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Christmas Gifts For Gift Exchange

Christmas gift ideas for gift exchange can be difficult to select, particularly when you only have a budget of $12!? That’s why we have put together this useful list of 10 of the best Christmas gifts for gift exchange. These small sparks of joy contain both practical and novel items that will be well received, so start scrolling!

1. Brush & Dustpan

The first item on our best Christmas gifts for gift exchange under $12 list is a widely applicable brush and dustpan set. The Full Circle mini set is perfect to keep on hand for whenever small messes arise, instead of having to take out that bulky vacuum cleaner. The set is made from recycled plastic, bamboo and rubber and available in 2 colors, sizes, and design options. Although small in stature, the set can be easily stored upright, while the adorable mini version can also be hung by the loop.

2. Ice Mold

A nice little Christmas gift idea for a gift exchange is an ice mold that produces interesting ice cube shapes. The Fred & Friends 3D cat ice mold is a two-part mold that recreates a large ice cat head. This cute, but durable mold is made from BPA free silicone, is dishwasher safe and will be the purrfect drinking companion no matter what the beverage. If a cat is a little on the tepid side for your taste, a skull and alien mold could be more to your liking! These molds create 4 ice cubes per freeze and feature an intricately detailed design.

3. Knife Sharpener

Nobody likes a blunt knife! The most universally applicable item on our Christmas gifts for gift exchange list is a knife sharpener. The KitchenIQ Edge Grip knife sharpener features a V-slot on the reverse side that enables positioning to prevent knives from scratching a countertop or damaging blades. The tool also features 2-stages of sharpening stones; a course slot and a fine slot. The coarse slot is perfect for sharpening extremely blunt knives that struggle to cut, while the fine slot is for polishing the blade and giving your knives that extra sharp finish. The KitchenIQ Edge Grip is small enough to be placed into your kitchen drawer and is even portable enough to be used on fishing trips. With this sharpening tool, there will be no need to figure out which direction to drag the blades unlike sharpening sticks and stones.

4. Toothbrush Holder

The cutest idea on our best Christmas gifts for gift exchange under $12 list is a charming toothbrush holder! The Kikkerland Hedgehog holder features an adorable design, with suction cups to adhere the case to mirrors, making it great for home or travel use. This is the perfect cheap gift idea for the young (or young at heart!) that will make brushing fun! If a hedgehog isn’t quite the creature you’re after, there are also Bear, Fox, Owl and Whale options, all of which are equally as cute!

5. Fork Spoon

What do you do when you need a fork and a spoon, but hate sporks? You use this half-fork, half-spoon.. well, in this case, you get it as a cheap Christmas gift for a gift exchange! The Humangear Gobites is a novel utensil made from extremely durable nylon. Available in 8 modern colors, the Gobites is dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack, is BPA and phthalate-free, and is FDA approved to be food safe. Unlike sporks, the Humangear Gobites can scrape the bottom and walls of containers, and has a spoon deep enough to even slurp soup.

6. Reading Lamp

The sixth item on our Christmas gifts for gift exchange under $12 list is a unique reading lamp. The i2 Gear USB reading lamp features 14 bright LEDs with three adjustable brightness settings. The USB lamp is available in four color options; white, bright white, black and pink, and is compatible with any PC or Mac. Featuring a cool flexible gooseneck, this lamp will make a great reading companion that can be taken anywhere.

7. Scraper

A useful item on the Christmas gifts for gift exchange list if there is a passionate cook on the receiving end. This GIR scraper conforms to the curvature and shape of any bowl, collecting every last drop, without scratching delicate cookware! In addition to scraping bowls, the 8-inch kitchen tool is also useful as a bowl cleaner, dough cutter, and spatula. The solid platinum silicone blade is dishwasher safe, BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free, and is heat resistant up to 550 degrees.

8. Travel Bags

The perfect solution to storing shoes and sneakers in luggage, these waterproof travel shoe bags will make a great Christmas gift for any gift exchange. Applicable for more than just travel, the bags are also perfect for carrying sporting shoes to arenas or gyms, and for protecting shoes when stored at home. These nylon zipper bags can also store clothes, and come in 2 sizes; 2 x standard and 2 x extra large.

9. Wine Charms

Another adorable item on our best Christmas gifts for gift exchange under $12 list is this set of wine charms. Available in both Llama and Unicorn designs, this 6 pack of wine charms will enjoy hanging out on the edge of your drink! Made from food-grade silicone that is BPA and phthalate-free, these wine charms will seamlessly fit into any party and help every guest remember which drink belongs to them.

10. Phone Holder

The last idea on our best Christmas gifts for gift exchange under $12 list is a gift perfect for anyone who owns a car. The Honest Kin car phone holder is a universal car mount that fits both Samsung, iPhone and other brand devices where screen size is 4 to 6.5 inches. The sleek designed phone holder features 360-degree rotation, an anti-slip suction cup, and an adjustable extendable arm so the phone can be positioned in just the right location.

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