is one of those great Christmas gifts that will provide a greater level of assurance while driving. The main front-facing camera provides crystal clear WQHD 1440P video, while both front and rear-facing cameras utilize a 1080p dual lens. The Apeman features sensor night vision and motion detection features, suited for both day and night driving. If you’re after a single camera only option, then an alternative consideration is the Pathinglek 108P DVR.

6. Wireless Speaker

Anything that improves the music experience is always welcome, especially when it comes to crystal clear audio. The fifth idea on our great Christmas gifts list is the Devialet Classic Phantom that is perfect for any music connoisseur who demands quality sound. Possibly the best wireless speakers on the market, the Phantom wireless speaker is an analog and digital hybrid that captures the best of both worlds, providing thumping bass with a frequency range of 14Hz to 27kHz. This high-end wireless speaker can be easily connected to all sound sources including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TV, Optical, Airplay, and Ethernet. The iconic spherical design is the result of extreme acoustic engineering designed to deliver omni-directional sound via four drivers – two woofers, a midrange, and tweeter. This means you can place the Phantom anywhere and always enjoy the pure emotion of music. If you’re interested in a highly portable speaker, check out the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 as a smaller wireless alternative.

7. Instant Film Camera

With the rise of smartphones, tablets and digital photography, an instant film camera could be a breath of fresh air. Perfect for those who enjoy the classic method of capturing images, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 provides the photographer instant photo gratification, the traditional way. The Instax Mini 90 does require film, which is automatically ejected from the camera after a picture is taken. The camera features brightness auto-detect and can adjust settings to optimize photo quality. One of our favorite items on the great Christmas gifts list, this camera will give every user tangible, keepsake memories.

8. Cooler

If you’re searching for a gift that’s aimed at an outdoor enthusiast, a cooler could be just the right gift. The RovR wheeled camping cooler is no ordinary cooler! From the beach to the wilderness, this cooler enables food and beverages to reach difficult spots with ease. The cooler rolls on high performance, puncture-resistant tires and is pulled along by a solid dual handle. The RovR features deep freezer storage, comes with a wagon bin, and can retain ice for up to an astonishing 10 days! If a cooler on wheels with a week-long freeze is slightly overkill, the Lifewit collapsible cooler bag is a perfect alternative option for day trips and picnics.

9. Laptop

The final item on our great Christmas gifts list is ideal for those who are searching for better performance than most tablets can offer. Before tablets were all the rage, laptops and notebooks were the go-to portable device while working on the road. The Vaio SX12 is a high-performance laptop notebook that offers flexibility in storage and computational configuration. Potential buyers can choose between Intel Core i5 and i7, 8GB and 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB SSD. The Vaio SX12 includes numerous adapters and ports including SD Card slot, USB Type-C port, 3 USB ports, HDMI port, VGA connection, and LAN. The notebook features a 12.5 inch full HD display, secure fingerprint login, robust and impact-resistant structure, and offers ultimate portability weighing just under two pounds.

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