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Christmas Gifts For Young Women

Finding Christmas gifts for young women can sometimes be challenging! Often women in this age group are starting to gain independence, forming their likes and dislikes, and can occasionally be quite picky! We have put together this list of Christmas gifts for young women, from beautiful keepsakes and novelty gifts to practical presents that will get much use, we have covered all the bases to ensure you find the perfect gift for a special young lady.

1. Jewelry Box

An ideal Christmas gift for young women, the Umbra Tesora jewelry box perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality. This beautiful jewelry box stores favorite jewelry and accessories in an elegant two-tiered stacking design, that can also be utilized as individual pieces. The stunning metal-plated lid doubles as a jewelry display tray, while the stackable storage compartments create unique containers ideal for organizing rings, broaches, necklaces, and more. Each compartment features a padded base and soft lining to protect jewelry and countertops from unwanted scratches. Measuring 4 1/2-inches high with a 5-inch diameter, the unique jewelry box combines a resin finish with contemporary metallics for a stylish, modern design to suit any bedroom. For additional accessories, you can’t go past pairing this gift with Umbra Tesora’s stunning minimalistic jewelry stand or adorable animal ring holders.

2. Tote Bag

If you’re searching for practical Christmas gifts for young women, you can’t go past an everyday staple such as a tote bag. Whether for work, school, or day trips, the BUILT gourmet getaway tote provides a versatile and attractive solution for food on the go! Neoprene insulating material allows food to keep cold or warm for up to 4 hours, while stretch properties of the material enable the tote to expand and fit a variety of food and drink containers, or store flat for convenience. Machine washable, stain, tear and water-resistant, this lunch tote is extremely durable and encourages reduced waste. BPA, vinyl and PVC free, the BUILT tote is available in a variety of fun colors and patterns to suit all styles.

3. Film Camera

An instant film camera is a great Christmas gift for young women, offering a glimpse into a nostalgic era. Having the ability these days to take endless photos and selfies at the click of a button, what better opportunity to gift a novel photographing experience – to pause and reflect on the image being taken, while still providing instant gratification! The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 requires film, which is automatically ejected once the photograph is taken. This updated instant camera has been designed featuring brightness auto-detect, with the ability to adjust settings for quality optimization. This is an ideal Christmas gift for young women, who will appreciate tangible, keepsake memories of friends and family to display on walls, cork boards, yearbooks, or scrapbooking.

4. Lunch Bags

As far as eco-conscious Christmas gifts for young women go, you can’t go past these artistic lunch bags. The Art of Lunch designer reusable lunch bags offer a set of 3 lunch bags in varying sizes, allowing a convenient, hygienic and sustainable solution for transporting food. The lunch bags are lined with food-safe polyester that is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free, while an airtight seal, easy to open zipper, and highly durable outer cotton fabric are all backed with a lifetime guarantee. Incredibly easy to clean and dishwasher friendly, the Art of Lunch bags are available in 11 artistic illustrations, that can also be paired with other lunch totes and purses from the same brand.

5. Tea Maker

Searching for both beautiful and practical Christmas gifts for young women? This modern designed tea pot from VAHDAM covers both bases! The Imperial Tea Maker is an all-in-one tea pot that incorporates bottom dispensing technology to perfectly prepare loose leaf teas. Featuring a 16-ounce tea steeper and strainer made from ultra-fine stainless steel mesh, the pot itself is constructed from the highest grade food quality Titan plastic, ensuring high durability, while still maintaining an elegant design.

6. Massage Roller

A Christmas gift suitable for all young women, you can’t go past a massage roller to alleviate tired and sore muscles. The Recoup Fitness Cryosphere cold massage roller ball features a patent-pending design that combines targeted cold massage to reduce inflammation and improve circulation and mobility. The unique design allows the roller ball to easily access hard to target body parts such as the neck, providing relief from pain and stiffness. The Cryosphere massager is activated in the freezer when not in use and can stay cold for up to 6 hours, making it a trusted tool in training rooms, with use by teams in all 5 major leagues. Whether pre or post-training, or after a long day at school or work, the Cryosphere cold massage roller is the perfect tool to aid recovery and relaxation.

7. Shoulder Bag

If you’re after Christmas gifts for young women who appreciate their feline companions, this unique designed shoulder bag is it! The QZUnique handbag features elegant workmanship that incorporates a unique cat design. Including beautiful streamlined outer stitching and fully lined silky interior, the bag offers sufficient capacity with multiple pockets and slots for daily necessities. The bag offers 3 methods of carry; top-handle, crossbody and single shoulder, using the removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Manufactured from very high-quality PU, the QZUnique handbag is elegant, soft, comfortable, and odorless, whilst offering durability for daily use.

8. Reusable Straw

Yet another eco-friendly Christmas gift for young women to add to our list is this set of reusable straws. The Zoku reusable pocket straws offer a very unique set of food-safe stainless steel portable straws. The straws have been specifically created with compact convenience and usability in mind, incorporating a telescopic design that extends from 4 to 9 inches to fit any size glass, and a collapsible function that allows portability. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, the additional design feature of a silicone mouthpiece on the straw mimics the feel of plastic, whilst protecting teeth. Compact, lightweight, and presented in convenient hygienic carry cases, the Zoku reusable straws are available as a set of 3 straws, including a cleaning brush, in 3 attractive, contemporary tones.

9. Phone Lens

More Christmas gifts for young women interested in photography, the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is an ideal gift for aspiring young photographers. Compatible with most popular single and dual camera smartphones, the kit boasts multiple functionality for capturing wide-angle, close-up, and higher quality photos than those taken with a standard phone camera. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and premium optical glass for durability and clarity, the Truview 0.45x wide-angle lens has the ability to capture 45% more image, without dark corners as seen with cheaper lenses. Multi-element, coated glass lenses minimize ghosting, reflections, and lens flare. The Clarus 15x macro lens precisely magnifies nearby subjects with precision-focus for breathtaking, razor crisp close-up photos. Also included with this kit are a TruGrip lens clip for secure gripping power to your phone, a Glowclip rechargeable LED fill light with 3 brightness settings for illuminating subjects and surrounds with warm light, a lens cloth, and a quick-release lanyard and travel case for easy transport and protection. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is a trusted, quality set for hobbyists and photography professionals alike, backed with a genuine lifetime warranty.

10. Candle

More Christmas gifts for young women who love cats, this candle from PyroPet has both a sweet and slightly wild side! Initially featuring a cute cat shaped candle, which once melted reveals a grinning metallic skeleton with blazing eyes. With 20 hours burn time, the candle is made from paraffin wax with a cotton wick, and best placed on a plate as you watch the candle burn and take a shape of its own. PyroPet has created a family of animal-shaped candles with a hidden surprise including an owl, bunny, dog, bird, dragon, reindeer, and unicorn, each designed to be geometrically beautiful and spooky in their own unique way.

11. Travel Coffee Press

A stylish and practical gift that will get much use is this quality portable coffee press. The Espro travel coffee press easily brews the perfect coffee for anyone on the go. Unlike basic travel coffee presses, the Espro contains a patented double micro-filter that prevents grit and sludge in each cup. The double-walled insulated stainless steel construction ensures coffee is hot for hours, and once pressed the extraction process comes to a halt for the perfect brew. Featuring a convenient leak-proof lid and drip-free pouring, the Espro travel coffee press is available in a choice of 8 modern colors.

12. Fridge Magnets

If you’re searching for Christmas gifts for young women who love dogs and have a humorous side, you can’t go past these unique magnets! These Kikkerland magnets feature a set of dog butt fridge magnets that will make anyone smile! The hilarious set includes a Retriever, Dalmatian, Poodle, Pug, Scottie, and fire hydrant. Great for display on the fridge, cabinets, or whiteboards, Kikkerland has also released other collections to choose from, including cats, farm animals, safari animals, and whales!

13. Lucky Charm

The last item on our list of Christmas gifts for young women is a gift that is adorable, cultural and collectible, all rolled into one! Featuring a plump, happy cat, black maneki neko are traditional to Japanese folklore culture, representing talismans for warding off bad spirits. The popular story behind the tale involves a hungry stray cat and an impoverished shop owner who takes him in. Grateful for the shop owner’s charity, the cat takes post outside his shop, beckoning visitors. The cute cat, sitting on hind legs with one paw beckoning, eventually turns around the shop owner’s misfortunes. The tale of maneki neko and the widespread belief across Japan of its power as a lucky charm has led artisans over the years to create different colored figurines to bring good luck and fortune for different occasions. This is a wonderful good luck charm, or collectible figurine for young women interested in Japanese culture, or cat enthusiasts alike.

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