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Christmas Work Gifts

Selecting Christmas work gifts for your coworkers can sometimes leave you baffled, particularly when you don’t want to get them a generic gift! Not to worry, we have put together a list of 10 incredibly simple and useful Christmas work gifts that cover all bases. You can be sure these creatively practical gifts won’t find their home at the bottom of any drawer!

1. Colander Spoon

We start our 10 incredibly simple and useful Christmas work gifts list with a unique and innovative colander spoon. The Ototo Mamma Nessie features a smooth scooping surface that won’t damage delicate cookware and a deep spoon for easily catching pasta and vegetables. The colander spoon is 11 inches tall and made from BPA free toughened nylon so it is safe for kitchen use. If Mamma Nessie isn’t enough, Otota produces some adorable companions such as Baby Nessie tea infuser, Papa Nessie pasta spoon, and a fun floating ladle named Swanky The Swan.

2. Strainer

If cute isn’t what you’re after, then this strainer by Kitchen Gizmo is a wonderful kitchen alternative. The Snap N’ Strain clip-on colander is the most practical way to strain food thoroughly while avoiding transferring food out of the pot! The stainer easily connects to cookware via 2 strong clips and is designed to fit nearly all rounded pots, pans, and bowls. Made from BPA free silicone and FDA approved, the colander comes in 3 modern color variations and is dishwasher friendly. The Snap N’ Strain is extremely effective and compact, making it very useful if working within a limited kitchen space. This strainer will surely make for a very useful Christmas work gift this holiday season!

3. Gaming Mousepad

If you‘re searching for affordable and simple Christmas work gifts for any computer nerd, a new gaming mousepad will be a welcome gift. Suitable for adults and teens, the sleek designed Luxcoms water-resistant mousepad measures 15.5 x 31.5 inches and will fit almost every keyboard and mouse setup. The base is made from non-slip rubber ensuring accurate mouse control, while the mousepad surface consists of fine braided material for smooth scrolling.

4. Mousepad

An ergonomic alternative to a gaming mousepad is this cute cushioned version, suitable for operation with a single mouse. The cat’s paw mousepad is designed using comfort zone gel-filled silicone cushions that conform to wrists for maximum comfort and support all day. 11.4 inches high and 7.9 inches wide, the creative cat paw design also doubles as adorable desk decor. Made from environmentally friendly silicone, the non-stick rubber base provides protection from scuffs and scratches, while ensuring the pad never slips. Also available in a soft pink and grey paw design, this is one of the cutest Christmas work gifts you will ever find.

5. Knife Sharpener

Put an end to blunt blades with an easy to use modern knife sharpener! The KitchenIQ Edge Grip features 2 stages of sharpening stones for resurrecting blunt blades and creating a polished finish, while the reverse slide V-slot prevents knives from scratching countertops or damaging blades. The KitchenIQ Edge Grip eliminates the confusion of sharpening stones and sticks since dragging the blade in the right direction is obvious every time. A very useful, portable tool, the Edge Grip is one of those Christmas work gifts everyone will use.

6. Dressing Shaker

The next Christmas work gifts idea is a salad dressing shaker, perfect for any of your health-conscious coworkers. The Whiskware BlenderBall looks very similar to a protein shaker with a special auto-closing nozzle specifically designed for pouring. A great utility for mixing marinades, dressings, and creamy vinaigrettes, the dressing shaker is available in triton plastic and glass. Large enough to hold any dressings, this 2.5 cup dressing shaker is dishwasher safe and disassembles for easy cleaning.

7. Car Mount

The first of 2 car phone holders, this phone mount can be attached to windshields, dashboards and even car air vents. The Honest Kin car phone holder features a sleek design with a flexible 360-degree rotating swivel ball, 180-degree rotating arm latch, and a telescopic arm that can extend from 4.7 to 6.7 inches. The holder fits phones 1.9 to 3.7 inches wide, so both iPhone and Android devices will be securely attached. This easy to position mount also features an anti-slip silicone surface, quick-release button, and a 0.6-inch reserve for charging.

8. Phone Holder

The second phone holder on our Christmas work gifts list is the Loncaster silicone car pad. This car phone holder features a sleek and straightforward design that allows for portability throughout your home or office, allowing you to also use your phone while cooking, or at your desk. Featuring a non-slip silicone grip pad and a front storage compartment, this holder secures your phone with an elastic silicone support. The Loncaster holder doesn’t require adhesives or mechanical installation and will not leave behind a mess when removed.

9. Mini Dustpan

A novel little Christmas work gift idea that is suitable for almost anyone is a mini dustpan set. The Full Circle mini is a great alternative to a vacuum that can quickly attend to any small messes. This set is available in two colors and two sizes, the larger of which is a traditional brush and pan design. Made from bamboo, rubber and recycled plastic, the Full Circle mini can be conveniently hung by the loop or stored upright.

10. Portable Light

The last Christmas work gifts idea on the list is also the most innovative. The LuminAID inflatable LED lantern is a multi-purpose gift that features a convenient collapsible design for portability and easy storage. This light is a great tool for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing, whilst also providing some assurance during a home power outage situation. The LuminAID lantern is 4.75 x 4.75 inches, features multiple light settings, and is perfectly safe for children. The battery can be charged via micro USB and solar with 10 hours of sunlight providing a full 24 hour charge.

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