77 White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Battle Over 🐘

White Elephant Gifts

Amusing novelties to creative gadgets and fun accessories, we have compiled a huge selection of the ultimate white elephant gifts that everyone will either fight for or gladly give away! Often easier than selecting a secret Santa gift, the point of white elephant gift exchange is to add a little fun and frivolity to a Christmas gathering, where each family or group inevitably agrees on a different budget or theme. Our handy festive gift guide contains a variety of creative novelty gifts, the most-wanted Yankee swap items, and even a few silly dirty Santa items thrown into the mix! So all you have to do this year is bring your wrapped gift along with a sense of competitive humor and let the fun and games begin!

Table of Contents

Personal & Accessories

From stylish personalized pieces to highly practical accessories, this section presents a wide selection of good white elephant gift ideas that will appeal to your grandma, brother-in-law, best friend, and even yourself!
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Sanitizer Keychain

1. Sanitizer Keychain

A stylish and handy gift for today, this trendy keychain fuses fashion with modern practicality. The chic keychain presents a pretty tassel charm paired with a unique 30ml refillable sanitizer holster. Beautifully handcrafted from 100% PU vegan leather, the fashion-forward accessory is available in 7 contemporary colors paired with striking gold-toned hardware and is a luxurious holiday party favor family and friends will appreciate.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Jewelry Stand

2. Jewelry Stand

Featuring a sleek, minimalist design, this unique 3D jewelry stand presents a stylish geometric decorative accessory for the storage and display of jewelry. Beautifully constructed from brass, the stunning tabletop stand features tall cross beams for hanging necklaces, lower bars for storing earrings, and a built-in tray at the base for bracelets and rings. Fusing quality craftsmanship with unique design, this gorgeous jewelry organizer is bound to be a much sought-after item during the annual gift exchange this year.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Sushi Socks

3. Sushi Socks

Perfect for a good laugh, this novelty gift idea is designed to look like a fresh box of delicious sushi. The Sushi Socks gift box is an ideal gag gift for wearing around the house or frequenting your favorite Japanese restaurant. The lunch box includes three vibrant pairs of socks creatively presented as salmon sushi, cucumber maki, and a tamagoyaki omelet.
Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work Pill Box

4. Pill Box

If you’re looking to avoid a fight between grandma and your bodybuilding brother-in-law, skip over the next of our cheap white elephant gifts. Featuring a modern minimalist design with a classic matte finish, this charming pill box is perfect for storing supplements and daily medications. The case includes seven individual compartments, an internal mirror, and day-of-the-week initials, so tracking pills is easy and organized. With dimensions similar to that of a smartphone, the case fits perfectly into handbags, gym bags, and even pants pockets.
Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For Razor Stand

5. Razor Stand

While you can be forgiven for your initial observation of a cube with a hole, this is in fact a unique and extremely elegant razor stand. Made from anodized aluminum with a contemporary feel, the stylish stand features a rubberized base for superior grip and the ability to keep razors upright and neatly organized. The razor stand is a minimalist solution worthy of display, excelling in space-saving and keeping blades dry.
Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Manicure Set

6. Manicure Set

Unique and practical white elephant gifts for men and women, such as this professional manicure set, will have the whole family fighting for the prize! The useful 18-piece grooming set contains all the tools needed for hand, facial, and foot care. Made from surgical-grade stainless steel allowing for safe sterilization and preventing corrosion, this comprehensive set is a pair of nail clippers, cuticle nipper, nail file, scissors, acne tool, tweezer, flat callus remover, plus plenty more.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Hand Wash

7. Hand Wash

A practical gift with artisan flair, this beautiful hand wash is an ideal gift for anyone and everyone! 100% vegan, the sweet orange, cedarwood, and sage hand wash is designed to gently nourish and soften skin. With every use, this nature-inspired hand wash will leave hands smelling delightfully enticing.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Satin Sleep Set

8. Satin Sleep Set

One of those gift exchange ideas that oozes rest and relaxation is this gorgeous satin sleep set. The Kitsch sleep bundle contains a standard-size pillowcase, an eye mask, and a stylish scrunchie, all made from 100% smooth satin polyester. Available in a beautiful soft feminine blush tone, this cute set is a frizz and crease-free solution to a blissful night’s sleep and smooth morning.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Hand Fan

9. Hand Fan

A great gift exchange idea, this compact handheld fan is perfect for a hot summer’s day. The fan comfortably fits in purses or backpacks, providing reprieve while attending outdoor sports, festivals, and stuffy indoor events. In addition to its spinning propellers, the fan emits nano-sized water mist drawn from its built-in 200ml water tank for the ultimate cooling sensation.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Bath Salts

10. Bath Salts

A delightful self-care gift for a loved one this Christmas is this indulgent bath soak. The artisan-crafted bath soak combines mineral-rich, detoxifying pink Himalayan salts with a mix of soothing dried lavender botanicals and an infusion of calming ylang-ylang and grapefruit essential oils. Featuring beautiful minimalist packaging, this luxurious bath soak provides a calming spa treatment to relax and enjoy from the comfort of home.
Creative White Elephant Gifts Smartphone Holder

11. Smartphone Holder

A Christmas surprise every attendee can enjoy, this elegant smartphone holder features a walnut or beech wood design and a lovely brass finish. Intended for holding a smartphone while watching videos or charging, the stand is perfectly capable of housing an iPad or any alternative tablet.
Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work Curious Cat Bookmark

12. Bookmark

If you’re after a white elephant gift idea that is slightly quirky and a bit of fun, the following accessory is sure to pique the interest of feline lovers. The Curious Cat bookmark is a cute and unique placeholder featuring an inquisitive black cat who wants to climb over the edge of your book. For those who enjoy reading but always lose their bookmarks, this kitty is the perfect solution!

Novelty & Interests

This delightful section contains a great selection of novel and amusing gifts, including a gag gift too, that will inject fun and excitement into any white elephant game!
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Mini Arcade

13. Mini Arcade

A miniature collectible that requires no coins to operate, this little arcade machine provides a nostalgic playing experience. Featuring a 2.75-inch color display, the My Arcade micro player is available in a multitude of classic games including Pac-Man, Caveman Ninja, and Galaga. The cool little gadget is perfect for 80s teens and nerds within your family ranks, providing a unique element ripe for strategic theft.

Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Memo Pads

14. Funny Memo Pads

One of the more funny white elephant gift ideas perfect for coworkers are these amusing memo pads! The set of 4 notepads contains a series of hand-drawn animations paired with witty and sarcastic captions. Featuring hilarious phrases such as ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ and ‘This is my life now’ above a zombie-like office worker, these fun novelty memo pads each include 50 sheets of top glued notes with a durable chipboard backing.

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Jigsaw Puzzle

15. Jigsaw Puzzle

A dirty Santa idea that combines a joyful challenge with a decorative element, this thematic jigsaw is ideal for family members who love music and games. The Kiss Dynasty puzzle depicts classic album art and contains 500 durable board-backed print pieces. If your family prefers sitcoms and cinema to classic tunes, Harry Potter, Friends, and 007 are great alternatives.
Creative White Elephant Gifts Nap Sack Prank Box

16. Nap Sack Prank Box

A fun prank to play this holiday season, the Nap Sack box provides a bit of lighthearted humor for its lucky recipient. The gag joke gift box presents a hilarious and scarily plausible ‘nap sack’ product that doesn’t actually exist! Featuring realistic photography and layout, the amusing sleep hood looks exactly like a cheesy TV infomercial product. Enjoy watching their face as they struggle to be tactful opening this prank box, only to be relieved and pleasantly surprised to find another fantastic gift or gift card inside.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Mini Planter

17. Mini Planter

Suitable for a variety of indoor plants such as succulents, cacti, and herbs, this creative concrete planter allows the lucky winner to display their greenery in style. Molded in the shape of Iron Man, the comic style design adds a distinctive feel to any home, office, or business interior. The compact mini planter stands four inches tall, featuring a worn, rugged look that’s sure to capture the interest of many.

Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Device Holder

18. Device Holder

A creative and practical gift option, this Darth Vadar figure is ideal for holding smartphones and remote controls. The Cable Guy device holder makes hands-free viewing more enjoyable while providing a cool decorative element to any lounge or gaming room. Available in a range of classic characters from various games and movies, this collectible is a must-have for every geeky home.

Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas UNO Game

19. UNO Game

A classic card game that everyone can enjoy, these Super Mario-themed UNO cards are destined to elevate the Christmas fun! Blending a timeless card game with a classic video game, the set features all the wonderful characters gamers have grown up playing. Perfect for games night with family and friends, this novel UNO set will generate hours of laughs full of Mario memories.
Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For Venomized Hulk

20. POP! Vinyl Figure

One of the best white elephant gifts to weed out the Marvel-loving nerd in your family, a POP! Vinyl figurine is a gift destined to be fought for. This four-inch-tall Venomized Hulk is a perfect hybrid of the sentient alien symbiote and the bulging green superhero. One of a series of venomized heroes, also available in the series is Venomized Captain Marvel, Rocket Racoon, and Daredevil.
Creative White Elephant Gifts Adult Coloring Book

21. Adult Coloring Book

An alternative Christmas gift that offers hours of stress relief and relaxation is this wonderful adult coloring book. The 55-page coloring book contains a variety of exquisite illustrations including animals, plants, patterns, still-life, mandalas, and plenty more. Featuring vivid images printed on single-sided pages that are perfect for display or framing once complete, this lovely adult coloring book offers hours of calming artistic expression for family and friends.
Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work Yoga Dice

22. Yoga Dice

One of the most creative white elephant gift ideas, this unique set of dice will be swiftly snatched up by the yogi in your group. The set contains seven wooden dice featuring various yoga poses, from seated to balancing, and even a little twisting. Each die aligns with a different chakra, offering endless inspiration for yoga practitioners of all experience levels.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Wine Condom

23. Wine Condom

This creative and funny gag gift is sure to capture the attention of any wine enthusiast with a sense of humor. Effectively preventing wine spills, the Wine Condom is a great alternative to regular stoppers that add height to each bottle. The box contains six food-grade rubber latex coverings that preserve contents, keeping wine fresh for days.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Playing Cards

24. Playing Cards

Made for enjoying a card game in true gamer fashion, the Call of Duty playing card set features all of the popular game’s specialist characters. The Black Ops 4 themed set arrives in a solid tin case for safe storage, while each card is adorned with the official game emblem on the back.

Home & Decor

Unique, funny, and useful decor and accessories for the home are always a favorite go-to gifting option for any white elephant exchange. From whimsical utilities to practical gadgets, this section contains creative gifts for everyone at every age.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Phone Amp

25. Phone Amp

If you’re after white elephant gifts everyone can enjoy, this awesome phone amp speaker combines utility and style. Allowing the lucky winner to amplify audio without powered devices, the retro boombox phone amp is simple and effective. The classic style amplifier is carved from wood and features detailed laser engravings that bring the design to life.

Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Burrito Blanket

26. Burrito Blanket

This cute and cozy blanket is a warm and snuggly gift to wrap yourself up in this holiday season! The innovative design presents a realistic burrito pattern adorning the soft and plush accessory. Made from high-quality flannel that is super comfy and lightweight, the creative blanket includes anti-crumple and colorfast features, and is an adorable decorative accessory for kids and adults alike.

Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Sofa Cup Holder

27. Sofa Cup Holder

When it comes to super handy holiday gifts everyone needs and wants, you can’t go past this cool sofa cup holder! The innovative gadget presents a creative cup holder featuring a unique design that easily and securely attaches to your couch. Made from premium food-grade silicone with a tacky base for superior grip, the holder contains a slot designed for a cup with a handle and allows for enjoyment of your favorite beverage from the comfort of your couch without having to worry about messy spills.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Coasters

28. Coasters

If elegant and useful is your aim, this contemporary set of coasters will add a stylish addition to any table setting. Featuring a striking crocodile skin pattern, these luxurious round black leather coasters are water-treated with non-skid bottoms to protect surfaces, and presented in a classic retro tin offering sleek presentation and the perfect storage.
Creative White Elephant Gifts Crochet Pot Plants

29. Crochet Pot Plants

If you’re after slightly kitsch white elephant gift ideas, then this cute imitation cactus is a fun and lovable gifting option. You will certainly get a laugh or two with this adorable companion, featuring a bold and detailed crocheted budding cactus! Handmade from 100% soft cotton yarn with a hypoallergenic polyester filling, this little amigo will create a playful summer vibe to brighten any drab space. Adorned with colorful floral accents, this vibrant potted cactus is available in a variety of sizing and decorative options and is the perfect addition to any study space, bookshelf, window sill, and more!
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Sponge Holder

30. Sponge Holder

Who would have thought something as simple as a sponge holder could be funny? Well, meet Mr. Sponge – a dapper gentleman designed to store your sponge in style! Featuring a top hat, sleek mustache, not to mention a classic monocle, Mr. Sponge will give your hard-working sponge a moment to chill out and dry as his charming bow tie. Designed to attach to kitchen and bathroom tiles or the inside of sinks, Mr. Sponge will stylishly keep your sponge dry while allowing your sink optimal drainage.
Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Speaker Holder

31. Speaker Holder

A creative dirty Santa gift for your upcoming Christmas party, this smart speaker holder will capture the attention of any tech nerds in the house. The owl statue speaker stand is built to house numerous smart home devices, including Echo Dot, Google Nest Mini, and Google Home Mini. Lightweight and beautifully detailed, the lovely white owl is perfect for maintaining a homely feel in a modern or classic home.

Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Essential Oil Diffuser

32. Essential Oil Diffuser

What better way to spice up your white elephant gift exchange than with an aromatic and soothing essential oil diffuser. The ladies, and even some gentlemen, will steal from one another hoping to land this elegant gift. The premium diffuser produces a soothing cool mist, featuring sixteen hours of continuous aromatherapy, 7 LED lighting modes, and convenient automatic shutoff.

Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work Chia Potted Groot

33. Chia Pet

The original plant-pet, a fun and perfect white elephant gift for your family or friends is a lovable Chia Pet! This officially licensed product is a modern take on the traditional pet, featuring a collection of favorite movie characters, actors, emojis, and more! The entertaining set includes a unique style pottery planter (in this case, a potted Groot), a plastic drip tray, and enough chia seeds for up to 3 plantings. Pet owners will enjoy a luscious green coat in just a few weeks and appreciate watching the chia plant sprout and develop into a hilarious creation. Chia planters can be washed and replanted indefinitely, so the fun will never end!
Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Drain Strainer

34. Drain Strainer

A strainer isn’t exactly the first thing that pops to mind when it comes to white elephant gift ideas, however for this one, you can make a daring exception! Emerging from the depths of your sink, this playful drain strainer adds a touch of humor to filtering out debris. Made from soft and durable silicone, the shark fin sink strainer is a creative gift exchange idea that fits most kitchen and laundry sinks.

Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Incense Burner

35. Incense Burner

A beautiful addition to any room, this wonderful dragon ornament turns a burning incense stick into a mystical smoke waterfall. Perfect for meditation, the detailed incense burner is a practical and decorative dirty Santa gift idea.

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Inflatable Lantern

36. Inflatable Lantern

Whether for ambiance at home or lighting on the road, this stylish little lantern has you covered. Featuring a modern frosted finish, the Luci inflatable lantern is powered by the sun, providing 18 hours of lighting on a single charge.

Kitchen & Dining

The following section contains a variety of unique and creative kitchen and dining gifting options, including some cheap white elephant gifts that will prove incredibly useful for some or instantly redundant to others!
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Light Saber Chopsticks

37. Lightsaber Chopsticks

This vibrant pair of lightsabers is an epic idea for Star Wars fans and family members who enjoy Asian cuisine. The novelty chopsticks are suitable for adults and kids alike, unleashing the force when it comes time to eat. Available in a variety of color combinations, each chopstick is illuminated by LED lighting and features an elegant and practical non-slip square design.

Creative White Elephant Gifts Pot Holder

38. Pot Holder

A playful gift perfect for bakers and cooks is this hilarious pot holder! The classic style oven mitt features bold branding displaying an amusing statement’ Homemade With Love – In Other Words I Licked The Spoon And Kept Using It’! Available in a variety of stylish colors, this creative pot holder can also be gifted with a cookie or cake mix and a spoon or spatula, each purchased separately.

Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Taco Holder

39. Taco Holders

A cool dirty Santa idea for a family of taco lovers, this flexible cactus nestles crunchy shells, making filling, serving, and eating a whole lot easier. The Joie Cactus Taco Holder prevents cracked tacos while freeing up a hand for filling and holding a beverage. BPA-free and easy to clean, the funky taco holder adds a touch of fun to every home taco night.

Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Zoku Fish Pop Molds

40. Popsicle Molds

If you’re after white elephant gift ideas that scream fun, these charming popsicle molds will do precisely that! The Zoku fish pop molds are uniquely designed popsicle molds featuring various underwater sea creatures. Popsicle designs include a clownfish, octopus, shark, pufferfish, whale, and friendly scuba diver. Made from 100% BPA-free and phthalate-free silicone, these delightful molds are perfect for healthy fruit and yogurt snacks, or even cheeky chocolate and candy combinations. Also available in playful dinosaur, space, and polar themed versions, these entertaining sets of popsicles are just as enjoyable to make as they are to eat!
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Stainless Steel Straw

41. Straw Set

A sustainable, unique, and incredibly useful gifting option is a reusable straw. The sleek designed Orez straw will allow you to elevate your drinks, both responsibly and in style. The set comes complete with two quality stainless steel straws and a useful wire brush for cleaning, all packaged in a beautiful beechwood carry case. The perfect gift for both eco-conscious individuals and straw-drinkers alike, this cute gift also comes with a 100% cotton travel bag for easy transport while on the go.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Can Cooler

42. Can Cooler

Adorned with stacks of cassettes and VHS videotapes, this retro utility is made to keep cans cool while drinking. The vintage style can cooler is a perfect surprise for your Christmas gathering, benefiting older family members as well as the young. Housing 12oz cans, the can cooler features a vivid wraparound print and twist top mechanism that secures inserted cans.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Board Spreader

43. Marble Board

This gorgeous little gift is as delightful to use as it is displayed. The small marble board and spreader presents a beautiful white marble board paired with a coordinating brass spreader knife. Featuring a unique rounded triangular shape with organically curved edging, this gift will make for a luxurious cheese-eating experience.
Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work Wine Glasses

44. Wine Glass Set

These stylish Snowfox stainless steel wine glasses are the best white elephant gifts that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a drink. The contemporary style wine glasses are great for whites and reds while on the go or at home, with great company, or even a quiet drink alone. Insulated to maintain optimal temperature, the glasses feature a thick-lipped rim for smooth drinking, with a 13oz capacity and shatterproof design that reduces damage and prevents breakage.
Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For Breakfast Sandwich Maker

45. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

One of the most useful white elephant gift ideas is this quick and easy breakfast sandwich maker. The Hamilton Beach sandwich maker will allow the lucky recipient to prepare delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner sandwiches with minimal time and effort. From traditional egg, ham, and cheese, to experimenting with unique additions, create mouth-watering sandwiches in minutes, with quick and easy clean-up.

Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For Cheese Slice Holder

46. Cheese Slice Holder

This adorable and whimsical cheese slice holder has been creatively designed in the style of a fun, happy cow! The MooMoo cheese pod is a compact size holder that will keep cheese slices fresh and organized in the refrigerator and makes serving easy. Made from BPA-free plastic with a 24-slice capacity, this friendly cow can also be used to store other little nick-nacks and is a great kitsch gift for animal and cow-lovers alike.

Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For Shaker Set

47. Seasoning Shaker

Often the best white elephant gift ideas are those which duly embrace the holiday season. The Four Seasons shaker set is a unique seasoning set inspired by the iconic four seasons. Designed to match the tastes of spring, summer, fall, and winter, each shaker features season-specific flora to accompany a matching spice. Easy to use and clean, the set includes a tray to conveniently store the shakers, that also makes for an eye-catching tabletop display.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Cute Tea Mug

48. Tea Mug

If sipping tea is their favorite pastime, you can be sure they will be after this cute and whimsical tea mug. The “just here for the tea” mug depicts an adorable teabag snuggling up to a friendly mug. Available in tall and classic sizes, this mug features a wraparound print, ceramic construction, and holds twelve fluid ounces. While this mug is a delightful option, equally well designed and funny, these teacup party, coffee & tea, and bacon & egg mugs are also playful and lovable alternatives.
Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Indoor Garden

49. Indoor Garden Kit

Are there a handful of budding green thumbs in your family or friendship group who don’t have the space, time, or know-how for a garden? Help them easily grow fresh and delicious herbs with this awesome hydro grow kit. An amazing surprise to unwrap, the modern indoor grow kit produces a tasty organic basil plant. Inside the box, they will find all the ingredients needed to grow a healthy, thriving plant, including basil seeds, plant food, a glass vessel, growing medium, a stainless steel pot, carbon, and a wick.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Mini Bowl Set

50. Mini Bowl Set

Modern and elegant white elephant gifts such as this cute set of mini bowls are a fun and versatile gift for the home. The collection includes six stylish mini stoneware bowls in contemporary colors to complement any home decor. The pinch bowl set is handy for keeping ingredients and food prep close while cooking, or serving condiments and snacks, with the bowls conveniently stacking within one another for neat and compact storage while not in use.
Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For Food Storage Set

51. Storage Container Set

Sleek and slimline, these premium storage containers are a smart and versatile household necessity that won’t get thrown at the back of the cupboard! The contemporary style set presents a 7-piece collection of stackable containers for easily storing and reheating food. Made from 100% BPA-free materials, the containers feature a color-coded, space-saving, stackable system for efficient organization and also include a cooling freezer pack to keep contents fresh while on the go.

Travel & Utility

From a stylish, portable coffee mug to a playful set of clothes pegs, the following options present practical gifts with purpose that will either be eagerly sought after or happily given away, no in-betweens!
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Coffee Cup

52. Portable Coffee Mug

Every friend and family member will be vying for this stylish and modern coffee mug! The Fellow Carter Move Mug presents a sleek, portable coffee mug for those caffeine addicts amongst us who enjoy a hot cup of coffee while on the move. Featuring a premium heat-proof, vacuum-sealed design, the innovative mug will keep drinks at optimal temperature all day, and includes a handy splash guard to avoid spills and a thin and tapered lip for the most comfortable drinking experience.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Waterproof Phone Pouch

53. Waterproof Phone Bag

A useful little gift that’s straight to the point, this cool waterproof dry case is sure to be snapped up by anyone who uses their phone around water. The Joto Universal waterproof pouch ensures your smartphone is safe from dust, snow, and of course, drowning. Featuring a touch-friendly scratch resistance surface and a secure seal lock, the case is suitable for all phones under 6.8 inches long.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Mousepad

54. Mousepad

Funky and chic Christmas gift ideas don’t get much better than this slick mouse pad! The eye-catching design presents a beautiful jungle-inspired illustration displaying a series of striking leopards and tropical plants. Featuring a high-quality, vibrant sublimation print on soft polyester fabric, this stylish mouse pad also includes a thick and durable rubber backing for superior grip and stability.
Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work Travel Sound Machine

55. Travel Sound Machine

One of those very unique white elephant gift ideas that will be highly sought after is this portable sound machine. The GO Travel Sound Machine by Yogasleep is perfect for busy individuals who struggle to sleep while away from home. The device features eleven high-quality audio options so they can select the one most soothing to their ears. While the GO Travel is great for inducing sleep, it can also be used to focus when in a slightly distracting environment.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Mini Bag

56. Mini Bag

Compact and functional, this versatile mini bag presents a multifunctional everyday bag for active people on the go. Featuring a 2.5L volume capacity, the Eastpak One includes a secure zippered closure, inside and back pockets, and a convenient adjustable shoulder strap, making it the perfect solution for hands-free travel.
Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Porter Bowl

57. Porter Bowl

A gift idea that encourages healthy eating, this beautiful portable lunch container is perfect for family and friends who take prepared meals to work. Whether for leftovers or food that’s specifically prepared, your meal will be safe and cozy inside this elegant porter bowl. The 4.25 cup capacity bowl is secured with a snap-tight silicone strap, ensuring all of its contents are eaten by you and not your laptop. BPA-free and FDA-approved, the stylish porter bowl is conveniently dishwasher safe and suitable for microwaving.
Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Portable French Press

58. Travel Coffee Press

For those white elephant gifts that perfectly combine necessity and practicality, you can’t go past a handy coffee press. The ideal solution for coffee lovers on the go, this is one sought-after gift that will change hands on more than one occasion. The portable French press features a sleek streamline design and a double-walled vacuum ensuring your coffee stays hot or cold, if that’s what you’re after.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Ice Pack

59. Ice Pack

The following present is certainly one of the more creative white elephant gift ideas that will come in handy on hot summer days at the beach. The polar bear ice pack chills lunch boxes, picnic baskets, and iceboxes, keeping contents icy cool and fresh. The brilliant blue bear is made from BPA-free food-grade plastic and comes pre-filled with non-toxic fluid, so all you have to do is pop him in the freezer each time.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Pegs

60. Pegs

A good gift for family members looking to add a touch of humor to an otherwise monotonous chore, this set of clothes pegs defies gravity as they hold garments in place. Pegzini Family is an animated series of pegs depicting classic circus characters performing death-defying stunts. Each pack comes with five pegs, adding a humorous and novel touch to each batch of laundry.
Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Paper Clips

61. Paper Clips

Perhaps a gift family will battle for, or maybe one they will attempt to offload, this set of paper clips is sure to add laughter to your Christmas party game! A creative way to keep documents together, this pack of sardine paper clips contains thirty clips presented in a creatively designed sardine tin for storage.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Drainer

62. Drainer

If you’re after a funny gift idea, this novelty cutlery drainer provides decorative humor in addition to utility. Releasing excess water back into the sink, Jumbo the elephant hangs his trunk over the ledge, releasing water that would ordinarily stew at the bottom.

Electronics & Gadgets

This section contains innovative gadgets and highly useful tech that is bound to entice and add a touch of competitiveness to any gift exchange game.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Scalp Massager

63. Scalp Massager

Light, durable, and soothing, this 28-pronged scalp massager is a perfect gift idea for this year’s dirty Santa Christmas game. Featuring premium stainless steel fingers and a comfortable wooden handle, this relaxing item is sure to capture the attention of your family and friends.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Fabric Shaver

64. Fabric Shaver

The following gift is without a doubt one of the most creative and unusual white elephant gift ideas that will be put to good use. Who doesn’t have a favorite sweater or shirt that seems to continuously collect pilling?! The Steamery Pilo fabric shaver removes lint and excess fabric, leaving clothes smooth and looking brand new. Featuring an ergonomic design and fifty-minute lifespan, the nifty little fabric shaver makes removing pilling a breeze.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Bluetooth Speaker

65. Bluetooth Speaker

Searching for a great white elephant gift everyone will fight for? The Anker Soundcore presents a sleek and portable Bluetooth speaker with astonishing sound quality for impressive audio both at home or while out and about. Featuring a stylish and compact design, the premium wireless speaker is designed to be used in any environment, featuring a splash-proof design with a sturdy outer shell, generous 24-hour battery life, and effortless pairing with devices and strong Bluetooth connectivity.
Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Car Charger

66. Car Charger

There are some white elephant gift ideas that everyone will agree are lifesavers, and the following item is just that! Have you ever jumped in your car only to realize your phone battery is almost dead? With the Anker car charger, you will never have to encounter such a situation again. Featuring a whopping 18W of charging power and universal compatibility, the charger also includes Anker’s MultiProtect safety system for total protection of your devices and a convenient LED power indicator, which is incredibly useful for locating the charger when in use at night.
Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work Magnetic Car Phone Holder

67. Car Phone Mount

When it comes to highly sought-after gift exchange ideas, it doesn’t get more obvious than this purposeful present. In the age of technology, everyone needs a safe and visible place to secure their phones while driving. This handy magnetic phone holder conveniently attaches to both metal and wooden surfaces and offers a 360 degree mount for optimal vision.
Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For Mini Charger

68. Power Bank

Undoubtedly one of the best white elephant gifts, this is one everyday utility you just can’t do without. While most chargers focus on function without form, the Kreafunk is as fashionable as it is functional. The stylish mini power bank features a 3000 mAh lithium battery capable of charging tablets and smartphones in under three hours.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Mini Iron

69. Mini Iron

An idea that can benefit just about any attendee, this compact iron is a perfect gift for removing creases at home and on the road. The Steamfast mini steam iron features a slip-resistant handle and consistent steam flow, alleviating creases and leaving clothing smooth and wrinkle-free.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Jar Opener

70. Jar & Bottle Opener

The best white elephant gifts are often those unusual yet highly practical gadgets that are not thought of when gifting! These handy multifunctional jar and bottle openers easily wrap around any lid to provide the extra strength needed to pop open a lid. An amazing 5-in-1 tool effortlessly opens a variety of caps, while the bottle opener easily grips and removes lids from bottles and drinks. Featuring an ergonomic design with cushioned handles and a durable non-slip rubber grip, this must-have kitchen essential will ensure they will never have to strain their wrist again or deal with the frustration of a stubborn jar!

Luxury Options

From designer utilities to the latest tech, this section contains a handpicked selection of luxury gifting options perfect for a fancy white elephant party where the gift options circulating are a little more indulgent.
Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For Foot Massager

71. Foot Massager

What could be better than the gift of unlimited massage? The Nekteck foot massager provides shiatsu therapy to the lucky feet resting on its surface. Featuring three levels of height adjustment, heat function, and a large operation button, the personal massager relieves foot pain from the comfort of home. The unit contains six heads with eighteen rotating nodes, a convenient carry hand, and a hideaway cord to reduce tangles when stored.
Awesome Gift Exchange Ideas Portable Aroma Diffuser

72. Portable Aroma Diffuser

A white elephant gift everyone will fight for, this modern diffuser mixes and automates beautiful scents for a pleasant ambiance while away from home. The portable fragrance diffuser offers the perfect solution for taking a familiar fragrance or your favorite smell with you anywhere you go. Featuring Moodo dry air technology and adjustable fragrance intensity, the small yet powerful device presents a light yet compact design that easily fits in a vehicle’s cup holder or can be plugged in at the office, and comes bundled with four enticing fragrances to enjoy.
Cool Dirty Santa Gifts Streaming Device

73. Streaming Device

All the tech nerds will be lining up to steal the next gift idea as soon as the wrapping is removed! The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K presents a powerful media streaming stick that allows users to conveniently take their home entertainment with them on vacation or even to a friend’s place! The 8GB stick houses all of your favorite content, while the included remote control performs the basic function of controlling your TV in addition to Alexa voice activation.

Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas For Work Wine Decanter

74. Decanter

White elephant gift ideas such as this beautifully designed wine decanter presents an elegant utility that doubles as a stunning focal point on any tablescape, cabinet, or bar cart. Handblown from quality lead-free crystal glass, the stunning iceberg carafe elegantly pours wine over its stainless steel bottle stopper without spilling a drop. The decanter combines filtering, decanting, and pouring, removing oxygenates and sediment while significantly reducing aeration time. Wine spreads down the bottleneck along the decanter wall, creating a beautiful waterfall effect that also increases contact between wine and air. The decanter also comes with a drying stand and cleaning beads, ensuring the carafe stays clean and ready for the next bottle you wish to enjoy.

Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Bottle Grinder Set

75. Bottle Grinder Set

A household staple with a twist, this set of modern mill grinders presents everyday function with a unique surprise. The beautifully crafted bottle-shaped grinders have been designed with the grinding mills at the top, specifically constructed to eliminate waste and mess both during storage and when in use. Featuring a clean and minimalistic Scandinavian-inspired design, this grinder set is available in six contemporary pairing options that will seamlessly blend into any kitchen or dining setting.
Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas Electric Grill

76. Electric Grill

One of those white elephant gift ideas that will genuinely wow is this fantastic 5-in-1 appliance. The Cuisinart grill is the ultimate compact grill that allows you to quickly and conveniently create delicious meals. The multifunctional counter unit contains 5 cooking options: a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle. Extremely straightforward to use, the grill features simple controls to select functions, including adjustable temperature controls and helpful indicator lights alerting when desired temperatures are reached. With the added convenience of non-stick, removable, dishwasher-friendly plates, this is one handy kitchen gadget that will get plenty of great use!
Funny White Elephant Gifts Exchange Personal Air Cooler

77. Portable Air Cooler

Useful, charming, compact, and portable, the next idea is sure to become a dirty Santa target for many family members and friends. A unique gift everyone will fight for, the Evapolar evaChilll is a portable evaporative air cooler perfect for beach days or park picnics. Operated by a single button, the funky little cooler features four-speed modes, super-quiet operation, LED side lighting, and a large tank for up to nine hours of cooling. An easy pour water funnel is stored inside the unit, while inorganic nanofibers prevent the growth of mold. The Evapolar evaChill also features a carry handle for convenient portability and can be powered by socket, laptop, or power bank.

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