53 Gifts For Uncles With Style & A Sense Of Humor

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Gifts For Uncles

Whether he’s into sports, comics, drinking, or the latest gadgets and tech, our carefully curated gift guide contains a great selection of fun and stylish gifts for uncles. While a gift card is always the easiest option, a thoughtful and personal gift from his favorite niece or nephew will go a long way. So whether it’s a special anniversary, milestone birthday, or Christmas time, if you’re searching for the ultimate gift to spoil your favorite uncle, we are sure you’ll find the perfect present to convey just how much he means to you.

Table of Contents

Bar & Drinks

From the ultimate can cooler to a bucket list for recording all his favorite beverages, the section below contains only the best bar and drinks-related gifts your uncle is sure to be head over heels for.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Bottle Opener

1. Bottle Opener

This novelty bottle opener keyring is one of the best uncle gifts, perfect for a man who likes to have an opener close by his side. The Bottle Breacher presents a portable bottle opener created in the unique shape of a bullet! Made in the USA from solid brass, the 7.2mm bullet keychain is available in both natural brass and black finishes, including the option of unique personalization with his names or initials.
Best Uncle Gifts Drinks Bucket List

2. Drinks Bucket List

The perfect gift for an uncle with a passion for drinks is this unique Drinks Bucket List poster. The creative artwork presents an elegant scratch-off print design featuring an extensive list of the most popular and iconic drinks from all around the world. From cocktails to pure drinks, as well as vodka, whiskey, wine, and beer, this creative poster comprises 126 drinks for him to explore and enjoy. The sophisticated black and silver minimalist design is perfect for display in his bar room, man cave, or even office space, proudly and stylishly displaying his accomplishments.

Creative Gifts For Uncles Coffee Mug

3. Coffee Mug

If your favorite uncle is a fan of the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series, he is going to be very excited to receive this unique collectible! This creative decorative utility turns an otherwise ordinary ceramic coffee mug into a detailed sculpted drinking cup featuring the iconic villain, Skeletor, in striking tiki form. Made from premium materials that are conveniently dishwasher friendly, this eye-catching mug is perfect for enjoying his favorite beverage, as it is for prominent display.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Can Cooler

4. Can Cooler

The ultimate portable can cooler, the YETI Rambler Coaster is the perfect gift from a nephew who knows his uncle well. An ideal companion for both indoor and outdoor gatherings, this innovative can cooler features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep beverages cold and frosty for longer. Featuring a highly durable construction and unique no-sweat design, this amazing can cooler is available in 12 color choices and also includes a collector stash can for him to hide his valuables.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Gift Set

5. Gift Basket

If you’re searching for enticing gifts for uncles who enjoy their whiskey, then this bountiful gift basket is a perfect choice! The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler features a lavish selection of alcoholic samples for him to savor, including classics such as Johnnie Walker Black Label, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Glenfiddich 12 Year, Woodford Reserve, plus more! Beautifully presented in a sturdy BroBasket reusable container, the gift set also includes mouth-watering gourmet popcorn and a whiskey cocktail card for the perfect finishing touch.

Comics, Movies & Collectables

If he has an obsession with superheroes and villains, is a movie buff, or still a huge fan of his favorite childhood series, then this section contains a curated selection of the best gifts and collectibles from popular series, comic books, and films.
Best Uncle Gifts Cookie Jar

6. Cookie Jar

Is your uncle known to have the occasional sweet tooth? Part collectible, part decorative utility, this superhero-inspired cookie jar is the perfect container for him to stash his favorite sweets. Made from premium stoneware, the officially licensed container features none other than Superman, just the man he wants keeping his cookies and candy safe, fresh, and easily accessible when those cravings call.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Lego Set

7. LEGO Collectible

Uncles obsessed with the saga will be head over heels for this amazing LEGO collectible that is just as perfect for any dad or grandpa who are fans too! Depicting none other than the dark lord himself, the buildable figure features a detailed replica of Darth Vader’s iconic helmet in all its glory. The 834-piece collection offers a complex and rewarding building experience that is more than worthy of prominent display on his desk or bedside.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Restroom Poster

8. Restroom Poster

If he’s a huge fan of the classic cult film, this unique movie poster is one of the cheekiest uncle gifts that he is bound to fall in love with! The Restroom artwork depicts the iconic scene from the famous Pulp Fiction movie featuring a relaxed John Travolta seated on the toilet right before he meets his fate. Produced on heavyweight archival matte paper using pigment reactive ink, this amusing art print will give rise to the question of whether the bathroom is the safest or most dangerous room in his house.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Ashtray

9. Ashtray

Part series collectible part utility, this unique ashtray is surely one of the best gifts a nephew can give an uncle who enjoys lighting up. The decorative utility presents a highly creative ashtray designed in the form of Optimus Prime. Featuring a vivid and detailed sculpture depicting his head, the Transformers-inspired ashtray includes a discrete removable cover and makes for a bold and stylish piece of decor in his room or office while not in use.
Best Uncle Gifts Retro Lamp

10. Retro Lamp

One of the best vintage gifts for uncles who are movie buffs is this unique VHS-inspired lamp! Made from an original VHS, the innovative retro style lamp features branding from his favorite movie, creatively illuminated with a night light. These one-of-a-kind lamps can be designed based on any film with LED lighting in your choice of color. Featuring battery-powered lights or the option of USB charging and a remote control, this fun lamp makes for a striking statement piece perfect for bedside, desk, or even gaming and movie room display.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Planter

11. Planter

A creative and unique gift for an uncle who loves his superheroes is this stunning planter pot. The bold Spiderman head design features detailed and striking characteristics with vivid colors and markings that are bound to stand out. Handmade of high-quality polyurethane, this desktop planter is perfect for housing cacti, succulents, or even small accessories of his and is also available in a range of other iconic heroes and villains.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Action Figure

12. Figurine

An unrivaled gift for your fun uncle, this lifelike predator ornament is intimidating enough to scare any onlooker, except Arnie. Standing 29 inches tall, the realistic action figure features interchangeable body parts for a custom look and feel. Included in the set are four different heads, three left arms, and an LED operating shoulder cannon. In addition, he can display two unused heads on the included headstands, providing two extra decorative pieces to complement the 1:4 scale statue.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Silver Coin

13. Silver Coin

One of the coolest collectible uncle gift ideas, this 1oz silver coin is adorned with a classic comic-style depiction of the caped crusader. Set against the backdrop of Gotham City, the limited edition coin features Batman and Catwoman kissing in the moonlight. Included with the set is a protective display case and a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing limited production and the purity of the silver.

Wearable & Accessories

Whether he’s celebrating an anniversary or you’re searching for a thoughtful Father’s Day gift to let him know how much he means to you, below you will find a collection of practical and stylish wearables and accessories, whatever the special occasion is.
Best Uncle Gifts Pendant

14. Pendant Necklace

A unique uncle gift that stands out from the rest is this gorgeous modern necklace. The bold and abstract pendant presents a creative abstract design featuring an interlocking triangle and square design. Handmade from high-grade stainless steel, the geometric style necklace is available in black, silver, and gold finishes and will create a striking accessory perfect for everyday wear.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Wallet

15. Wallet

A perfect gift idea for your favorite uncle, this unique modular wallet comes equipped with a single pocket adapter, three pocket bi-fold adapter, or can be used as a stand-alone frame. The rugged Dango A10 Adapt is constructed from scratch-resistant aluminum, securely holding seven cards in its lightweight frame. RFID blocking capability protects personal information, while the addition of an A10 Chassis Clip will expand the capacity of the wallet to hold notes or attach to his pocket.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Shaving Kit

16. Shaving Kit

One of the most practical gifts for uncles to ensure they maintain a clean-shaven look is this deluxe shaving kit. The gorgeous set includes a genuine badger shaving brush and a premium double edge safety razor, both securely attached to a sleek and stylish stainless steel shaving stand with included shaving bowl. Beautifully packaged in an elegant black box, this luxury shaving stand is a must-have utility that is bound to make a striking statement in his bathroom.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Belt Buckle

17. Custom Belt Buckle

When it comes to one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts for loved ones, this gorgeous belt buckle is a very special keepsake your uncle will treasure forever. Exuding style and unique charm, the custom buckle presents an eye-catching Ace of Spades design that will make a striking impression on any waist. Intricately designed on steel plated brass with a polished mirror finish, this bold and alluring buckle also has the option of custom engraving on the reverse to create a truly personalized gift for him.
Best Uncle Gifts T-Shirt

18. T-Shirt

Do you have a fun uncle with a good sense of humor? If yes, he is sure to fall in love with this hilariously witty Jurassic Park inspired Uncle T-Shirt. The Unclesaurus shirt presents a bold statement tee, ensuring everyone in proximity is aware that if you mess with him, you’ll get JURASSKICKED! Featuring a high-quality print on very soft and comfortable material, this cool T-Shirt is available in 5 color options and various sizing options to suit proud Uncles of all shapes, sizes, and tastes.

19. Nail Grooming Kit

This handy nail grooming kit is the perfect Christmas, Father’s Day, or birthday gift that any well-kept Uncle will appreciate. The compact grooming kit presents a collection of useful accessories with everything he needs for regular nail care or even the occasional facial hair trim. The 4-piece set includes a nail clipper, nail file, tweezers, and small scissors, and comes perfectly packaged in a compact travel wallet, ideal for storing neatly at home or convenient portability while away.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Leather Apron

20. Leather Apron

From the garden to the toolshed and every hobby in between, this gorgeous leather apron is both a stylish and practical gift for an uncle who enjoys getting his hands dirty. The practical accessory presents an authentic distressed leather apron with a vintage waxy brown finish that is perfect for protecting his gear while he is busy at work. Including a spacious front pocket to store tools and adjustable neck and waist straps, this stunning apron is made of genuine soft and supple leather, featuring slight variations in texture and pattern that enhance the uniqueness of each piece.

Tech & Gadgets

From a fun portable Bluetooth speaker to a range of useful charging devices, the below section includes must-have tech and gadgets that your uncle both needs and wants.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Charging Tray

21. Charging Pad Tray

This practical and stylish charging pad tray is one of the most useful gifts for uncles to keep their tech charged and everyday accessories close at bay. The elegant 2-in-1utility presents a 3-coil single-device fast wireless charging pad placed alongside a handy tray to store keys, loose change, or jewelry. Crafted from beautiful pebble-grain Italian leather with a sturdy weighted non-slip construction, this stunning, functional accessory will elevate his bedside table, workspace, or other living spaces.
Best Uncle Gifts Speaker

22. Bluetooth Speaker

This fun portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for your uncle to listen to his favorite podcast at home or enjoy tunes while out. The JBL Flip 4 presents a compact waterproof speaker delivering impressive stereo quality sound for both indoor and outdoor entertainment. Featuring a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery offering up to 12 hours of continuous play, this amazing speaker also features built-in noise and echo-canceling for crystal clear conference calls and is available in 9 stylish colors to suit his taste.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Credit Card Pocket Knife

23. Credit Card Pocket Knife

If you’re searching for exciting gifts for an awesome uncle, then look no further than this unique pocket knife! The CardSharp2 presents an amazing ultra-thin, ultra-light portable knife that will comfortably fit into this wallet or pocket. Creatively designed in the shape of a credit card, the compact pocket knife features a 3-inch long blade made of strong surgical steel with a highly durable polypropylene handle that is guaranteed to withstand a lifetime of folding and unfolding. Featuring a clever locking mechanism for when the knife is neatly tucked away, this is one highly practical multi-purpose novelty gift that will come in handy for cutting through materials, opening boxes, or even slicing fruit.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Car Charger

24. Car Charger

This compact car charter is one of the smallest, but nonetheless best uncle gifts you can give him! The most useful gift he’ll ever own, the Maxboost car charger will ensure his devices are always fully charged and ready for use. The 24W / 4.8A USB car charger will swiftly and effectively power up any two of his favorite smart devices simultaneously. Made from high-quality materials, the device features a highly durable outer frame and includes an intelligent design that protects against short-circuiting or overheating and stops charging when the battery is full.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Tol Set

25. Tool Set

This fantastic 148-piece tool kit is an ideal gift every uncle needs to have on hand at home. The extensive set contains a curated selection of the most crucial tools required for everyday home maintenance and repairs. From measuring to hammering, cutting to tightening, all tools are neatly laid out and secured within a heavy-duty hardshell case that can be easily stored and accessed when required.
Best Uncle Gifts Charging Hub

26. Charging Hub

This very useful charging hub is exactly what your uncle needs to keep his office space neat, tidy, and on-point. The Smart Hub Bridge presents a sleek and stylish one-stop charging device that will simultaneously power up to 6 devices at a time. Featuring 2 AC outlets, 3 USB-A, and 1 USB-C port, as well as over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, the modern charging hub is designed with a contemporary fabric finish and genuine leather belt for tangle-free power that will seamlessly blend into any interior.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Microphone

27. Microphone

One of the best gifts for uncles who spend time communicating with friends and work colleagues online, a new microphone ensures his voice comes across crisp and clear. A perfect office and gaming room companion, the Blue Yeti condenser mic features integrated audio controls and a pivoting design. The elegant microphone is available in silver, black, and midnight blue color options, matching any room decor your favorite uncle may have.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Cooling Fan

28. Cooling Fan

Comfortably slotting into a carry case alongside his laptop, this portable cooling pad is perfect for desk and lap use. The silent fan comfortably fits devices of all sizes, easily connecting to his laptop’s USB port for power. Extendable legs allow the height to be adjusted, while the three powerful fans and cooling metallic surface ensure there is sufficient temperature regulation to avoid overheating of his device.

Sports & Fitness

Whether it’s a charming sports-inspired snack bowl or the ultimate massage tool, below you will find a fitting selection of gifts for an uncle interested in all things sports and fitness.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Snack Bowl

29. Personalized Snack Bowl

A charming Christmas gift any football fan will appreciate is this cute snack bowl. The sport-inspired bowl presents a unique design cut out of the shape of a football! Perfect for filling up with his favorite packaged snacks and candy, the decorative utility features classic football seam details and an elevated stand, and also includes custom personalization of his name or a short inscription on the reverse.
Best Uncle Gifts Football

30. Football

What do you get an uncle in love with the NFL? A football, of course! One of the most fitting uncle gift ideas for a hardcore fanatic of the game is an authentic football of the NFL. The official Wilson NFL MVP football presents a premium ball featuring a superior synthetic cover and tacky material for enhanced grip during play. Available in both brown and grey varieties, the ball comes in a series of sizing options, including miniature footballs, and is just as perfect for prominent display in his room, study, or man cave.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Smart Watch

31. Smart Watch

For the active uncle or an uncle who has suggested he needs to get fit, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 will keep him accountable. Featuring touch screen functionality, contactless payments, and built-in sports apps, the watch is designed for activities of everyday life. Faces can be customized to suit attire, while a week-long battery life ensures the gadget isn’t permanently attached to a charger.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Divot Tool

32. Personalized Divot Tool Set

If you’re after gifts for uncles who enjoy a day on the green, then this stylish divot toolset is for you. The unique personalized ball marker set presents a sleek and sophisticated custom kit that makes for a very thoughtful gesture any golfer will love. Crafted from premium wood with a striking chrome or gunmetal finish, the collection includes a personalized divot tool and hat clip, elegantly presented in a stylish display case ready for gifting.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Massager

33. Massager

One of the most thoughtful gifts he will receive from his favorite niece and nephew is a Theragun Elite. The ultimate massage tool, the Theragun presents an innovative percussive therapy massager that provides deep muscle therapy for the almost instant release of tension and improved circulation. Featuring an OLED display screen indicating speed, downward force, and remaining charge, the commercial-grade massaging device has a customizable speed range from 1750 – 2400 PPM and includes 5 easy-to-clean cell-foam attachments designed to target specific areas.
Best Uncle Gifts Indoor Hoop

34. Indoor Hoop

A playful and unique gift for a basketball fan is this fun indoor hoop. The decorative wall art presents a functional mini basketball hoop with a stylish scoreboard backing. Featuring a 3.5-inch basket attached to a premium metal base mounted over 5mm MDF, the creative decor comes with 2 mini balls for playtime and is the perfect accent to enhance his study, bar, man cave, or even corridor.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Gym Bag

35. Duffle Bag

Durable and stylish, this versatile duffle bag is the perfect companion for a gym addict or outdoor enthusiast. The premium duffle presents a rugged, manly style bag with a hard-wearing water-resistant exterior and breathable internal cotton layer. Expertly handmade from waxed canvas featuring premium full-grain leather reinforced handles, an adjustable padded shoulder strap, and sturdy brass hardware, this classic duffle bag includes the option for unique personalization and will make a great Father’s day gift for an uncle that’s just like a second Dad.

Fun & Games

From a classic handheld console to a unique chess set for enthusiasts, the section below contains a handpicked selection of entertaining gifts for uncles who enjoy fun and games.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Classic Console

36. Classic Console

Perfect for an uncle who enjoys playing the classics, this cool retro handheld console provides him with a massive range of built-in gaming entertainment. An enjoyable and thoughtful gift idea, the console is available in two memory capacities (64GB & 128GB) and supports twenty different game formats.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Annoying Puzzle

37. Annoying Puzzle

This frustrating puzzle is a unique uncle gift bound to either intrigue him or leave him pulling his hair out and throwing his hands up in the air! The Krypt puzzle is a unique jigsaw that is one of the most complex jigsaw puzzles ever to exist. Featuring no discernible image, the 654-piece puzzle presents a collection of oddly shaped pieces, all in the same silver hue. With no variation in color whatsoever, the only reference and assistance he’ll receive is the puzzle image – a silver circle within a silver rectangle – pictured on the back of the box.
Best Uncle Gifts Chess Set

38. Chess Set

A unique chess set is a great gift idea for an uncle with a passion for the traditional game. The contemporary set presents a modern and minimalist adaptation, featuring simple shapes and forms designed to mimic classic chess pieces. Expertly crafted from a fusion of premium maple, oak, and walnut wood and finished with a sleek white mineral oil coating, this beautifully handmade set is also available with a chess box and optional engraving.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Board Game

39. Board Game

Whether he’s a funny uncle obsessed with games, or a competitive guy who hates to lose, this epic board game allows him to do battle with family and friends. Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right is a war-based strategy game, perfect for up to four players. The game is based around four competing animal factions who have a fundamentally different approach to capturing the forest.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Giant Stress Ball

40. Giant Stress Ball

One of the more lighthearted uncle gift ideas he will enjoy is this giant stress ball. Featuring over three-quarters of a pound of unwinding power, this soft, rubbery giant toy is the perfect aid for kneading out any stress or aggravation at the end of a long day.

Custom & Personalized

From striking custom wall art to the perfect headphone stand, below you will find a curated list featuring unique, personalized pieces for every uncle.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Headphone Stand

41. Headphone Stand

One of the most unique gifts for uncles who are gamers, DJs, or simply adore music is this innovative headphone stand. The stand presents a creative curved silhouette design that is the perfect shape to neatly store and display a pair of headphones. Expertly handcrafted from premium plexiglass with a solid birch plywood base, the custom stand can include unique personalization just for him.
Best Uncle Gifts Wall Art

42. Custom Wall Art

One of the most thoughtful gifts for a baseball-playing uncle is this gorgeous custom wall art. The striking artwork presents a creative design, featuring the silhouette of a baseball player uniquely created using a typographic design consisting entirely of common terminology and slang related to the sport. Available in a variety of color options, the archival giclee-print is personalized to feature his name and number, with similar custom prints also available in a variety of other sports to select from.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Lighter

43. Personalized Lighter

Both a gorgeous keepsake and practical gift for your favorite uncle is this charming personalized lighter. Featuring expert craftsmanship and made in the USA, this official Armor Case Zippo presents a solid, durable metal construction that is 1.5 times thicker than a standard Zippo lighter. The rugged antique silver plate lighter features a striking deep carved American flag and is personalized just for him with a stunning engraved monogram or a short personal message.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Whiskey Glasses

44. Personalized Whiskey Glasses

A thoughtful gift for an uncle who appreciates a tipple is this stunning pair of personalized whiskey glasses. Specifically designed to enjoy his favorite drink, the set of Glencairn glasses perfectly channel aromas towards the narrow rim to create a bold and richer flavor. Expertly crafted, these gorgeous glasses are also uniquely personalized with his name featuring bold, unmistakable initial branding.


Whether it’s a stunning personalized gift or a sleek travel mug, the section below contains a handpicked selection of practical and stylish gifts perfect for a busy professional.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Briefcase

45. Briefcase

An ideal gift for a suave uncle is this luxurious leather briefcase. Featuring a slim and sleek design, this professional bag presents a stylish and practical accessory that will complete his corporate look. Crafted from genuine smooth pebble grain leather, with a premium poly-cotton fabric interior, the briefcase consists of two sturdy top handles, durable brass hardware, and the option to include a handy shoulder trap and classy initial personalization on the front.
Best Uncle Gifts Travel Mug

46. Travel Mug

One of the most practical and stylish gifts for uncles always on the move is this unique travel mug. The Fellow Carter Move Mug presents a sleek travel cup designed with an innovative splash guard. The portable heat-proof thermos is vacuum-sealed, leak-proof, and features a thin tapered lip for comfortable drinking. Available in 5 trending color choices, this amazing mug is also uniquely coated in ceramic instead of stainless steel, optimizing the taste and flavor of each sip.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Mouse

47. Mouse

Featuring an innovative and refined style, this unique mouse is a great gift idea for an uncle who spends most of his days in front of a screen. The Microsoft Arc Mouse is an ultra-slim and lightweight flat wireless mouse with an optimized ergonomic and beautifully structured design that securely snaps into place when required. Allowing both vertical and horizontal scrolling for easier navigation, the stylish mouse presents a smooth and sophisticated aesthetic available in four contemporary color choices that will seamlessly blend into any work environment.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Journal

48. Journal

A personalized gift for a budding writer or professional is this stunning personalized journal. The one-of-a-kind notebook presents an authentic leather journal with a stylish classic look and feel. Crafted from 100% top grain distressed leather, the A5 refillable journal comes equipped with 112 sheets of beautiful cotton paper, featuring a pen holder and bold and unique personalization on the front cover and inside or back cover if you wish.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Skincare Set

49. Skincare Set

If you thought luxurious skincare gifts were only for your favorite aunt, then think again! The Essentials box set presents a comprehensive skincare kit containing everything he needs to take care of his hair, face, and body. This luxurious yet practical gift contains a bottle of invigorating shampoo, charcoal exfoliating face cleanser, lightweight non-greasy moisturizer, and a refreshing bar of men’s soap.

Home & Decor

From a hilarious bath mat to a practical and stylish door stop, below you will find great gifts to update and enhance his many spaces.
Best Uncle Gifts Bath Mat

50. Bath Mat

One of the best gifts for uncles with a love of superheroes and a good sense of humor is this amusing bath mat. A hilarious and unique statement piece for their bathroom, the creative design presents a series of iconic superheroes caught with their butts on display! Featuring a soft quick-dry microfiber surface with comfy memory foam cushioning and skid-proof backing, this funny decorative utility is available in two sizing options to suit their space.
Creative Gifts For Uncles Coasters

51. Coasters

If thoughts of your favorite uncle stir fond and fun memories you shared together as a kid, then these simple and creative coasters are the perfect gift. Reminiscent of playful days when life was uncomplicated, these charming pallet-style coasters creatively fuse form and function. The set of 6 wooden coasters will prevent notorious water rings and marks from surfaces and are just as perfect for a warm cup of tea as they are for an icy cold beer or beverage.
Great Presents For Your Uncle Mouse Pad

52. Mousepad

Everyone has a cool uncle who’s still ‘with it’ and keeping up with the times. If he happens to be a fan of vinyl or DJing, why not surprise him with this unique mousepad! Featuring a high-quality printed image on a 3mm thick pad, the creative design depicts artwork of a striking turntable and record player that is bound to make an impact on his desk.
Awesome Uncle Gift Ideas Door Stop

53. Door Stop

Because why settle for a boring old door stopper when you can get creative?! One of the best uncle gifts for his home or office space is this fun and unique doorstop. The decorative utility presents a heavy-duty yet flexible stopper that will protect floors while offering superior slip resistance. Featuring a soft-touch finish, the doorstop is available in three bold and stylish finishes that seamlessly blend with interiors.

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