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Gifts For Writers

Inspirational pieces, writing tools, and literary themed accessories, our unique gifts for writers contain a great selection of gifting options for those obsessed with the written word! A fascinating medium of communication that can take many forms, writing can be beautifully poetic and personal, scientific and study-based, philosophical and theoretical, or hilariously engaging, just to name a few styles. If you’re searching for a unique gift for a novelist, journalist, blogger, screenwriter, or author, our well-researched gift guide contains a variety of creative presents to surprise and satiate new and experienced writers alike.

Table of Contents

Personal & Accessories

Vintage-inspired personal pieces to writer-themed accessories, this section contains a hand-picked selection of thoughtful gifts that invoke inspiration.
Amazing Gifts For Authors Coffee Mug

1. Coffee Mug

Straight and to the point is this fittingly appropriate writer mug that is bound to make them chuckle! Featuring a typographic minimalist design, the witty mug boldly displays the branding ‘Etc – End Of Thinking Capacity.’ Dishwasher and microwave safe, this handmade glossy ceramic mug is perfect for enjoying a morning coffee, afternoon tea, or any beverage enjoyed between writing. Equally funny, this Book Hangover mug is a playful utility that bookworms and writers alike will appreciate.
Best Gifts For Writers Necklace

2. Necklace

This stunning vintage typewriter key pendant is a beautiful and unique necklace that will receive plenty of compliments. The custom jewelry presents a one-of-a-kind piece featuring a striking black and ivory key pendant personalized with an initial. Handmade from original antique typewriter keys, this charming necklace is available paired with either beautiful sterling silver or iron chains.
Creative Writing Gifts Journal

3. Journal

Every writer will adore this antique-style journal, the perfect medium for a literary journal, inspiration, writing ideas, and more. Artisan crafted, the unique notebook presents a genuine leather-bound journal with deckled edge vintage paper for an authentic look and feel. Entirely handcrafted, each journal features expert leather and binding craftsmanship with the option of personalization, and includes a beautiful wrap-around leather tie with a key to keep contents securely bound.
Great Gift Ideas For Writers Coffee Subscription

4. Coffee Subscription

Every freelance writer, journalist, and blogger will acknowledge that good coffee is worth its weight in gold! A gift that keeps on giving, this premium Blue Bottle coffee subscription offers a selection of delicious single-origin and espresso coffee blends so writers can stay sharp and on point at all hours of the day! Available in both weekly and monthly delivery options, coffee is promptly shipped after roasting, arriving in peak freshness for optimal enjoyment.
Amazing Gifts For Authors Laptop Skin

5. Laptop Skin

The juxtaposition of classic writing on new tech, this unique laptop skin presents a striking yet stylishly subtle statement. The minimalist artwork depicts a right hand using a traditional fountain pen in a charming shaded vector illustration. The form-fitting 3M vinyl sticker is easy to install and remove, featuring a shiny gloss finish with sharp, vibrant detail.
Best Gifts For Writers Sticker

6. Sticker

Grammatical errors are always a sore spot for any writer, making this hilarious sticker one of the best gifts for writers who need to make a point! The funny decal presents a typographic sticker boldly displaying the statement ‘There Their They’re – It’ll Be Okay (If You Know The Difference)! Measuring 3 inches long, this durable die-cut vinyl sticker is weather and scratch resistant, perfect for any laptop, notebook, lunchbox, mug, and more.
Creative Writing Gifts T-Shirt

7. T-Shirt

This funny T-Shirt is a cute and little geeky writer gift they will enjoy wearing with pride. Depicting a vintage typewriter next to a pile of books, the novelist-inspired garment boldly sports the slogan ‘I Make Stuff Up.’ Made from 100% soft and lightweight ring-spun cotton, this fabulous Tee is available in a wide range of colors, sizing, and garment options to suit.

Ideas & Inspiration

This section contains a hand-picked selection of tools and accessories for literary inspiration and endeavors, perfect for any journalist, blogger, or aspiring author.

Great Gift Ideas For Writers Prompt Book

8. Prompt Book

The perfect writing prompt for aspiring authors, the Work In Progress book presents an inspirational writing tool to get thoughts flowing and hands moving. Created as a 9 x 6 inch little black book, the notebook is divided into three parts, including questions to assist with the development of plot and characters that will later form the basis of an engaging upcoming novel.

Amazing Gifts For Authors Book Binding Kit

9. Bookbinding Kit

Creative gifts for authors such as this traditional bookbinding kit are a welcomed surprise they will enjoy constructing. The complete kit contains all the tools, supplies, and instructions to make a beautiful hard-bound journal. Featuring a bone folder, glue, needle, cardboard, and more, the fun kit is available in a unique selection of endpaper and book cloth cover designs.
Best Gifts For Writers Bulletin Board

10. Bulletin Board

Practical presents for writers such as this bulletin board are a handy utility to aid their creative process or simply to stay organized. The dual-purpose bulletin board presents a handy utility with a stylish metal surface that accommodates both magnets and pushpins! Measuring 21 x 15 inches, the board is perfect for loose notes, articles, and inspiration, offering a sleek and contemporary twist on the classic corkboard.

Creative Writing Gifts Brainstorming Cards

11. Brainstorming Cards

One of the most valuable gifts for aspiring writers to overcome the frustration of writer’s block are these innovative brainstorming cards. The Creative Block is a handy tool containing over 100 curated cards with breakthrough suggestions designed to propel the mind into a new headspace and back to your craft. Packed with suggestions from artists, creativity experts, and neuroscientists, this handy block will help to stop fighting brain blocks and start playing for creativity and inspiration.

Gadgets & Tools

The following section contains a variety of useful gadgets and essential writing aids any aspiring writer or even published author will be delighted to receive!
Great Gift Ideas For Writers Lap Desk

12. Lap Desk

This intelligently thought-out desk is an exceptional gift for writers who type, scribble, and read on the sofa. A luxury addition to any writer toolbox, the Lagio Aeon Gold lap desk comes equipped with speakers, adjustable legs, a power bank, and even a reading light! In addition to its interchangeable parts, the desk is stable and spacious, offering ample room for your loved one’s material.
Amazing Gifts For Authors Spy Pen

13. Spy Pen

Perfect for an undercover journalist who needs to capture raw footage, audio, and written notes, a spy pen is an innovative all-in-one solution. The iSpyPen Pro is capable of capturing 1080p video while storing up to 128GB of data. Reliable and easy to use, this unique gift idea also features one-click recording and plug-and-play capability.
Best Gifts For Writers Portable Keyboard

14. Portable Keyboard

A foldable Bluetooth keyboard is a practical idea if you’re after creative writing gifts that are portable and compact. Compatible with tablets and smartphones, the keyboard offers forty hours of typing and a rapid three-hour charge time. In addition, the nifty gadget allows their devices to replace a laptop without the extra bulk and weight.
Creative Writing Gifts Outranking App

15. Outranking App

This search-optimized AI writing tool is simply a must for any budding writer whose work finds its way to a blog or website. Outranking allows users to research, write, and optimize written content, eliminating writer’s block and helping create intuitive outlines. The innovative writing tool utilizes a unique AI wizard, which gathers topic-related ideas and produces written paragraphs that expand on chosen sub-topics.
Great Gift Ideas For Writers Kindle Oasis

16. Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is perfect for avid readers who would benefit from all their favorite books becoming transportable. In addition, your beloved bibliophile can enjoy the advantages of adjustable text size and thin device design for convenient reading. The paperwhite display is easy on the eyes, offering three monitor shades and adaptive lighting to personalize their reading session.
Amazing Gifts For Authors Hover Pen

17. Hover Pen

Part writing tool, part decorative display, this unique novelty pen spins, swings, and sways without falling over. The Novium Hoverpen defies gravity by remaining in an upright position in anticipation of marking a page. An all-metal structure encapsulates its refillable ink insert, ensuring this fun gift remains as usable as it is mesmerizing to watch.
Best Gifts For Writers Screen Extender

18. Screen Extender

When a single monitor doesn’t suffice, this portable screen extender doubles your loved one’s canvas space. The Mobile Pixels TRIO Max is a unique gift for writers, extending their laptop monitor or projecting their Android device. This portable screen is attached using powerful magnets, effortlessly sliding out when they require the extra screen.
Creative Writing Gifts Dictation Microphone

19. Dictation Microphone

A creative gift and must-have gadget for any investigative journalist or aspiring novelist to have on hand is a premium dictation microphone. Just as perfect for interviews as documenting on-the-fly thoughts and ideas, the Philips LFH-300 presents a studio-quality recording device with built-in noise reduction for incredibly crystal clear recording. Featuring a sleek and polished, ergonomic shaped design, the handy writer’s gadget also has four configurable function buttons and even includes an integrated motion sensor for automatic muting.
Great Gift Ideas For Writers Light

20. Writing Light

Anyone writing a short story will know that the best ideas and inspiration sometimes arise at very odd times of the day! A handy nighttime bedside tool for readers and writers alike is this innovative personal light. The bendable neck lamp presents a flexible LED light that will gently rest around the neck, allowing writers the freedom to write, type, or read as they wish. Featuring a comfortable and ergonomic design, the light features three color modes and six brightness levels, including an anti-flickering and blue light filter, with up to 80 hours of power, and is easily rechargeable via USB.

Home & Decor

Below you will find a creative selection of decorative pieces and literary inspired utilities for the home, perfect for any bedroom, living room, and of course, their special writing space.
Amazing Gifts For Authors Candle

21. Candle

Creative gift ideas for writers such as this deluxe candle will inject an alluring and inspirational aroma into any living space. The Smells Like Books Hemingway-inspired candle presents a premium soy wax candle reminiscent of classic paper novels and the sweet smell of bourbon and familiar tobacco. Meticulously hand-poured, this eco-friendly, long-lasting candle is available in 2 sizing options, housed in an elegant, contemporary glass jar that also creates a stylishly subtle decorative piece.
Best Gifts For Writers Pencil Organizer

22. Pencil Organizer

This novelty desk organizer is an ideal gift for creatives who appreciate unique utilities. The Hemingway-inspired accessory is creatively designed to mimic one of his typewriters, featuring worn-out keys and other finer vintage typewriter details. Made from solid polyresin and expertly hand-painted, this one-of-a-kind organizer is perfect for storing stationery and other craft items, also doubling as an eye-catching antique decorative piece.
Creative Writing Gifts Bookends

23. Bookends

Bold and impactful, these striking bookends are the perfect gift for any Poe-obsessed book lover or fan of gothic decor. The unique design features a pair of matching bookends featuring dark ravens perched on lifelike skulls atop a classic novel. Meticulously sculpted and hand-painted with exceptional macabre detail, this eerily alluring decorative utility is perfect for holding books, magazines, folders, and other bibliophile paraphernalia.
Great Gift Ideas For Writers Word Clock

24. Word Clock

Making an impactful statement on any writing desk is this creative take on a traditional desk clock. The clever gift presents what appears to be an array of scrambled letters that, when powered up, illuminate to reveal the time in 5-minute intervals. Featuring a sleek and stylish black silhouette and precise, bright lettering, this gorgeous modern clock is an interesting and unique timepiece perfect for any bedroom, living room, or office space.
Amazing Gifts For Authors Desktop Pad

25. Desktop Pad

Contemporary gifts for young writers such as this stylish desktop pad combine modern aesthetics and practicality. Displaying stylized keyboard artwork over a charcoal backdrop, the minimalist monochrome design is printed on a micro weave polyester surface that offers optimal mouse control. Featuring an anti-slip rubber base, anti-fray edges, and a pill-resistant surface, this durable extended-size desk mat will seamlessly blend into any writer’s happy place.
Best Gifts For Writers Figurine

26. Figurine

Gifts for writers such as this playful figurine are a fun way to display adoration of an iconic figure. The Funko POP! Vinyl presents the inspirational father of gothic literature, Edgar Allan Poe, designed grasping a ghoulish skull in one hand. Measuring 3 ¾ inches tall, the creative stylized collectible comes in a branded window display box, perfect for safe storage and inspirational display.
Creative Writing Gifts Cutting Board

27. Cutting Board

If your favorite writer is a true Moby Dick fan, this creative design piece will soon become an essential inspirational utility. The novelty cutting board displays bold artwork associated with the famous Moby Dick or The Whale novel. Featuring a solid Baltic birch wooden side for cutting and smooth, satin artwork on the reverse, this charming board is just as perfect for food prep as it is a decorative display.
Great Gift Ideas For Writers Wall Art

28. Wall Art

A decorative gift idea any writer friend will appreciate in their study or bedroom is this gorgeous canvas wall art. The iconic design displays crisp photography of a traditional typewriter over a stark white background that really makes the artwork pop! Printed with vivid, long-lasting solvent inks, each artwork is hand-stretched wrapped over a wooden frame and is available in three sizing options to suit any space.
Amazing Gifts For Authors Throw Blanket

29. Throw Blanket

What novelist or horror fan wouldn’t want to adorn themselves in a cozy throw inspired by this famous writer? The creative design displays a series of well-worn Stephen King horror classics, including The Stand and ‘Salem’s Lot. Featuring a vivid print on 100% soft polyester and sherpa fleece, this unique throw blanket is the perfect addition to any writer’s living room couch or bed.
Best Gifts For Writers Acrylic Block

30. Acrylic Block

An inspirational Christmas gift that will be graciously received is this unique decorative piece. The creative decor presents a solid acrylic block displaying a motivational literary quote to inspire the written word. The free-standing 1-inch thick block features a vibrant back-mounted photo print, including diamond-cut sides and a hand-polished crystal clear finish that will stand out on any desk, windowsill, or mantlepiece.

Travel & Utilities

The section below contains a selection of everyday utilities for writers, both handy utilities and unique accessories featuring inspiration for the literary word.
Creative Writing Gifts Headphones

31. Headphones

One of the most valuable gifts for writers who work in a loud environment is a pair of noise-canceling headphones. The Sennheiser PXC 550-II helps improve focus by employing adaptive noise technology to mitigate ambient sounds. As a result, your loved one will not only enjoy a quieter writing session, but they can also play focus music to keep them on track.
Great Gift Ideas For Writers Tote

32. Tote

Literary humor adorns the front of this unique tote bag, displaying a series of iconic writers including Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway labeled as ‘Literary Hotties’! Printed on premium, durable canvas-like material, using high-quality fade-resistant inks, this cute and nerdy tote is available in three sizing options, perfect for groceries, stationery, and of course, books.
Amazing Gifts For Authors Pouch

33. Pouch

Creative writers need a place to store their pens, pencils, and personals, so what better practical gift than a versatile little pouch! Featuring vibrant artwork displaying an expansive rainbow bookshelf scattered with felines, this cute pouch will brighten up any day. Crafted from durable, canvas-like material with a black interior lining, this cute utility is conveniently machine washable and available in three sizing options to accommodate a variety of accessories.
Best Gifts For Writers Towel

34. Towel

Unique and purposeful gift ideas for writers such as this eye-catching towel present a creative accessory perfect for the beach or bathroom! The book-inspired design displays an eye-catching cover for the cult classic Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell novel. Featuring a vibrant print on a soft and absorbent microfiber front, this one-of-a-kind utility is available in both bath and hand towel options.
Creative Writing Gifts Laptop Case

35. Laptop Case

Providing inspiration in the modern age is this vintage-themed laptop sleeve. Featuring close-up photography of a beautiful antique typewriter, the high-quality artwork is printed on a polyester cover, with foam padding internally to protect against scratches and minor impacts.
Great Gift Ideas For Writers Picnic Blanket

36. Picnic Blanket

The only picnic blanket your favorite writer will want to lounge on is this literary delight! Adorned with a colorful collection of Jane Austen classics, the charming blanket is constructed from durable woven polyester with a black polyester-canvas backing, both waterproof to prevent grass dew or beach play. UV coated to protect against fading, this lovely picnic blanket also includes a handy carry harness for easy transportation.

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