39 Must Have Tech Gadgets For Women

Gadgets For Women

If you’re searching for the ultimate must have gadgets for women, we have compiled an amazing list of the most unique and purposeful gadgets to capture every personality and interest. Whether it’s time-saving beauty tools, useful gadgets for the home or office, or one of a kind crafting machines and electronic devices, you’ll find a wide range of interesting gadgets for her entertainment and everyday use.

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Health & Beauty

The following section contains some of the most innovative health and beauty gadgets just for her. From unique rest and relaxation devices to effortless beautifying tools, these cool gadgets are the perfect gifts for your health and beauty conscious family and friends.
Gadgets For Women Indoor Garden

1. Indoor Garden

An innovative gadget that promotes health and wellbeing is the Smart Garden 6. The unique device presents an indoor soil-free solution for growing fresh greens and herbs at her fingertips. The bold garden companion includes everything she needs for year-round produce, germinating in two weeks and producing fully grown plants in just six weeks. Watching her thriving garden requires little to no work as the Smart Garden 6 features an internal irrigation system that only requires water, capsules, and nutrients for automated, hands-off growing and delicious produce.
Gadgets For Women Massager

2. Massager

A great tool for home massage and relaxation, the Theragun Elite is a very handy gadget women can use on their own or get a helping hand from a partner. Relieving muscle tension and stress, the percussive therapy massager is effective for small trigger points, scraping and large muscle groups. Stored in a sturdy carry case, five specialized head attachments accompany the device, each addressing different areas of the body. The Theragun Elite features app connectivity for preset routines and five built-in speeds for precise speeds adjustments.
Gadgets For Women Light Therapy Lamp

3. Light Therapy Lamp

A therapeutic gadget for women to assist with sleep and mood, this elegant light therapy lamp produces up to 10,000 lux of light. Effective at easing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms, the portable lamp is sunshine in a box, providing a complete light spectrum. Free from light pollution, radiation, and damaging UV, the light therapy lamp is a perfect self-purchase, Christmas gift idea, and birthday gift for friends and family.
Gadgets For Women Sports Watch

4. Exercise Watch

A must have gadget for anyone concerned with health, a fitness tracker provides insight into important wellness metrics. The Garmin Venu will track her daily activity, give insight into her sleep, and looks amazing on the wrist. Enduring five days on a single charge, the fitness tracker effortlessly tracks stress, heart rate, and respiration. The range of features doesn’t stop there, with ladies able to monitor menstrual cycles, logging physical and emotional symptoms. Equipped with over twenty pre-loaded sports apps, the Venu also stores playlists, sports apps, and manages goals.
Gadgets For Women Ion Cleansing Brush

5. Ion Cleansing Brush

One of the best gadgets for women when it comes to cleansing skin, the innovative RaFa Clear effectively extracts impurities, grime, and dirt from pores. The ergonomic cleansing brush utilizes the power of Ion Cleansing and 3D sonic motion technologies to reveal her natural glow.
Gadgets For Women Hair Dryer

6. Hair Dryer

Equipped with high torque and rotational speeds, an ionic hair dryer is the gadget every woman needs for fast, fuss-free drying. The 1800W professional hair dryer reduces hair loss, damage, and frizz, enhancing shine for a vibrant finish. Featuring a constant temperature function, dual speeds, and three heat settings, the versatile ionic hair dryer accommodates all hairstyles with its included attachments.
Gadgets For Women Curling Iron

7. Curling Iron

One of the most useful beauty gadgets for a woman to effortlessly style her hair is a quality curling wand. The comprehensive T3 Whirl Trio styling wand set includes three interchangeable barrels, a heat resistant glove, and a convenient storage tote. Engineered for smooth gliding, the ceramic surface facilitates free styling, while a balanced temperature is achieved through its digital SinglePass.
Gadgets For Women Pedi Perfect

8. Pedi Perfect

A polished little gadget for smoothing hardened feet, the Pedi Perfect is simple to use, waterproof, and rechargeable. In just a single use, this amazing device turns cracked heels silky smooth, buffing away thick, dry, and calloused skin. The Pedi Perfect features a soft touch handle, comfortable grip, and three refills: regular course, ultra course, and exfoliation brush.
Gadgets For Women Hair Straightener

9. Hair Straightener

A highly practical beauty gadget, the Aria Beauty infrared flat iron is a lightweight hair straightener that prevents hair damage while straightening. The compact flat iron features a 1-inch ceramic, floating plate design, and an automatic safety shutoff. Suitable for all hair types, the Aria Beauty will quickly and easily remove frizz and static, promoting a natural radiant shine.
Gadgets For Women Dodow

10. Sleep Machine

Utilizing the power of rhythmic breathing, the Dodow Sleep aid is a gadget geared to help her fall asleep quickly. Perfect for oneself, as a birthday gift or as a Christmas present, the little sleep machine is ideal for those who find it difficult falling asleep at night. The device prompts inhalation and exhalation by projecting a light metronome onto the bedroom ceiling. Dodow is touch controlled and battery-powered, cycling for either twenty or eight minutes before automatically shutting down.

Home & Office

Below you will find some of the most interesting gadgets for her home and office spaces. From unique electronics for optimal ambiance to practical devices for decor or surveillance, you’re bound to find the right gift to suit any purpose.
Gadgets For Women Air Cooler

11. Air Cooler

A gadget for women that ensures cool temperatures in summer, the Evapolar evaSmart portable cooler chills, humidifies, and purifies. The sleek cooler features whisper-quiet cooling, a touchscreen display, and whisper-quiet cooling for times of great concentration such as watching your favorite TV show. In addition, the eco-friendly evaSmart is equipped with an easy to fill removable tank and includes smart home integration via the smartphone app.
Gadgets For Women Learning Thermostat

12. Learning Thermostat

The next gadget aids with power bills by optimizing home temperature whilst in the house and switching off when away. The Google Nest learning thermostat tracks habits and routines, automatically adjusting temperature at just the right time. A vibrant green leaf indicates energy-saving is active, while an energy history can conveniently be checked from a phone.
Gadgets For Women Smart Diffuser

13. Smart Diffuser

A modern and elegant gadget for the home, Moodo is a digitally controlled smart home diffuser filled with a variety of aromatic scents. Customizable by way of the Moodo app, users can adjust fragrance intensity and select from pre-set combinations. The diffuser stores four enticing scent capsules, filling any space with wonderful custom scents.
Gadgets For Women Humidifier

14. Humidifier

A great gift idea and personal need gadget, this fragrant humidifier diffuses essential oils and improves home humidity. The multifunction aromatherapy device features an easy to clean water tank, safety auto-switch, four timer settings, and mist density control. In addition to its array of features, the ultrasonic humidifier radiates a soothing ambient light with seven customized color options, or an auto cycling mode to get the best of them all.
Gadgets For Women USB Candle Diffuser

15. USB Candle Diffuser

One of the most chic gadgets for women, this USB candle diffuser is perfect as a small romantic gift or as a personal home utility. Combining the contemporary scent of an oil diffuser with the traditional elegance of a wax candle, her room will be filled with custom scents that last for hours. Ultra-quiet with a long runtime, the elegant candle is available in three different color variations: onyx, rose, and mint.
Gadgets For Women Digital Photo Frame

16. Digital Photo Frame

Why frame a single photo when you can alternate from your list of favorites? A great gadget for tech-savvy women, the Nixplay smart picture frame will display her many photos and videos for up to fifteen seconds in length. The device is easy to connect, mount, and set up, enabling in-app and email sharing, while also offering Google photos connectivity.
Gadgets For Women Table Lamp

17. Table Lamp

Minimalist and elegant, this table lamp is a fine decorative piece that provides warm lighting to any space. The modern luminaire features a round opal glass shade, grey concrete base, and a brass dimmer knob to set the brightness at just the right level. Inspired by traditional oil lamps, the JWDA table lamp works well in any space, providing light, ambiance, and a touch of class.
Gadgets For Women Dog Camera

18. Dog Camera

If you’re after a gift for a dog owner or are a dog owner yourself, the following gadget is for you. Perfect for monitoring her little companion while working or away from home, the Furbo is keeping an eye out and also throwing treats. The handy gadget features night vision capability, live stream video, and a 160 degree 1080p full HD camera to capture a greater angle spectrum. Push notifications are sent via the Furbo app to alert owners of barking, and 2-way audio allows for communication to help calm their furry friend.

Fun & Entertainment

Whether it’s the best electronic devices for music aficionados, or the ultimate DIY crafting machine, the following entertaining gadgets for women are bound to captivate for hours of fun and engagement.
Gadgets For Women Bluetooth Speaker

19. Bluetooth Speaker

A great gadget for audio on the go, Sonos Move produces a clear and powerful sound both outdoors and within the home. The portable smart speaker is built to last, holding up to any element thrown its way including rain, humidity, dust, heat, and snow. Easy to connect and use, Sonos Move can be controlled via Bluetooth, the Sonos app, AirPlay 2, and by way of voice. The speaker is perfect for easy listening, house parties, and trips away, with an enduring ten-hour battery life and shock-resistant case.
Gadgets For Women Wireless Earbuds

20. Wireless Earbuds

An essential modern gadget for women, a portable and private audio device helps with exercise, solo trips to work, and a little privacy at home. Serving up a powerful listening experience, the Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds from Sennheiser are an obvious alternative to over and on-ear headphones. A comfortable ergonomic fit sans-bulk facilitates greater freedom of movement with a broader range of activities. The Momentum True Wireless 2 features active noise canceling, rich and crisp sound quality, and up to twenty-eight hours of listening. Included with the Sennheiser earbuds are four silicone adapters, a sturdy charging case, and a durable charging cable.
Gadgets For Women Nintendo Switch

21. Nintendo Switch

A must have gadget for gamer girls, this handheld system is perfect for gaming on the go and from the comfort of her home. With a multitude of accessories and hundreds of games to choose from, the Nintendo Switch is perfect for joining up with friends and playing solo during downtime. The console can be played in three primary ways: as a handheld device, in tabletop mode, and over the TV inline with traditional gaming consoles.
Gadgets For Women Polaroid Camera

22. Polaroid Camera

The glorious return of the instant photo gratification is complete with the Polaroid One Step 2 VF Camera. A modern update to the popular classic, the camera offers a rich color spectrum, capturing memories that last for a lifetime. Utilizing i-Type film, the Polaroid One Step 2 features an optical grade lens, long battery life, and a custom-designed shutter system.
Gadgets For Women VR Gaming Headset

23. VR Gaming Headset

Proving the ultimate modern gaming experience, the Oculus Quest VR gaming headset brings out the inner child in women of all ages. Easy to set up and use, the console can be played almost anywhere, with no wires, and tripping protection by way of the Guardian system. The Quest features a headset, touch controllers, and 128GB of storage space.
Gadgets For Women Echo Show

24. Echo Show

A tech gadget for women to use when displaying family pictures, making video calls, and controlling their smart home devices, is the Echo Snow 5. The device features Alexa compatibility, a 5.5-inch display, and a slide camera cover for privacy protection. An array of clock faces enable the device to blend into any home environment and its compact design means it can be placed virtually anywhere.
Gadgets For Women Media Player

25. Media Player

A handy little tech purchase for smart functionality, the Roku Ultra streaming media player is perfect for nullifying streaming frustrations. The versatile device offers strong connectivity, stunning video quality, and a remote call button, so it never gets lost. Offering an alternative to cloud storage, the Roku Ultra includes a Micro SD slot for onboard app storage. The operating system’s detailed search function allows users to speak requests such as “show me Johnny Depp movies”, with a price list, available platforms, and movie titles returned for perusal. An Ethernet port and a HDMI output improve the streaming experience, while Bluetooth remote operation means the device can be placed out of sight, reducing clutter.
Gadgets For Women Craft Machine

26. Craft Machine

A unique creative gadget women are sure to love is this cute little craft machine from Cricut. The Cricut Joy is the ultimate arts and crafts device allowing her to personalize, customize, and organize belongings, whether it be labeling pantry containers, creating one of a kind cards, or adding a cute decal to her phone. A printer and cutter rolled into one, cutting shapes and messages are simple with this DIY partner. The device features high accuracy, repeated cutting, and the ability to cut over fifty different materials.
Gadgets For Women Phone Printer

27. Phone Printer

A cool alternative to a polaroid camera, this little smartphone gadget allows her to print the snaps she has taken, in under twelve seconds! The amazing Fujifilm Instax Mini Link brings memories and experiences to life, allowing her to place them on her wall, share with family and friends, or add them to her photo album.

Food & Drink

There are plenty of cool gadgets foodies will adore, and our hand-picked selection of unique and innovative food and beverage appliances are bound to impress her.
Gadgets For Women Coffee Machine

28. Coffee Machine

The perfect home gadget for brewing a fresh jug, the Smeg coffee maker will quickly become a vital part of any woman’s morning routine. A great alternative to an espresso-style machine, the retro-inspired drip filter coffee maker is available in seven beautiful color options. The Smeg features a ten cup capacity, hour-long warm function, adjustable intensity settings, and a programmable auto-start function.
Gadgets For Women Kettle

29. Kettle

A stylish and elegant kitchen gadget for women, the Fellow Corvo EKG is a perfect tool for preparing hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. Engineered for precise temperature control, the electric kettle features a counterbalanced handle, ergonomic grip, and well-designed spout. The kettle itself rests upon a matching square matte plate, adding a unique touch to this minimalistic beauty.
Gadgets For Women Spakling Water Maker

30. Spakling Water Maker

The Aarke sparkling water maker is a stylish alternative to the popular Sodastream, putting the fizz in drinks, right where they belong! Whether gifting a loved one or buying for themselves, the tall and fashionable Aarke matches any kitchen, creating both sweet delights and healthy drinks. The unit features a large grated drip tray, bottom loading carbonator, and lever that provides the perfect balance of bubbles. Best of all, the gadget is cordless, requiring no electronics to get fizzing.
Gadgets For Women Portable Espresso Machine

31. Portable Espresso Machine

A handy gadget for adventurous coffee lovers, a portable espresso machine serves up amazing coffee in the great outdoors. The Wacaco Minipresso GR precisely brews ground beans, producing a cup so delicious it would make a barista jealous. The easy to use espresso machine requires no batteries or power to operate, instead relying on manual pumping to get the job done.
Gadgets For Women Mini Fridge

32. Mini Fridge

The ultimate gadget for women to store beauty products, drinks, or late-night snacks, this cute fridge provides the cooling and decorative appeal every room needs. Pearl Boba Tea the adorable mini-fridge holds up to ten liters, weighing in at only seven pounds. The mini-fridge features removable shelving, power efficiency, and a super cute design, bringing smiles to the faces of each and every onlooker.
Gadgets For Women Smart Mug

33. Smart Mug

An innovative gadget for women who enjoy their tea or coffee, the Ember smart mug keeps drinks hot for hours, ensuring her last sip tastes just as good as her first. A great birthday and Christmas gift idea, the ceramic mug features auto sleep, target temperature, and a smart LED that displays the mug’s status.


Great for home and office use, the following professional gadgets are ideal gifts for busy, tech-savvy women. If she prioritizes efficiency and appreciates unique electronics, you’re bound to find the perfect gadget gift for her below.
Gadgets For Women Tablet

34. Tablet

A must-have modern device for women to work and play, a tablet provides the platform for watching movies, browsing on the couch, and working on the road. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 features a 12.3-inch display, 265 SSD, Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, and a USB-C port. The laptop-tablet hybrid utilizes the performance power of the Windows operating system, allowing PC type applications to be seamlessly installed and used in the same manner as a desktop.
Gadgets For Women Wireless Charger

35. Wireless Charger

One of the best tech gadgets for women, a wireless charger ensures devices are charged and ready for use. It’s commonplace for phones and smart watches to be placed on a benchtop, forgotten to be plugged in. With the Native Union Drop XL, devices placed on its surface begin charging, reducing the reliance on cables and memory. Beautifully designed to match any modern interior, the charger minimizes clutter and the eyesore of endless cables.
Gadgets For Women Portable SSD

36. Portable SSD

Who doesn’t need reliable and portable storage? The SanDisk solid-state drive expands storage capacity for all her photos, videos, and applications, safely housing up to 2TB of data. Capable of reading speeds of up to 550 megabytes per second, the powerful device is compatible with both PC and Mac. The sturdy SSD is up for any adventure, featuring two-meter drop protection, water-resistant construction, and a carabiner loop for backpack attachment.
Gadgets For Women Vintage PC Mic

37. Vintage PC Mic

A cool modern device with a retro twist, Blue Snowball iCE is a condenser microphone suited to conference calls, recording, and podcasts. The USB mic is designed for seamless integration with any software application, while its high-quality audio ensures FaceTime and Skype calls are loud and clear.
Gadgets For Women Portable Charger

38. Portable Charger

An increasingly important everyday utility and one of the best gadgets for women, a portable charger extends the battery life of any rechargeable device. Whether as a Christmas and birthday gift, or an asset to carry to work, this handy charger will provide devices a much-needed boost whilst on the move. The charger features a slimline design, 10000mAh of battery, a convenient flashlight, and a cute paw power indicator.
Gadgets For Women Kindle Paperwhite

39. Kindle Paperwhite

Providing a digital alternative to physical books, the Kindle Paperwhite is designed to reduce eye strain and glare associated with most tablet screens. The tablet is available in 8GB and 32GB storage options and four beautiful casing colors to suit any woman’s preference. Featuring Whispersync and text customization, users can personalize their reading experience by adjusting text size, type, and weight.

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