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32 Exciting Gifts For Soccer Players

Gifts For Soccer Players
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Gifts For Soccer Players

If you’re shopping for the most fitting gifts for soccer players to quench their thirst for the game, we have created the ultimate gift list for soccer fanatics! From useful training gear to keep their game on point to unique clothing, decor, and accessories, you’re bound to score a winning goal with family and friends who live and breathe the game!

Training & Skills

Gifts For Soccer Players: Training & Skills

From solo and group training equipment to the one and only soccer ball they’ll ever need, the following gifts for soccer fans showcase a hand-picked selection of the best training gear to enhance their skills and perfect their technique, all whilst enjoying their favorite game.

1. Soccer Ball

One of the best and most essential soccer gifts for dedicated players is undoubtedly a brand new soccer ball. The Adidas Finale 20 Pro is a professional quality ball used by footballing greats in the UEFA Champions League. Officially approved by FIFA, the match ball ensures both games and practice sessions are played at high standards while being thoroughly enjoyed. The professional soccer ball is constructed from thermally bonded polyurethane which offers a soft feel and exceptional durability.

2. Mini Goals

Whether for training drills or outdoor games with friends and family, a set of portable pop-up soccer nets are a perfect finishing target. The miniature soccer goals are compact, sturdy, and are accompanied by a convenient carry bag for easy transport and storage. Multi-grip stakes ensure the goals are safely secured into the ground, and a fold-out construction ensures a quick setup that requires no assembly. Available in three size variations; 2.5 ft, 4ft, and 6ft, the mini-goals also feature a reflective net for games that go late into the evening.

3. Rebounding Net

While it’s commonplace to practice ball control and dribbling alone, practicing field passing and volleying tends to require a companion. The Quickster Soccer Trainer is a great solution for solo practice, maximizing passes, and developing first touch. The lower net is perfect for ground passing, rolling the ball back to players as if it had come from a teammate’s boot. The taller net is for practicing volleys and half volleys, providing a central target to help sharpen a player’s aim. The rebounding net itself is lightweight, durable, and easy to set up, neatly packing away in a portable carry bag.

4. Large Goals

While miniature goals are great for training drills and play within confined spaces, this soccer gift idea is great for large field games. Constructed with a steel frame, these portable soccer goals are roughly half the width of a regulation size goal. The frame is powder-coated to resist weather wear, while a durable net is attached using velcro stips making it easy to attach and remove.

5. Solo Trainer

A great gift for soccer players to practice shooting, passing, and receiving balls is a Star-Kick Solo Trainer. While a rebounding net is used for soft touch and ground balls, an adjustable solo trainer allows the player to use more power and receive balls at pace. How does it work? A glove is fitted around the ball and a belt is fitted around the player’s waist. An adjustable cord connects the belt and glove preventing the ball from flying away. The ball is pulled back at pace by the stretchy cord, requiring players to handle the ball as if it was passed to them from a distance.

6. Agility Ball

A training aid for coordination and agility, the Kwik Goal Agility Ball makes a usually anticipated bounce unpredictable. Perfect for field players and goalkeepers alike, the durable poly-foam ball challenges players’ reactions as deflections and passes move in an irregular manner.

7. Agility Ladder

A classic piece of training equipment aimed at footwork and change of direction, an agility ladder is simple, effective, and can be used just about anywhere. The ProSourceFit speed agility ladder features a convenient roll-up design made from plastic rungs, nylon straps, and is packaged in a convenient carrying case. In addition to multi-directional training, foot speed, balance, and body control, the agility ladder is a great tool for cardiovascular conditioning.

8. Team Bag

A useful soccer gift for coaches, squad leaders, or players assigned the responsibility of transporting the team’s balls is a team ball bag. The Adidas Stadium bag features a large drawstring opening and sturdy polyester construction. Built to house 12-15 soccer balls, the bag comfortably rests on the player’s shoulder via a sling-style shoulder strap.

Shoes & Clothing

Gifts For Soccer Players: Shoes & Clothing

Whether it’s the iconic jersey or scarf of their favorite team, or the best training attire to enhance and elevate their performance, below you will find the perfect gifts for soccer lovers to sport their passion with pride.

9. Jersey

No soccer player is without their heroes, so an authentic jersey of their favorite team and player is a perfect gift for soccer lovers. Whether it’s the (pictured) Lionel Messi Barcelona away jersey, this Luka Modrić Real Madrid, or this national USA jersey, there’s a favorite for every fan. Featuring VaporKnit technology, the jerseys are comfortably breathable and fit to match the body’s shape.

10. Team Scarf

One of the most essential soccer gifts for fans of all ages is undoubtedly a quality team scarf. Whether for keeping their neck warm during winter, showing support while in public, or waving it around in excitement at a match, a scarf is a perfect supporters gift. In addition to being worn, a team scarf can be hung on display in a bedroom or living room while the game is on for a little extra atmosphere.

11. Team Hat

With a multitude of designs, styles, and teams to choose from, soccer-playing fans are sure to appreciate a new team cap. Keeping the sun out of their eyes, providing a protective covering, and showcasing club support, are all included in this one neat gift. The featured adjustable Juventus cap comes with a pre-curved brim and is constructed from 100% cotton twill.

12. Shin guards

If you’re after game time gifts for soccer players, look no further than a brand new pair of shin guards. Made to feel as if no guard is being worn, the G-Form Pro-S Elite provides a snug and comfortable fit that conforms to the shape of players’ shins. A moisture-wicking sleeve holds the shin guards in place, preventing the guards from slipping down while on the field. Strategically placed vents provide breathability, reducing heat, and minimizing sweat. Most importantly, the G-Form Pro-S Elite provides excellent shin safety, utilizing patented G-Form technology which hardens on impact, distributing pressure evenly across the pad.

13. Field Gloves

The perfect birthday or Christmas gift for soccer players who play in cold weather, a pair of field gloves will keep their hands warm in the winter months. The Nike HyperWarm gloves feature flexible cuffs for a secure fit and textured palm grips that improve ball grip during throw-ins.

14. Goalkeeper Gloves

A gift for the last line of defense, this pair of gloves are made for the only player on the field allowed to handle the ball. The K-LO Fingersave goalkeeper gloves protect fingers from bending injuries, providing support and protection where it’s needed most. In addition to the cool modern design, the goalie gloves feature a 360-degree velcro strap for a secure fit and a latex palm shell for superior handling, even in wet conditions.

15. Cleats

Secondary only to a game ball, the next soccer gift idea is essential for any player taking the field. Designed for speed, the Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite soccer boots offer a secure fit, comfortably wrapping around players’ feet. In terms of traction, the boots are fitted with angular studs, lightweight forefoot plate, and NikeGrip interior to prevent feet from sliding. The firm ground cleats also feature a dynamic collar and minimal material construction to ensure a speedy game-time experience.

16. Recovery Sandal

One of the coolest wearable gifts for soccer players, the Oofos OOahh sandals are a great post-match and day-after footwear option. The OOahh Sport Slide recovery sandals reduce the impact of walking by reducing 37% of the shock that usually feet, knees, and lower back absorb.

17. Compression Socks

Perfect for soccer practice and running for cardio conditioning, a pair of compression socks help aid recovery and the run itself. Made from a polyamide and elastane blend, the CEP Progressive+ Nighttech socks provide consistent compression around the player’s calf. A tight top band prevents the socks from working their way down the leg, while the innovative knit design helps moderate temperature. The main feature is of course their compression function which increases circulation while running, preventing doms, shin splints, and overuse injuries.

18. Shorts

For birthdays or Christmas, bundled, or a gifted solo, a new pair of soccer shorts will always be welcomed. The Puma ftblNXT graphic shorts feature a thick waistband, moisture-wicking properties, and a regular fit design for maximum comfort.


Gifts For Soccer Players: Utility

What better gift ideas for soccer fans than those which serve a practical purpose! From post-training must-haves to the latest and most useful accessories, the following selection of soccer gifts are bound to get plenty of great use and be very much appreciated!

19. Massage Gun

If you’re after unique soccer gifts for players that play at high competition levels, look no further than the Tokfit massage gun. Aimed at helping performance by way of fascial release, the high powered massage gun is capable of penetrating deep into the muscle. The Tokfit T2 comes equipped with six massage heads aimed at targeting different areas of the body and varying muscle sizes. The device features a clean digital touch screen display and a thick sturdy handle that houses a high-performance lithium battery. Easy to operate, the massager offers twenty-speed settings which are used to awaken muscles, relax muscle fascia, decompose lactic acid, and provide a deep massage.

20. Fitbit

Modern soccer players, athletes, and fitness fanatics require a fitness tracking device to help monitor performance and energy expenditure. The Fitbit Inspire HR provides all of the essentials in a compact and comfortable package. Measuring output to monitor goal progression as well as ensuring players don’t overtrain are key to game time success. The Fitbit is also capable of monitoring sleep, an often overlooked aspect of performance, providing insight into duration and quality. Accessible from the Fitbit app, players can view sleep stages and track their general sleep score. A key feature of the sports watch is the long battery life and short charge time, offering five days of charge and a two hour recharge time.

21. Boot Dryer

Tired of soggy cleats that are still wet between practices and matches? This soccer gift idea ensures boots are dry and left without sweat and odor in a matter of hours. The Peet electric boot dryer efficiently eliminates moisture, preserving their cleats and keeping footwear free from mildew and mold. Power efficient, the dryer uses less electricity than a lightbulb, silently drying without getting hot.

22. Stretch Mat

One of the more unconventional gifts for soccer players, a portable stretch mat inspires the activity responsible for promoting flexibility, injury prevention, and postural improvement. Designed with athletes in mind, the Roll Recovery StretchMat features 4mm thick padding, a slip-free underside, and a sweat-resistant design. The large surface area is perfect for pre and post-workout stretching as well as stretching on the go as an exercise in and of itself.

23. Headphones

Who doesn’t like a little additional motivation during a tough workout or skills session? The Aftershokz Aeropex bone conduction headphones offer quality audio without compromising surrounding sound. Made possible by utilizing vibration, the lightweight headphones are more secure than earbuds and won’t restrict head movement like over-ear alternatives. In terms of functionality, Aftershokz Aeropex offer eight hours of battery life, ten days standby, and is a much safer option for activities that require an awareness of the direct environment such as jogging in the street.

24. Foam Roller

Perfect for athletes of all sporting origins, a reliable foam roller helps ease soreness, reduce inflammation, and promote muscle recovery. The Triggerpoint Grid 2.0 allows soccer players to target trigger points through self-massage, rolling out knots, and quickly improving movement. The roller itself is hollow, hard, and stable, providing a wide surface for accommodating bodies of all sizes.

25. Cufflinks

An elegant gift for soccer players, these lustrous soccer balls are not built for kicking, but adding finishing touches to his formal outfit. Finished in rhodium plated silver, the soccer-themed cufflinks showcase their passion for the game as they attend important events. The three-dimensional silver and black cufflinks are a unique gift for football fans that already have all the equipment and fan gear.

26. Golf Balls

A unique soccer gift for players who are also avid golfers, this set of soccer ball resembling golf balls is a fun Christmas or birthday idea. The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are optimally designed for visibility which is increasingly useful as the ball frequents shrubs and trees. Built for speed and low spin, the Callaway Chrome pack contains twelve balls and is available in five color combinations.

27. Gift card

The gift that allows your beloved soccer player to select their own present, an Amazon gift card is the right choice when you just can’t decide. Since they love the game of soccer, the gift card comes presented in a unique soccer ball tin in line with the theme, allowing for a range of gift choices.


Gifts For Soccer Players: Decor

From vibrant wall art to amazing soccer-themed decor, we have compiled the most spectacular gifts for soccer lovers that proudly display their passion for all to see.

28. Wall Art

One of the greatest to ever play the game, the next of our soccer gift ideas features the Juventus and Real Madrid legend dressed in his iconic France 98 national kit. This creative Zinedine Zidane canvas artwork is set against a vibrant impasto backdrop, depicting the Frenchman receiving a ball on his right foot, executing his unparalleled ball control. The artwork is printed on fade-resistant poly-cotton blend canvas and is available in two sizes: 12×16 inch and 18x 24 inch. If a modern football master is more desirable, this Lionel Messi art print or this Christiano Ronaldo art poster are two impressive alternatives.

29. Clock

Decorating walls while letting you know the time, a soccer ball clock is a perfect gift for any young soccer player. The modern minimalistic wall clock is constructed from bamboo wood, featuring a natural finish, plexiglass face, and four metal hand colors to choose from. Controlled by a Quartz mechanism, the soccer ball clock is sure to find a permanent place on any football player’s bedroom wall.

30. Night Light

A uniquely illuminating soccer gift, this crowned 3D soccer ball night light creates a stunning 3D optical illusion. Engraved on an eco-friendly acrylic panel, the awesome lamp can be displayed in seven different colors. The LED lamp is perfect for Christmas and birthdays, creating a vibrant atmosphere in any young soccer player’s bedroom.

31. Throw Blanket

A football-themed gift for keeping players warm at home, this soccer ball pattern throw blanket is a fantastic additional layer. Whether for sleeping at night or rugging up in front of the TV, this polyester fleece throw will keep them nice and cozy.

32. Decorative Curtain Rod

If you’re after unconventional gifts for soccer players the next gift idea is for you! This beautiful decorative curtain rod is made from iron and features a polyresin soccer ball finish. The adjustable rod is available in three size variations and comes packaged with essential mounting hardware.

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