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Christmas Gifts For Friends

Choosing Christmas gifts for friends can certainly be challenging. Even when you know their personalities and tastes, finding that special gift isn’t always easy! We have found that sometimes the best gifts are often the most simple. So we put together this list of 11 simple Christmas gifts for friends to help make gift-giving a whole lot easier this holiday season.

1. Serving Tray

The first idea on our simple Christmas gifts for friends list is a beautifully crafted single serving tray. The Tea Forte bamboo serving tray is the perfect way to enjoy a tea and treat! Oval shaped, the tray measures 9 x 7 inches and is a great companion for any modern tea set. Alternatively, this tray could also be used to hold bathroom accessories or style other decor.

2. Slush Maker

Who doesn’t love a slushy on a hot summer day? A slush maker may be the perfect Christmas gift for any friend who enjoys a cold beverage. The Zoku slush and shake maker can make frozen treats in as little as 7 minutes! The package includes an 8-ounce inner core, protective outer cup, and BPA & phthalate-free slush spoon for mixing. To make slushies, milkshakes or frozen alcoholic drinks, simply freeze the inner core overnight or for 8 hours. The Zoku slush and shake maker features a sturdy design and is compact, convenient, doesn’t require bulky equipment to work and is available in 5 vibrant color variations!

3. Spice Grinder

One of the simple Christmas gifts for friends that love to cook is a spice grinder, to easily add flavor to every meal. Swiss designed, the Kuhn Rikon high-performance ratchet grinder contains a ceramic grinding stone for maximum efficiency and high output. This grinder features an easy to open front door for adding salt, pepper, or dried spice blends, making it easier to fill than top-loading grinder mechanisms. The Kuhn Rikon grinder easily changes grain sizes from fine to coarse using its adjustable bottom knob. Grinding becomes an easy task with an ergonomic handle, requiring a simple back and forth motion, rather than a twist. This beautifully designed ratchet grinder is available in 4 contemporary color variations to suit any environment.

4. Peeler

Everyone uses a peeler for cooking, so why not put a smile on your friends’ faces whenever they peel potatoes, carrots, and cucumbers?! A great option if you’re looking for simple Christmas gifts for friends who love animals is a cat-shaped vegetable peeler. The Peleg Design CatPeeler is a fun, decorative kitchen utensil that sticks out its tongue with each peel! Put an end to boring food prep with this 5 inch, dishwasher safe cat-shaped peeler, which is available in both black and white color variations.

5. Multi Tool

One of the more versatile Christmas gifts for friends, a multi tool serves a wide variety of purposes in one small package! The Kikkerland Crab multi tool is perfect for quick little tasks that don’t require large amounts of leverage. The set contains 6 fold-out tools; bottle opener, can opener, knife, scissors, rope saw, and a flat head screwdriver. The Kikkerland Crab features a sturdy beechwood shell that encases the 6 stainless steel tools, resembling crab claws.

6. Massager

Help your friends relax this holiday season with a portable pillow massager. The versatile Zyllion Shiatsu back and neck massager is great for necks, backs, arms, legs, and feet. One of the best Christmas gifts for friends who are constantly tense, this back massager features both massage only, and heat and massage settings. The Zyllion massager automatically changes direction every minute and can be plugged into a home power outlet or a car socket. Featuring convenient adjustable straps and powerful massage motors, the Zyllion massager offers a deep massage anywhere, anytime.

7. Travel Steamer

One of the best Christmas gifts for friends who travel a lot and are tired of creased clothes is a travel steamer. The Hilife mini travel steamer features a 240ml capacity tank capable of 15 minutes of continuous steaming! The steamer comes with a 9ft power cord, weighs only 1.35 pounds, and is covered by a 3 year warranty period. The Hilife mini steamer is perfect for business attire, school uniforms, or even home pillows and cushions.

8. Travel Coffee Press

The eighth item on our Christmas gifts for friends list is a portable coffee press. The perfect gift for coffee lovers, the Espro travel coffee press makes quality coffee on the go simple. The coffee press features a patented double microfilter, leak-proof lid, and easy drip-free pouring. Made from insulated double-walled stainless steel, this coffee press keeps coffee hot for hours, and once pressed the extraction process comes to a complete halt. Available in 8 modern color variations, the Espro also comes in a travel tea press version for making the perfect tea on the go.

9. Whiskey Glasses

What better Christmas gift for a whiskey connoisseur than an elegant whiskey glass. The Prestige Decanters etched globe glass set is the perfect way to sip a drink with a friend or relax for the evening. This unique gift features a rounded bottom which allows the glass to rotate and tilt. This artisanal glass is hand-blown, lead-free, and is strong and durable for daily use. Your recipient will love drinking whiskey, scotch, rum, brandy, or cognac with this quality glass set.

10. Power Bank

Are your friends constantly complaining about their phones poor battery life? One of the most useful Christmas gifts for friends is a portable charger with universal compatibility. The Anker PowerCore is a small and light 10000mAh power bank that provides over 2 complete charges depending on device specs. Anker’s high-speed charging unit easily fits into pockets and bags, making it highly portable and perfect for those with limited space. The power bank comes with a micro USB cable, travel pouch, and guide to help get users started.

11. Coffee & Tea Maker

The last item on our simple Christmas gifts for friends list is a home brew 2 in 1 coffee and tea maker. The Powerlix French press coffee and tea maker features heat resistant borosilicate glass, a stainless steel coffee press, and a BPA free silicone and stainless steel tea infuser. Both elegant and functional, the Powerlix coffee and tea maker is dishwasher friendly, holds up to 32 oz at a time, and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

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