42 Enduring Gifts For Runners

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Gifts For Runners

We have collated the ultimate list of both practical and endearing gifts for runners that they are bound to adore! There are a range of options to suit their specialty, from unique training gear and accessories to assist their running sessions and aid their experience, to everyday personal items and special mementos to signify their accomplishments and passion. So whether it’s gifts for marathon runners or trail runners or those who run for leisure that you’re buying for, we are sure you’ll find the ideal gift that complements their enduring passion for running.

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The following section includes useful accessories for runners to assist and enhance their running sessions. From amazing tangle-free headphones for motivational, hassle-free running to practical accessories that will assist their training, you can be sure the following gadgets and accessories for runners will be very welcome gifting options.
Gifts For Runners Wireless Earbuds

1. Wireless Earbuds

If you’re searching for the best gadgets for runners that motivate and enhance their running experience, the Sennheiser Momentum True 2 is the ultimate choice. These state of the art earbuds feature active noise cancellation, customizable touch control, smart pause, and a generous twenty-eight hours of battery life when stored in their case. In addition to the myriad of amazing features, the Momentum True 2 is ergonomically designed, providing unparalleled comfort on each and every run.
Gift Ideas For Runners FlipBelt

2. Flip Belt

There are some gifts for runners that are indispensable and the following is surely one of them! The FlipBelt is the ultimate solution to carry all their necessary items while on the move, hands-free. The patented high-tech Spandex-Lycra belt features a versatile internal pocket system easily accessible from four exterior openings. Simply flipping the belt inside out locks everything in place, allowing runners to carry their phone, keys, gel packs, or credit cards safely and securely. With a very comfortable non-bounce and even design that is conveniently machine washable, the FlipBelt will soon become any jogger’s best friend.
Running Gifts For Her TrailHeads Ponytail Headband

3. Headband

What are those gifts for runners that they cannot do without? Any runner can relate to the frustration of sweat and hair interfering with their vision when all they want to do is run! The TrailHeads ponytail headband is the perfect companion, offering a stylish and comfortable solution for runners. Made from luxuriously soft brushed fabric, the headband features moisture-wicking fabric to easily absorb sweat and a stretchy 4 ¼ inch opening that accommodates most ponytails, and can also be worn without. The unique headband also includes reflective cover stitching and logo, perfect for enhanced visibility during the evening and late-night runs. Another great alternative option perfect for winter is this stylish cable knit headband with a soft and warm fleece lining to keep runners cozy during the cooler months.
Running Gifts For Him Phone Armband

4. Running Arm Band

If the FlipBelt is not quite their thing, one of those great gift ideas for runners is a running armband. The VUP running armband is an ultra-lightweight accessory designed for speed and comfort during wear. The rotating armband easily and securely attaches to their arm for full accessibility while on the move. The sports band offers 180-degree rotation with an open face design, including a built-in hidden key holder, and also features reflective material for safe running after dark.
Gift Ideas For Runners AfterShokz

5. Bone Conduction Headphones

Whether they’re running on an open road or prefer getting out on the trail, hearing what’s approaching is paramount to their safety. The AfterShocks Aeroplex are perfect for the runner who likes to remain aware of their surroundings, keeping their ears clear and allowing natural sound to enter. Uniquely delivering audio through the cheekbone, the bone conduction headphones rely on vibration for audio rather than the direct sound they would get using headphones and earbuds. The AfterShocks Aeroplex features eighth hours of battery life, a durable waterproof design and a lightweight frame, weighing less than an ounce.
Gifts For Runners SoftBottle

6. Water Bottle

This unique versatile water bottle is the ultimate travel companion for active people. The Platypus SoftBottle is a reusable collapsible drink bottle that is significantly lighter in weight than a standard hard water bottle. Featuring a smart compact lay flat design, the base expands once filled so the bottle stands upright and also includes a push-pull cap that conveniently dispenses contents without removal of the cap.
Running Gifts For Her Knuckle Lights

7. Knuckle Lights

If you’re searching for unique and creative gadgets for runners, look no further than these illuminating knuckle lights. Made for running in the dark, the handy lights not only signal to oncoming vehicles that there is someone on the road, they light up the entire path in front of the wearer ensuring they avoid any hidden obstacles. The knuckle lights come in a set of two and feature soft silicon straps, wide flood beams, and are suitable for use in all weather conditions.
Running Gifts For Him Gloves

8. Thermal Gloves

The TrailHeads running gloves are a wonderful winter accessory that allows the runner in your life to keep warm and access all their smartphone running apps without taking the gloves off! Available in his and hers options, the thermal quick-drying gloves feature four-way stretch fabric, conductive tips, and silicone palm grips for increased dexterity.
Gift Ideas For Runners Backpack

9. Backpack

If you’re after the best gifts for runners who enjoy traversing the wilderness, or those who incorporate running sessions into their daily commute to work or school, then the following item makes for both a practical and purposeful gift. The Under Armour Scrimmage 2.0 backpack presents a versatile, long-wearing backpack fit for any kind of weather. Made from 100% polyester, the lightweight and comfortable bag features Under Armour Storm technology that easily repels water without sacrificing breathability. The multi-purpose bag holds a generous 25-liter capacity and includes 2 zip-shut compartments, a quick-stash front pocket, and mesh water bottle pockets on both sides.
Gifts For Runners Jogging Stroller

10. Running Stroller

For runners that are expecting or have just welcomed a new baby, a running stroller is a thoughtful gift to keep their motivation and passion alive during those early years. The Thule Urban Glide 2 is a stylish yet robust pram that is the perfect transport for taking baby with them on a daily run. Featuring superior built-in suspension, integrated hand brake, and a swivel front wheel that locks into place for running, new parents will feel reassured taking their precious cargo with them each and every outing.
Running Gifts For Her ID Bracelet

11. ID Bracelet

A valuable gift for runners that is not often considered is a quality ID bracelet. Particularly important for solo runners and those who frequently travel, an identification bracelet is a useful accessory that will notify strangers of important details should anything happen to them while they’re out running. Made from durable silicone, the sleek and lightweight ID bracelet contains a tough stainless steel clasp and stylish customizable faceplate allowing up to 5 lines of crisp engraved text for vital information such as their name, DOB, emergency contact, and any allergies or pre-existing medical conditions.

Training Aids

There are a number of necessities that greatly benefit runners of all kinds during their regular training sessions. Whether it’s the ultimate smartwatch for performance metrics and satellite tracking, or useful accessories for a smooth running experience, we have put together the best training aids that runners are bound to welcome with open arms.
Running Gifts For Him Watch

12. Running Watch

Next up is a gift idea for runners who love to run on the road or off the beaten track. Essential for any athlete serious about performance, the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is an endurance powerhouse smartwatch with a rugged yet sophisticated design. The GPS-enabled running watch uses a wrist-based heart rate monitor, so no more clunky strap and transmitter attached to their chest. With a myriad of running features, the Fenix 6 Pro makes use of multiple satellite systems, pace guidance, respiration tracking, and ABC sensors for weather and altitude, including a compass for direction. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Garmin 6 Pro is the combination of topographical maps and its round trip routing function, which allows runners to enter their desired running distance and the Garmin provides a suggested route! In addition to the watch and documentation, within the box they will find a charging cable that can also be used for data transfer and with the Sapphire editions, a stylish Quickfit 22 silicone band.
Gift Ideas For Runners Weighted Vest

13. Weighted Vest

Comfortable and balanced, the following gift for runners increases the intensity of their workouts by simply being worn. Filed with scent-free iron rather than smelly sand, the Aduro Sports weighted vest is perfect for adding a level of difficulty to their running sessions. The vest comes in five weight variations, ranging from a modest 4lbs all the way up to 25lbs. Made from neoprene for maximum comfort and breathability, the Aduro Sports weighted vest features adjustable buckles and a convenient mesh storage pocket.
Gifts For Runners Insoles

14. Insoles

Is the runner in your life complaining about sore knees, shins, or heals? Dr. Scholl’s running insoles significantly reduce the shock associated with each step by 40%, helping prevent and minimize common running injuries. Designed specifically for running shoes and sneakers, these insoles will help reduce the wear and tear on feet and legs, allowing runners to stay in their zone and focus on their end goal.
Running Gifts For Her Headlamp

15. Head Lamp

One of the most essential gadgets for runners who run in low lighting, the Reactik headlamp is perfect for safely speeding past obstacles as they veer off the beaten track. Emitting 300 lumens of lighting power, the headlamp utilizes reactive lighting technology, featuring an integrated sensor to analyze and automatically adjust the lighting. The Reactik presents three lighting types: focussed, wide, and mixed, and can be easily recharged via USB. Most impressive of all is the Bluetooth functionality which connects the headlamp to the mobile app. Why would you connect a headlamp to an app you ask? A range of functions can be accessed via the app, such as battery charge monitoring, available burn time, on the fly light adjustment, custom profiles, and the creation of morse code emergency messages, just in case.
Running Gifts For Him Cleats

16. Traction Cleats

Never let the winter get in the way of a good run with this pair of Yaktrax traction cleats. A perfect birthday or Christmas gift idea, these cleats are designed to allow runners to easily traverse terrains even in extreme conditions such as snow and ice. Comfortably fitting over all running shoes no matter the brand, the Yaktrax traction cleats are available in four variations that cover a range of shoe sizes.
Gift Ideas For Runners Energy Gel

17. Energy Gel

An essential consumable gift for runners, this twenty-four pack of endurance gel helps with refueling and replacing electrolytes lost through sweat. With a variety of flavor options such as chai latte, cherry lime, and cold brew coffee, the carbohydrate gel also contains branched-chain amino acids for improved cardiac output and reduced mental fatigue, helping the body re-energize for their next training session.
Gifts For Runners Anti Chafe Balm

18. Anti-Chafe Balm

Because nobody enjoys chafing and some don’t like compression tights, the following gift for marathon runners is easily applied and allows for a comfortable run. Preventing hours of skin rubbing before it begins, Body Glide is made to be used on any troubled areas such as inner thighs, underarms, chest, and shoulders to stop irritation from friction. The handy balm can be used in both dry and humid conditions, providing lasting protection while allowing sweat to escape, and is also available in a version for her.


We have compiled a selection of the best training gear for runners to provide a seamless running experience each and every session. From amazing running shoes to versatile performance clothing, the following garments and accessories are bound to enhance their training sessions, whether rain, hail, or shine.
Running Gifts For Him Running Shoes

19. Runners

One of the best and most obvious gift ideas for runners is a brand new pair of running shoes. Whether the runner in your life is a man or woman, the charming Tree Dashers by Allbirds offer stability, breathability, and superior support. Made from premium renewable materials, these amazing running shoes are machine washable, odor-reducing, and perfectly conform to their steps with the innovative use of flexible soles.
Gift Ideas For Runners Joggers

20. Running Pants

Because running in comfort is important, these slim-cut joggers are just as perfect for a casual jog as they are for grueling running sessions. Available in Burnt Olive and Purple Charcoal, the Evade 3 Signature Joggers are a perfect piece of training attire for women. The material features a four-way stretch that moves to support the wearer and a drawcord band ensures a perfect fit around the waist. If the runner in your life is a man, the Prospect Active Joggers provide thermal comfort for warm, lightweight, and durable wear.
Running Gifts For Her Socks

21. Socks

Looking for some gifts for runners who have everything? An article of clothing always welcome by amateurs and experienced runners alike is a fresh pair of socks. The polyester-spandex blend Saucony performance socks feature venting technology and target zone cushioning for added comfort in high impact zones. For a men’s alternative, these comfort fit no-show socks offer a great balance of support and comfort.
Gifts For Runners Skull Cap

22. Beanie

An ideal gift for runners particularly during cooler months is a high-performance beanie. Lightweight and stylish, this award-winning skull cap style beanie features a flat-seam construction that comfortably fits over ears. Made from stretchy and breathable fabric, the beanie easily wicks away sweat while running and also features a brushed thermal lining that retains heat to keep the head and ears warm.
Running Gifts For Her Hat

23. Hat

This performance running hat is what every runner needs to protect them during the warmer months so they can focus on their goal. Presenting a sleek and stylish design, the lightweight quick-dry sports hat delivers a snug, customized fit that also comfortably allows for a ponytail. Made from aerated poly-mesh moisture-wicking fabric to keep runners dry and comfortable, the design also features a dark underbill to keep their face shaded, reduce glare, and enhance visibility and is also available in stylish men’s design.
Running Gifts For Him Shorts

24. Men’s Shorts

If you’re searching for functional and fashionable gifts for runners this summer season, a pair of stylish athletic shorts are going to be warmly welcomed. These versatile men’s running shorts feature lightweight quick-dry moisture absorbing and sweat releasing fabric to keep runners dry and comfy. Side mesh panels enhance ventilation, whilst built-in mesh liner aids support and protection. The shorts also include handy side pockets for storing items and reflective elements for visibility in low light. A great alternative training gear option for women are these gorgeous running yoga-style shorts, featuring a high waisted band and stylish and comfortable snug fit.
Gift Ideas For Runners Jacket

25. Running Jacket

Seamlessly combining fashion and practicality, this stylish jacket is the perfect accessory for her daily running sessions. Made from premium nylon and spandex material, the track jacket is light and airy, whilst providing a super soft layer of warmth without overheating or preventing ventilation. Featuring a full zip-up innovative style suited to flatter a range of body shapes, the running jacket includes handy front pockets and thumbholes to increase hand coverage and warmth during chilly seasons and is available in 25 beautiful color variations. This functional and attractive jacket style is also available in a hooded men’s version, featuring a comfortable slim fit, whilst offering full range of movement during training.
Gifts For Runners Tights

26. Compression Tights

Ideal for running in the cold of winter, these Under Armour compression tights are the perfect companion for runners, seamlessly fusing functionality with aesthetics. Tough and lightweight, the HeatGear Glare Tight features a unique center-front Speedpocket waistband exclusive to Under Armour that expands to keep all body parts completely secure. Water-resistant and bounce-free, the tights include a built-in brief for added support, anti-odor technology, and feature reflective details for greater visibility whilst running in low-light.
Running Gifts For Him Compression Shorts

27. Compression Shorts

Designed as a second skin, these amazing Under Armour compression shorts feature a soft and lightweight construction that delivers relentless support for runners, without sacrificing comfort. Made from fast-drying sweat-wicking material that also features anti-odor properties, the ergonomic design of these compression shorts keeps seams at distance from high abrasion areas and increases durability. The shorts include a stretch-mesh gusset and inseam panels to deliver strategic ventilation whilst on the move, an engineered elastic waistband, as well as 4-way stretch construction for seamless movement in every direction.


Every runner needs time for rest and recovery to recharge their body for.. their next running session of course! From the ultimate stretching and flexibility tools to the perfect stress-relief post-workout shoes, we have compiled a few of the most unique and effective recovery products and accessories to unwind, strengthen, and prepare their bodies for the next challenge.
Running Gifts For Her Stretch Out Strap

28. Stretch Strap

If you’re wondering what are the best gift ideas for runners that they will benefit from, then the next item should be a priority on your gifting list! The original Stretch Out Strap is the first stretching strap on the market, designed to easily perform deep solo stretching exercises for greater flexibility. The durable 6.4-inch professional nylon strap includes 10 individual foot and hand loops to allow convenient, targeted stretching of muscles in the core, back, legs, arms, shoulders, and more. The Stretch Out Strap is the perfect tool for runners to utilize both pre and post running sessions, promoting greater flexibility, improved range of motion, enhanced muscle recovery, and reduced risk of injury.
Gift Ideas For Runners Massage Gun

29. Massage Gun

An innovative and useful gadget for runners, this recovery tool improves circulation and relaxes muscle tension without the need for a professional massage. The runner in your life will fall in love with the Tokfit T2 massage gun, which comes with six different massage heads and twenty adjustable speed settings. Addressing different muscle groups and application types, the six heads that accompany the Tokfit T2 include a U-shaped head, flat head, cylinder head, wedge head, air-cushioned head, and a multi-purpose spherical head. The myofascial massage gun features a Lithium battery with up to 8 hours of charge, an AI smart chip and a touch screen digital display for easy operation.
Gifts For Runners Vibrating Foam Roller

30. Foam Roller

A cool gift for runners who are obsessive about their pre and post-workout routines, the following tool allows them to prepare their muscles for stretching and helps them recover after an enduring run. The Surger Vibrating foam roller is a powerful and customizable training aid that helps break down knots, loosen muscles, and improve circulation, keeping the runner in your life limber on demanding runs. The versatile vibrating roller features a built-in timer, long battery life, and four intensity setting options.
Running Gifts For Her Recovery Sandal

31. Post Activity Sandal

A great Christmas or birthday gift idea for runners who push themselves to the limit, these OOFOS recovery sandals help with stress relief after a tough run. Featuring a patented footbed cradle and motion centric design, the sports recovery sandals absorb 37% more impact than regular shoes and sandals. Machine washable and odor-reducing, the OOFOS will reduce stress on runners’ ankles, feet, knees, and lower back.
Running Gifts For Him Protein Powder

32. Protein Powder

The gift of quick muscle recovery, this delicious and smooth protein powder seamlessly mixes with water and almond milk for a quick and easy pre or post routine snack. Made from a blend of pea protein, chia seeds, brown rice, and fiber, Orgain is a USDA certified organic, vegan, and dairy-free. The uncompromisingly clean nutritional supplement contains no GMO ingredients and is extremely conscious when it comes to the content of its flavoring.


If you’re searching for a special gift for a runner that will remind them of their enduring passion, a gift of a personal nature will always be received with much affection. Whether it’s unique running-inspired decor and accessories or customized pieces to commemorate their many successes, we are sure the following gifts for running enthusiasts will blow them off their feet!
Gift Ideas For Runners Personalized Marathon Map

33. Personalized Marathon Map

If you’re searching for truly special and personalized gifts for runners who are dedicated to their passion, then the following gift is sure to amaze them. The unique custom artwork presents a high-quality map print depicting their marathon path with personalization details that can include their name, date of the event, finish time, and even elevation. All prints are professionally produced on premium matte paper using archival pigment inks and include a white border, ready for framing.
Gifts For Runners Book

34. Born To Run Book

One of those all-time best motivational gifts for runners is the bestselling book Born To Run. This astonishing book captures the entertaining story of award-winning journalist Christopher McDougall, an often-injured runner who sets out to discover the secrets of the Tarahumara Indians who have honed the ability to run hundreds of miles without rest or injury. From Harvard science labs to valleys and peaks across North America, McDougall takes readers on a journey that will engage the mind and inspire the body with the realization we were all born to run.
Running Gifts For Her Metal Hanger

35. Medal Display

The perfect trophy display to showcase their ongoing achievements is this striking medal display. A wonderful gift for marathon runners, the display features a precise steel-cut design, boldly displaying the words MARATHON with a series of running silhouettes above. The display is made from high-quality stainless steel, with easy access to attach and remove medals. An equally great alternative is this artistically edgy medal display board, featuring a vibrant design with a series of hooks to attach their many successes.
Running Gifts For Her Heartbeat Phone Case

36. Phone Case

This sleek and stylish phone case is one of those great gifts for female runners they will be proud to own. Featuring a bold, yet minimalist design, the case presents a female silhouette running over a heartbeat pattern. The slim-fitting clip-on protective case is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, with a side wrap design allowing full access to ports, and is available in both snap and tough case options.
Gift Ideas For Runners Laptop Skin

37. Laptop Skin

The perfect object to display their passion loud and proud is their very own laptop. This laptop skin presents a retro design displaying a vintage colored sunset with a silhouette of a runner in a distressed finish. The form-fitting vinyl decal features intense colors with a vibrant glossy finish, providing resistance to dust and minor scratches, and is easily removable with no sticky residue.
Running Gifts For Him Caricature

38. Custom Portrait

One of the best personalized gifts for runners is this witty and unique custom portrait. The customized cartoon artwork features a self-portrait stylized as an iconic yellow cartoon character! Created from a single photograph and delivered as a digital file, the versatile artwork can be printed on a poster, canvas, T-Shirt, mug, or anything fitting to their taste! This is one very thoughtful and special gift any runner will treasure forever.
Gift Ideas For Runners Funny Tee

39. T-Shirt

If you’re after funny gifts for runners who are loyal to their passion and don’t take life too seriously, then this T-Shirt is for you. May The Course Be With You Tee features a bold design, presenting a witty take on the encouraging Star Wars slogan. The slim-fit T-Shirt is made from soft pre-shrunk moisture-wicking fabric that presents a unique stylish vintage look.
Gift Ideas For Runners Necklace

40. Necklace

If you’re after the perfect gifts for marathon runners to commemorate their success, a striking piece of jewelry offers a memento they can treasure forever. This simple and beautiful necklace features two hand-stamped disc pendants, engraved with the word ‘run’, and the other displaying their distance run. Both the chain and pendants are available in a variety of designs and materials to suit different tastes. Alternatively, if you’re after special keepsake running gifts for him, these stylish cufflinks present marathon date, time, and distance, to perfectly capture his achievement.
Running Gifts For Him Travel Coffee Mug

41. Travel Mug

A useful gift just for runners that will get plenty of good use is this travel mug. Featuring a running silhouette perfectly fitted into a sunset pattern, the bold, yet minimalist design allows runners to proudly show off their love for running. The 15 oz insulated stainless mug features a wraparound print design and is also conveniently dishwasher friendly.

Running Gifts For Him Acrylic Blocks

42. Acrylic Block

If it’s vibrant gifts for runners that you’re after, this acrylic block is an awesome piece of office decor! The 1-inch thick free-standing decor piece features a vibrant back-mounted photographic print with diamond cut sides for sharp visibility from any angle and a hand-polished crystal clear finish.

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