40 Adorable & Funny Emoji Gifts 😍

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Emoji Gifts

Fun and adorable decor to playful and entertaining accessories and homewares, our unique gift guide contains creative emoji gifts for big and little kids alike. Our hand-picked selection of emoji-themed gifts are the perfect Christmas or birthday surprises for family and friends who regularly express themselves on their Facebook and Twitter accounts! So regardless of whether they’re team iPhone or team Android, if they are fans of these popular amusing, crazy, and sometimes mischievous icons, you’re bound to find the perfect gift to pleasantly satisfy their emoji addiction!

Table of Contents

Kids & Fun

From adorable and creative toys to fun and entertaining games, the section below contains a playful selection of emoji gift ideas both for little ones and big kids at heart.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Plush

1. Plush

This adorable guy is the perfect gift for an emoji lover who adores their daily dose of alligator pear. The snuggly plush presents a plump and vibrant avocado fruit with dangling feet, a little protruding tummy, and a cute winking face that is bound to make anyone smile! Made from super-soft fabrics and a premium filling, this charming, generous-sized stuffed toy is just as good for pretend play as it is for cuddling and display.
Best Emoji Gift Ideas Window Art

2. Window Art

Whether it’s the majestic unicorn, cute little mouse, or pizza emoji that tickles your fancy, kids young and old will enjoy this creative emoji art kit! The entertaining box set contains everything needed to create sparkling DIY stained glass window artwork to bring emojis to life! Featuring over 40 emoji designs, the kit includes 6 large squeeze paint color tubes, including fun 3D accents to decorate, peel, and boldly display on windows and mirrors.

Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Chia Pet

3. Chia Pet

One of the most unique emoji gifts, this smiley chia pet presents a fun and creative project for kids and adults alike. The playful grow kit contains everything required to plant and grow a one-of-a-kind smiley-faced chia pet! Featuring a bright and happy handmade planter with a convenient drip tray, the chia pet will sprout in as little as 1-2 weeks and includes enough plant seeds for up to three plantings.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Painting Kit

4. Painting Kit

If you’re searching for unique and creative emoji themed gifts, you can’t go past this delightful painting kit. The DIY money box presents an endearing heart eyes emoji design, featuring a blank ceramic canvas ready to paint and decorate! Crafted from high-quality ceramic bisque earthenware, the artistic kit contains 6 acrylic paints, a paintbrush, and instructions, with the option to request a selection of custom colors to personalize your creative masterpiece.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Sticker Set

5. Sticker Set

Who doesn’t love stickers? This cute little gift contains a generous selection of 96 emoji stickers in a variety of playful facial expressions. Featuring all the popular smiley, sad, confused, and lovable emojis, the 2-piece sticker pack is a great pick-me-up gift perfect for scrapbooking or decorating diaries, laptops, and more.

Best Emoji Gift Ideas Bracelet

6. Bracelet

A great gift for a friend or young girl obsessed with emojis is this fun bracelet set! The DIY jewelry kit contains everything needed to make up to 5 bright and happy bracelets with all your favorite emoji icons. Featuring 30 emoji beads, 40 colorful spacer beads, 5 bright and durable gel cords, and beading instructions, this creative kit is also a fun gift for a girl’s night in.

Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Stress Balls

7. Stress Balls

If you can’t decide on your favorite emoji, why not get them all?! This bundle contains a variety of bold and vibrant emoji stress ball toys that are bound to make you smile with every squeeze! Designed to relieve stress and tension with a playful bounce, the fun set contains an assorted selection of 2.48-inch stress balls, perfect for goody bags and kids parties too.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Crayons

8. Crayons

One of the most charming handmade emoji gifts is this vibrant set of crayons. The box set contains 4 gorgeous round crayons, each molded in the shape of a unique emoji! Available as a variety of emoji designs in beautiful solid tones or marbled patterns, these crayons are perfect for actual use or creative display in a child’s room or even office space.
Adorable Emoji Gifts UNO Cards

9. UNO Emojis

The original game of UNO with a playful twist, this entertaining game is a great gift idea for kids young and old. Featuring a fun and interesting card deck with emoji faces and symbols, the aim of the game remains the same, however, this version contains a new action card, with players required to hold the face of the emoji card dealt! Perfect for as little as 2 or as many as 10 players, this edition of UNO is bound to create fun and enjoyable memories with each play.
Best Emoji Gift Ideas Piggy Bank

10. Piggy Bank

Quirky and unique, this piggy bank emoji is bound to make a stylish statement in any room or office space! Perfect for storing those loose coins that get in the way, this chilled-out poop will gladly accept any spare change coming his way. Made from high-quality, durable ceramic with an eye-catching rose gold finish, this money box is both a functional and decorative piece that will make anyone smile with each glance.
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Puzzle

11. Puzzle

Searching for presents emoji themed that will keep you engaged for hours? This creative puzzle presents a unique gift that will happily satisfy anyone obsessed with emojis and problem solving alike. The ‘What’s Your Mood?’ puzzle presents a 1000-piece challenge featuring a bold and interesting collage of over 150 dazzling emojis to recreate and display.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Stamp Set

12. Stamp Set

Every emoji lover needs a themed stamp set to spread the emoji love! This cute gift presents a wonderful collection of rubber stamps featuring a series of playful emoji designs. Made from solid wood and foam rubber, these 3 x 3 inch stamps feature 9 popular emojis, including a smiley face, kissing wink face, heart eyes, and crying face, perfect for decorating everything from cards and notebooks to envelopes and fabric too.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Shot Glass

13. Shot Glass

Get the party started with these fun shot glass emoji themed shooters. The perfect celebratory gift, the set contains 2 premium crystal clear 1.4 oz shot glasses with bold cowboy and kissing wink face designs as vivid adhesive vinyl decals on the front. After something a little more serious? Featuring a high-quality thermal printed design on a 1.5 oz ceramic shot glass, this ninja emoji means business.
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Cookie Cutter

14. Cookie Cutter

When it comes to practical emoji gifts, this charming cookie cutter is a beautiful gift for your mom and anyone who enjoys baking. The artistic cookie-cutter presents a unique, iconic design inspired by the thinking emoji. Measuring ½ inch deep on the edge, the cookie cutter is available in 5 sizing options to get creative with biscuits, brownies, fondant, and more.

Clothing & Accessories

Whether it’s surprises for under the Christmas tree or a special birthday gift box, the below section contains plenty of fun wearable and accessory emoji themed gifts that are bound to make anyone smile!
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Keychain

15. Keychain

Cute as a peach, it is hard not to fall in love with this adorable accessory. The stylish handmade keychain presents a trending peach emoji pendant attached to a split ring. Featuring a beautiful stamped gold plated brass finish, this durable keychain will look just as amazing holding keys as it is accessorizing bags or wallets.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Socks

16. Socks

A great gift for anyone with a sunny disposition is these adorable smiley socks! This charming gift presents a happy pair of socks featuring an embroidered smiley face emoji on the back placed for everyone to see. Made from a soft and comfy, premium quality cotton blend, this delightful footwear is also available with optional gift wrapping ready for gifting someone special.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Heated Slippers

17. Heated Slippers

These adorable heated slippers are the perfect gift for keeping loved ones warm this winter season. Tayto Potato presents a plump and cute potato designed as a fun pair of heated slippers. USB powered and easy to use, the slippers plug into any compatible USB port and once ready, can be unplugged and worn for snug and toasty roaming comfort.
Best Emoji Gift Ideas Hoodie

18. Hoodie

If you’re searching for unique emoji gifts that make a statement, you can’t go past this iconic hoodie. The vibrant design features a bold and solitary fire emoji printed on a comfortable and lightweight hooded top. Featuring stylish rib cuffs and a handy front kangaroo pouch pocket, this striking hoodie is available in 5 attractive dark tones and a wide range of sizes to suit.
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Notebook

19. Notebook

What could be better than having a ROFL emoji plastered all over your stationery? This playful notebook presents a bright and lively design depicting a hilarious pattern of rolling on the floor laughing emojis. Featuring wraparound artwork with 52 pages of high-quality plain or ruled paper, this vibrant notebook is perfect for jotting down ideas, taking notes, or even doodling.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Leggings

20. Leggings

This sweet pair of leggings is adorned with a charming all-over pattern of pretty bouquet emojis. Made from a soft polyester elastane blend, these playful leggings feature an elastic waistband and comfy stretchy knit fabric that is perfect for all-day lounging at home.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Heated T-Shirt

21. T-Shirt

Do you know someone who always seems to be frowning? A great gift idea for angsty teens and frustrated adults alike is this angry face T-shirt. The iconic tee presents a comfy tri-blend garment depicting a bold and unmissable angry red face. Featuring a super soft, vintage feel, this graphic T-shirt is available in 8 stylish colors and with a variety of sizing options to suit.
Best Emoji Gift Ideas Pendant

22. Pendant

An emoji gift perfect for those with a cheeky nature is this devilish pendant. The striking accessory presents a gorgeous custom-made purple devil face emoji and hip-hop inspired pendant. Made from genuine sterling silver, the pendant is intricately micro paved with 2ct simulated purple diamonds featuring beautiful shiny red stones fused within the unique design.
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Apron

23. Apron

Your emoji-obsessed friend who enjoys time in the kitchen is bound to fall in love with this amazing cooking apron. The star-struck inspired design presents vibrant and vivid artwork featuring the iconic wow excited emoji face! Made from 100% polyester with an all-over sublimation print, this versatile apron includes a durable neckband and extra-long wrap ties and is also conveniently machine washable.

Home & Decor

From fun homewares to creative decor, below you will find a great selection of great emoji gift ideas to use and decorate, including creative styling suggestions for planning the best emoji themed party!
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Mug

24. Mug

When it comes to great emoji gifts for family, friends, or coworkers, this eye-catching mug is one that everyone will enjoy! Adding a splash of color to your morning coffee, the lively design presents a collection of popular emojis, including smiley, winking, thumbs up, and celebration icons. Featuring a beautiful bright yellow internal body, rim, and handle, this striking ceramic mug will add life and vibrancy to every mug collection.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Pancake Pan

25. Pancake Pan

Now loved ones can have their favorite emoji and eat them too! The creative cooking accessory presents a quality non-stick pancake griddle with a unique emoji-inspired design. Featuring a series of cute emoji faces, the fun griddle can make up to 7 delicious mini flapjacks at a time, adding a playful twist come breakfast or snack time.
Best Emoji Gift Ideas Bath Mat

26. Bath Mat

If you’re searching for an artistic gift for an emoji lover, this eye-catching bath mat uniquely fuses iconic emojis and graphic design. The creative artwork presents a bright and lively pattern showcasing a series of popular emojis or emoticons in a modern vector pattern. Featuring a soft and fuzzy, quick-dry microfiber surface, this playful and stylish bath mat also includes comfortable memory foam cushioning and a skid-proof backing.
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Party Decorations

27. Party Decorations

When planning any emoji party, you will want to create a cohesive design and theme to set the right mood from the start! Bold and playful emoji invitations will be the first point of contact for guests, with creative party styling to follow. A decorative emoji banner garland can be used to style the main table or area, featuring these cool emoji themed party cups with heart eyes and smiley faces, and of course, a bright and vibrant emoji cake and themed cookies are also a must! The only way to end a great celebration, party favors add the perfect finishing touch, appropriately decorated with emoji themed ribbon for guests to enjoy on the way home.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Clock

28. Clock

When considering the happiest emoji themed gifts for the home or office, this cheerful clock tops the list! The bold and bright utility presents a vibrant clock face design featuring an iconic smiley face emoji. Constructed from natural wood and premium shatter-resistant materials, this joyful clock is available in natural, black, or white frame finishes, with the option of black or white hands to suit the design.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Lamp

29. Lamp

One of the coolest emoji gifts, this fun decorative utility will light up rooms with a playful presence. The unique LED night lamp presents an acrylic slide featuring a smiley face with sunglasses that adds the perfect illumination to any desk or bedside table. USB or battery-powered, the creative lamp features up to 16 different colors and 4 light settings powered via remote control and also includes unique logo or name personalization on the plaque.
Best Emoji Gift Ideas Coasters

30. Coasters

An emoji gift that will be enjoyed time and time again are these delightful coasters. The decorative utility contains a unique set of bamboo coasters featuring your favorite emoji! Featuring up to 32 popular emojis the select such as the crying laughing emoji, smiling face with heart eyes, and even raised eyebrow emoji, this creative set is available in both round and square coaster options, including a cute bamboo caddy for convenient storage.
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Pillow

31. Pillow

It will be hard to resist the pleading eyes of this adorable emoji pillow! A fun gift for the bedroom, this gorgeous plush pillow presents a cute decorative utility featuring a please emoji with large endearing eyes and a sweet face. Also available in a variety of other expressive emojis, these delightful pillow toys are made from super soft and plush material and are a playful way to express yourself within the home.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Ambient Light

32. Ambient Light

This adorable light is the perfect gift to add subtle brightness to any bedside or office space. Creatively designed in the shape of a cute pearl boba tea, the ambient light is battery operated and also includes a handy 1-hour auto shut-off to prolong battery life.

Travel & Utility

From fun accessories to statement declaring utilities, the below section contains a variety of unique emoji themed gifts to use at home and while on the move.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Paper Clips

33. Paper Clip Bookmarks

The perfect gift for your mom or stationery-obsessed bestie are these cute emoji-inspired paper clip bookmarks! Featuring 10 large fun paper clips, the bundle contains an assorted selection of the most popular emojis ideal for marking pages within textbooks or novels to easily locate them once again.
Best Emoji Gift Ideas Pouch

34. Pouch

Equally the most adorable and humorous of emoji gifts to grace our list is this playful pouch! The versatile utility features an eye-catching all-over pattern of the iconic friendly poop emoji. Made from a durable canvas-like material, these handy everyday pouches are available in various sizing options, perfect for storing toiletries, accessories, or small electronic devices.
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Laptop Sleeve

35. Laptop Sleeve

If you can’t pick a favorite emoji, why not choose all of them?! This striking laptop sleeve presents a bold and vibrant design, featuring an all-over pattern of the most popular emojis over a vivid red backdrop. The durable polyester zippered laptop sleeve features a high-quality print on both sides, including plush black foam padding internally to further protect the device.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Tote

36. Tote Bag

This hilarious tote is a poop emoji gift bound to turn heads and cause a smirk or two. The versatile tote bag presents a bold statement design featuring both the donut and poop emojis, defiantly letting everyone know your feelings towards.. well, everything! Made from a highly durable canvas-like material with a strong carrying strap, this funny and functional tote bag is perfect for transporting textbooks, groceries, or daily necessities.
Adorable Emoji Gifts Drawstring Bag

37. Drawstring Bag

One of the more unique emoji themed gifts is this extraterrestrial-themed drawstring bag. The cute portable accessory presents a repetitive pattern of friendly alien emojis on a complementary grey-toned backdrop. Made from 100% polyester with high-quality hardware, the sturdy and spacious bag also features a soft and wide drawcord that is comfortable to wear.
Best Emoji Gift Ideas Phone Case

38. Phone Case

This slightly morbid accessory is perfect for emoji lovers with a darker sense of humor. The phone case presents a traditional bright smiley face embedded with a bullet hole to the head. Featuring a bold and vivid print on a highly durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate shell, the phone case features a secure wraparound fit and is available in a wide range of sizes to suit a variety of cell phone devices.
Cool Emoji Themed Gifts Mouse Pad

39. Mouse Pad

The perfect emoji gift for gamers everywhere is this dark yet playful desk accessory. Displaying a bold, minimalist design, the mousepad presents a highly alert stylized emoji with a knife grasped firmly in hand and prepared for whatever lies ahead! Featuring a natural grippy rubber base with a silky cloth surface for precise and accurate mouse control, this unique mouse pad makes both a great functional utility and fun decorative piece.
Dazzling Emoji Themed Gift Ideas Backpack

40. Backpack

If you’re searching for creative emoji gift ideas with a twist, then look no further than this cheeky backpack! Inspired by the cursing emoji, the unique design fuses the popular emoticon with a sluggish cute and friendly sloth. Featuring a highly durable polyester outer shell, the backpack includes an internal laptop pocket and adjustable padded straps for wearable comfort.

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