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Cheap Christmas Gifts For Husband

So it’s Christmas once again, and this year you and your husband have set a spending limit for gifts. If now you’re tasked with finding the perfect gift within a strict budget, then this post of cheap Christmas gifts for husband is your answer! The list covers practical, fun and novel gifts within a $10, $20 and $30 budget, so you will be sure to find a special gift for your man!

Around $10

1. Gaming Mousepad

Does your husband love PC gaming, but is stuck using a small square pad? A brand new gaming mouse pad is the perfect gift! The Luxcos extended gaming mousepad measures 31.5 x 15.5 inches and easily fits a keyboard and mouse combination. Your husband will achieve accurate mouse control with the Luxcoms non-slip rubber base. The mousepad is designed using braided material, which is extremely fine for smooth scrolling, while water-resistant coating means spills will be easily wiped away.

2. Charging Dock

If your husband prefers Playstation over a PC, then a control charging dock will make the perfect gift. The third item on our cheap Christmas Gifts for husband list is a dual control USB Playstation control charger. The charger offers intelligent protection, meaning each controller will not charge beyond 70%, expanding the lifespan of the battery! In addition to extended lifespan, the charger features protection for overcurrent, overheating, over-voltage and short circuit. An advanced LED indicator signals when each controller is fully charged, while the two-hour fast charging feature means a controller will always be ready to go.

3. Drill Brush Set

Nothing says please clean our shower properly like this drill brush set! These heavy-duty Drillbrush all-purpose scrubber attachments are perfect for cleaning the shower, tub, benchtops, tiles and that all annoying grout. The kit includes 3 brush variations of medium stiffness for your drill, and comes in a choice of 6 colors; yellow, black, blue, green, red and white. This gift might have snuck into our cheap Christmas gifts for husband list, but probably also belongs in the gifts for my husband that are really for me list!

4. Egg Holder

If your husband loves boiled eggs for breakfast, the perfect way to eat those eggs in an egg cup. The most chivalrous boiled egg holder you will ever see, the Arthur transforms breakfast into an egg in shining armor! Ths Peleg Design egg cup features an adorable medieval knight holding a spoon sword. Fun, functional and humor rolled into one, the Arthur makes for an egg-cellent cheap Christmas gift for your husband!

5. Gaming Mouse

We’ve already covered a mousepad, but what about a new programmable gaming mouse? The Pictek wired PC gaming mouse offers amazing value for money with 7 programmable buttons and almost unlimited backlight color variations. The ergonomically designed mouse features a comfortable claw grip, ideal for long periods of control in front of a computer. A much sought after gift with great value makes this PC mouse one of the best cheap Christmas gifts for husband on our list.

6. Travel Bags

Honey, how do I pack my shoes so the rest of the luggage doesn’t get dirty? Answer: However you want with this set of waterproof travel shoe bags! These nylon zipper bags are great for shoes and clothes alike and come in 2 sizes; 2 x standard and 2 x extra large. In addition to travel, these bags are suited to keeping shoes dust free when stored and make the perfect accessory for carrying sneakers to the gym or sports arena.

Around $20

7. Travel Pillow

The seventh idea on our cheap Christmas gifts for husband list is the perfect travel accessory for making flights, buses, trains and car trips far more comfortable. This memory foam travel pillow provides great neck support with its curved shape design that prevents your head from falling. Featuring an adjustable rope lock, magnetic therapy cloth cover, and sweat-resistant fabric, this pillow will be the perfect travel companion for your husband.

8. Bike Helmet

Does your husband love to cycle or skate? A new helmet may be the perfect cheap Christmas gift for your husband. The Bell Ripley bike helmet offers great value for money, fitting head sizes from 54cm to 61cm in diameter. The helmet boasts a dual fit system, integrated visor, and 14 vents for keeping a riders head cool on every ride. Also featuring a spin action adjustable dial, this helmet is lightweight and CPSC bike complaint.

9. Can Cooler

The ninth item on our cheap Christmas gifts for husband is the ever essential a can cooler. The BrüMate Hopsulator is an elegant gift idea that will keep drinks 20 times colder than a regular neoprene cooler. This can cooler features double-walled insulation, including a modern stainless steel design, and comes in over 20 color options! An interesting feature of the BrüMate Hopsulator is that it prevents cans from sweating, no matter how cold the can.

10. Gaming Headset

If your husband is covered in the mouse, mousepad, and control charger department, a gaming headset is another great gift. The Onikuma K5 Pro is a versatile headset, compatible with PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. The headset features an adjustable microphone, ergonomic design and comfortable earmuffs for long gaming sessions. The microphone is noise-canceling, anti-static and picks up voices at 360 degrees. Value for money and versatility makes the K5 Pro one of our favorite gaming items in the cheap Christmas gifts for husband list.

11. Whiskey Glass

If your husband doesn’t favor canned beer or soda, but loves a whiskey or cognac on the rocks, this unique whiskey glass will be the perfect Christmas gift. Thinking outside the box, the BruMate NOS’R double-walled whiskey glass has been specifically designed for retaining optimal drinking temperature. Not only is this whiskey glass 20 times more effective at retaining temperature than regular glasses, it won’t run the risk of breaking when packed due to its high durability. Manufactured from superior quality food-grade stainless steel, the BruMate NOS’R is available in a choice of classic walnut or a sophisticated matte black finish.

12. Wallet

The twelfth item on our cheap Christmas gifts for husband is a new slimline wallet with additional safety features. The Serman Brands RFID blocking slim bifold wallet is an affordable gift idea that comes in 6 attractive color options. Made from genuine full grain leather, the wallet is equipped with advanced RFID technology that blocks signals 13.56 Mhz and higher from unauthorized scans. The slim and stylish Serman Brands wallet features a quick access window, a minimal pull tab for easy access and comfortably fits up to 8 cards.

13. Inflatable Light

One of the most innovative items on our cheap Christmas gifts for husband list, the LuminAID inflatable lantern is a cool multi-purpose gift idea. This solar-powered 4.75 x 4.75 inch LED lantern features multiple brightness settings, an inflatable/collapsible design, and is completely safe for children if they manage to get their hands on the light. The LuminAid is perfect for camping, hiking & fishing, in addition to providing home emergency backup lighting. The battery lasts up to 24 hours per complete charge, which takes 10 hours for solar, or 1-2 hours via Micro USB with the PackLite Nova model.

Around $30

14. Travel Coffee Press

The fourteenth idea on our cheap Christmas gifts for husband list is a portable coffee press. Made from quality stainless steel, the Espro coffee press keeps coffee hot for hours, and once pressed the extraction process comes to a complete halt. The coffee press features a patented double microfilter, leak-proof lid, and easy drip-free pouring. Available in 8 modern colors, the Espro also comes in a travel tea press option for making the perfect tea on the go.

15. Trimmer

One of the top cheap Christmas gifts for your husband is undoubtedly a new grooming kit. The Shao 5 in 1 cordless men’s trimmer is a perfect gift for maintaining beards, head, body, and facial hair. The sophisticated trimmer comes with a charging stand, full-sized trimmer head, design trimmer head, nose hair head, 5 head attachments, foil shaver, oil, and a brush. Incredibly durable, the Shao is water-resistant so you won’t have to worry about water damage, and can be used for up to 90 minutes with each 4-hour charge.

16. Keyboard

The final idea on our cheap Christmas gifts for husband list is a new keyboard. We all have ample experience with computer keyboards that feel like they don’t respond whenever a key is pressed and released. The Redragon K556 backlit mechanical gaming keyboard offers a silent and tactile experience that makes typing extremely responsive. This elegant keyboard features a waterproof design, 100% anti-ghosting, and 18 backlit lighting models. The Redragon K556 comes with the option found keys, in addition to regular square keys, to suit any desktop space and desired feel.

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