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Christmas Gifts For Home

Choosing Christmas gifts for home, whether for your own family or another, can sometimes be a daunting task. Most of us have a particular style or taste when it comes to our home, or already have all the essentials we need! We have put together a list of 13 stylish and useful Christmas gifts for home, from the beautiful to the practical, you’ll be sure to find a gift to please any family.

1. Humidifier

The first idea on our Christmas gifts for home list is a humidifier for improving air quality within the home. Humidifiers come in many shapes, sizes, and humidification mechanisms such as cool mist and warm mist. The Onson 1.2 gallon ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is perfect for increasing humidity in the bedroom, office space, and is even suitable for a baby room. The unit is ultra-quiet so it won’t disturb sleep, while the built-in timer can turn the power off to prevent the build-up of excess moisture. The Onson supports up to 30 hours of continuous operation and provides 3 setting options that adjust different moisture output levels. The humidifier features a top filling water tank and masterbatch materials for limiting the growth of stains and dust.

2. Table Lamp

One of the coolest items on our Christmas gifts for home list is an outdoor table lamp with an inbuilt speaker. The Zanflare Torch is an LED flicker flame table lamp that stands 6.4 inches tall and just under 4 inches in diameter. The Zanflare produces excellent Hi-Fi audio with crisp highs and powerful bass from its 5W speaker. 96 yellow light LED’s flicker to create the perfect ambiance for intimate backyard gatherings and nights at the beach. The unit is Bluetooth compatible up to 33 feet, allowing mobiles and tablets to seamless stream music.

3. Sound System

If an ambient table lamp seems a little too subtle for your intended recipient, a vintage-style sound system could be what you’re looking for! The retro-designed Victrola Retro 3-speed turntable is also a CD player, AM/FM radio and Bluetooth receiver. The turntable plays 33 ⅓, 45, and 78 RPM records, resurrecting those vinyls hiding in the basement. The system enables users to stream wirelessly from up to 33 feet away, while also offering a wired USB connection from a PC or Mac. The Victrola comes in 4 nostalgic colors and also features a 3.5mm AUX-In headphone jack and backlit display. A vibrant finish and decorative style makes this one of the more unique Christmas gifts for the home.

4. Kettle

Is your Christmas gift for someone who has an old and barely functioning kettle? If your answer is yes, then this Miroco sleek double-walled stainless steel kettle is the perfect gift. This fast boiling kettle is great for preparing tea, coffee, soup, hot cocoa and pre-boiling water for the pot. The kettle features an easy access sprout, food-grade stainless steel and 100% BPA free plastic, which does not come into contact with water in the boiling and pouring process. The Miroco electric kettle also features Strix Thermostat Technology, a global leader in kettle controls.

5. Air Fryer

The fifth item on our is Christmas gifts for home list is a healthy frying option suitable for any kitchen. The Cosori Air Fryer is a 5.8 quart capacity hot air oven that easily fits on any countertop for providing a convenient and portable cooking experience. The oilless cooker features a removable square non-stick food basket that is BPA & PFOA free and dishwasher safe. The air fryer contains 11 convenient menu preset cooking settings for cooking meat, seafood, frozen vegetables, bread, and desserts. The Cosori also comes with 100 simple recipes that range from breakfast dishes such as French toast sticks, all the way to desserts like orange cranberry muffins. The air fryer is available in 3 contemporary colors to suit any kitchen and every purchase comes with a 2-year warranty.

6. Electric Grill

If you’re not already convinced with the air fryer, a portable grill is sure to be a hit with Christmas gifts for home! The Hot Shot smokeless portable grill is perfect for grilling and searing in your kitchen, or out in your backyard. The grill features dual cooking surfaces, a mess-free drip tray and also doubles as a panini press. The Hot Shot smokeless grill produces even heat distribution for improved cooking efficiency, while hot smoke is removed by a smoke capture fan.

7. Coffee Machine

One of our favorites on this Christmas gifts for home list, a coffee machine is great for brewing barista-style coffee from the comfort of your home! This DeLonghi Nespresso Bundle features a sleek, modern coffee pod machine and Aeroccino milk frother. The machine perfectly extracts the delicate flavor of each pod with its 19 bar pump system, while the Aeroccino produces a consistent and precisely heated frothy milk. The unit switches off after 9 minutes of inactivity to save energy and takes only 25 seconds to reach ideal temperature due to its fast heat system. The DeLonghi features an adjustable cup size, drip tray, and removable capsule tray for used pods.

8. Home Camera

A quality home camera may be the perfect Christmas gift to help keep an eye on activities in parts of the home. The Wyze Cam 1080p Wireless smart camera features night vision, 2-way audio, and person detection. The device works with both Google Assistant and Alexa, while the clever AI system enables person detection to filter videos that contain people. In addition to hardware the Wyze Cam comes with free cloud storage, a great bonus as the camera automatically records 12-second clips whenever sound or motion is detected.

9. Clock

When thinking about Christmas gifts for home, why not consider this unique wooden digital alarm clock. The clock comes with multiple functionalities including temperature and humidity monitoring in addition to time and multiple alarms. Featuring an attractive minimalistic design, this wooden electronic LED clock also includes brightness controls and a sound-sensitive eco mode. A modern, unique and stylish gift for the home, office or travel, this clock comes in 5 contemporary colors to suit any environment.

10. Mini Fountain

A relaxing and decorative Christmas gift for home, this 4 tier cascading tabletop water fountain will help create a soothing environment in any home. Sitting 11 inches tall, this unique indoor fountain is both lightweight and durable. The Fountain requires no plumbing, instead, water is manually added, the system is then powered and a silent pump circulates the water back to the top. LED lights illuminate the water, creating a calming ambiance in whichever room you decide to decorate.

11. Pillow Case Set

The eleventh item on our Christmas gifts for home list is a set of throw pillow covers. These Fall themed decorative pillowcases will add a touch of warmth to any home. Made from cotton linen material and available in 2 sizes 18 x 18 inch and 20 x 20 inch, the pillowcases feature hidden zipper encolures and are washing machine friendly.

12. Hand-Held Vacuum

The perfect gift for quickly cleaning up those small messes, a handheld vacuum is a must-have for every household. The Novete cordless handheld vacuum features 7.5kPa suction power, so vacuuming a mess on carpets, sofas, or even corners is extremely easy. The unit is powered by a detachable battery that offers 30 minutes of fade-free operation and can be recharged via a dock or direct cable. Weighing only 2lb, the Novete comes with 3 attachments; crevice nozzle, brush nozzle and a rubber nozzle for vacuuming small spills.

13. Decanter

The final idea on our Christmas gifts for home list is a beautiful decanter for your wine-loving family and friends. The YouWah wine decanter is hand made from 100% lead-free crystal and is FDA certified. This modern designed decanter is perfect for decanting, liquor filling and pouring. The unique design enables wine bottles to connect with the decanter so wine can be poured back and forth, while the wide bottom catchment helps create a better decanting effect. The YouWah wine decanter set also comes with a drying stand and stainless steel cleaning beads to keep the carafe in pristine condition.

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