38 Amazing 6 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her & Him

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6 Year Anniversary Gifts

Six years is a significant milestone for any relationship that calls for celebration with only the most unique and creative 6 year anniversary gifts. Keeping in line with tradition, we have included a handpicked selection of stylish and innovative gifts inspired by iron, amethyst, and the classic calla lily flower that are perfect for your wife, husband, or the lovely married couple. From beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories to durable and innovative decorative utilities, this specially crafted gift guide is just as perfect for birthdays as it is to spoil a loved one this treasured anniversary.

Table of Contents

For Her

If you’re searching for traditional and romantic iron anniversary gifts for her, this section contains a handpicked selection of the sweetest gifting options to express love and adoration for your dear wife of 6 wonderful years.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Jewelry Dish

1. Jewelry Dish

A beautiful iron anniversary gift idea for those searching for a memorable and lasting keepsake is this authentic iron bowl. The personalized dish presents a stunning handmade piece perfect for holding her jewelry, watches, and other small accessories. Available in traditional Blacksmith hammered or soft contemporary finishes, this custom gift can also be personalized with up to 100 characters in subtle or highlighted text of your choice. Medium in size with a flattened bottom for stability, this versatile piece makes a wonderful catchall tray that would also be perfect for his keys, loose change, and other jewelry.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Necklace

2. Necklace

This dainty and pretty calla lily necklace is a sweet and romantic gesture to express your appreciation for her and commemorate this significant anniversary. The beautiful necklace presents a striking calla lily flower pendant highlighted with sparkling diamonds that add the perfect accent to this elegant piece. Crafted from polished 10K white gold and adorned on a graceful 18-inch rope chain, this stylish necklace is also available in matching calla lily drop earrings to gift as a set.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Sculpture

3. Sculpture

A wonderful 6th anniversary gift she will adore and that you can appreciate as a couple is this unique iron sculpture. The creative art piece presents a beautifully crafted 3D silhouette of an affectionate couple sharing a passionate kiss! The handcrafted cast-iron sculpture is solid and durable with a bottom-lined velveteen to protect surfaces and is perfect for the poignant display of your love and romance.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Handmade Rose

4. Handmade Rose

One of the most breathtaking 6 year anniversary gifts to grace our list is this stunning iron beauty. Sparing no attention to detail, the intricately handmade sculpture presents a striking mini steel rose with delicately shaped petals, realistic leaves, and textured stem. With the option to also modify the sculpture to suit a stand or vase, this is one beautiful flower that will never fade.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Floral Bouquet

5. Floral Bouquet

A traditional gift tailored to suit this special anniversary is this colorful, lively bouquet. The premium bouquet presents a dreamy pastel flower explosion of happy and vibrant tones to make this celebration all the more brighter! Featuring a beautiful array of pale peach and pink gerbera mingled with light pink roses, contrasting eucalyptus, and unique mini purple calla lilies, this fabulous bouquet will arrive freshly picked and beautifully hand-tied.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Card

6. Card

One of the most fitting anniversary gift ideas to mark this special occasion is a themed card to accompany your memorable gift. The unique 3D card presents a beautiful white and yellow calla lily bud just ready to bloom. Upon opening, the card burst open to reveal a stunning new design featuring the blossoming flower with shimmering white flower petals, vibrantly detailed bud, and a beautiful dark green leafy background. This one-of-a-kind card measures 5 x 7 inches and also includes a tiny hidden note card to express your love and appreciation.

For Him

From innovative utilities to creative jewelry and accessories, the below section contains the most unique iron anniversary gifts for him to celebrate this special occasion in tradition and style.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Bottle Opener

7. Bottle Opener

Whether it’s for cracking open a cold beer or a fresh cider, this minimalist iron bottle opener is a pragmatic tool he can secure to his keys. Part keepsake, part utility, the unique hand-forged bottle opener is adorned with a count of six markings to commemorate the special occasion.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Bracelet

8. Bracelet

The perfect birthday or anniversary gift for him to commemorate your enduring love is this stunning original men’s bracelet. Crafted from natural Gibeon iron, this unique accessory comprises fragments from the actual meteorite that fell in prehistoric times. Featuring a stylish and modern square beaded design, it will be hard for him not to fall in love with this one-of-a-kind bracelet, almost as old as time.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Ring

9. Ring

In search of 6 year anniversary gifts that are both unique and meaningful? Adorned with the markings of coins from various nations, this innovative ring is perfect for a husband that’s proud of his heritage. Expertly crafted, the pictured ring is handmade from a Croatian 2 Kune coin and finished in a protective lacquer layer for longevity and protection.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Mug

10. Mug

For a GOT fan, this awesome gift idea is perfect for housing his favorite beverage, ensuring each sip is as inspiring as the last. The detailed tankard is adorned with the iron throne, featuring a sword handle and a stainless steel insert that can be removed for easy cleaning. While it can be used for drinking, the mug is also a great decorative item, filling his man cave or office with personality and warmth.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Kettle Bell

11. Kettle Bell

An effective utility for a fitness enthusiast, this innovative kettlebell is adjustable in 5lb increments ranging from 10lb all the way to a 40lb maximum. Operating on a switch-based mechanism, six cast iron plates are inserted and removed to customize the weight. The kettlebell can be used for a large variety of exercises and movements, excelling in swinging and rotation motions with its wide, easy-to-hold handle.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Golf Clubs

12. Golf Clubs

Your passionate golfing husband will be filled with excitement the moment he lays eyes on this 16-piece Callaway Strata set. Far from a traditional gift idea, this golf set contains a putter, driver, woods, and of course, the applicable irons. Designed for novices through to experienced players, each club is developed to ensure optimal forgiveness, control, and distance.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Cufflinks

13. Cufflinks

When it comes to funny yet applicable 6 year anniversary gifts, this charming set of cufflinks are an ideal fit. Both a wonderful keepsake and attire accent, the detailed iron cufflinks add a touch of humor to a formal night out. The charming iron gift is handmade from silver alloy and packaged in an option of white or black casings.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Iron Man Figure

14. Iron Man Figurine

If you’re after a playful 6th wedding anniversary gift with a twist on iron, this inspiring Tony Stark statue will sit perfectly on any comic fan’s desk. The realistic Iron Man action figure is a perfect celebratory keepsake for a husband with a passion for the superhero or a collector who would be overjoyed by a modern gift. The statue itself is expertly hand-painted and comes with an extra torso, extra hands, and two heads (one with and one without a helmet).

Art & Decor

From traditional amethyst-inspired design to creative and innovative works of art, couples will fall in love with the unique selection of art and decor gifts to celebrate this very special occasion.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Mirror

15. Mirror

One of the most creatively unique anniversary gift ideas is this stunning decorative mirror. The one-of-a-kind utility presents an alluring imperfectly round shape paired with a strikingly unrefined antique iron finish. Featuring a fluid, abstract border that draws attention, this modern style mirror embraces its organic nature and doubles as a fascinating statement piece.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Wedding Song Art

16. Wedding Song Artwork

The perfect gift to celebrate this significant anniversary is your special couple’s song creatively encapsulated as a work of art. The unique wall art presents a personalized record-style design surrounded by lyrics to a song of your choice. Elegantly designed on a stylish matte brushed iron alloyed aluminum and available in three display options, this beautiful work of art is sure to pull on a few heartstrings.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Modern Wall Clock

17. Modern Wall Clock

A 6th anniversary gift that’s crafted to make an impactful statement, your husband or wife is guaranteed to fall in love with this jaw-dropping iron wall clock. Perfect for your kitchen and living room, the rare word clock features a modern, gritty aesthetic that will suit both contemporary or rustic settings. Ambient lighting automates the brightness levels, while a letter matrix updates every five minutes to illuminate the time in creativity placed letters.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Money Tree

18. Money Tree

If you’re searching for unique 6 year anniversary gifts that align with tradition, then this beautiful amethyst money tree is for you. Effortlessly fusing spirituality with decorative beauty, the crystal money tree presents a handmade ornament creatively designed in the shape of a lucky feng shui Bonsai “tree of life.” Featuring pretty purple-colored amethyst tumbled gemstones wrapped within striking rose gold copper wire, each branch can be individually arranged to create a unique, harmonious decorative ornament.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Hour Glass

19. Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Those who appreciate something a little different are bound to fall in love with this intriguing hourglass. The magnetic sand hourglass presents a unique and elegant decorative piece filled with iron filings that will mesmerize viewers as the grains of iron stack to form new and creative craggy formations each and every time.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Table Lamp

20. Table Lamp

A highly unique gift idea for home or office spaces that is bound to catch your attention is this innovative table lamp. The one-of-a-kind desk lamp presents an industrial, steampunk-style work of art that has been creatively constructed in the shape of a person! Featuring a large Edison light bulb attached to a series of pipes, the decorative utility includes six original constructions in various stances and positions.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Wall Art

21. Wall Art

One of the most striking anniversary gift ideas to grace our list is this playful bike wall art. The unique piece presents a traditional iron bike designed as a fun piece of wall art that appears to be riding out of the wall! The home decor can be dressed up with plants, florals, or other accent pieces and will make for a great outdoor statement and conversation starter.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Puzzle Lock

22. Puzzle Lock

The perfect gift for those who appreciate a good challenge is this intriguing puzzle lock. Designed as a replica of ancient Indian locks, the unique key-shaped puzzle contains a hidden mechanism that is deceiving and requires careful inspection to unlock! Handmade from solid iron and brass, each lock features slight variations, making this both a playful and unique variation on the traditional romantic lock and key gesture.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Cast Iron Bowls

23. Cast Iron Bowls

Part beautiful decor, part practical utility, these cast iron bowls are one of those stylishly functional 6 year anniversary gifts with an abundance of versatility. The decorative iron bowls present a set of three beautifully textured metal planters with organic gold-toned finishes that range in size. Crafted from galvanized iron, these bowls can be filled with succulents, or other treasured collectibles, utilized individually or creatively displayed stacked one on top of another.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Candle Holder

24. Candle Holders

A wonderful anniversary or birthday gift for the home is this charming collection of candle holders. The set of three minimalist taper candle holders presents a tall and sleek design with varying heights that will add an elegant touch to any environment. Expertly crafted from cast iron, the chic slimline holders will make a statement on a dining room table or fireplace mantel.

25. Desk Decor

A detailed iron gift for decorating tables, benches, and desktops, this charming farm truck adds a rustic touch to any space it fills. Playing into its unique design and character, the vintage pickup is marred by signs of rust, beautifully blemishing its pale white paint and showing authentic signs of its age.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Leaning Ladder

26. Leaning Ladder

When it comes to 6th anniversary gift ideas for a couple who appreciates unique decorative pieces, this ladder rack provides a variety of creative functionality. Featuring a charming rustic style iron finish, the leaning ladder is ideal for displaying everyday homewares such as towels and blankets, fun display of scarves and jewelry, or cleverly hung from the ceiling as a suspended pot rack.

Kitchen & Utility

From stylish and durable everyday utilities, including an enticing candy and snacks subscription as well, the below section contains highly practical and clever iron anniversary gifts that are sure to get plenty of good use over the years.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Pot

27. Cast Iron Pot

Any married couple who enjoys their time in the kitchen will immediately fall in love with this cooking essential. The Cuisinart casserole dish presents a 5 quart cast iron pot that holds its reputation for superior heat retention and even heat distribution. Stovetop, oven, broiler, and dishwasher friendly, this amazing pot features a porcelain enameled interior and striking blue finish perfect for cooking, serving, and entertaining.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Planter

28. Planter

Refined and elegant, this contemporary style planter sets a new standard for the common planter pot. One of the more practical, nonetheless stylish 6 year anniversary gifts, this aesthetic-inspired flower pot presents an intriguing round steel vase atop an eye-catching brass-colored iron base. With a beautiful contrast of tones, this modern planter is ideal for houseplants, flowers, or storing small items and is available in a range of sizing options to suit various indoor and outdoor spaces.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Bookends

29. Bookends

A lovely addition to home or office spaces is this charming set of iron bookends. The unique design presents a pair of towering bookends creatively designed in the shape of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Crafted from cast iron and featuring immaculate attention to detail with a beautiful hand-painted antique bronze finish, this decorative utility is perfect for book lovers, art enthusiasts, or those with a penchant for all things France and travel.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Espresso Maker

30. Espresso Maker

Are you searching for a modern gift for someone who happens to love coffee and design? A great gift idea for your sixth anniversary, the iconic Alessi Espresso maker features a polished stainless steel body with a durable cast iron handle. The device is placed on a stovetop for brewing, producing a rich and fresh cup you both can enjoy.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Teapot

31. Teapot

Keeping in line with the 6 year anniversary gift theme is this exquisite Japanese cast iron teapot in traditional turquoise blue. The beautiful tea kettle presents a sleek and unique design with a naturally textured wave pattern surface that is eye-catching and soothing. Featuring a removable fine mesh stainless steel infuser, fully enameled interior to preserve taste and flavor, and ergonomic handle, this stovetop-friendly teapot is perfect for enjoying a relaxing cup for one.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Magazine Holder

32. Magazine Holder

An excellent 6th wedding anniversary gift for lovers of art and home stylists alike is this truly unique magazine holder. Transforming the traditional magazine rack into a work of art, this gorgeous free-flowing piece effortlessly fuses design and functionality to form an elegant curvy-shaped rack that will stylishly store and display magazines, papers, and small books. Expertly crafted from bent and coated iron and available in contemporary black, silver, or golden finishes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a sexier utility than this.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Gift Basket

33. Gift Basket

A perfect gift idea for your foodie or travel enthusiast partner is this truly unique gift basket that keeps on giving! The Universal Yums gift pack contains an enticing selection of mouth-watering snacks from different countries to enjoy each and every month. Available in 3 sizing options, each box contains an assortment of goodies from delicious salty appetizers to tempting sweets and candy, and includes a fun 12-page country-inspired booklet, all delivered straight to your door.
Beautiful-6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Cheese Knife

34. Freestanding Cheese Knife

When it comes to functional 6 year anniversary gifts, this charming freestanding cheese knife is a great gift idea. Combining practicality with art, the knife stands on its own, protecting the blade while keeping clean and looking amazing as a decorative accent. The iron cheese knife features a rustic design with a unique curvature and a thickened upper handle for stability.
Clever Iron Anniversary Gifts Tray

35. Tray

A stylish and purposeful 6th anniversary for the home is this charming display and storage tray. The versatile utility presents a warm, classic style, beautifully contrasting the fusion of iron and wood. Expertly crafted from sustainable mango wood and iron, this delightful piece is perfect for storing fruits, vegetables, spices, or other daily go-to items and will feel right at home displayed on countertops or coffee tables.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Door Stop

36. Door Stop

Far from a traditional anniversary gift, this beautiful decorative utility is used to keep a door from slamming shut. Forged from cast iron, the chirpy bird door stop features a felt padded underside and a rust-proof design that will last a lifetime. Not a bird lover? Door stops are available in a myriad of charming animals such as a dog, cat, and even a little chipmunk.
6 Year Anniversary Gifts Shelving

37. Etagere

A highly practical and stylish gift idea for the home or office is this modern and minimalist style etagere. The black iron unit presents a series of black metal shelving in a unique asymmetrical pattern to create an eye-catching open-work etagere. Featuring expert craftsmanship with a solid construction and beautifully finished on all sides, this versatile utility makes a great room divider and is perfect for storage and display of books, vases, and other decorative pieces.
Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas Cart

38. Cart

For couples with a love of all things farmhouse vintage, this elegant iron cottage cart is a wonderful gift to celebrate your 6 year wedding anniversary. Crafted from both iron and wood, this charming trolley features a versatile two-tiered construction with static wheel design features and is just as perfect for the display of greenery or cooking essentials as it is a beverage cart at your next cocktail party.

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