35 Heart Fluttering Butterfly Gifts

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Butterfly Gifts

Pretty accessories, purposeful utilities, stunning decor, and fun and interesting novelties, our list of unique butterfly gifts contain something special for everyone whose favorite animal is this elegant insect. Friendly, charming, and elegant, the magnificent butterfly is one of those gifts of nature worth celebrating. With their graceful presence and eye-catching kaleidoscope patterns, our handpicked gift guide includes beautiful and original butterfly inspired presents just waiting to be gifted for mother’s day, birthdays, or any special occasion in between.

Table of Contents

Personal & Wearable

Below you will find some of the prettiest gifts for butterfly lovers to express their adoration with pride. From one of a kind shoes to eye-catching jewelry and accessories, these creative and unique personal butterfly gifts are sure to be loved.
Cute Butteryly Gifts T-Shirt

1. T-Shirt

A wonderful gift idea for a lover of butterflies is this super cute T-Shirt. The perfect way to flaunt their passion, the beautiful soft peach design presents a subtle, yet distinct Monarch butterfly silhouette outline displayed off-center to create a stylish and unique design. The soft and comfy everyday T-Shirt features a flattering cut, with this pretty design also available on a variety of other garments including long-sleeved tops and hoodies.
Gifts For Butterfly Lovers Necklace

2. Necklace

An iconic piece of jewelry worth gifting a very special loved one is this beautiful butterfly pendant necklace. The stunning design presents a striking openwork pendant in the silhouette outline of a brilliant butterfly mid-flight. Crafted from premium polished sterling silver, a single bezel-set round white sapphire adds a sophisticated sparkle to this charming pendant that sits daintily within an 18-inch cable chain.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Shoes

3. Shoes

When it comes to original butterfly gifts to surprise family and friends, you can’t go past this unique pair of sneakers. These custom Nike Air Force 1 Low’s feature a vibrant blue real butterfly print, artistically displayed over the shoes. The creative design really pops out set against the stark white background and is bound to receive plenty of compliments too! If you’re after a slightly more traditional pair, these warm and comfy house slippers feature a pretty pink butterfly pattern for all-day at-home lounging.
Amazing Butterfly Presents Journal

4. Journal

This eye-catching journal features a magnificent butterfly gracing the entire front and back cover. The bold and detailed illustration has been created with such a lifelike vivid appearance that it almost appears the creature has been pulled from its natural habitat and placed on the cover! Featuring a wraparound print with case wrap binding, the journal includes 128 ruled line single pages and is bound to become an aspiring author’s new best friend.
Amazing Butterfly Presents Jewelry Dish

5. Jewelry Dish

The perfect gift for butterfly lovers to store their favorite accessories is this pretty jewelry dish. Delicately handcrafted from polymer clay, the stunning design presents two beautiful butterflies amidst a bold love heart. With a glistening gold rim and scattered speckled gold feature, this gorgeous little dish is perfect for storing coins, keys, paperclips, bobby pins, and other small trinkets and jewelry.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Ring

6. Ring

Any butterfly lover is bound to fall head over heels for this stunning ring. Crafted in quality sterling silver, this pretty ring depicts a sparkling open winged butterfly consisting of four marquise stones. Shimmering round cut stones are perfectly set along the shank to create a beautiful piece that will enhance and stylishly accessorize any look.
Cute Butteryly Gifts Bookmark

7. Bookmark

The perfect blend of form and function, this unique bookmark will fit any size book without falling out or damaging the pages! The Hookmark is the ultimate bookmark, created in the shape of a hook that neatly attaches over the spine of the book. Custom-designed, the stem of the Hookmark features a beautifully intricate gold butterfly pendant, including the option to personalize by adding a shimmering Swarovski crystal birthstone. This creative bookmark is elegantly packaged in a pretty velvet lined gift box and is the perfect gift for avid readers and butterfly enthusiasts alike.
Gifts For Butterfly Lovers Charm

8. Charm

If you’re searching for small butterfly gifts for someone special, then this pretty little charm is sure to brighten someone’s day. Made from quality sterling silver, this beautiful piece is inspired by the beauty of nature, featuring an intricate design of contrasting butterflies and flowers in springtime.
Amazing Butterfly Presents Jewelry Box

9. Jewelry Gift Box

A unique gift idea for a special proposal or boxing a small gift is this cute little jewelry box. The pretty vintage style box is crafted in the unique shape of a beautiful butterfly, featuring detailed engraved designs of roses, additional florals, butterflies, and dainty motifs. Petite and pretty, this gorgeous little box stands on four sturdy butterfly feet and is a beautiful keepsake and dresser display for a special piece of jewelry.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Scarf

10. Scarf

A gorgeous accessorizing piece for those slightly cooler days are these vibrant butterfly inspired scarves. Presenting a bold and colorful pattern featuring a kaleidoscope of butterflies, the soft 100% polyester scarf is available in 4 pretty color tones and will arrive beautifully presented in a gift box ready to surprise a special loved one.

Travel & Utility

From a beautiful keychain to a bold laptop sleeve, the following butterfly gift ideas contain a great selection of functional and charming accessories for use at home or whilst on the go.
Cute Butteryly Gifts Keychain

11. Keychain

A subtle, yet eye-catching accessory any butterfly lover will appreciate being gifted is this stunning keychain. The stylish utility presents a magnificent gold-toned Monarch butterfly pendant with a contrasting black and white enamel design that creates a striking appearance. Featuring an extra-large lobster clasp, this charming keychain can easily attach to anything, making it the perfect accessory to dress up keys, purses, bags, wallets, and more.
Gifts For Butterfly Lovers Laptop Sleeve

12. Laptop Sleeve

If you’re searching for beautiful and practical butterfly gift ideas, you can’t go past this stunning laptop sleeve. The sleeve design presents a magnificent Monarch butterfly, up close and personal. The bold and creative illustration focuses on the finer wing details, with just enough depicted to define this illuminating creature. Featuring a high-quality print on both front and back, the laptop sleeve also includes internal plush foam padding to protect from scratches and includes contrasting black edging and zip that perfectly complement the overall vibrant design.

13. Brass Knobs

A gift idea for your butterfly lover’s bedroom, these abstract butterfly wings are amazing functional accents for wardrobes, drawers, and cabinets. Available in stunning black and brass, the drawer pulls also double as wall hangers, creating a personal butterfly greenhouse within their home.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Passport Holder

14. Travel Set

One of those highly useful butterfly gifts that is sure to stand out on the baggage carousel is this striking passport holder. The chic watercolor design features stunning black and blue-toned butterflies, beautifully contrasted amongst the pretty purple florals. Made from high-quality material using eco-friendly inks, the custom passport holder and luggage tag set are available in 3 contemporary colors, and also features the option to personalize this unique gift.
Cute Butteryly Gifts Travel Mug

15. Travel Mug

A handy and perfect gift to cart their favorite beverage whilst on the go is this striking butterfly inspired travel mug. The mug presents a series of unique and original illustrations featuring a pattern of butterflies from an antique French encyclopedia. Made from insulated stainless steel with a removable lid, this creative travel mug’s highly unique pattern is bound to stand out and capture the attention of nature and insect lovers alike.
Gifts For Butterfly Lovers Tote

16. Tote

This fun and versatile butterfly tote bag is a handy reusable utility, perfect for shopping trips or carting books and other daily wares. The vibrant design presents a series of bold white and peachy pink florals with lustrous open winged butterflies set amidst a perfectly contrasting stark black background. Made from durable polyester that can hold up to 20kg, the water-resistant tote includes a zip pocket, carry handle, and also folds into a compact design for convenient transport.

Fun & Unique

From an original butterfly growing kit to an entertaining card insert, the following section contains a handpicked selection of the most fun and interesting gifts for butterfly lovers to enjoy.
Amazing Butterfly Presents Growing Kit

17. Growing Kit

An educational gift for kids interested in these wonderful insects, a butterfly garden offers a unique experience to witness a caterpillar morphing into a real butterfly. After redeeming the included voucher, caterpillars are shipped with food and a chrysalis log, allowing children to watch as they grow and form a cocoon. The mesh garden then houses emerging butterflies, providing the perfect viewing habitat before they are released into nature.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Card

18. Card

A wonderful butterfly gift idea to complement your recipient’s gift is this impressive 3D card! The stunning pop-up card presents a pretty milkweed butterfly sitting gracefully amongst the florals. The card opens to reveal a magnificent Monarch butterfly, with the breathtaking beauty literally bursting out of the card! Standing 5 x 7 inches tall, this unique card also includes a blank note card that slides away for you to add your own personal message.
Cute Butteryly Gifts Crystal Decor

19. Crystal Decor

One of the most unique butterfly gifts to grace our list is this exquisite decorative beauty. Limited to 250 numbered editions, the exclusive masterpiece presents a vivid, dynamic design featuring five butterflies fluttering amongst beautiful white apple tree blossoms. Full of life and joy, this ethereal piece luxuriously sparkles with over 28,000 hand-set Swarovski crystals in 29 different tones, taking over 225 hours to complete this magnificent work of art.
Gifts For Butterfly Lovers Card Insert

20. Wind Up Card Insert

The perfect gift to brighten anyone’s day is this cute little wind-up insert. The Magic Butterfly presents a unique wind-up flying toy styled in the shape of a butterfly. To use, simply wind up the rubber-band powered paper butterfly, place it inside, and when opened, the butterfly zips out and magically flutters in the air. The ideal companion to announcements and celebrations, this charming accessory is best gifted within a special card or book.

Home & Decor

From an eye-catching lantern to a stunning crystal figurine, whatever the occasion may be, these beautiful butterfly-themed decorative pieces make wonderful gifts that add life and vibrancy, brightening any living space.
Amazing Butterfly Presents Lantern

21. Lantern

The next best thing to being surrounded by these magnificent creatures is having a warming Illuminated presence of them within your living space. This charming handcrafted wooden lantern presents a beautifully designed pattern featuring a series of butterfly silhouette outlines with light radiating through their intricately cut out wings. Laser-cut to perfection and expertly assembled by hand, the butterfly lantern comes with a battery-operated LED votive candle that flickers gently, or is available as an AC option with a bulb, or hanging candelabra.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Wreath

22. Wreath

A wonderfully unique gift idea to brighten the home is this gorgeous handmade butterfly wreath. Expertly crafted from reclaimed metal, the creative decorative piece presents a graceful asymmetrical design of butterflies, with each creature remarkably detailed, featuring naturally shaped and textured wings. Hand-painted in a stunning antique gold color and treated with a protective sealer, this eye-catching wreath can be hung either indoors as a feature or on an outdoor wall.
Cute Butteryly Gifts Paperweight

23. Paperweight

Depicting a graceful Monarch landing on a flower, this beautiful butterfly gift can be used as an office paperweight and home decorative piece for all to see. The free-standing acrylic block is available in two sizes, featuring a back-mounted illustration and light-catching diamond-cut edges.
Gifts For Butterfly Lovers Blanket

24. Glow In The Dark Blanket

What could be better on a cold night than snuggling up with your favorite companion? This warm and fuzzy throw blanket presents a unique butterfly pattern that surprisingly also glows in the dark! Featuring a special microfiber material with an illuminating design, when the lights go out you will be surrounded by an enchanting collection of glowing butterflies. Made from premium polyester, this luminous plush blanket offers maximum comfort and enjoyment for any butterfly lover.
Amazing Butterfly Presents Clock

25. Clock

This one of a kind clock features a creatively original butterfly design consisting of a series of black and white butterfly photography as part of a natural history collection. The lepidopterology clock presents vintage artwork printed on premium polypropylene with a clear plexiglass face and stylish bamboo wood frame. Featuring a Quartz clock mechanism and the option of customizable metal hand colors, this unique clock also includes a built-in hook for easy hanging.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Crystal Figurine

26. Crystal Figurine

Some butterfly gifts will mesmerize and enchant and this beautiful Swarovski figurine is surely one of them. The stunning decorative piece is the perfect gift for lovers of shoes, butterflies, and crystal collectors alike, with a delicate, yet classic design. Featuring 142 brilliant pure Swarovski facets, the beautiful figurine presents pretty feminine, rose-colored butterflies and cream crystal pearls gracefully adorning the sparkling high heeled shoe.
Cute Butteryly Gifts Throw Pillow

27. Throw Pillow

For butterfly enthusiasts whose favorite color happens to be yellow, this stunning throw pillow will add a striking accent to any interior. The pretty design displays an open scattered floral print sporadically bursting with vibrant pink butterflies. Crafted from luxury, natural fabrics featuring perfectly tailored turn seams and a refined, crisp finish, these custom-designed cushions are also available in a wide range of other bold colors to suit any living space.
Gifts For Butterfly Lovers Lamp Shade

28. Lamp Shade

One of the most fitting butterfly gift ideas to brighten up any living area is this gorgeous lamp shade. The alluring design presents a bright and happy pattern of beautiful hand-illustrated butterflies. Made from luxurious, nature-fiber textiles, this beautiful custom designed butterfly lamp shade is available in a variety of drum lamp shade sizes or as an eye-catching hanging chandelier lamp shade option.
Amazing Butterfly Presents Wall Art

29. Wall Art

If you’re after a great gift idea to spruce up a space in need of some attention, this pretty butterfly illustration will do just that. The intricate hand-drawn illustration is part of an anatomical insect drawing series, inspired by the artist’s admiration of the butterfly’s ability to grow and adapt constantly. Featuring a magnificent Monarch butterfly, the stunning artwork is available in three striking color themes with a wide selection of framing options to suit any interior.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Candle

30. Candle

Both a decorative and functional utility, this pretty butterfly-inspired candle will add a beautiful warmth to their living space. Featuring a vibrant pattern of colorful milkweed butterflies, the pretty hand-poured glass candle has been crafted using premium soy and coconut wax, featuring an alluring scent with notes of fresh citrus and warming amber.

Kitchen & Dining

From a striking decorative canister to an original handcrafted mug, the following section contains a selection of the most fitting gifts for butterfly lovers who appreciate beautiful kitchen and dining pieces.
Cute Butteryly Gifts Mug

31. Coffee Mug

One of the most beautifully unique butterfly gifts on our list for everyday use is this striking mug. Expertly handcrafted, the creative utility presents a stunning hand-painted design featuring a collection of vibrant butterflies amongst an array of pretty florals. Holding up to 17 oz of fluid, this charming mug can also be personalized and will make any morning tea or coffee all the more brighter!
Gifts For Butterfly Lovers Canister

32. Canister

A beautiful gift for mother’s day, a kitchen tea, or other special occasion is this elegant enamel canister. The charming container presents a graceful 360-degree pattern featuring a colorful flutter of butterfly wings in all shapes and sizes. The hand-applied butterfly design includes signature MacKenzie-Childs branding, with the beautiful canister also topped with a unique crystal clear knob.
Amazing Butterfly Presents Spatula

33. Spatula

For butterfly lovers who enjoy creative endeavors within the kitchen is this delightful spatula. The Hidden Butterfly spatula presents a pretty and vibrant pattern of florals bursting to life with a tiny milkweed butterfly peeking through the blossoming design. Made from durable silicone with a solid wood handle, nature lovers will get a kick each time they mix, spread, and lift! This pretty spatula can also be paired with an elegant matching butterfly apron to create the perfect pick me up gift for any occasion.
Butterfly Gift Ideas Teapot

34. Teapot

One of the more unique butterfly gifts for those who truly savor the experience of tea time is this grand butterfly teapot. Brought to life by famed Parisian fashion designer Christian Lacroix, the Butterfly Parade teapot presents a flight of these magnificent creatures, vibrantly gracing the exterior with alluring three-dimensional effects. Crafted in Portugal from premium porcelain, the exquisite hand decorated teapot is adorned with 24K and platinum embellishments, creating a luxurious piece for gifting someone very special.
Cute Butteryly Gifts Place Mats

35. Place Mats

A wonderful gift idea that will add life and vibrancy to any table setting are these gorgeous butterfly place mats. The pretty hand illustrated design presents a beautiful watercolor assortment of these fascinating creatures, casually fluttering over the surface. Made from high-end, natural-fiber textiles, the custom-designed place mats are elegantly finished with a simple and crisp narrow rolled-edge hem with coordinating thread color.

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