54 Delightful Dachshund Gifts For Owners & Admirers

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Dachshund Gifts

Adorable accessories, unique decorative pieces, and practical utilities for home and travel, we have compiled the ultimate list of dachshund gifts to satisfy your cravings for this elongated cutie. Playful, clever, and devoted, lively little companions, the wiener dog is easily a favorite breed of many. If you’re lucky enough to own one as a pet or simply an avid doxie admirer, our extensive gift guide contains creative gifts for every dog lover to proudly display their adoration.

Table of Contents

Personal & Accessories

From a chic beanie to a very unique keychain, the section below features a wide selection of stylish and very cute gifts for dachshund lovers to wear with pride.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Plush Toy

1. Plush

Cute and plump, this endearing plush dachshund toy is the next best thing to your favorite canine friend. The gorgeous stuffed animal features a sleek and cuddly black and tan coat, adorable long ears, and rich, deep brown eyes, subtly asking for a pet! Made from the highest quality soft and resilient materials, including a realistic leatherette nose, this friendly companion is the perfect gift for dog lovers and admirers alike.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts T-Shirt

2. T-Shirt

A fitting gift for both a dachshund lover and art enthusiast is this minimalist-inspired T-Shirt. The simple yet striking design presents iconic artwork featuring a simple line drawing by Pablo Picasso of a dachshund. Made from a soft and comfy breathable material, the statement tee is available in a wide range of sizes and featured on a variety of garments to suit.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Beanie

3. Beanie

Stylish and practical, this gorgeous beanie is one of the best dachshund themed gifts to sport throughout the winter season. The charming beanie presents a warm and comfy knitted beanie with an iconic embroidered dachshund logo on the front. This unique beanie features 3 design options, including traditional style, faux pom top, and open-top high ponytail beanie, all available in beautiful dark grey, black, and cream-colored knits that pair perfectly with any attire.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Pendant

4. Pendant

If you’re searching for the perfect dachshund jewelry to impress a canine devotee, this beautiful necklace is just what you’ve been looking for. The stunning necklace presents a classic and sophisticated pendant featuring a sleek and elegant dachshund. Expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans, this pretty puppy dog pendant is attached to a dainty cable chain and available in striking sterling silver, traditional gold, and rose gold finishes.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Ring Holder

5. Ring Holder

When it comes to elegant dachshund gifts for her, this stunning ring holder is bound to impress. The Dachsie ring holder presents a unique and stylish utility, creatively shaped in the design of a long sausage dog. Crafted from durable cast metal with a beautiful shiny chrome finish, the holder features a velvet padded base to hold and protect jewelry, while the sleek design ensures it seamlessly blends in with any dresser, nightstand, or desk.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Glasses Holder

6. Glasses Holder

Nothing screams dachshund love more than this adorable glasses holder! Part decor, part utility, the gorgeous piece presents a handmade glasses stand perfectly designed and carved in the silhouette of a sausage dog. Featuring beautiful color tones and endearing eyes, this little pal will feel right at home patiently waiting by your bedside or office desk.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Compact Mirror

7. Compact Mirror

The only gift you’ll want to give a dog mom this Valentine’s day is this gorgeous compact mirror. The lovely little makeup mirror presents a charming dachshund design, creatively incorporating a wiener dog silhouette to display your adoration of the recipient. The bold yet simple message is printed on the outside of the compact, featuring a vibrant, permanent, and durable image that will not fade, peel, or rub off.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Socks

8. Socks

Some of the best dachshund merchandise you can lay your hands on is a pair of these cute novelty socks. An essential item for any wiener dog lover, these fun Hot Sox socks feature a bold pattern of different colored sausage dogs on a stylish light grey background. Made from a very comfortable cotton nylon-spandex blend, these designer socks can be dressed up or down, bringing wearable art to life whatever the occasion.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Apple Watch Band

9. Apple Watch Band

If you’re madly in love with sausage dogs, then naturally, you’ll want to accessorize yourself at any chance to display your loyalty. Featuring a creative floral doggy design, this bright and vibrant Apple watch band will let you do just that, and in stylish fashion too. Made from soft vegan leather with a suede-like underside, the adjustable band is available in silver, gold, rose gold, and black hardware colors to perfectly pair with any Apple watch.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Keychain

10. Keychain

When it comes to cute dachshund gifts with a unique edge, you can’t go past this creative keychain. An artistic representation of your favorite pet, the geometric style keychain presents a sausage dog keychain in a distressed industrial design with a stylish frosted finish. Entirely made by hand from premium stainless steel, the elegant keychain is attached to industrial-style pin, springs, and hook hardware, creating a very unique and eye-catching keychain dog lovers will adore.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Leggings

11. Leggings

These comfy leggings are the perfect gift for a dog lover to unwind and relax in. The stylish monochrome design features a pretty, subtle all-over pattern of a dachshund with a cute butterfly. Constructed from a very comfy polyester elastane blend, the leggings include a flexible elastic waistband and stretchy knit fabric that is perfect for lounging at home or walks with your best friend.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Sweater

12. Sweater

The perfect gift for a dachshund lover this Christmas is this charming festive-themed sweater. This delightful sweater features a Christmas-inspired design with adorable doggy friends decked in holiday gear and surrounded by yuletide patterns. Featuring a raglan sleeve slim fit with stylish rib cuffs and crewneck band, this cute lightweight sweater will proudly display their canine loyalty in holiday spirit.

Art & Decor

Striking artwork to unique decorative pieces, the section below contains a hand-picked selection of artistic sausage dog gifts to stylishly enhance their many spaces.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Painting

13. Painting

One of the most captivating dog gifts to grace our list is this endearing dachshund painting. The professional artwork features the sweetest sausage dog with deep soulful eyes attempting to catch the glance of any onlooker. Beautifully hand-illustrated by Shaun Vickers, the limited edition fine art giclee print is produced on the finest texture German Etching paper, capturing every detail from the original drawing.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Figurine

14. Figurine

If you’re searching for dachshund gifts with a creative edge, look no further than this modern sculpture. Not one of your average dachshund figurines, the contemporary decorative piece presents an elongated sausage dog, interestingly adorned with colorful graffiti. Beautifully sculpted from quality resin with an eye-catching polished finish, this artistic display piece includes protective anti-slip padding and makes for a highly unique dog lovers statement in any bedroom, office, or living space.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Ornament

15. Ornament

This very cute dachshund ornament is the perfect addition to any Christmas tree this year. The charming trinket presents a miniature dachshund silhouette beautifully handcrafted from lead-free pewter. Featuring a green rayon ribbon attached to the top, this sweet decorative ornament is also perfect for display on drawers, door handles, or hooks all year round.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts 3D Lamp

16. 3D Lamp

Any animal lover will be thrilled to have their loyal canine illuminated by their desk or bedside! The unique decorative piece presents a custom 3D lamp with a modern and minimalist sausage dog design. Displayed on a solid oak base, the unique LED dachshund decor consists of a transparent panel with engraved plexiglass to create a captivating neon light effect. Powered by USB, each lamp can be personalized to feature their best friend’s name, with the option of variable white lighting or colorful RGB lighting.

Stationery & Office

From a cute memo pad and stickers to stylish holders and organizers, the section below includes practical and creative gifts for dachshund lovers who love stationery and showing off their bestie in the office.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Memo Pad

17. Memo Pad

Every dachshund fan needs a cool memo pad to jot down reminders, grocery lists, or leave notes for loved ones! Creatively designed in the unique shape of a paw print, the lined memo pad features a bright outline with a beautiful sausage dog illustration. Each notepad contains 50 sheets of paw-shaped paper containing durable post-it adhesive, with the pad also featuring a handy magnetic backing for easy placement on fridges and other metal surfaces.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Letter Organizer

18. Letter Organizer

This delightful letter organizer is one of the most cute dachshund gifts to keep you loyal company while at work. The adorable decorative utility presents a stylish letter organizer creatively shaped to mimic a sausage dog. Expertly made from hand-painted porcelain, the dachshund organizer includes a pen holder in place of a tail and features an internal gold metal coil, providing slots ideal for storing mail, letters, notes, and business cards.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Pencil Case

19. Pen Holder

The perfect gift for a dog lover, this custom pen holder presents a charming decorative utility for their desk or office space. A beautiful stationery piece, the handcrafted wooden holder features a realistic fine art illustration of a captivating dachshund, including the option to personalize the holder with a custom illustration of their own pet. Crafted from premium wood with solid printing on a ceramic plaque, this lovely holder is ideal for storing and quick access to pens, pencils, or art brushes.

Delightful Dachshund Gifts Stickers

20. Stickers

Every dachshund lover who loves stationery will adore this collection of sausage dog stickers! Perfect for water bottles, laptops, phones, books, and more, the sticker pack contains 50 pieces of high-quality waterproof PVC stickers to adorn all their favorite things. Whether they’re into adorable wirehaired dachshunds, elegant longhaired dachshunds, or the unique dapple variety, they’re bound to have fun with this wide selection of cute and playful stickers.

Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Notepad

21. Notebook

Subtle and stylish, this sausage dog notebook is the perfect gift for a stationery lover with a penchant for dachshunds. Handmade in Italy, the beautiful and simple design presents a premium cloth cover featuring a charming little dachshund illustration and is uniquely personalized with up to two lines of text. Internally, the A5 notebook contains 192 pages of pretty ivory-lined paper, including a notebook ribbon, and is a wonderful companion to keep as a diary or fill with notes and inspiration.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Laptop Skin

22. Laptop Skin

When it comes to pretty and stylish dachshund gifts, this adorable laptop cover tops the list. The gorgeous laptop skin features a lovable puppy dog, depicted with large endearing eyes in a charming watercolor illustration over a pretty blush background. The form-fitting 3M vinyl decal displays a beautiful aesthetic while providing resistance to minor scratches and is easily removable without leaving any residue.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Laptop Case

23. Laptop Sleeve

Sporting a bold and minimalist abstract design is this gorgeous dachshund laptop sleeve. The dynamic design presents vibrant patchwork style artwork that overlaps to form the silhouette of a colorful sausage dog. Featuring a high-quality print on durable, woven polyester, the laptop sleeve includes fully lined soft microfiber internal cushioning and includes a large hard-wearing zipper with easy to open pull tab.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Mouse Pad

24. Mouse Pad

A witty piece of decor, this cool mouse pad is the perfect dachshund gift to spruce up an otherwise mundane desk. A creative play on an iconic sporting brand, the unique mouse pad features the Adidas logo cleverly fused with three sausage dogs. Square in shape and ¼ inch thick, the Adidachs print on this pad is also available on a variety of other branded wearables and attire.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Wireless Charger

25. Wireless Charger

Almost resembling a tasty hot dog is this bold and minimalist sausage dog inspired charger. The USB-powered Qi fast wireless charger will swiftly, safely, and efficiently charge compatible devices with ease. The sleek black charger features a crisp silhouette of their favorite canine and is the perfect companion for a dachshund lover’s bedside table or office space.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Paper Clips

26. Paper Clips

If you’re searching for small dachshund gift ideas that will still impress, look no further than these innovative paper clips. The unique paper clips feature a creative design formed in the perfect shape of none other than a dachshund! Available in sets of 50 or 100 in various finishes, these cute accessories will add a touch of personality to existing stationery and documents.


From a charming planter pot to a cozy throw blanket, the below section contains a wide variety of the best sausage dog gifts to stylishly and playfully adorn the home.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts House Number

27. House Number Plaque

The perfect gift for both new and existing dachshund homeowners is this creative house number plaque. The decorative piece presents a bold and unique number plaque custom-made to feature your house number within an iconic sausage dog silhouette. Expertly handmade from solid cast brass or aluminum and finished with premium outdoor paint and double lacquer coating, this stunning address plaque will ensure their dachshund-proud home always stands out from the rest.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Pillow Covers

28. Pillow Shams

If you’re searching for modern and minimalist dachshund gifts, this stylish set of pillow covers is for you. The gorgeous design features a creative single-line illustration depicting a dachshund puppy with a playful arched back. Featuring a vivid print on 200 thread count material, these contemporary style pillow shams are crafted with 100% cotton and are conveniently machine washable.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Planter

29. Planter Pot

For anyone obsessed with sausage dog paraphernalia, this cute utility is another goodie to add to their growing collection. The fun planter pot presents a playful design creatively shaped to feature two dachshunds as the base. Handcrafted from premium ceramic, planters are available in 9 pretty base color choices and are perfect for housing succulents, miniature plants, or even loose change and small accessories.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Wall Clock

30. Clock

When it comes to dachshund merchandise for the home, this modern wall clock will stylishly blend into any interior. The bold yet eye-catching design presents a simple line drawing of a gorgeous dachshund on a stark white backdrop. Featuring a high-impact plexiglass crystal face with a solid wooden frame, this lovely minimalist-style clock includes a choice of black or white hands to coordinate with the frame.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Throw Pillow

31. Throw Pillow

If it’s dachshund dogs that you’re obsessed with, then this adorable throw is going to feel right at home within your home! The pretty pastel-toned design features a lively pattern of sausage dogs playing in the autumntime. Featuring crisp, full-color double-sided artwork printed on a soft and durable polyester cover, these cute throw pillow covers are also available with an optional cozy polyester insert.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Blanket

32. Throw Blanket

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cuter blanket to proudly adorn your bedspread or couch! This soft and cozy throw blanket features a bold and plentiful pattern of charming dachshunds just begging for your attention. Made from 100% snuggly polyester fleece, this blanket is the perfect piece to snuggle into right next to your favorite canine companion.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Rug

33. Rug

Are you searching for unique dachshund gifts with a touch of stylish quirk? This creative rug features a bold, monochrome design emphasizing the length of this gorgeous canine. Made from a beautiful woven polyester chenille with a durable canvas backing, this charming rug will subtly and stylishly express your adoration for this adorable creature in whatever room it decides to call home.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Dog Bowl

34. Personalized Dog Bowl

Every dachshund owner who wants to spoil their companion needs this super sleek and stylish dog bowl in their household. One of the most elegant personalized gifts for weenie dog lovers, the modern and minimalist style dog bowl features a cute sausage dog illustration accompanied with their pet’s name. Crafted using high-quality, fade-proof materials, this contemporary-style ceramic food bowl will seamlessly blend into any home interior.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Lamp Shade

35. Lamp Shade

Any dog mom with a playful personality will adore this dachshund-inspired lamp shade that will bring life to any home or office space. The fun lampshade design presents a vibrant illustration of friendly sausage dogs amidst a colorful pattern of sausage-like confetti! Made from luxurious, natural-fiber textiles, each custom-made shade is printed to order, with the option of either traditional lamp shades or hanging chandeliers in various sizes, available in 6 color choices to match any room or styling scheme.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Bath Mat

36. Bath Mat

One of the most beautiful dachshund themed gifts to grace our list is this stylish and elegant bath mat. The bold and alluring design presents a stunning illustration featuring a black and tan beauty gracefully seated atop a stark black background. Made from soft, spongy, and super absorbent materials, this charming bath mat is fade-resistant, conveniently machine washable, and bound to make a proud yet sophisticated statement in any bathroom.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Floor Pillow

37. Floor Pillow

After a hard day’s work, what could be better than plonking your tush on a plump pillow to relax? Perfect for sausage dogs and owners alike is this super cute and comfy floor pillow. The playful design presents a vivid pattern of dachshund breeds amidst a canvas of enticing coffee drinks! Featuring a high-quality print on a soft polyester cover, these plush floor pillows are overstuffed and firm with bar-tack center stitching to prevent rips and will never lose their shape over time.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Bench

38. Bench

Subtly stylish, this gorgeous bench is the perfect piece for any doxie lover to enhance their many spaces. Part decor, part utility, the versatile bench presents a beautiful pastel-toned pattern featuring a colorful assortment of friendly dachshund breeds. Upholstered with vegan leather, this elegant and comfortable bench comes with a choice of sleek gold or black steel legs to complement any room.

Travel & Utility

Cute and stylish doxie-themed cases, bags, and accessories, the following gifts for dachshund lovers are perfect for showing off their loyalty both at home and while out and about.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Tote

39. Tote Bag

One of the more unique dachshund gifts is this bright and colorful tote bag. The creative design features an iconic sausage dog silhouette, artistically filled with a vibrant assortment of paisley and mandala patterns. Featuring a double-sided vivid print, this versatile tote features a durable polyester shell, including strong and wide cotton shoulder straps, and is perfect for carting anything from shopping and groceries to books and clothing.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Phone Case

40. Phone Case

This contemporary-style phone case is a must-have for doxie lovers who wish to sport their loyalty in stylish subtlety. The creative artwork depicts a busy pattern of adorable sausage dogs, created using minimalist line art illustration. Made from sturdy and durable materials, this sleek and protective phone case also features a unique hidden sliding feature to store a credit card and even includes a compact mirror for on-the-go touch-ups.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Pop Socket

41. Pop Socket

A clever and practical gift for a dog mom is this cute sausage dog inspired Pop Socket. The innovative gadget presents a secure, expandable PopGrip that allows you to easily hold your phone while in use and also works great as a phone or small tablet stand. Featuring swappable decorative artwork, this particular vibrant design features a playful pattern of very long-bodied dachshunds over a vivid mint-toned backdrop.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Backpack

42. Backpack

This charming backpack is perfect for the dachshund lover who likes to carry their best friend with them wherever they roam. Displaying a bold and vivid pattern of doxies, this fun backpack features a heavy-duty construction crafted from durable spun poly-fabric with a comfortable padded nylon back, and also includes convenient adjustable shoulder straps.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts AirPods Case

43. AirPods Case

This sleek and stylish dachshund dog case is the perfect utility to store those precious AirPods. The durable accessory presents a slim form-fitted carabiner case featuring a beautiful blue and brown-toned pattern of sausage dog silhouettes. Made from impact-resistant TPU rubber, this case will protect AirPods from bumps, scratches, and dust and conveniently allows for wireless charging from inside the case.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Duffel Bag

44. Duffel Bag

This adorable duffel bag is the perfect companion to take with you to the gym or for short trips away. The versatile utility presents a lovely brown dachshund pattern over a stylish dark background. Featuring a 100% durable polyester shell, the bag includes multiple zipper pockets, a comfortable and adjustable padded shoulder strap and is available in two sizing options to suit your requirements.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Pouch

45. Pouch

Whichever dachshund breed takes your fancy, this adorable sausage dog pouch is bound to bring a smile to your face. A fun little utility, this versatile pouch displays a beloved doxie, playfully sandwiched between two sausage buns with mustard on top! Featuring a durable canvas-like exterior with a faux leather pull tab and soft black poly-cotton interior lining, this delightful pouch is available in 3 sizing options and is the perfect accessory to store toiletries, art suppliers, or even small electronics.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Yoga Mat

46. Yoga Mat

One of the best dachshund gifts for yogis and exercise enthusiasts alike is this doggy-themed yoga mat! The fun design presents a playful pattern of sausage dogs actively attempting a variety of common yoga poses. Lightweight yet durable, the mat features a vivid print on the front and includes a handy woven carrying strap for easy transport.

Kitchen & Dining

Whether it’s a show-stopping cutting board or stylish tumbler, these gorgeous sausage dog gifts are bound to excite and delight while serving a practical purpose too.
Cool Dachshund Themed Gifts Cookie Cutter

47. Cookie Cutter

This gorgeous dachshund cookie cutter is a wonderful creative gift for bakers and artisans alike! Featuring the silhouette of a beautiful long haired dachshund, the handmade cutter is made from durable plastic that allows for easy release of dough and other materials such as biscuit dough, fondant, or craft clay.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Cutting Board

48. Cutting Board

Every dachshund mom will be swooning over this gorgeous cutting board featuring their beloved companion! The beautiful cutting board presents colorful and vivid artwork depicting an adorable sausage dog with a loving gaze. Both a kitchen essential and functional design piece, this unique utility features solid Baltic birch wood on one side for food prep and a smooth satin finish on the other for both serving and eye-catching display.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Spoon Rests

49. Spoon Rest

This charming doggy spoon rest will bring joy and add life to your tableware and interiors. Featuring an adorable dachshund dog, the handmade decorative utility has been beautifully crafted to artistically hold spoons, chopsticks, or even art brushes. The durable ceramic stoneware is available as a hand-painted brown or yellow canine, with the option of purchasing the cute pair as a set.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Coffee Mug

50. Coffee Mug

What do you get when you fuse iconic Japanese artwork with a doxie obsession? The Great Wave of Dachshunds! This playful and quirky dachshund mug is a fun utility that will bring a smile to your face with each and every sip. Depicting a mass of puppies riding (or sliding) the great wave, the premium ceramic coffee mug features bold and crisp wraparound artwork, including a large gripping handle, and is conveniently dishwasher and microwave safe.

51. Coasters

Modern and stylish, these chic weenie dog coasters will make a fashionable statement within any home, office, or bar setting. Featuring a classic soft grey houndstooth backdrop, select from a variety of dachshund coats to suit your taste and style. Expertly crafted from absorbent sandstone with a sleek matte surface, these dapper coasters also feature a protective cork backing and are available as a set of four, including the option of gift packaging for surprising a doxie lover.
Delightful Dachshund Gifts Tumbler

52. Tumbler

This minimalist-style tumbler is one of the best dachshund gifts for doxie lovers to subtly display their loyalty while on the go. The cute and versatile tumbler presents an adorable pattern exploring the various sleeping positions of their favorite canine! With a lightweight stainless steel construction, the 20oz capacity tumbler features double-wall insulation to keep drinks at optimal temperature and also includes a vacuum sealed lid to minimize spills when on the move.
Awesome Sausage Dog Gifts Tea Towel

53. Tea Towel

Dachshund moms can’t resist having their bestie with them in the kitchen, which is why this gorgeous weenie dog tea towel will feel right at home there! Featuring a stylish all-over print, the design displays a pretty pattern of beautifully illustrated black and tan dachshunds with cute little bow ties! The crisp, high-quality artwork is printed on a 100% premium cotton tea towel, which also includes a hanging loop for easy storage.
Beautiful Doxie Dog Gift Ideas Wine Chiller

54. Wine Chiller

One of the best housewarming dachshund gift ideas for your host is this stylish wine chiller. The sleek and contemporary style chiller features an elegant all-over pattern of perfectly poised dachshunds in black and tan. Crafted from quality stainless steel, the wine chiller will fit most standard-size wine bottles, maintaining a cool temperature for up to 2 hours to keep the party going.

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