51 Precise & Reliable Gifts For Woodworkers

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Gifts For Woodworkers

It may be obvious, some of the best gifts for woodworkers are those practical and useful tools and accessories which will help them refine, enhance, or embellish their craft. After extensive research, we have compiled a woodworkers dream gift guide. Our amazing list contains not only the most powerful and efficient work tools, but also a handpicked selection of safety gear, handy accessories, and workspace necessities, including a few self-care and enjoyable gifts thrown into the mix too. So whether they’re a beginner woodworker, professional carpenter, or occasional hobbyist, you are bound to find a fitting gift for a special woodworker in your life.

Table of Contents

Hand Tools

From the ultimate chisel set to handy must-haves such as a glue spreader or dispenser, the below woodworking gifts contain a great selection of practical hand tools woodworkers are sure to use on the regular.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Chisel Set

1. Chisel Set

Woodworkers and carpenters require a range of chisel widths to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Packed in a premium wood case, the Entai chisel set contains eight vanadium steel alloy chisels ranging from two inches to a quarter-inch wide. Perfect for pairing and chopping, each chisel is secured with a grippy rubber handle, ensuring chiseling is safe, reliable, and a little more enjoyable. The set also comes boxed with a honing guide and sharpening stone, so your beloved woodworker can keep their tools extra sharp.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Hammer

2. Personalized Hammer

If you’re after a symbolic woodworking Christmas gift that perfectly encapsulates the craft, you can’t look past a hammer. Yes, they most likely own a couple, but do they have heartfelt or humorous messages engraved on the handles? Every time your woodworker picks up this hammer they will be greeted with a pleasant reminder making them smile, laugh, or remember to keep calm.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Hand Saw

3. Hand Saw

Made in Japan, the Suizan Ryoba is ideal for woodcraft projects that require fine cuts and versatility. Cutting on the pull motion, the Japanese Ryoba requires less force and creates a cleaner edge than its European counterpart, which cuts on the push motion. The Ryoba saw features a lightweight design and an easy to remove blade which contains two sets of teeth, one for rip cuts, and the other for cross cuts.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Block Plane

4. Block Plane

A classic gift for woodworkers, low angle block planes are essential tools for cleanup and flushing up joinery. With their brand new block plane, your favorite woodworker will be better able to smooth out end grain, remove glue lines, trim joinery, and break edges. The reliable Stanley hand planer features a cast iron base, durable epoxy coating, and quick release cam locks, offering precision and durability that will last for years.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Coping Saw

5. Coping Saw

A perfect gift for woodworkers having trouble with tight curves and silhouettes, coping saws are ideal for long interior cuts and carving intricate shapes. The Irwin ProTouch features DuraSteel pins, a flat bar frame, and a comfortable ergonomic handle, providing efficient high speed cutting for creative DIY projects.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Rasp Set

6. Rasp Set

One of the best woodworking gifts for him to shape wood and timber projects, this extensive rasp set is forged from premium alloy steel. Packed in a convenient carry case, each rasp is capped with a rubberized plastic handle, providing stability and grip as he flies away. The twenty-piece set contains sixteen miniature rasps and four large ones that vary in shape including; flat, half-round, triangular, and round.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Glue Roller

7. Glue Spreader

Used to apply glue to large flat surfaces, a glue roller distributes evenly thickened coats and is suitable for a wide range of applications. For those still spreading with brushes, cardboard, or fingers, this wood glue roller is mess-free, comfortable to hold, and able to adjust its flow rate.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Scraper

8. Scraper

Great for paint preparation and DIY projects using reclaimed wood, a hook scraper shaves existing paint, varnish, and glue, creating a cleaner surface. Offering ample leverage and exceptional cutting head control, the Warner MFG carbide scraper is a perfect gift, adding to your favorite woodworker’s toolbox.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Branding Iron

9. Branding Iron

A great gift for woodworkers who would love to top off projects with a personalized touch, this unique custom branding iron leaves an unmistakable mark on their completed work. Constructed from premium brass, select from over fifty pre-made stamp designs, or send in your own custom design for completely unique branding.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Glue Dispenser

10. Glue Dispenser

Whether you’re after a great stocking stuffer or an addition to a DIY Christmas gift box, a glue bottle works well. With a bond stronger than wood, this carpenter’s wood glue is a paintable and sandable adhesive that’s easily cleaned using water. The glue itself is non-toxic, quick binding, and takes just 24 hours to completely bond.


From eye and ear protection to the only brand of steel toe boots he’ll ever want, the below section contains some of the most practical gifts for woodworkers, with a handpicked selection of important safety tools and accessories for daily use.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Apron

11. Apron

This woodworking gift not only protects clothing from sawdust, it also provides storage and quick access to tools woodworkers are continuously reaching for. Designed with comfort in mind, this distressed leather apron contains a conveniently located front pocket and adjustable straps for their neck and waist.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Safety Glasses Set

12. Safety Glasses Set

With sawdust and woodchips flying all over the place, a safety set for the eyes, ears, and airways ensures woodworkers remain protected at all times. The reusable bundle includes a half-face cover, four filters, goggles, and a comfortable pair of earplugs. Mask filters are easily replaced, while the fog-resistant goggles are held in place by a thick adjustable strap fitting most head sizes.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Light

13. Work Lights

Hearing a few grumbles about insufficient lighting? One of the best gifts for woodworkers who work late into the night, a battery-powered work light offers illumination in poorly lit spaces. The extremely flexible 20W work light features a balanced frame for ground use, a sturdy hook for air suspension, and a DC power adapter in case they want to keep it plugged in.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Steel Toe Boots

14. Steel Toe Boots

The perfect gift for protecting feet from wood chunks and falling tools, Caterpillar work boots combine safety, comfort, and grit to form this essential piece of working footwear. Available in dark brown, honey, and black, the ankle cut steel toe boots are made from 100% leather and supported by grippy synthetic soles.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Ear Protecting Headphones

15. Ear Protecting Headphones

Coupling entertainment with ear safety, the 3M Worktunes are perfect for times when power tools get involved. With a Noise Reduction Rating of 24dB, the Bluetooth ear protection headphones stream from tablets and phones, also allowing those who are busy working to receive incoming calls.

Hold & Guide

The following medley of woodworking gifts are intended to support projects, precision sharpening, and guiding drill bits in the desired direction.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Honing Guide

16. Honing Guide

A simple but effective holiday gift idea, the Atlin honing guide ensures chisels and planer blades can be sharpened to perfection every time. Included with the sharpening jig is a set of step by step instructions, illustrating the technique used to achieve a precise angled edge.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Pocket Hole Jig

17. Pocket Hole Jig

Accompanied by a 2-inch face clamp, the Kreg pocket hole jig set is ideal for drilling pocket holes in wood with varying widths. Using a push, twist, and pull mechanism, drill guides can be spaced out, placed closer together, or used on their own to drill a single hole. In addition to the jig and clamp, the kit includes a drill bit, stop collar, material thickness gauge, 6-inch driver, and an adjustable clamp pad.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Drill Hinge

18. Concealed Hinge Jig

One of the more niche gifts for woodworkers, a concealed hinge jig is used to position, align, and drill 35mm holes. Primarily used for installing cabinet hardware, the set includes a positioning guide, bit guide, carbide-tipped drill bit, depth stop collar, and an Allen key.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Bench Cookie

19. Bench Cookie

Made to support panels for sanding and finishing, bench cookies provide unimpeded access to faces and edges. While the cookies are suitable for most finishing tasks, risers can be screwed into the threaded steel inserts, adding a little extra elevation when required.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Pipe Clamps

20. Pipe Clamp

The next woodworking gift does exactly what the name suggests, they clamp wood while attached to a ¾ inch pipe. The Irwin pipe clamp is designed to address common problems associated with clamping. No more skimmed knuckles, no more hand fatigue, and best of all, they don’t require a threaded pipe.

Power Tools

From a powerful impact drill to a multifunctional circular saw, the following power tools are a great gift idea for woodworking projects of all shapes and sizes, effortlessly improving precision and efficiency.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Cordless Drill

21. Cordless Impact Drill

Lightweight, portable, and versatile, this impact drill driver is perfect for heavy-duty projects, furniture assembly, and even metal works. Packaged with two batteries and a charger, the Enegitech cordless drill makes drilling holes and inserting screws an effortless activity. Batteries are charged in only forty minutes and a built-in LED work light illuminates the area of operation for optimal visibility.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Circular Saw

22. Circular Saw

A woodworking gift idea for projects involving lumber and sheet good material, this powerful tool is ideal for cross cuts, notches, ripping, and sizing. If your beloved woodworker is tired of manually cutting each piece, a circular saw provides the much-needed help they’re after. The DeWalt 7-¼ inch circular saw is equipped with a 15 Amp motor, electric brake stop, and a dust blower that automatically clears their cutting sight line as they work.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Router Table

23. Router Table

One of the best gifts for woodworkers who own and use a router, a router table is ideal for edge work when using smaller cuts of wood. The router table has two dedicated dust ports, an adjustable aluminum fence, and a mountable base that secures against their workbench.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Table Saw

24. Table Saw

Ripping and cross-cutting with precision, a table saw is a great alternative to using handheld circular saws. Especially beneficial for those just starting out, DeWalt’s compact table saw leverages an easy to use rack and pinion system, allowing cuts to be precisely dialed in.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Belt Sander

25. Belt & Disk Sander

The perfect gift for a shed or workshop, a belt and disk sander is like sandpaper on steroids. The Wen combination sander is designed to round corners, flatten large surfaces, and fine-tune pieces of a project that aren’t quite right. Featuring a cast iron base and adjustable belt, the two-in-one sanding machine steadily sands without getting bogged down.


From a handy magnetic wristband to creative carpenter pencils, the below selection of woodworking gifts contains a variety of helpful accessories every woodworker needs and wants at their disposal.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Tool Belt

26. Tool Belt

An accessory for keeping woodworking tools by the side, this charming tool belt is crafted from premium full grained leather and offers personalization for his initials. With over ten pockets, pouches and loops, no tool will be left on a benchtop, missing out on their rightful place on his waist.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Magnetic Wristband

27. Magnetic Wristband

If you’re after a great stocking stuffer, the next gift idea holds nails, screws, and drill bits, allowing craftsmen to focus on hammering and drilling. This handy magnetic wristband saves time shuffling around a tool belt or picking nails off the floor. Made from durable ballistic nylon, the wristband is ideal for men and women, securely wrapping around most wrists.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Multi Tool

28. Multi Tool

With a multitude of applications, the Guardsman Multi Tool is a piece of equipment that does it all, well almost all. Whether they require pliers for removing nails, or screwdrivers for tightening screws, this tool has them covered. The Guardsman also contains wire cutters, a serrated-tooth saw, scissors, a knife, and a glass breaker, making it a go-to tool for most general tasks.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Sherpening Stone

29. Sharpening Stones

This holiday gift for woodworkers can be paired with a honing guide or used as a stocking stuffer for your DIY gift box. Used for sharpening and polishing, these combination sharpening stones are ideal for maintaining knives, chisels, plane blades, and bits.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Carpenter Pencils

30. Carpenter Pencils

Shopping for a carpenter in your family? A fun little woodworking Christmas gift idea is a set of custom carpenters pencils, engraved with your special message. Whether it’s a funny quote such as ‘measure twice cut once’ or a meaningful ‘I love you dad’, these pencils make a great stocking stuffer with a unique personal touch.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Marker

31. Permanent Marker

A handy holiday gift idea for stockings and gift boxes, the Milwaukee Inkzall is capable of marking almost any surface. Built to withstand impact, the permanent markers feature a securely fastened lid, long-lasting ink, and a sturdy pen tip for increased durability and accuracy.


Since a woodworker’s workspace is akin to their second home, it is only natural that those gifts which enhance or assist their working environment will be welcomed with open arms.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Work Table

32. Work Table

A woodworking gift idea for those missing a dedicated workbench, this multi-functional work table is designed to handle heavy-duty tasks. Doubling as a sawhorse, the Worx Pegasus provides a study platform for DIY craft projects at home or on the go. Requiring little to no assembly, a Pegasus table can be expanded by connecting multiple tables, creating a large workspace for your woodworkers shed. The table itself features a storage shelf, organizational tray, locking pegs, and clamps that operate along two integrated channels.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Heater

33. Heater

A woodworker’s dream winter gift, this fan-forced garage heater ensures your beloved carpenter no longer spends time in a freezing workspace. Featuring a built-in safety system, the Dura Heat propane heater efficiently circulates warm air, quickly heating large spaces.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Mini Fridge

34. Mini Fridge

While a tool belt ensures tools are always within arm’s reach, a mini-fridge grants easy access to food and refreshments. One of the best gifts for woodworkers who spend hours in the shed, convenient food and water storage means he won’t drag sawdust through the house. This miniature Black + Decker fridge is large enough to store bottles, cans, and spreads, yet compact enough not to clutter his workspace.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Speaker

35. Speaker

For livening up surroundings, this gift idea produces powerful audio capable of cutting through the noise of their workspace. The Marshall Woburn features a classic speaker design, operating via Bluetooth, RCA, and 3mm input for versatile connectivity.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Organizer

36. Organizer

A great gift for the woodworker who’s a little on the messy side, this multi-tiered organizer ensures blueprints and sandpaper always have their place. Reducing workspace clutter, the horizontal steel organizer features six spacious shelves and a durable matte finish that’s resistant to chips and fingerprints.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Air Cooler

37. Portable Cooler

For rapidly chilling their workspace, this personal air cooler provides the respite they need on a hot summer’s day. In addition to cooling, the Evapolar evaSmart purifies and humidifies, offering portability and intuitive operation via touchscreen or mobile app. Extremely energy-efficient, the unit can be powered using a power bank, meaning it can be placed just about anywhere with no annoying cables.

Self Care

From an amusing coffee mug to luxurious body care, the following unique and thoughtful woodworking gifts will make him feel very special indeed.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Coffee Mug

38. Coffee Mug

One of the funniest woodworking gifts for men, this humorous ceramic coffee mug is perfect for carpenters, lumberjacks, or any man working with wood. The most important tool in his arsenal, a coffee mug dispenses a much-needed caffeine boost whenever energy and concentration start to waiver. If you think the woodworker in your life will really appreciate this comedic slogan, you may also like to pair this gift with a matching Sawdust Is Man Glitter baseball cap.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Hair Body Wash

39. Hair & Body Wash

One of the more practical gifts for woodworkers after a hard day’s work is this elegant all-in-one body wash. Effortlessly cleansing both the hair and body, the Babor body wash presents a multi-action formula that gently uplifts dirt and grime without ever over-drying. Featuring relaxing notes of lavender and bergamot with warming coriander and distinctive patchouli, this delightful body wash will leave both the hair and body feeling rejuvenated and ultra-fresh.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Hand Cream

40. Hand Cream

When it comes to thoughtful gifts for the woodworker in your life, a quality hand cream goes a long way. Taking care of his most important asset, this gentlemen’s tonic moisturizing hand balm presents an intense non-greasy balm specially formulated to moisturize and protect the hands from everyday life. Featuring natural plant-derived materials including nourishing almond oil and skin-repairing manuka honey, this amazing hand cream also absorbs quickly, leaving hands feeling soft, supple, and looking healthy.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Candle

41. Candle

A unique gift that will add a bold and alluring scent within any workspace is this sophisticated Lumira candle. Featuring an evocative fragrance that combines a masculine blend of musk, mahogany, and patchouli, this double wick candle is crafted from the finest quality soy wax for a longer-lasting burn time. Distilled cotton wicks also ensure a clean burn, with this intriguing candle producing a satisfyingly rich scent without overpowering the senses.


From the ultimate digital tape measure to a handy digital angle gauge, some of the most essential woodworking tools are these highly precise measuring devices.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Tape Measure

42. Tape Measure

An essential tool for any carpenter and woodworker, a digital laser & tape measure combo provides the precision required to accurately measure distances. Bundled with a mini screwdriver and batteries, the unit is capable of assessing up to 130 feet with its laser and sixteen feet with tape. Displaying both imperial and metric readings, the Lexicon tape measure features an auto-shutoff, rubberized magnetic hook, and a snappy quick-release button.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Steel Ruler

43. Steel Ruler

If they’re just starting out and still using plastic or wood, a simple stocking stuffing woodworking gift is a steel ruler. Tempered and hardened, this stainless steel ruler is corrosion-resistant, glare-free, and contains both imperial and metric markings.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Calipers

44. Calipers

Displaying digital readouts of depth, inside grooves, length, and thickness, this precision measuring instrument switches between imperial and metric with a push of a button. An essential tool for checking adjoining pieces of wood, vernier calipers excel at quickly transferring measurements, saving time, and preventing errors. The Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic calipers are resistant to water, oil, and dirt, and provide a great upgrade for a man still using the analog version.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Digital Angle Gauge

45. Digital Angle Gauge

This handy gift for woodworkers checks left to right angles and helps set up tools, performing the job of a level in instances where one may not fit. Accurate within one-tenth of a degree, the Wixey angle gauge features a magnetic base and an easy to read backlit display.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Fold Ruler

46. Fold Ruler

Stiffer than a tape measure, a folding ruler allows for probing measurement to be taken without concern for bending. Made from a durable fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, the Rhino Ruler is warp-resistant, lasting much longer than its wooden counterparts.
Helpful Woodworking Gifts Mark Measure Tool

47. Mark & Measure Tool

One of the most versatile tools to include in their measuring arsenal is the Kreg multi-mark. A great gift for quick marking and transferring measurements, this compact measuring tool ensures all their work is precise and efficient. The key facet of this tool is its adjustable sliding scale, which is easily positioned in three configurations: upright, 90 degrees, and 45 degrees. While the list of applications is broad, the device excels at speeding up repetitive work, quickly setting reveals, laying out mitered corners, and gauging blade heights.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Square

48. Measuring Square

Are they spending too much time trying to lay out lines? A speed square offers quick, efficient, and accurate measurements, easily marking ripping distance and quickly scribing angled lines. The Swanson Tool Co speed square comes bundled with a combination square, ensuring they can double-check their angles are cut correctly.


Our gift guide for woodworkers wouldn’t be complete without including a few fun woodworking gifts for him. From a very unique woodcut game to an enjoyable wooden model, these gifting options are great for when they aren’t enjoying their favorite pastime or profession.
Best Gifts For Woodworkers Game

49. Memory Game

One of the best wood-themed gifts for woodworkers, the woodcut memory game is a unique iteration of the classic match-up game. Why play with a boring old deck of cards when this beautifully detailed stack provides better engagement and a much greater challenge. The game itself contains fifty-two cards with twenty-six distinctive woodcut prints, delivering hours of fun and doubling as a charming keepsake.
Gift Ideas For Woodworking Sign

50. Sign

Whether they’re a beginner woodworker or seasoned expert, a decorative sign is a perfect addition to brand their special workspace. The vintage sign is expertly handcrafted in the USA, featuring a custom woodworking image printed over high-grade Baltic birch plywood, allowing the natural wood grain texture to show through. Giving the appearance of an aged and weathered wooden sign, this unique plaque can be personalized to feature their name or a special slogan, with mounting hardware included.
Woodworking Gift Ideas Model

51. Model

A fun woodworking gift idea for their downtime, this detailed model is perfect for train lovers, model enthusiasts, and anyone interested in history. The UGears locomotive is made up of 443 machined wooden parts, taking roughly 12 hours to piece together. Requiring similar levels of patience as their DIY projects, this unique model combines the joy of woodworking with the challenges of a puzzle.

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